2010-02-08: When To Shut Up


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Summary: An overload of powers of a… new variety.

Date: February 08, 2010

When to Shut Up

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

//What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself. //

As far as first afternoons go, Rafe has had a productive one. Getting enrolled, being assigned a room, meeting the school doctor, running around the grounds with giant cartoon-dinosaur feet just leave strange prints in the snow and perplex people, changing his skin to a metalic shade and pretending to be a statue of Cyclops in the garden (well, that lasted about five minutes. Boring. Save it for summer when there are more people around) and generally looking around. At this point he's calmed down enough to sit down in one place for ten minutes and is on the rec room couch seeing if East Coast cable is better than West. And the answer is 'no'. His expression is bordering on that most dangerous state for him and the sanity of those around him: boredom.

Some people have fun first days. Others are scared senseless. Cam carries his backpack with him as he walks into the rec room. He's still extremely unnerved about everything. He's been assigned his room, but hasn't met his roommate. He's been assigned a squad, and give options to make and edit his costume. Why he'll ever need one, he doesn't know. He moves, trying to be unnoticed (hard for a guy his size), to a chair across the Rec Room.

Doc didn't have a whole lot of fun his first day. It mostly consisted of a lot of reading and talking to individuals that had the information he needed, so in retrospect.. maybe it was a bit fun. For him, that is. Would've been terribly boring to anyone younger, so hey. At any rate, Doc seems to have had just about enough of being cooped up in the Medical Bay, so he's decided to go check out the rooms that he hasn't yet in the mansion that he had access to. One of those happens to be the Recreational Room. Imagine that.

The doctor steps inside, and seems to be lacking his traditional white coat, having hung it up before he left the Med Bay. So now, Doc seems at least fits in a bit, right? The white coat helps him blend in a bit with the crowds of angsty teenagers. Bonus? Tall people like Cam help him blend in even more! "Evening," he offers, making his way over to an empty seat and plopping down comfortably. "A bit of a slow night. Not that I'm complaining."

Jared can tell there are new people at the school. For one thing the chatter amongs the school rumer mongers has changed to a speculative nature, and for another he can feel people he has yet to meet in person wandering the school. Tracking several of the people he can feel to the Rec Room Jared decides to go and at least say hello. If the Doc likes hanging with tall people he is gonna enjoy meeting Jared, 16 years old and already 6 foot. Wearing a grey hoodie and jeans, with a copy of Greys Anatomy in his hands the boy slides into the room. "Slow days are a good thing, it means no one needs healing, no one has disapeared yet, and there is no reason to keep us all on lock down."

Zack is gonna try the rec room for a change! The large bulky mutant slides on in from inside, having stripped his coat and boats in the cloak room, now just dressed in a tight T-shirt and jeans. Headphones around his neck as they play low music. He sees the large crowed here "Wow, lotta guys…" he comments, "What's going on…" then again, he's probably as much a mountain compared to everyone else.

Following along behind Jared, Eddie Parker-Mayfair's got on jeans and a shirt bearing a picture of Hawkeye. He's got a superhero newsletter in his hand and is definitely not tall. Tiny little power booster. "If you want action we can go into the city. I'm sure something will jump out and cause trouble," he says with a chuckle.

Rafael watches as the room fills up with new people and his expression goes from bored to interested to 'oh my god! Is that a /giant/?!' Whatever else is obvious about him, he's not terribly practiced at hiding his emotions. Zack is the most obviously 'not normal' one and he out and out stares for a moment before remembering his manners. Doc gets a wave, "Hey, Doctor Williams! Remember me?" As though they hadn't met a few hours ago. And then a general, "Um, hi!" to everybody else.

Cam doesn't say anything, preferring to just watch the people milling about in the room. He pulls his backpack into his lap, unzipping it and pulling out a snack size package of cookies. Eyes darting from one person to the next, he opens them and pops one into his mouth. While Zack is big, he knew to expect things like that around here. He's seen a thing or two, but not up close.

