2010-01-01: Which Is Which?


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Summary: Several folks in Westchester interrupt a battle…

Date: January 01, 2010

Which is Which?

Rating: R

Westchester - Titicus Reservoir

Surrounded by trees and plenty of green, Titicus Reservoir is a peaceful spot. There is a fence surround the water to keep people out of the watershed. Sorry but there is no swimming in the drinking water. Before the fence is a small park with picnic tables, grills, and a large grassy area for recreational activity. The park is well maintained by the state of New York so it seems clean almost all the time.

Ethan is enjoying the suburban charms of Westchester, dressed in slacks, oxfords and a winter-weight wool coat that reaches down to his knees, all in shades of gray. The satchel over one shoulder contains a copy of a certain rare 15th century tome on alchemical formulas to bind 'Elemental Kings' and he's cheerfully considering where to set up a lab in his dorm room that he might perfect (and use) the formula on a certain recalcitrant earth spirit. He has just exited the coffee shop and is strolling towards the train station, whistling something obscure and pretentious under his breath and looking smug enough to make complete strangers want to throw snowballs at him.

Bundled up and holding a freshly bought cup of hot chocolate, Eddie Parker-Mayfair steps out of the Grind Stone. He shivers and takes a sip of his warm drink before he starts to walk. He's not sure if he wants to head back up to the school or home yet so the power booster's just walking for now.

It's a weird combination, Terry and Dante, the blind and the mute, hanging out. Dante is dressed in his normal street clothes, a Chewbacca Tshirt with a black trench over it and a pair of jeans. His long blond hair is tied back and he's currently wearing his contacts. It's hard to tell how Dante communicateds to Terry as he signs everything to him but at the same time he mental speaks to him which isn't exactly conveyed to the public. /Terry, I've never really been up here to Salem Center, it's nice up here. Different than the city./

Kalindi's reasons for coming to Salem Center are pretty simple. After her recent experiences as goldilocks, she has wanted to pick up a few new things to wear, just to get the bad taste of the frilly little dresses she's been wearing out. The girl wears a sky blue coloured jacket over a simple red t-shirt with a picture of a flower on it, and a pair of slightly worn jeans. She also has on her large backpack, which is looking like it's getting quite worn out. The young woman has just come out of the train station, and is looking for the shortest path to getting somewhere warm.

Jordan is out and about, just picking up a few supplies and things to send home. Specialty gifts he can't get anywhere else. Things that his parents would appreciate. While he's out, though, he's just enjoying the cold weather. Where he's from, there is no cold. Florida and all.

Terry is dressed in his version of normal street clothes. A white leather trench coat, over a bright tye dyed shirt for some obscure hyppie band, and a pair of fadded jeans with bright paint splatters all over. On his face is a pair of dark mirroed shades, and in his hand a long white cane with a red tip tap tap[ing away on the ground in front of him as he walks with Dante. Terry nods as he is signed too, grinning to himself as he says, "It is a nice little area, almost makes me want to do a Normal Rockwell inspired piece." How exactly the blind teen can understand what is being signed to him, he is not telling anyone.

John is visiting the salem center to do some shopping, he's kinda down so he buying new clothes, hes wearing red and black cama combats, a black t-shirt and red sneakers, he dyed his hair black this morning so is looking a little dark, this matches his mood completly.
Mikhail is leaving the Institute for the first time, its actully his first time being out anywhere on his own, hes dressed in pale blue jeans, a grey shirt, a black hoodie with the hood up, black sneakers which he really doesnt see the point to but has to wear them to avoid suspition, he is also wearing sunglasses to hide his inhuman eyes. He is struggling not to follow all the new scents hes expiriencing.

Salem Center. Or anywhere else outside the school. Places July hasn't gone to in a long time, just sticking to the school, thanks to the heavy winter, but now the rubbery girl is out and about, walking around Salem Center just to get some 'fresh air', per se. "Wow, been a while since I was out." the brunette says with a smile, rubbing her left hand against her side to warm it up, while her other hand holds a cup of coffee, which she sips while looking around the place. "Hmm. Busy place today." she idly comments.

