2009-02-04: What You Make It


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Summary: Daisuke walks in on Leo practicing in the gym. Cyrus comes in. Conversations of past take place

Date: February 4, 2009

What You Make It

Rating: G

Xavier's Gymnasium

The gym has finally been found by the former gymnast. Having brought his own suit with him, Leo has changed into it and is standing a few feet away from the horses, waiting… gathering himself internally to prepare for the start of his routine. Sure, he can't do it professionally, but he still enjoys himself doing it, and it can't hurt to be agile and able to do interesting things considering the life he's now chosen.

After talking with Eddie and Leo last night, Daisuke decides maybe it's a good idea to try to work out for a bit instead of practicing drumming. He's wearing a black sleevless shirt over a pair of work out pants as he walks in. He's just not sure what kind of exercises he's going to do since Dai has never been the athletic sort. Seeing Leo in there, Daisuke just stops and decides to watch what he's about to do. He's curious.

Thinking he's alone, Leo rises and begins to run towards the horses, leaping gracefully onto them, hands in the rails. He moves fluidly, spinning his body around, lifting one hand and then the other. He does two full circles before he raises his legs and body up, above his head, spreading his legs into a full splits over himself. He lowers lightly before thrusting himself upwards, to land on the ground briefly. His body remains in motion as he jumps up to the high bars, lifting himself and spinning his body over it briefly.

Daisuke just watches and he's impressed. He's never seen anyone do anything like that in person. "Wow." He says. "You're really good. And sorry, I came in here to try to work out a bit, I didn't mean to watch you. I can leave if you wanted to be alone." And that's Dai's overly self conscious side worring he might have offened Leo by watching him.

After the spin, Leo lands gracefully on his feet, blinking. "Nono, it's ok. I was just… keeping my training going anyway." He says with a bit of a shrug, his sparkles are more apparent today than yesterday. He doesn't say anything about what kind of training, just that it's what he does.

Daisuke nods. "That was pretty awesome though. I was just going to do some laps or something, try to get in better shape." Daisuke admits running a hand through his hair. "So, how's your second day here going?"

Leo, a new student, is standing on the balls of his feet. He's wearing a gymnastics suit… much like a leotard. Little bits and pieces of light sparkle around his body constantly. He's currently talking to Daisuke as he shrugs. "Yeah, I was gonna be a lot better too, but hey. I have other priorities now." He says with a nod as he stops bouncing and moving and allows his body to relax for the moment.

"Well I think Mr. Wagner, one of the teachers here, knows a lot about Gymnastics but then, he's a bit different than most." Daisuke says having heard about Nightcrawlers abilites. "But seriously, I mean, I dont know much about Gymnastics, but you seem like you're really good." He's also a bit surprised at how easily Leo seems to be taking things.

"Eh. My trainers are sad to see me go. They said I would have probably been in the 2012 Olympics." Leo says, shrugging. "I am good. I know it, but I just try to forget it and practice. I may not be able to compete, but hey. Things aren't bad. I'm alive, and I have a new, interesting place to learn."

It's Earth Day, which for Cyrus it doesn't mean he plants a tree and picks up some trash. It means that the teen has an bronzed earth tone to his skin. His shoulders and back are covered in rocks and crystals which means that he can't exactly wear a shirt. His exposed stomach has a six pack of rippled muscles. His eyes look like actual amethysts. His brown hair is tied up in a pony tail. He's wearing a pair of basketball shorts and sneakers. He enters the gym quietly. He's still rather shy, but at least he isn't covering himself in a cloak and hiding away like the hunchback.

"I'm a little bit jealous of your positive attitude." Daisuke says with a chuckle and a smile, he means it in a friendly way. "And like we said last night, interesting is an understatement." As Cyrus walks in, Daisuke gives him a shy smile. He hasn't met him yet but he has seen him around the school. It's hard not to see people here when everyone seems to live in such close quarters. "And 2012 Olympics, really?" He's a bit impressed.

"Yup. Really." Leo says, sparkling a bit brighter as he can't help a little bit of a blush. "But, I think that my abilities may affect my performance now, so I can't compete anymore. It would be an unfair advantage." He says with a nod. As Cyrus comes in, he gives a soft wow, before offering, "Hi!"