Doc glances over at Rafael as he waves and chuckles. "Of course I do." Good thing, too, 'cause if Doc had a bad memory, he'd be a really bad doctor. He leans back and relaxes, only glancing back as people seem to suddenly filter in. He waves a bit to each of them, and grins a bit when Jared wanders in. "You're not kidding. Well, I have to admit that I wasn't expecting it to be as busy as a hospital, but I figure it'll wind up like that one day." Although perhaps a bit morbid, he's looking forward to that. He loves a good challenge. That's a challenge for him.

"Lots of people I haven't met yet, either," Doc muses. Although the most ironic part is that Doc already had names to faces. Part of what happens when you spend almost your entire first week reviewing medical files. "Pleasure to meet you all."

Jared shakes his head and laughs, "Only if you go, you know the rest of us can actually go into the city without tripping over a super villian." Jared reaches over and gives his brother a quick noogie before finding himself a seat he can collapse into in the boneless way that teenagers are masters of. As Rafael waves to the Doc Jared suddenly perks up. "Doctor Williams? MD, or PHD?" The comment about hospitals is enough to answer Jared's question. "MD then, cool. My Name's Jared Stone, given as much as I end up in the Med bay because of my powers you and I are probably gonna get to know each other well Doctor Williams."

Zack is kinda akward, feeling eyes on him again, the big latino sort of squriming in place and blushing ever so lightly before he finds a place to sit, preferabley on a couch, causing it to groan slightly, he sees the DVDs though, "Hey, Grey's Anatomy, sure, you guys gonna watch some." he tries to sidestep akward conversation for now.

Eddie lets out a squeak when noogied. "Hey, I only tripped over one once," he protests, sticking his tongue out at Jared. He flops down next to Jared and offers a smile to the doctor. "I'm Eddie Parker-Mayfair," he chimes in. "Might see me a lot too. I help out down there sometimes…and I get hurt a lot," he adds a sheepish chuckle. He jumps slightly when Zack speaks up and looks over. "Hi," he offers with a short wave.

Rafael with so many new people and so many of them that big, Rafe's mischievous nature and self-conscious jitters combine. Suddenly there is an eight foot tall, muscle bound jade giant in torn purple pants sitting on the couch where the teenager was, causing it groan and complain even more. Thank heavens for custom made mutant friendly furniture. "Hulk like House better. But it never lupus. Hulk sad." He waves a giant green paw and in a more normal voice says, "Rafe Marrero. Hi!" Only the glowing blue-white eyes and regular, not-Hulk voice give him away.

With so many new people and so many of them that big, Rafe's mischievous nature and self-conscious jitters combine. Suddenly there is an eight foot tall, muscle bound jade giant in torn purple pants sitting on the couch where the teenager was, causing it groan and complain even more. Thank heavens for custom made mutant friendly furniture. "Hulk like House better. But it never Lupis. Hulk sad." He waves a giant green paw and in a more normal voice says, "Rafe Marrero. Hi!" Only the glowing blue-white eyes and regular, not-Hulk voice give him away.

Cam perks up as he hears the name of the shapeshifting student. "Oh. Uhm… I'm your roommate." He says. But his voice is quiet before he puts another cookie in his mouth. He doesn't know what else to do or say before he blushes. "Uhm… Cam. Cam Phillips." He's got a southern accent in there, but he does pronounce his I right.

"Both," Doc offers with a smile to Jared, reaching out a hand from over his chair to offer it to Jared for a shake. "What about your powers gets you cooped up in the medical bay, Jared?" He inquires with genuine curiosity. He wants to know, both because he wants to know, but also to prepare himself for the inevitability later. "Anyway, I'll be the Institute's resident physician from here on in."

At the mention of Grey's Anatomy, Doc glances over at Zack. He just chuckles and shakes his head a bit. Man, he's seen the hospital dramas, and they're so terrible. Most people love that stuff to death, but for Doc, who's an actual doctor, it's almost primitive. He decides it best not to voice his opinion, and instead focuses on Eddie. "Pleasure to meet you, Edd." He offers, only to be distracted by the sudden emerald elephant in the room. He glances over at the Hulk, stares for a moment.. then chuckles. "Nice."

And, of course, Doc smiles at Cam. "Pleasure to meet you, Cam."