Across the sky, a streak of fire and something large looms. Quickly, it hits ground, just on the other side of Salem Center, near the reservoir. When it hits, there's a soft boom, but not like anything really large hitting. Though, flames can be seen from a distance. Fire rises, obscuring vision, but as people approach, two figures can be seen within. The figures themselves, are hard to make out, though.

Ethan turns to look at the fireball and his expression is briefly shocked. He looks around briefly and believing that nobody is specifically watching him, rather than the fireball and it's figures, he calls the air spirits to him, shooting off the ground and straight up into the night, arcing towards the mysterious impact site even as he starts discarding his civilian wear for the uniform under it. Shame about that coat, though. The sacrifices a magi makes to protect the peasants are harsh.

Eddie had just finished his hot chocolate (what, he only bought a small) when the fire went across the sky. He stares a moment and then discards the cup into a trashcan. Taking a deep breath, he starts to head towards the reservoir. One hand slips down into his pocket to check for his cellphone and his goggles. He nods as he confirms they're both there and starts to jog instead of walking. "What in the world…" he mutters.

Dante looks at Terry as the fireball happens. /Well good thing we're always on duty?/ Dante says as starts to run forward and forms an illusion around himself and Terry so it looks like they're running off in one direction and the other two can't be seen. Blend with illusions. He uses that time to change into his Young Avengers costume as he heads in that direction.

Eyes wide at the sudden appearance of flames, Kalindi draws gold from her backpack and creates a disc from the precious metal. She clearly isn't especially concerned with protecting her civilian identity, and does just as she intended originally: makes a beeline towards the warmest place around. Kali steps onto the golden disc and floats quickly towards the boom.

Jordan checks under his clothing, making sure he has his costume under it. He begins to hover off the ground, to head towards the sound. He's not altering himself yet, but he IS flying. But then, people expect weird things around here. Or rather, they have been for a while.

Terry tends to generaly conserve his use of his powers, but when out and about tends to do the momentary peek at whats around him. One of these peeks gets him a image of a fireball streaking across the sky. "Dante, did you just see…" Dante's words in his head pretty much confirm what he was about to ask. "Ok, time to go." WIth a grin he reaches into a pocket in his trench to pull out his mask as the illusion goes up. As they run and change, his uniform under his normal clothes, Terry says, "Why don't we take the easy route?" That said a golden glow starts to surround him and Dante as he uses his powers to lift the two of them and fly them to the scene of what ever is going on as fast as possible.

When John sees the fire shoot across the sky his eyes flare red, "Fuck!, trouble", he abandons the shopping trip and runs in the dirction of the crash, pulling off he shirt as he runs, hes only going to see if anyones hurt, but hes prepared for trouble.

Mikhail sees the object fly through the sky, but what worries him is the fire, his first instinct is to run away but the kindness hes been shown over the last week has brought out some latent humanity in him, he runs towards the bang he heard, not 100% sure why he is running towards danger.

July blinks as she sees the fire while she drinks, but then she almost chokes on her drink as whatever the fire thing is hits the ground. She accidentally drops her half-filled cup on the ground and she mutters a curse. But no time now. She quickly picks it up and drops it into a nearby trash bin, and then she looks around, heading to the closest tree, quickly climbing it so she can get rid of her clothes, down to her squad uniform, before jumping away from the tree and running toward the crashing site.

As people get closer, the wall of fire is dying down. A flaming lion, enraged, is fighting. It's claws are outstreched, raking bursts of heat at it's opponent. Across the field from it, another figure. Glowing with a warm white light, a woman, beautiful beyond reckoning stands. Her arms are up, trying to protect herself. The woman has several pairs of white wings on her back. Her clothing, while singed, looks to be of very high quality. Her arms have a light field of energy coming from them, pushing the heat and fire back. Neither has noticed the approaching figures yet.

Ethan adjusts the drape of his white cloak (there's a reason he carries a satchel) as the winds deposit him a good ten yards back from the fight. He frowns briefly, watching what's going on, expression pensive. "Hm. The female figure could be representative of a Judeo-Christian angelic figure… but then again, so could the lion. Then again, cosmological and mythological significance aside, the natural instinct is to protect a largely humanoid person from a predator. But that might be a …." He continues on in that fashion, arguing it out with himself, his inexperience and overly-analytical approach to the whole 'hero' thing momentarily paralyzing him with indecision.

