2009-09-27: What's In A Name?


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Summary: Kael, Robyn and Coyote joke around about their names.

Date: September 27, 2009

Log Title What's in a Name?

Rating: G

Xaiver Mansion - Spuyten Dyvil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

It's late into the afternoon, almost evening, and there's a slight chill to the air which is custom for the beginning of autumn. Robyn's out by the lake dressed in a pair of black jeans, black and white checkered belt, with a black hoodie zipped up. He looks the part of the emo kid. He's just walking along the sand when he stops and picks up a rock to throw at the water. IT's a sideways throw so it looks like he's trying to skip it but Robyn isn't so successful.

Exploration of the school and all it's grounds has proven to be quite the undertaking, with the area around the lake being one of the last destinations for Coyote. She's wearing one of her usual homemade dresses, green and yellow in color with the skirt reaching close to her knees. The dress is mostly covered by a bright red pull over hoodie, the hood pulled up to cover most of her head. On her feet are an old pair of converse all-stars, worn without any socks. She's not very quiet once she reaches the beach, the sound of each little particle crunching with each step, heading in the direction of the rock throwing teen.

The lake is quickly becoming a good place for Kael to come and think about things, and occasionally do homework away from the main building at least. The young boy has his backpack hanging from his shoulder, and he comes up behind Coyote; a good while behind her at least and he blinks. New person at the school, and the the aerokinetic is trying to figure something out before he says anything to Robyn.

Robyn wasn't really expecting anyone one else down here, so as he's about to attempt to skip his second rock, the noise of Coyote's sneakers on the sand cause him to misthrow the rock and it lands in the water with quite a splash for a little rock. He turns around to see who it is. "Hey." He says to Coyote before smiling and waveing. "What's up Kael?"

"Sorry, didn't mean to ruin your rock toss." Coyote says, turning around at the mentioning of another to find him behind her. She pulls her hand up to offer a little wave before taking a couple steps to the side and turning to face both of the other teens. "New around here, which you probably already realize, not sure why I'm saying anything…" She begins to trail off as she talks to really no one in particular.

Kael looks over at Robyn and says, "Not much really. Same old, same old." He looks over at Coyote and offers a smile, "After being here for a while, you get used to spotting the new comers quite fast." He shifts his backpack, muffled sounds of scrunching papers come from it before he asks, "My name is Kael, what's your's?"

"It's just an attempt to skip rock, no worries." Robyn says not about to bother himself with a ruin rock toss. "I'm still not good at recognizing new commers. Sometimes you might not realize someone's new, or you think they are to realize you're too new yourself to have noticed. I'm Robyn." He says with a grin.

"Nice to meet both of ya." The girl says, pulling her hood down to reveal medium length, near white blond hair. In fact, everything about her seems very white, to one possible deduction of her possibly being an albino. "Name's Coyote. Just moved in a little less than a week ago." She says with an over exaggerated smile. "Guess that would make everyone new to me then, right?"

Kael blinks a bit at the hair, a quirk of a brow before he says with a soft laugh. "That's how everyone was to me when I first got here." He looks back over at Robyn and says, "Might work if ya throw it like a frisbee?" He has no clue. And a shrug shows it before he looks back at Coyote. "And, that could be why I haven't seen ya. I've been rather busy this last week."

Robyn looks at Kael and bites his lower lip with a bit of an embarassed grin. "I've never been able to throw a frisbee well in gym class." As Coyote shows her hair and Robyn hears her name, he grins. "Wow, Coyote? Is that really your name? That's cool. I guess we both kinda have animal names." He says knowing it's kind of corny sounding.

Coyote lets loose a nervous sounding chuckle, her hands falling down inside the front pocket on her jacket. "Heh, yeah, that's my real name. Well, sort of. It's my middle name actually." She releases one hand from the pocket to push back some loose strands of hair, tucking them behind her ear. "Though weird, it's much better than my actual name, which is way worse, so I go with it." The hand is replaced back inside the pocket as the wide smile returns. "Yeah, Robyin is an animal name too, right? Guess it's just common enough you tend to forget."

Kael snickers softly. "I'm feeling a bit left out. My name sounds like Gale. Which… isn't an animal." He chuckles softly before he heads closer to the two of them and he looks back over at Coyote. "If you don't mind me asking, what's your first name?"

"Even for a middle name it's cool. Though I kind of cheat with the animal name, Robyn's spelt with a y instead of an i. Though there is a Robin with an i here." Robyn says with shrug. "How bad can your first name really be though? It's not something awful like Coco or something is it?"