Jared does not smirk as Eddie jumps when Zack talks, it takes most of his self control, but he does not smirk. "I am like the Hulk there, I like House more. Sure the show is horrible at representing Doctors or how they work but there is something about the character I just like." Jared nods at the Doc, "Actually its more I get pulled down there anytime someone gets injured. I am healer, still learning to control it though, but just being near me makes people get better from injuries, sickness, and more."

Zack acks a moment at the sudden change and shift of the other kid, and he shifts on the couch, and it groans right back. Wincing once more "Well might as well say I'm Zack, Zack Kon, yo, just kinda, uh…hanging out. That's all" he rubs the back of his head at all the tension here, ya this is getting more akward.

Eddie blinks at the sudden appearance of the not-Hulk. He watches for a moment then smiles. "So. Are you a shapeshifter of illusionist?" he asks, apparently unphased by the appearance. He then shakes his head slightly. "Please…call me Eddie," he requests. He glances over and waves to Cam. "Hi!"

Rafael grins and changes back, hopping over the back to the couch to come over and say hello to Cam. "Really? Cool. Rafe. Wait, I already said that. And you're Cam? Cool name. So what music do you like? Because you know if it's stuff I like, we can totally blast the doors off the room but if it's Miley Cyrus or something, I hope you have an iPod. Also, you can have my closet space if you need it. I kinda don't, really. And hey, do you mind posters? I like them. Gives me a chance to practice the whole shapeshifting thing. But if you want something cultural or something like that, I can live with it." All of that was in one breath. He turns back to Jared and says, "Wow. Another healer! Like the doc!" And a nod at Zac and Eddie. "Cool. And, um, shapechanger I guess. That sums it up pretty well." Either he's naturally hyper, very nervous or has been guzzling Red Bull all day. Or all three.

The barrage of questions has Cam shrinking against himself lightly. His shoulders draw in as he pops another cookie in his mouth. "Don't care." He says, softly. Why did he draw attention to himself? Now? Why couldn't he have saved it until they met in their room. He winces at a sudden headache because of hearing a name. "Dressing Room. Behind the stage. San Diego California." After all, who doesn't know who she is?

"Ah. I remember reading your file, and I thought maybe there was something I missed," Doc chuckles, seeming amused, but also relieved, at the same time. When Rafael speaks up again, he smiles. "Yes, I'm a healer, as well. I guess we'll be definitely working together, then," he chuckles. "And it seems we have a lot in common as far as powers go, but I can control mine. I'm sure you'll definitely learn how to better use your powers in time.. it took me a while to figure out how to get mine to work properly. Hard to practice, study AND treat," he admits, adjusting himself in his seat to better view the people in the room.

Jared nods and waves at all the people that are new, "Well thats what the rec room is for dude, jsut hanging out. Also great place to be when someone gets it into thier heads to try and challenge Mister Summers or Mister Logan to a game of pool." The hyper one just gets a look, and then a seocnd one as Jared opens up his power to sense life just to see if he is normally set on hyper or has been downing enough Red Bulls to endanger his health. Jared nods at the Doc, "WEll getting them working is not the problem, its shutting them off I can't do, at least the healing bit. Most of the focus has been on my ability to sense things since thats the one that was preventing sleep, and causing problems."

Zack just sinks intothe couch, still watching, and looking back and forth, he stops talking when people chat up more them him. Trying to dissapear into the background and listen to the new people/

Eddie nods. "Shapeshifting is cool," he remarks simply. The power booster gives the two, big shy guys a sympathatic look and then leans back. He smiles at the interactions between his brother and the doctor and then opens up his magazine too start reading about the latest exploits of Johnny Storm and other such things.

Rafael blinks at Cam. "Wait… what? Who's backstage? Where?" He gives his new roommate a careful look. "Dude. I think the sugar might be making you a little jumpy or something." And that's said with no irony whatsoever. Just a sort of vague concern and sympathy. Jared's lifesense detects just that. Life. A huge, blazing bonfire of it that seems to be held together by sheer willpower and psionic force and stuffed into a body make of particles that are largely just telekinetic force. Rafe does have some internal systems, but only the ones he's using. Sensory bundles shoot information off in some direction that may be astral or other-dimensional and organs to speak and breathe are there, but the rest is a vague mass of semi-coherent pseudo-particles. Apparently he just fills in the internal bits he needs at any one time. He nods to Eddie and says, "Yea! So, um, what does everybody else do?"