HAving found a secluded spot along the way to change, Eddies in his uniform as he approaches the area. Goggles in place, he hangs back at first. Finding a nice solid tree to hide behind, the goggled mutant frowns at the sight. "What the…" he whispers to himself. Spotting Primal, he bites his lip and waits. Not enough information to act just yet.

Dante is in the middle of being flown by the airpits via Wave Airlines but being in the air gives him a good view of what's going on. /Woah, do you see that too? Angel versus Lion? It almost seems like C.S. Lewis gone horrible wrong./ He's a fantasy nerd, he's read all the books so Aslan does come into mind. /Should we call the others or do you think we can handle this on our….whose the dude in the white cape?/

Kalindi flies her disc over there and, instead of using any kind of reasoning skills, she instead just decides to ask the woman, yelling down from her disc, "What is it that is happening here?" She figures the lion is much less likely to be giving her an answer. Her eyes begin to shine black, as she takes a hold of her powers, and they seem to absorb any immediately surrounding light out of the air.

Jordan's taken longer to get there than some of them. But, spying Eddie off to the side, he goes to land near him. "What the hell is this?" He asks, softly. So far, Eddie's the only person he's seen that he actually knows. "Who's who and what do we do?" He asks, simply.

Dressed in a costume of pure white with a single golden starburst pattern on his chest and a mask that covers the sides and back og his head, leaving his blond hair to spill free out of the top, with a built in chrome lenses over his eyes the Young Avenger known as Wave arraives in his customary streak of gold and burst of white light. Ok, so most of his arraival is an illusion made by his control of light, but that should not make it any less impressive for the normal people to see. In front od Dante's eyes flash a message in light only he can see, 'No idea, lets try diplomacy and call for help if it proves too much.' The thing about thinking quite litterally at light speed is that Wave does not have to take a few seconds to argue out who to help and who to hinder. In less time than it takes to blink he has made his decision, one being is an obvious agressor the other a defender, and it is better to err on the side of defending someone than letting someone get eaten by a lion. In an instant he erects a barrier made of light between the lion and the angel to try and separate them. "In the name of the Young Avengers, and the defenders of this world both of you stand down before your fight endangers civilians!"

Having stripped off the rest of his civvies John is now dressed in his Corsairs uniform, when he sees the fight his fists set alight, "What the fuck?", he spots Ethan in his cape, "Oh joy, you're here, and what the hell are you wearing?"

While running towards the crash Mikhail pulls off the sunglasses, hoodie, t-shirt, sneakers and has ripped the jeans from the knees down, hes now in ripped s jean shorts, he fangs are fully extended and hes running on all fours. Arriving at the scene he sees the battle, he flinches back in fear from the fire.

July rushes to Eddie's side, her squad colleague. "What's going on here, Faith?" she asks, blinking softly, before looking at the scene when she reaches her friend she surveys the site. "Whoa…?" she blinks, her eyes wide, "Why does it have to be fire…?" the brunette asks herself, muttering under her breath. "What's going on here?" she asks on a louder voice to her teammate. The Young Avengers act first, and she looks at them, watching as a barrier is erected.

Hearing people arrive. The lion turns around, voice a gravelly, semi-feminine roar. "Get back. Stay away if you know what's good for you. This is beyond anything you've ever dealt with, children." It says, looking at each one. "Especially you." It's head rests directly on Eddie before it turns back to the other being.

The winged woman starts to backpedal as the others get there. "Help me! Please! It's trying to kill me! It's taking everything I have to hold it back!" She's almost crying, tears forming on her eyes, but not falling.

Ethan blinks at John. "The act of engaging in superheroic activities is socially transgressive but my understanding is that if one provides certain outward symbols of one's status as a member of the transgressive class, not unlike the Hijira of India, that the degree of distress amongst hypothetical bystanders is decreased and one's personal social status can be preserved and even enhanced in that assumed identity." His voice goes dry and acerbic, "Also, it beats being Naked Fire Lad in times of danger. When the lion speaks and the woman pleads for aid, he just nods and says, "Now /do/ excuse me. I must save the day." Taking Wave's cue, he raises a hand, palm out and a matching one, giant and crudely-hewn hand made of several tons of earth and stone rises up in front of the Lion, as though to block it from attacking them or her. "Down!" The tone is that one would use on a cat on the sofa.