Cyrus takes a deep breath as people look him over. He is still not completely used to it even though there are other students who don't look completely human. He bites down on his lower lip as Leo greets him. "Hello." He moves over to a rack and picks up a basketball. He starts to slowly dribble the ball. "You don't mind if I shoot a little hoops do you?" His tone definitely holds a bit of that latin flare from South Florida where he was raised.

"I don't mind." Daisuke says in a shy but friendly tone. "I was always awful at basketball." Daisuke admits. "Actually I'm pretty bad at all sports. I wasn't born with any athletic genes." He says with a shrug. "Well at least you go to a school where you an keep up with training for fun."

"True, I guess." Leo says to Dai with a nod before nodding to Cyrus. "It's cool. I'm Leo." He offers. Sure, he doesn't know if Cyrus knows Dai, all he knows is that HE doesn't know the guy. His sparkles jump and dance around his body rather regularly.

Cyrus isn't exactly a social butterfly either. He seemed to have lost that when he took on a physical mutation. Glancing around the Gym for a moment before focusing on Leo and Dai again. "Thanks, I am Cyrus." He chews on that bottom lip for a moment. "You aren't born with athletic genes. You can always learn about sports. There are some pretty basic things. Especially if you are good at math."

"I'm great at math but I was never good at basket ball or baseball or soccer." Daisuke says with a chuckle. "Ahd I'm Daisuke, or just Dai." He says having never actually met Cyrus.

"I don't know. Some people are naturally better at things. Not everyone can just become an athlete." Leo says, with a shrug. "And not everyone can become a street fighter." He says, snickering softly as he glances at Dai.

Cyrus nods, "Nice to meet you Leo and Dai." He dribbles the ball and shoots at the net. "Yes, I guess it is like some people can't sing either." He goes to get the ball and then moves back to take another shot. "So, you must be new to the school. I don't believe that I saw you sparkling around before." He may have seen Dai but never spoke to him before.

"That's another thing I'm not good at, singing." Daisuke says with a chuckle. He knows what he's okay at and what he's terrible at. He's not going to complain that he's not athletic, as sports where never his thing. He then can't help but chuckle at Leo's Street Fighter comment. "That was way to crazy last night."

"And totally unexpected." Leo says with a nod as he shakes his head. "No, I just got here night before last. Explored a little yesterday, and actually started doing things today. Completely new."

Cyrus is rather lost at the street fighting comment and the follow up about last night. "Ahh, well it is a good school and the people here aren't so bad. They at least won't judge you based on your appearance. At least, for the most part. They don't all judge a book by it's cover. Which is something I wasn't expecting when I got here."

"We've all got our skeletons in the closet here, and all of us are adjusting to a different life so how can you judge someone for looking different when you scream can dent a car?" Daisuke says with a smile as he runs a hand through his hair. "And when it's warmer out there's a pretty cool hedge maze to explore."

"Why would someone base everything on looks. That's stupid. I mean, looking at my family, I'd be a vapid playgirl poster-boy in training like that Hilton chick. eew. No." Leo says with a laugh as he stretches his arms over his head with a chuckle. "Hedge maze? That might be fun."

Cyrus shrugs his shoulders. "You would be surprised what people would do." He continues to shoot the basketball at the net. He gets some in, some miss. "You are lucky. Paris Hilton isn't exactly a great role model." He looks at Daisuke for a moment. "Well… some people don't understand that we are all the same. I'm still flesh and bone under here." He taps his stomach. "But people don't get it though. Not even mutants sometimes. I guess I am just afraid of not being accepted."

Daisuke sighs and shrugs. "Actually, I probably wouldn't be." Daisuke says to Cyrus's inital comment. "Just because you look one way doesn't mean that's who you are. My friend Skyler is perfect proof of that." Someone whose always stealing what other people look like. "As long as I have friends here, they're the ones who I care more about being accepted by."

"Acceptance is nice. But at the same time, we're not all gonna get it. So, I don't really care anymore what people have to say." Leo admits with a shrug. "Everyone would be 'outcast' from somewhere." Leo nods at Dai's words. "Zackly."