"Miley Cyrus." Cam says, who else would he be talking about. Then there's the mention of Mister Summers. Another wince crosses the big boy's face. "In his office, at his desk, in his chair." He rubs the bridge of his nose. Cam is definitely alive. But not anything outstanding like Rafe. "It's not sugar." He says, shaking his head and wrapping his arm around his backpack, squeezing himself against it.

Doc nods a bit at Jared. "I was spared that for the most part, I think. Most people seem to assume I've got the ability to sense lifeforce, and I don't," he shrugs his shoulders helplessly with a smile none the less. He glances briefly over at Cam, before he returns his gaze back to Jared. "I see. How has that been coming along for you? Have you been seeing much progress?"

Jared nods and mostly just watches the others. At the sight of Rafe through his powers Jared does whince a little, its almost like looking at Logan or certain other people with his powers both fascinating and a little painful when your not expecting it. "Eddie here is a power booster, not sure anyone else here. Are you ok Cam?" Jared lets his powers look at Cam just to make sure there is nothign physically wrong. To the Doctor he says, "Ok mostly. I can turn it off, and can even narrow it down to one type so I don't end up feeling all the plants, bugs, and small animals around anymore when I don't wnat too. Although I still wake up in the middle of the night every now and then when it slipps and I suddenly can feel every living thing in the area inside my head."

Zack points a little bit as he gets it, "You say a name and he can feel em I bet, psychic power" he grins at having figured it out on his own, that's the first psychic power he's figured out! Wait…does that mean he's starting to feel normal here?

Eddie smiles when Jared mentions his powers. "Yep. I boost people based on my faith and confidence in them," he chimes. He opens his mouth to point something out but Zack speaks up first. "What he said," he says with a chuckle.

Rafael blinks at Cam and his expression goes confused and then as he mentions where Mr. Summers is, he blinks again. Zack's explanation gets a wide-eyed stare and he says, almost reverently, "Wow!" And then he grins widely and looks back at Cam. "Seriously? Like, where's the President? Ooooh, oh! Jackie Chan! My mom! Waldo! Reed Richards? Wait, wait, Dr. Doom?" He's staring at Cam with utter fascination now. "Can you do stuff too?"

"Not quite. Close but not quite. It's more like…" As Rafael starts naming names, Cam's head begins throbbing. "Bedroom somewhere." He doesn't know Rafael's mom, so nothing from there. He doesn't know a Waldo. Richards is protected right now. "Can't see. Castle Throne… Oh god… Oh god… He knows I'm there." His body goes rigid as he closes his eyes. His face has an expression of fear.

"I can imagine that that would be pretty tough on you when you first started," Doc offers calmly. He decides it best to spare his first encounter with his powers, and instead focuses on Eddie. "Really? That's fascinating," Doc admits with sincere amazement. Perhaps not flashy or amazing in the sense of a typical mutant power, but the fact that Eddie simply boosts people by being confident in others? That's pretty interesting, to Doc, to say the least. Then again, his exposure to other mutants was limited through his life, so he's pretty easy to impress. He glances over at Cam again and stares. "What?" Seems he missed something vital there.

Zack ahhhhs as Rafeal suddnely starts naming names, "Dude, not cool, don't do that…that's not cool at all you're gonna give him a nose bleed, don't mess with peoples powers like that. That's not cool"

Jared nods at the Doc, "Yeah, passed out when my powers hit me first thing. Was not fun." As Rafe starts naming names Jared says, "Whoa, Dude, not cool, if he can't control it then it might be much to just go rattling off names." As the other teen goes scared and says that Dr Doom can tell what he is doing he says, "Whoa man, don't worry, if he knows there is little chance Doom would do anything here. Heck, the leaders of his fan club are students here and an ego like that would not hurt people that actually had a crush on him…"

Eddie's up quickly, concerned expression on his face. "Rafe. No more names," he says firmly. "Cam, can you stop being there?" he asks, over by the new guy's side. "Maybe we should go see Addison…" he trails off.