Alright. Fire Lion, Wing Lady, Young Avengers, some guy with a cape, demon girl on a disc, and fellow students. Mr. Faith jumps as Jordan shows up, looking over. "Don't know yet. Hang back and find out first," he says. When July rushes over and starts making noise, Eddie just gives her a look. "Shhh!" he urges. He just sighs when his teammate yells anyway. Spotting John, Eddie frowns. "Aestuo! Get back!" he calls. When the lion speaks, Eddie seems a bit offended for a moment. "Who are you two and what's going on here?" he calls since hiding is apparently not going to happen.

Lion attacking women, and his abrassive attitude, it's hard to tell which is good and which is bad but he's thinking the Lion is attacking an Angel. /Wave, I'm gonna try reading their minds./ He says telepathically to his teamate as he closes his eyes and tries to focus on the thoughts of the Lion and the Angel, hoping that he can hear something that he can use to try to help them stop the fighting and try to save both lives.

Jordan's simply there, body beginning to grow, behind Eddie. His costume stretches with him but his clothing… gets overly tight to the point of breaking. It's a very slow, gradual growth, but visible to anyone actually watching. Within moments, he's standing a whole foot taller and a quarter foot wider.

Kalindi lands her disc and stands not too far away from the winged woman, "Hm. Do you know why that is?" she asks, since if there's any reason at all, she is quite likely to know it. The girl reforms her disc into two rattan batons, deciding against forming golden armour when there could be so much fire involved. She puts her backpack on the ground and seems ready to protect the woman at a moment's notice, but only because she really wants to be answered.

Terry is all but smirking as the lion speaks. "I have never had the skill to figure out what is good for me. I do know that this is not a good place to fight out your problems, and that I can't let you just eat the woman there without some explination." At the mental message from his team mate Wave flashes words only Silent Image can see in front of his eyes in light, /Good thinking, and if it turns out to be a bad lion I hope to heck I does not just tear through my barrier./

John stops listening as Ethan starts talking crap again, he lets the flames start to spread up his arms, when Eddie tells him to get back, he shouts back, "Dont worry, fires my thing", he grins at his fellow students before running towards the two figures.

Mikhail spots the people wearing the uniforms similar to the one he was given yesterday, he runs over to the group, "What happen, lady danger", he says in a romanian accent.

The barrier of earth stands between them. The Lion growls before suddenly shifting form. Leaping into the air is… a Bull made of Earth. It charges the hand and runs right through the middle of it, running at the angelic being. "No, I said stay back. You're messing with matters beyond your comprehension. This thing needs to be destroyed. It'll ruin civilization as we know it!" The voice, now a little less gruff is now gravelly, and a slight bit more feminine.

The Angelic being lifts into the air. "Keep it away! Please! It's lying!"

Ethan gives Terry a disapproving look. He says firmly, "We will not be allowing any supernatural, extra-dimensional or alien entities to consume one another, /period/. We have standards. This isn't New Jersey." His attention snaps back to the …bull? His expression is annoyed and faintly alarmed as the shapeshifting creature shatters his barrier. "Alright then. Two can play at that." He holds up his other hand and a jet of icy water raises up off the reservoir, coiling and questing this way and that like a snake before it strikes, trying to hit the earthen creature from the side and knock it away. "You'll find I can match any element you can to try, creature. I'm a mage and you are out of your league."

Eddie scowls. "If you want help, lady, give some answers!" he calls. "Names! Why you're both fighting!" he calls. There's a pause as he watches the lion become a bull and then looks to Primal. "Hey! Stop attacking until we know what's going on!" he yells. "Wave! Silent Image! Do you guys have any idea what's going on?" he asks, tthinking the Young Avengers might know more. Jordan and July get quick glances but Eddie doesn't say whatever he was going to due to Mikhail running up. "We don't know yet," he says. "Wait for now," he goes on, glaring Kalindi's way.