Cyrus scowls, "Yes well I was quite content with how my life was before this. I'd do anything to get it back. I would give all of this up for just a glimpse of my old life." He sighs and throws the ball at the basketball net and completely misses. "I guess that I am superficial and only care about appearance. But when you don't have any friends. That doesn't really matter anyway."

Daisuke is a bit surprised by Cyrus's reation and looks down at the floor. When he speaks it's a bit quiet and withdrawn sounding.
"Well, some of us have, or had, lives that we'd never want to go back to. I guess it just depends on who are you are. And I never had any friends outside of my brother before I came here." He admits. He was a loner by choice before coming to Xavier's so being accepted was something he was really concerned with.

"I'd love to have my old life back, but ya know? I can't. So, why worry about it. Just accept life and move on. And why should appearance matter for making friends. I, personally, like the way you look." Leo says of Cyrus before shrugging. "If you don't have any friends, then make some."

Cyrus corrects Daisuke, "It depends on who you were. I had a whole lot of friends. More then I could count. I had a girlfriend, my parents and a happy family life." He sighs. "Because." More personal issues then he can shake a stick at. "Why have friends? You just lose them when the shit hits the fan." He holds a lot of guilt in those amethyst eyes of his.

Daisuke doesn't say anything but he's obviously a bit upset by something. He just looks down at the ground and sighs. "Life is different for different people. I'm sorry if your wonderful life was taken away from you but we all have hardships we have to deal with." He doesn't sound angry when he says that just, upset.

"But now, without all of that burden, you're much more free to be yourself." Leo says, shrugging as he leaps up onto the bars he was spinning on earlier to crouch, balancing on the top of it.

Cyrus shrugs his shoulders and he tosses the basketball away in annoyance. "Yeah well, I am sorry too. Maybe I just don't like who I am." He grumbles to himself and then heads towards the gym entrance in a bit of a huff.

Daisuke looks up at Leo and nods. He definately has a point. "Sorry, I just seem to be pissing off a lot of people lately." Daisuke says as Cyrus huffs out. He's trying to be a more postive person and work on his self confidence and such but somedays it's hard since it's still lacking in a lot of ways. "But I've learned that having friends to lean on just makes things easier."

"Eh, it's his own loss, really." Leo says with a shrug. "You can't make people happy about who they are. Self-loathing is always in. Just ask the emo crowd." He shrugs. "Me, I'll just take what I can get."

"I'll be the first to admit that I don't have a lot of self-esteem but I'm try to work on that." Daisuke says honestly. "But honestly wishing for what you had in the past, just brings horrible things. You can't live in the past, it just makes living in the present harder."

"It grows on ya, really. Once you know you're good at something, you'll just get better at it, and then start finding other things you can appreciate yourself for." Leo says with a happy grin.

"I don't know, I just found that having friends help a lot. When you're feeling down you have someone who you can just cry on their shoulder and then they'll help you feel better." Daisuke says with a smile, running his hand through his hair. It'd one of those nervous habits he has. "I'm kind of jealous of you Leo, you've just got this great attitude about you." Dai say with a chuckle.

"Might come from always getting what I want." Leo says with a snicker. "Not wanting for money or anything. That and I learned how to get what I want from my parents early." He grins, innocently.

"I don't have any problems with money and growing up my father may have been one of the biggest assholes but he did give Shu and I an allowance." Daisuke says, probably so his father wouldn't have to really deal with his kids when he didn't want to.

"Well, that's good at least." Leo nods, as he hangs there, on his precarious perch. "It could have been much worse, anyway."

Daisuke shrugs and leaves it at that, sitting down on the floor. So much for exercise. "So how long did you have to train to get that good?" Daisuke asks as he watches Leo go through his training.

"Since I was four." Leo says, honestly. "As long as I can remember, I've been training myself. Or, having trainers, I should say. Anyway, I gotta go get something to eat. I'm kinda hungry."

Daisuke nods and pushes himself up. "I should probably work out a bit like I was planning but I'm not really feeling it so I'm going to go practice drumming for a bit. Nice talking to you again Ryu." He says with a smile, teasing Leo.

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