When Cam starts talking about Dr. Doom seeing him, Rafe swallows and takes a step back, assuming the shape of Max von Sydow's priest character in The Exorcist, right down to clerical garb and cross brandished towards the seekersense-using fellow student. When the other students chide him, he goes back to his own shape, looking shamefaced and says, quietly, "Sorry." He hunches his shoulders a bit and sticks his hands in his pockets, moving out of the way as Eddie comes over.

Slowly, Cam relaxes. "It's ok… he… he didn't do anything." Hopefully, he'll realize that a teenager was there. That, and he'll probably have defenses in place next time. "Don't do that. It hurts. And… I don't know HOW he knew I was there…" It's rather scary, but that's why he's here. Because he can't NOT do it sometimes.

"I can imagine. A sensory overload? I'd probably have passed out, too," Doc chuckles. Well, he'd have passed out, there was likely no maybe about it. He glances briefly at Jared again as he speaks to Cam. "Fan club?" He quirks an eyebrow slightly at that. Oh, boy. Well, things sorta spiraled out of control there. He slowly moves to a stand. Probably better he stands for the moment, anyway. "Well, let's not worry too much. Rafe apologized, Cam seems to be all right.." That's good. He's not trained as a psychologist, after all.

Zack lets out a breath, "Mabey I should get going" he says as everyone hovers around the Doomed teen, and once more the couch groans as his weight shifts, and he adjusts his headphones,

Jared nods at the Doctor. "Yeah, couple of the students here are Latverian and big fans of his. Have not really met them so can't say any more." Jared does not add that his powers kind of flaired into being at the moment that he was told his Mother had been shot by a gang member in the middle of the ER she worked in, so that is why the people with him assumed he passed out.

Zack lets out a breath, "Mabey I should get going" he says as everyone hovers around the Doomed teen, and once more the couch groans as his weight shifts, and he adjusts his headphones, "I think I'm gonna hit the dorms again, really, it's kinda starting too melt the snow a little bit." he says as he looks back at the group. Very akward now!

Eddie reaches out to place a supportive hand on Cam's shoulder and offers a smile. "Don't worry. He's one of the smartest people on the planet and one of the most powerful magic users. Clashed with just about every hero out there. He's definitely got sensors and defenses for all sorts of things," he says. "You gonna be okay?"

Rafael decides that now would be a good time to be elsewhere and he more or less slinks out of the room, figuring he can apologize more profusely later, when there aren't a ton of people around to make Cam even more nervous. Which he recognizes, in retrospect. As usual. He sighs quietly and doesn't even notice as his physical form shrinks to correspond with with his self-castigation about being a jerk. Apparently he really does feel about a foot tall at the moment.

Standing up, Cam grabs his backpack and flings it onto his back. He jerks his shoulder out from under Eddie. "I'll be fine." He says, before heading for the door. "I gotta go." Apparently, he's not really in the mood to be around people anymore. He heads as quickly as his frame can carry him to get out. He's not paying attention to anyone or anything. He just wants out before something like that happens again. Being seen when he found someone was really… REALLY… frightening.

"I guess that makes sense, considering what I've heard about Latveria," Doc admits with a slow nod, deciding to stay standing for the moment, folding his arms across his chest. "Take care," he waves a bit at Zack as he tries to make his exit, and extends the same courtesy to Cam and Rafael as they make their escapes. He stares after them for a moment, before he shakes his head slightly. "Well.." He focuses back on Jared with a chuckle. "That was interesting. Still getting used to that kind of stuff.."

Jared watches the others start to go and gives them a wave and a quick, "Bye ddes, catch you later." Jared then nods to the Doctor. "Yeah, ineresting is the word for this place. If its not aliens, its interdeminsional doplegangers or demons, or just the students having weird power malfunctions. At least they make sure there is little chance anyone is gonna get seriously hurt as long as we don't do something real stupid."

Eddie frowns and stumbles back as his hand is jerked away from him. He sighs and moves to flop back against Jared. The power booster stays quiet, just leaning against his healer brother.

"No kidding. Well, I never knew this place existed, to be honest with you," Doc admits, finally moving to sit down again. "When I was growing up, anyway. I never got a letter or anything, even though my powers manifested," he chuckles. "So imagine my surprise when I finish my residency and there's a letter in my mailbox inviting me to come down for a tour. I don't think interesting is the word for it.. I'd say, amazing," he smiles. "I don't think I need to elaborate."