Dante shudders a bit as he came to a strange revelation by going into the minds of the two, well sort of. /Wave! The Angeel, I can't get into her mind, it's like it's not there. And that guy in the white cape, I like him./ Dante can't help but be amused at a good Jersey joke. Not being able to get into the Angel's mind could mean a number of things. Then the closes his eyes and concentrates, trying to reach out to everymind in the area, Jordan, Ethan, Eddie, Mikhail, John, July, Kalindi, and of course, his teammate and friend, Terry. /The Lion…Bull wants to kill the Angel Lady! If you wait, someone's gonna get killed!/ He sends the warning out to everyone in hopes that they can stop the lion from killing her because killing isn't right no matter what the case.

Kalindi shrugs helplessly, and mumbles, "What do I even get if I help anyone?" Actually, though, 'not having civilization civilization destroyed' is a pretty big motivator for her. There's really nothing to manipulate for personal gains once that's gone. So she spins around to face the angelic being, tapping her backpack with one of her rattan sticks and drawing out fine lines of gold, that whip out and try to grasp at the flying woman. "Do not get too far, not until there are answers had," she says, as she manipulates the strands with her powers.

Jordan can't stop his growth. "I… I don't know. Who's the bad guy here? Who's hurting who?" He asks, clothing shredding, revealing his Alpha Squadron costume beneath it. "I'm way too confused." He says. And Jordan is normally someone who just steps up and does…

The aura of light around Wave flashes brighter for an instant as he re-enforces his barrier between the angel and what is now a bull. "They said the same thing about the hippies and we all know they were wrong now. You want to attack someone that does not appear to be a danger you should…I don;t know do the civilized thing and tell us how she is a danger and maybe give us a reason to help." As Mister Faith calls out his question, and he gets the info form Dante, "Not sure yet Dude, but the shpe changer wants the chick dead, and if she is good or evil lettting that kinda thing happen just is not my style."

John stops about ten feet from the two figures, "Look you are starting a fight in out territory, we want answers, you WILL stop", he goes to create a wall of fire when he sees Ethan's water, "For Fucks Sake! Ethan!".

When the flaming Lion turns into a rocky bull Mikhail calms down, "We fight", he says to his fellow students, before running towards the bull, hes afrid of fire, rock really doesnt worry him.

July runs up to Eddie, frowning, "Faith, we can't let they keep fighting! They'll end up destroying the area, not to mention maybe hurt innocents in their battle!!" She looks at the 'angel', shielded by Wave's force field, and she looks at the rocky bull. There isn't much she can do if it decides to turn back to fire. "Ideas? Before I go try to slingshot that bull away?"

The angelic being finally answers. "She's a shapeshifting demon. I was trying to keep her from getting out, but someone distracted me. She got free, and now she's trying to kill me so I can't send her back to hell!" She answers, holding her arms aloft with the shield of energy to protect herself.

The bull of earth shifts into a Scorpion of water, to prevent the water from actually damaging it's body. "Back off, children!" It shouts. No alteration to the voice. Just that of a very strong-voiced woman. "Go back to your schools and your cities. This is my fight!"

Ethan grins faintly at John's annoyance. "Primal while I'm in costume, please, Flaming Boy." The bull turns into a scorpion and he frowns. "You really are the most vexing creature, aren't you." That telepathic confirmation gets an arrogant nod, as though saying, '/Some/ of us were already working on it.' "Very well, then." He brings both hands together in a clap and lowers them, twin jets of flame blasting out to try to turn water into steam.

Eddie grits his teeth. "Elastica, get over to the woman and defend her…don't let your guard down and don't let her go anywhere either," he says. He frowns at the talk of demons and hell and looks at Jordan. The much bigger teen gets an odd look. "Bullet?" he asks, confused by the strange behaviour. "Stick with me," he says, figuring he can keep an eye on him better that way. He starts to say something and then stops at the sight of the scorpion. There's a pause, eyes going wide. "Primal! Aestuo! Stop attacking the scorpion! She's on our side!" he says. As he yells, Faith boosts Wave's powers to twice their normal levels. With a flash, his uniform becomes a blue and white version of Wave's. Thrusting his hands forward, he forms a shield to block Primal's attacks. "Focus on keeping the woman with the wings down and from doing anything!" he says, silently hoping he's right.

