2010-03-06: Whatever Happened To Jono


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Summary: Kenta runs into Jono at the Reservoir with interesting results.

Date: March 6, 2010

Log Title Whatever Happened To Jono?

Rating: R

Westchester - Titicus Reservoir

Surrounded by trees and plenty of green, Titicus Reservoir is a peaceful spot. There is a fence surround the water to keep people out of the watershed. Sorry but there is no swimming in the drinking water. Before the fence is a small park with picnic tables, grills, and a large grassy area for recreational activity. The park is well maintained by the state of New York so it seems clean almost all the time.

It's getting to be lunch time and where the reservoir is a popular place for picnics in the summer, it's dead in the winter. Kenta's the only person at the reservoir here right now, dressed in a long black coat over a pair of jeans and is just looking out over the water. "Okay….how the fuck are we gonna find Brian." He mutters to himself as his powers don't make it easy for him to really find people. He's just out here to think at the moment.

Kenta isn't the only one here to think, even if Jonothon's having trouble with it. He's easy to find too as he lashes out in frustration at the water itself. Surrounded in psy-fire, he lashes out with an arm and water goes fountaining out before him. Venting on something that can't take any harm. "ARG~!" He voices as time and time again he sends water upwards and outwards.

The costume he wears has changed slightly. Kenta won't know this of course, but the bright colors have darkened somewhat, and the lines between them are blending.

"This is wrong!" Talking to yourself is never healthy, but sometimes you just have to vent what's bottled up inside. With that exclamation he stops some of that water, holding it. Makes it spray upwards and then freezes it. Standing there, knee deep, Jonothon lets his arms fall to his sides and stares at the glimmering stuff. Why is it wrong? It shouldn't be wrong. This is what he's suppose to do. Right?

It's a wonder that Kenta didn't notice Jono at first, well more his powers. Seeing the psy-fire he turns and looks, lowering his sunglasses as if it'd give him a better look. At first he thinks it's Addison, well, the psyfire and all, until he notices that he's not red-headed. He takes a few steps over to Jono, not recognizing him. "Something…I can help you with?"

Technically Jono is a red-head, just a very dark one. (If only because he's a telepath, this is Marvel, and it amuses the player to no end..) The voice startles him and the water goes crashing down as he spins around to look at Kenta. Doesn't even care that he gets soaked for it. "Back off." The warning is immediate, even if there's recognition in the aftermath. This man knows this other. The psy-fire that surrounds him sure does suggest Addison though, for in the right situations it might even seem fire-bird like. For all that Jono isn't phoenix and won't be. "…." Kenta?

There's a sudden warring inside. Teammate, near friend, but enemy? "Why am I feeling this?" Lashes out finally, but only with water. Sweeps hands towards Kenta, creating a fairly large wave of water. And yet the worst it would do is knock someone over and soak them. So many ways to kill, and not one is chosen.

"Chamber?" Kenta asks as he gets a closer look, after all, the face is just throwing it off. It's the eyes though, that's what makes Kenta recognize him. "Why are you feelin…fuck!" Kenta says as the large wave crashes into him and he's swept off his feet and now soaking wet. It's a good think he can't feel cold. "Shit dude." He says sounding a bit annoyed as he gets up but then he knows that Jono was one of them captured by Sinister. "Jono, dude…let us help you."

"You can't help me!" Insisted in the time honored tradition of the controlled. Jonothon motions dramatically as he yells, for it's worse in his head than is physically seeable. The red spike over his eye is barely visible as well. "There's… Christ." Can't even finish his sentences before slumping somewhat. Stops gesturing and looks a little defeated. "I can't stop thinking about him, Kenta. He's everything, but it's wrong. But I can't say no. ..Why am I even telling you? You're with them. You taught me to be afraid. To be crippled. I can't have that."

Kenta doesn't go any closer cause he dosen't think that's a good idea since it's obvious something is wrong with Jono. That he's fighting some sort of inner demons. "I'm not with anyone, I haven't taught you anything." Just trained next to each other, that's about it. "And what if you are crippled, you think you're the first person to rely on their powers Jono?" He doesn't know how true that is but he does know that he, himself, is screwed without powers. "Just focus on the fact that it's wrong, focus on that, not on him."