Jared nods at the Doctor and grins. "Yeah, good chance I would never of ended up ehre if it were not because…" Jared stops bites his lower lip a second. "Well if I did not end up finding my Dad, uh Doctor Jericho Parker-Mayfair. He is the school's psychologist. If I did not end up having to find him I probably woulda ended up going to the Olympics, and then Medschool long before I knew about the school."

Eddie shrugs a little. "If the Dads didn't find me I'd still be living in an old shipping container buried under Central Park," he says this casually.

Doc nods a bit. Medschool, eh? "You still thinking about attending medschool, or have you changed your mind? What sport were you going to participate in for the Olympics?" He inquires curiously, relaxing a bit. He glances at Eddie. "… Shipping container?" He can't help but quirk an eyebrow at that one. Needless to say, getting buried probably isn't much fun. Not something he'd want to have happen, considering his powers.

Jared reches and wraps an arm around Eddie to give him a light hug. "And the world would have missed out on a great future hero bro." Jared shrugs a little at the Doc. "Kinda more interested in it now, and not just because of my powers. Kind of honoring Mom and all, you know? I am, was, a gymnast. The whole being a mutant thing has kinda derailed doing that in competitions any more. Even if my powers did not give me a bit of an edge in sports I would not want to go through what Jean-Paul Babier went through…you know?"

Eddie nods. "My…biological parents beat me within an inch of my life and threw me out on the streets to die. I found a nice box under Central Park for shelter and survived for two years before the Dads adopted me," he says with a smile. "My biological family is a bunch of horrible, horrible people," he says. "Except for Ollie, my biological half-brother. They screwed him over as much as they did me," he says. When Jared mentions JP, Eddie perks. "I ran into him the other day, Bro. He said he'd give me some one-on-one training time."

Doc nods slightly. "Medical school.. not exactly for the faint of heart, but if you're seriously considering it, there's a chance you've got what it takes to make it. It's not so much how intelligent you are, but if you can handle the stress. It's not for everyone," he admits with a chuckle. He glances at Eddie as he begins to talk about his past, and he nods. "Sorry to hear that.. but I'm sure it helped build character. Hardship is to character that polish is to a diamond. It helps you sparkle when the spotlight is on you," he winks.

Jared gives Eddie another hug, than pulls back and stares at him. "No way, no way. You get to meet Northstar and you did not call me? Man, are we sure that you don't have some kind of reality altering luck power on top of the boosting and sharing thing?" Jared is mostly joking, but only mostly given how often the strange things happen to his little older brother. "Yeah, stress is no big thing. If I can work my way through my issues with math it should be no problem. Truth be told I have been looking into getting a volenteer position at one of the hospitals near by."

Eddie chuckles. "I do glow when I use my powers," he says, smiling at Doc. The booster returns Jared's hug and laughs a big. "I was waiting for a call from Ricky so I didn't wanna tie up the line," he says. "Besides, Northstar lives here and was on his way out to Toronto," he says. There's a pause. "I have been thinking that reality alteration might play some kind of part in my powers. I mean…how else do I get those clothes or get big and furry and stuff," he shrugs. "I'm sure Salem Center hospital would be glad to have you, Bro."

"Volunteering, huh? That's noble of you. I did a lot of that when I was growing up. Wasn't very glorious, but my parents were proud," Doc chuckles a bit. "Not that that really meant a whole lot at the time.." He adjusts himself slightly in his chair. "I strongly suggest you do, just don't let them stick you to doing janitorial stuff. You won't learn a single thing if you're stuck cleaning beds all day." He focuses his attention on Eddie and grins. "See? Only proves my saying." he chuckles.

Jared shrugs and laughs a little. "Yeah, did some before back in Cali. Easier to do stuff like that than just go home to an empty apartment. Although you can be surprised what you can learn with a mop and broom, everything from which Doctor is sleeping with whome, and what the nurses really think of the patients." Jared gives a slightly mischevious grin as he remembers a few things he heard as general gopher, or just doing his homework there waiting for his mom to go off shift cause no one looked twice at him.

Eddie chuckles and gives Jared a playful shove. "Why bother with medical shows when you already lived one?" he teases. "And you're right I guess," he adds to what Doc says.