Coyote laughs, eyes glancing back and forth between Robyn and Kael. "Oh, no it's not Coco, but it's definitely as bad. Let's just say my parents are old, burned out hippies that did not have my mental well being in mind when they named me." She bites down gently across her bottom lip, nose scrunching up as she ponders letting them know. "Hmmmm… not yet. Haven't really told anyone here yet, so I think we'll keep it like that for a little while longer. Sorry." She says, offering up nothing else except for a wink. "Oh, I've met that Robin already. She's really nice." An attempt to change subjects?

Kael stifles a laugh as he says, "It can't be that bad. But, I've heard some interesting ones when I was in Texas. One guy and his siblings were named after things to do with the Beatles." He shrugs a bit with a grin before he says, "Oh, Robin is nice! THough that puppet that follows her is kinda weird."

"You get used to Blank." Robyn says with a nod. "I like her, she's cool. I think after that….well hrm….old hippies…" Maybe Robyn's changing the train of thought he was about to say. "Rainwater?" He jokes a suggestion to the name. "So who else have you met here Coyote? And where are you from?"

Coyote nods her head rapidly in agreement. "Yeah, that puppet that's always by her side is kind of strange, but I'm sure that'll just be the tip of the ice berg for weirdness around here." She turns to face Robyn, her eyes squinting down into a mock, disgusted glance. "Rainwater? Thankfully - no." And then an idea strikes her as her fake pout quickly turns into a genuine smile. "Hey, maybe I should make a contest of it. If anyone can guess, then they get a surprise or something, right?" She laughs. "Be a nice way to become quickly known around school." She pulls both hands back out of her pocket, stretching the sleeves of the jacket down far enough cover them. "Haven't really met anyone else here, just quick introductions in passing. Moved from San Francisco. How about you two, where ya from?"

Kael laughs softly. "That would work. 'Guess Coyote's first name and win a fabulous prize!' Though, you'd get some interesting guesses if you let them know your parents were hippies." He sets his backpack don at his feet and he looks up at her, "Oh, I'm from Dallas, Texas. So this cold is a welcome change for me!"

Robyn laughs and nods. "That'd be interesting. Guess my real name! But what would the price be?" He says curious as to what it would be. "Oh me, I'm from Brooklyn, not to far from here. It's nice cause I can visit my family fairly often and I'm not to far from home. I think it'd be really werid for me if my family was in Texas or California. I mean, I'd get homesick really fast.":

"Good question. Guess I'll have to figure that out first." Coyote says, tilting her head to the side. "Don't really have any money I can offer up, so I'd have to be something else…" She snaps her head back, offering up another little smile. "Well, I'll let you know when I figure it out." Turning her attention on Kael she says, "It doesn't get freezing in San Francisco, but it tends to always be jacket weather. It's nice. Not sure I could survive a Texas summer." She then turns towards Robyn. "Yeah, I imagine I'll eventually get home sick, but for now everything is just so new and exciting. It's hard to even remember to call my parents!' She shrugs. "I know, I'm a terrible person for not calling them often."

Kael lets out a laugh. "Texas summers can get hot. But, I wear shorts any time, so things are quite nice for me at the moment." He blinks a bit, realizing that the first part of that statement was redundant. A soft laugh, and he says, "I usually write my parents. Cause, I can't keep track of when I need to call."

"I just know the summers up here. Also I don't really own shorts so I imagine I'd have a difficult time in a Texas summer." Robyn says with a shrug. He's happy in New York even if he hasn't traveled much. "The school can be fun Coyote. I am still struggling with learning my powers but there are some really cool people here. And most people don't really seem to care iabout being 'cool' here."

Coyote nods rapidly in over excitement. "Oh, writing is a great idea! But, I'd probably forget to do that too." She shrugs her shoulders, more or less just giving up on the matter. "That's always nice to know, that people are pretty mellow here. Nothing worse than when it all turns into a cool contest. So irritating."

Kael grins a bit. "Just get like a notepad and tack it somewhere in your room that you always look. Like on your nightstand or desk." He looks back over at Robyn and says, "Haven't you gotten better with your powers though?" He tilts his head slightly before he blinks and looks back over at Coyote. "Speaking of powers, what're your's?"