Something's very wrong with the man, and his costume shows it the more agitated he grows. The blending of colors continues, even as they lose their hue. What Kenta says seems to trigger something inside Jonothon, and not necessarily good. "Rely?" Eyes flare brightly as the psy-fire tendrils snake outwards. "I've never relied in them! That's the problem!" Tendrils sink into the earth, down into the solid, still frozen turf. The ground itself shapes to try and catch Kenta. All this use and not one attempt to blast you. An ability he'd had for years. The only one with any true skill. "I was afraid of my power! Nothing's been done to me but removing that fear. A fear the X-men implanted. One you implanted!" Sorry, not rational.

As soon as those tendrils sink down in the earth, Kenta jumps in the sky and a pair of wings made of dark force form out of his back so that he can hover in the air. Sorry, he's not going to let the earth catch him and he's got years of fights under his belt. He's not aiming to attack Jono or do anything threatening but he doesn't think Jono's gonna be rational either. "Listen, we're all worried about both you and Brian, we're a team. We're X-Force, you're stronger than this Chamber!"

The ground follows you for several feet - twisting and seeking, before dropping back down. It thuds into random piles as the force of will that animated it focuses on other things. "We're not a team. Not any more." Jonothon's motions are jerky for a few seconds as he fights with himself. The implanted urge to unleash hell, and the need to not hurt Kenta. Then shaking himself off, Jono wades to the shore. He's dry by the time he emerges, but that costume is reasserting itself. Red and blue brighten even as they begin to separate into their proper lines. "No, you're only worried about me being loose. The danger I represent. The person I am doesn't matter."

Noticing the warning signs, Kenta is afraid that Jono's about to explode or something and things will go from bad to holy fucking shit wrong. "That's Sinister talking not you Jono. You know what, if I'm so worried about the danger that you represent…" He lands on the ground and puts out his arms, making himself seem vulnerable. "Go on, attack me, destroy this place, whatever, I won't stop you. I don't care about the danger you or Brian is. I could give a flying fuck about how 'dangerous' you are, it's the two of you I want to see back and safe."

"Sinister is my god. Of course I bloody let him talk for me." The ground shifts away from his feet as he approaches, smoothing the way for Jonothon. The red over his eye is strong while he says it, but fades again as he finds himself near Kenta. Seemed so confident while approaching, but as he realizes he's in touching range something changes. "I am safe. I'm where I should be. Why do you keep insisting otherwise?" Sudden doubts. This isn't the first time he's heard this. Surprise, fear, and attempts to get him to go back with them. Is that why this feels so wrong? Some old memory buried deep inside. Jonothon even looks away from you, psy-fire fading as he grows, perhaps foolishly, lost in thought.

Kenta doesn't move from where he stands, still letting himself be open and welcoming to an attack. After all, even if he doesn't regenerate, he can just steal life force from people to heal, right? "Jono, if you really believe that, then go. Attack me and go and I won't bug you about this anymore. If that where you want to be, go back and answer to Mr. Sinister. Your God. I won't follow, and I won't fight you either."

Can't steal it from Jonothon. He doesn't even know you can do it though, and isn't even thinking of such things to begin with. Eyes swirl with fire as he watches Kenta, and then does indeed lash out. Again, it's so very lame for all the incredible things he's technically capable of. Doesn't lift an arm, but psy-fire flares and reaches out to try and shove Kenta. It will hurt too, and might crack bone. Strong enough to send a normal man flying some feet. "Then you're a bloody moron." Won't fight him. Psh. "I will." Return to Sinister. "He'll set this right." Don't stop him and Jonothon attempts to fly away, trailing what appears to be fiery wings.

Kenta lets himself get hit, and does go flying back, landing on the ground with dislocated shoulder and a cracked rib or two, nothing he can't handle. "So are you Jono!" He replies calling him a bloody moron in so much words, in return. "You mean he'll set this wrong, but go on!" He shouts just lying there till he sees Jono as flown away before pushing himself up with a grunt. "Fuck." He mutters to himself.

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