Dante takes a deep breath. /Wave…I'm going to try something, I don't know what will happen but it might have an effect on me./ He says to his teammate before taking a few more deep breaths. /Please work/ He thinks out loud and some people in the area might hear even though he didn't mean it to be projected. He focuses on the Water Scorpion and starts assulting it's mind as much as possible. He's putting as much effort as possible into the mental attack hoping it does something since it might help put down half of the battle. He doesn't care what Eddie says, he saw what he did in the Scorpions mind, that was the intention to kill.

Kalindi glances between the Scorpion and the angelic being, and continues to do exactly what she was doing: ensnare the flying woman from a distance, using her long strands of gold to do so. She only recognizes one person there, Faith, and she doesn't exactly have a great history with him. But she does shout to Eddie, since he seems to know the others better than she does, "I am more inclined to believe the beast than the woman. The beast cares for our safety, while the woman does not."

Jordan is large. He stays near Eddie until Eddie says to focus on taking down the Angel. He begins breaking into a run towards it, pulling back a punch. Jordan is currently standing at 9 feet tall. A VERY big guy.

Wave is not ready yet to attack the shape shifter since it has yet to attack anyone but the seemingly angelic being, but he is far from willing to stop what he is doing. As he is suddnely boosted he says. "This, is, Awsome!" He calls out before grinning and clapping his hands together. For an instant he flairs with white light, and is gone. Instead of where he was near where he landed with Silent Image he appears between the Water Scorpion and the Angel, twice his normal size. At the same time the barrier between the Angelic being and the shape changer ripples and changes shape to form a shell around her to protect her from all sides. As Jordan runs at the woman, who has made no agressive moves at all yet, another 12 and a half foot tall Wave appears between him and her holding up his right hand, and then waggelign his middle finger at Jordan. Wrapped in a shell of light rendering him all but invisable next to Silent Image the real Wave whispers, "I love holograms."

John give Ethan a dirty look and prepares to shoot a fireball at the scorpeon, when Eddie shouts to stop he does, he may not know whos the good guy but he does know Eddie, and he trusts his judgement, he runs away from the scorpeon and towards the angel, charging up a fireball.

Mikhail stops about five meters from the shifter, he heres the shouting from Eddie, and just about understands it, but he has let instinct take over, and what he sees is the hunters view of the scene, he sees the shifter as the preditor and the angel as the prey, he takes several steps forwards, bares his fang and growls at the shifter.

July grins widely at Eddie's command. "Aye aye." she says, bending her knees and then jumping like a snake would, bouncing and slithering toward the angelic being from behind. The idea is to lunge at her and wrap both hr arms around her and around those wings so she doesn't fly away, also binding her arms immobile with her malleable body. She plants her feet on the ground to attempt to pull the woman away from the lion/bull/scorpion thingie as she watches Jordan come rushing toward the woman. "That's gotta hurt…" she mutters, noticing the size of the guy.

"No, Eddie! She's not who you think! I need your help sending HER back to Limbo!" The Angelic being says, looking to Eddie plaintively and using his name. "She broke out and took MY form and powers. Ricky's old powers. I can't do anything in this form but hold up shields." She states, banging on the shields placed around her body. "Please!"

Fortunately, the steaming of the watery body doesn't actually affect the Scorpion. "Don't listen to her! She's lying! Just get back and let me deal with this!" As the mental assault hits, the Scorpion screams in pain, before lashing out a wave of water at the offending party. Yes, she knows exactly WHO hit her and where they are. Dante is smacked VERY hard by a wave that rose out of the lake. "Stay out of my HEAD! I don't have control of that! It's a mental defense!" She shouts.

Ethan stops to give Eddie a confused look. "How on earth could you have arrived at that conclusion? I see no evidence, beyond manifest hostile intent, as to the moral character of either party. The logical course is to subdue the violent party and question both. Especially since we have a telepath nearby." Wordy, as usual. He frowns as his flame-throwing technique fails and then outright scowls as the creature duplicates his trick with the water. "Oh, that's just a bit much, don't you think?" He looks down and then up at the trees in the area and says, quietly, "Awaken. Hold them." At his command, nearly frozen sap flows and the supple younger trees shiver a bit, creaking in tenor tones, like old stairs being trod upon, as they bend towards both shapeshifter and angel, branches questing out like the arms of sea-creatures to hold and squeeze if they can.