Robyn nods to Kael. "Yeah I've gotten better, I'm not accidentally absorbing people's psychic energy anymore and I'm not accidentally jumping into people mentally….as often." Robyn sometimes still loses control with his possession when he daydreams in class and lets his mind wander, almost literally. "And you can always think of it this way, if you go to long without contacting your Mom and Dad, they'll be bound to contact you?"

"Good idea! Hope I can remember to put that up now. My parents are old, burned out hippies - their memory is way worse then mine." Coyote says, running a finger up to applied on an itch at the bridge of her nose. "Mine? Oh, I guess I'm able to leave my body. Like a ghost or something." Her eyes fall down to the sandy beach, watching as the toe of her left foot slowly digs down. Looking back up with a smile, "Well, I'll have to show you sometime, might make more sense then. Unfortunately, I gotta split. It was nice meeting both of you!" She offers up another wave before quickly heading back towards the institute.

Kael gives a wave towards Coyote and calls, "I'll see ya around!" Then he looks back over at Robyn with a soft laugh. "I had my mom call me once, it wasn't that fun." She had called him at midnight. "And glad ya've gotten better! I dunno if I have really. Trying to do some new things."

"See ya around Coyote" Robyn says as Coyote leaves and he turns to Kael. "And I think I can understand her power as I have something similar with my Astral Projection. And my powers are just hard to get the hang of for some reason. Maybe it's just me but Addision helps me a lot." He says as Addison is kind enough to let Robyn filter some of his 'mind juice' everyday. "Even if you haven't done anything new, how are you coming along with control and stuff?"

With a wave of his hand, a rush of wind rolls over the nearby water as Kael's hair starts to bleach white. "I can control it better now. Storm's idea for using my hands was the right thing. It helps me be more precise." He looks over at Robyn with a grin. "I can go a bit faster to." His hand waves over towards Robyn, wind rushing past him as it gets faster and faster.

Robyn blinks followed by closing his eyes at the wind blast. "Anything to help. That's great that you found that though." Robyn says being sincere. "How about flying?" He says brushing his hand through his hair. "Addison's been giving me good tips for mine, just nothing with hand waving though."

The wind dies down as he lets out a soft laugh. "Eh… heh… I don't think I'm going to be able to fly for a good while now. The best I've done so far is hover. I… really need to talk with Keith on that…"

"Keith?" Robyn asks as he doesn't think he knows any student named Keith but then it could be someone he doesn't know here. "I won't be able to fly with my powers, actually I don't know, I wonder if I posses someone with powers if I can use theirs. I'll have to ask Addison about that."

Kael lets out a laugh. "Keith is an Air Spirit. He's helping me with my powers." He smiles wide as he closes his eyes; a swirl of wind starting up around him as it speeds up slightly. "He's starting to teach me now to make a tornado around me." The winds blow outwards, causing Kael to let out a grunt of annoyance. "But, it's pissing me off that it's not wrapping right."

Robyn takes a few steps baack as the winds start up. "I don't know what to tell you to help out. I don't know much about tornados. Maybe you can ask Addison? He's great with teaching powers one on one. I mean really great." Robyn says wiht a nod. "Or try small around your feet and work up?"

Kael hms a bit. "I might do that. Dunno at the moment really." He pulls out his cellphone from his shorts pocket, and looks at the time. "Hm, I wonder where Max is." He looks back at Robyn and asks, "Oh, do ya know what're you gonna do for Halloween?" It's a month off, but it helps to try and get things planned out for it and all.

"Halloween?" Robyn says as he hasn't thought much about it yet. "I don't know yet, I'll figure that out once it hits October…in three days." He realizes. "And yeah, I have to find Jordan and meet up with him soon. I chatted with Max in the art room for a bit a few days back. He's a cool guy. Oh man, I did it again, I don't mean a pun with it."

Kael snickers. "See what I mean?" The pun makes him laugh softly. "If I had a dollar for every time someone did that without thinking." He'd have a good deal of money. He picks his backpack back up and he says, "Then what say we set out on our searches. I need to surprise the little Popsicle anyway."

"Sounds good, I wanna surprise Jordan for a bit anyway." Robyn says with a chuckle. He knows the importance of boyfriend time. "I'll head back up to the school with ya then we can split off and go our own way. Glad I ran into you tonight Kael."

Kael nods and turns around to start to head back towards the school. "I'm glad I came to the lake today. Ran into you and Coyote." He smiles a bit, tossing the pack onto his shoulder as he walks with Robyn back to the school.

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