"Unfortunately, while that's amusing from a gossip point of view, that's not really going to help you much come time for med school, but to each their own. I know I met more than a few potential doctors that overestimated themselves and fooled around during school and got kicked, so.. better to wait, eh?" Doc smirks mischievously at Jared in return. "Of course I'm right, I'm a doctor," he winks again at Eddie. "All kidding aside, if either of you need anything, I'm usually down in the med bay. Feel free to come down and ask questions. I'm an open book." He smiles.

Jared gives Eddie a playful push back. "Thats like asking why bother with the superhero blogs and cape spotter forums when you have met or know dang near all of them anyway." The healer teen nods at Doc and shrugs, "Your sure your not a surgeon? Cause you certianly have the ego part down. You may find yourself regretting that, I tend to sneak down there all the time anyway. Not just for when I help out healing the hurt but because hospitals and the like always feel…you know kinda like home."

Eddie blushes. "Cause it's fun to fanboy with the fanatics," he says. "And it's helpful info to go out and find places where heroes have been," he admits. "Thanks!" he chimes to Doc. "If you ever need a boost, I'll be happy to provide it."

"I guess if you've spent your formative years there, the sanitary conditions will feel like home, yeah. I know how you feel. I feel at home in hospitals, and the med bay is no exception, but sometimes you get cabin fever," Doc grins a bit. "And, no, I'm not a surgeon. Just a physician. Closest I get to someone's insides is fractured bones that puncture the skin. Not fun stuff, at any rate." … "I might take you up on that offer sometime, Eddie," Doc admits with a laugh. "Healing people can be exhausting, so.. not sure how it'd help, but only one way to find out, I guess.."

Jared nods at the Doc. "Its a rush, although I have never really been exhausted by healing…then again can't control it enough to push it. I just sort of…radiate healing all the time and the amount only changes when Eddie boosts me. Your right about fractured bones, not fun, and hurt almost as much healing as they do breaking when you do it in fast forwards."

Eddie smiles. "Well, if you'd like to find out what a boost is like now we can," he offers. "'Course I'll also mimick your powers at the same time."

"Well, I've found that it's unnessecarily painful and bloody if you don't reset the bone before healing, so.. since I know how, I usually do that, assuming that the bone isn't shattered or something similarly terrible. Then they just kinda have to cope, if they don't want to be incapacitated for several months," Doc chuckles, looking back to Eddie. "Hope we're not grossing you out or anything." At the mention of boosting, he shakes his head slowly. "Well, no-one's injured, and unless you're really eager to feel better, I don't think regeneration is going to help you much." He laughs. "You're more than welcome to it, I guess."

Jared nods at the Doc. "Yeah, learned that the hard way Doc after I got hit by a buss." Jared does not elaborate, but he does rub his right side, right where his bottom most rib would be for a second without thinking about it. "It really is a rush to feel the energy that comes with a boost. Heh, and when it comes to powers it is kinda funny when you look how close all of our family's powers seem to be…Except for Ollie and Chris…"

Eddie chuckles a little. "Sir, I've seen my insides through a gaping hole in my side, been torn up by a psycho with a jet pack smashing me into pavement, and seen and had other horrible injuries. Blood and gore don't gross me out," he says. He gives Jared a hug and then chuckles. "Chris isn't blood related and Ollie's powers fit in more with my bloodline's powerset," he says. The tiny teen takes a moment to ponders where his power fits into a line of energy manipulators and shakes his head. "Alright, sir. Brace yourself," he says, eyes lighting up blue. A moment later, he applies his boost and increases Doc's abilities to one and a half times their normal levels. This is followed by a flash of light that leaves Eddie wearing a blue and white version and what Doc is currently wearing. "Woah."

Doc blinks a little. "Being hit by a bus? Wow. That's.. well, I can imagine that wasn't pleasant. I got into a violent car wreck when I was younger and rebellious," he begins, smiling warily. "I wasn't wearing my seatbelt, got ejected from the car. Which was probably for the best, 'cause my mutant powers kicked in and I survived," he explains. He stands a bit when Eddie tells him to brace himself, and he nods a bit. "Well, all right.." He chuckles a bit. May as well feel what it's like when the pressure isn't on, so he knows what to expect. It's all about preparation.

When Eddie's eyes light up blue, he feels the boost in energy. "Even your clothes change?" Is all Doc can manage. That's.. well.. breath-taking. Jared wasn't kidding. It's a definite rush. "That's incredible. It feels like I can do anything," he laughs a bit at that. "Well, by that I mean, that I can heal anything.." He looks at his hands, which glow a bright green for a few moments as he seems to be generating enough healing energy for the discharge to be obvious. He flicks his fingers a bit, and some of the green energy floats off of his fingers like a spark and hits the floor, disappearing. "Amazing."

Then, Doc remembers Eddie again. He looks up at the other mutant. "How're you feeling? Feels good, doesn't it?" He laughs. "I've felt that way every day since I was fourteen."

Jared shrugs, "He is still our Pop as much as Dad is….although he might fit more as a mom…just don't tell him I said that. I mean, Dad can share and instantly understand powers, I can sense life, and you can share powers with people you boost." Jared shrugs and does not know anyone more on his father's side of the family, since he has yet to meet any of them. "So Eddie, whats it like? HIs powers boost physical abilities like mine do as well, or have any bigger rush to them?"

Eddie nods, looking down at his hands. "Yeah. My clothes change to match whoever I mimmic," he says. "But in my colors," he chuckles. "This is amazing. It's like yours, Bro..but not like it," he can't explain it well. "Closer to what it was like when I mimicked Addison or Mr. Logan that one time."

"Oh, yes, Logan," Doc nods slightly. That name definitely comes to mind as far as regeneration goes. He chuckles, and glances over at Jared. "Fancy breaking your arm so I can give this a shot?" He jokes playfully, before nodding at Eddie. "Whenever you're ready to stop. I think I have an idea of what'll happen if I ever mutate any further.. gonna become a glowbug." He waves his hands a bit around, watching the green healing energy spark off the skin of his hands.

Jared shakes his head, "Would not be worth it to practice on me. My powers heal me constantly so your not gonna get any useable scientific data. Now, I am sure there are students around here who could be willing if its for expanding knowledge." The comment about what his powers might be like if he mutates farther causes a slightly dark look to pass over Jared's face for only an instant. There is a part of Jared that has been scared of what could happen if his powers got stronger, or could go the other way instead of just spewing out healing energies.

Eddie nods. "Sure," he says. With a flash of blue light, all returns to normal. "Not sure where I'll go if I mutate further," he says. "Maybe some kind of faith energy form," he laughs as he flops back. Oddly enough, the small scar that had been on his forehead is now completely gone.

Doc seems to notice Jared's look, and looks at him inquisitively. "Well, I suppose you're right," he muses. "But I wouldn't break someone's arm for science. Maybe I'll give Eddie here a call when I get someone in with a broken arm." He chuckles a bit. "I'm sure it's inevitable, anyway." Then, things go back to normal, and the glow gently disappears from his hands. He folds his arms across his chest again, and chuckles. "Faith energy form.. that'd be interesting to see."

Jared nods and grins a little at Eddie. "Yeah, probably have wings and a halo. That, or you might end up like Mimic, and able to hold onto the powers you copy when boosting or being able to copy more than one power at a time." Jared pushes the darker thoughts of what could go wrong with his own powers way down inside. "Yeah, around here its a matter of time for someone to get injured in some way."

Eddie shakes his head at his brother. "I'm no angel, Bro," he says simply. "Wish I could've met the future me Dai mentioned during our time travel trip. Would have asked him," he chuckles. "I might even be the one to end up with the broken bone."

Doc chukles and nods a bit. "Well, you two, thanks for talking. I think I'm gonna head to bed, at least while things are quiet and no-one's breaking their legs or anything," he smiles, and he turns to head for the door. "It's about time for some sleep, anyway. Let me know if you guys need anything in the future. You'll know where to find me, anyway."

Jared nods and grins at the Doc. "Yeah, trust me you will probably get to know both of us for any number of reasons. I would probably hit the hay too if I slept much, jsut gonna sit here and read."

Eddie laughs a bit. "Yeah…I should get some sleep," he agrees. "Have a good night, sir."

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