There isn't a telepath nearby for long, as the water from the scorpion whips out and smacks him, hard. Dante isn't one to have any phsyical defense, mentally he's a fortress that not's easily penetrated. He goes flying back a bit, landing on the ground with a roll. There's not even a scream or a groan from him as he just lies there. The pain for the mute Young Avenger is quite excrusiating as he's probably going to need a nice visit to the medical facility after this encounter.

"Wave! BArrier on the shifter too! Just as strong!" Mr. Faith calls. "Aestuo, Bullet, Elastic, surround and stand guard! You," he points to Mikhail. "With me. You," he points to Primal. "G-" pause. "Fine, that," he says, getting annoyed. "Kali!" he needed a bit to remember her name. "Stay put," he adds, flying into position. He's a bit surprised by the use of his name and looks over at the Angel. "If you want us to leave or help either of you, I want answers NOW!" he says, sending a light shield to help defend Silent Image. "Who are you both? NAMES!" he says, holding a hand towards both.

Both individuals look, simultaneously, at Eddie. "Opal Peery!"

Kalindi retracts her strands of gold and forms a disc out of them, seeing how the 'entrapment' technique has proven itself quite futile, and instead forms a disc out of the gold, attached to the rattan sticks with a fine strand. She growls a bit at Eddie's order, unsure if it's some kind of trap for -her-, but does in fact stay put, since she figures if it is a trap, she's too clever to be caught by it. The disc raises a bit in the air, and seems to be ready for use as a weapon, but Kali doesn't employ it yet. The two fighting figures have her perplexed.

Jordan looks at the holographic figure. "Won't stop me, dude. I can pass through you." He says, bragging. After all, he thinks he's better than most. Especially when big. He sighs and waits, Eddie is trying to bark orders, and he'll listen. For now.

Terry keeps up his his shield around the Angel like being, glad he changed it into more of a shell to keep out attacks form the other so called heroes. In front of the faces of everyone but the Angel and Shape CHanger glowing words appear, /WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING THE ONE THAT IS BEING NONAGRESSIVE?!?/ Wave is a little too distracted, watching everything, putitng up several holograms, and keeping the Angel like being safe so he misses his chance to protect his team mate. AS Dante goes down he mutters something about no one attacking his friends and a bolt of pure light fires from the giant image of Wave between the two beings that both seem to know Faith striking not at the shape shifter but instead scoring a deep black scar in the ground in front of it. As Faith yells out to bubble both beings the already POed Wave wraps a second barrier around the shape shifter, letting both of his giant holograms and his own invisability fade so he can concentrate on the barriers.

John nods at Eddie and stays in a holding pattern flames ready in case of attack, when the two creatures talk he say, "What the fuck is a Opal Peery".

Mikhail doesnt know much English but he can understand basic commands, he backs away slowly from the shifter, "Stay", he then runs over to Eddie, "with me" he says using Eddie's accent.

July feels relieved that Jordan didn't actually hit the woman she's binding, breathing a small sigh of relief before pulling away from the angelic being. That being and Elastica may be separated by that shield, but she is not about to let the woman from her sight in case she tries something. "I do hope you know what you're doing, Faith…" she mutters under her breath while the two supernatural beings answer at the same time to Eddie, causing Elastica to blink. "Is that even a name?"

The angel looks towards the trees, and begins chanting softly. Her words are in an unknown language.

The trees move towards the barrier around the liquid scorpion. Slowly, the scorpion flows out of the bubble. After all, it's not airproof… and steam is still a form of water. However, being this close to trees, touching them, it begins to shrink… Very quickly.

Ethan's eyes widen as the trees start to suck up the Scorpion. Subdue is a good idea but he's not ready to kill anything. And besides /he/ didn't tell the trees to do that. He says, "The angelic one has gone on the offensive. That's her spell, not mine." And with that he concentrates on the plant spirits again, willing them to straighten out the branches trunks and put the trees back to sleep. Releasing them, he sweeps both hands up, making a circular motion, as the earth begins to rise in a dome designed to completely encapsulate the steam. Not that he expects it to work much better than the hand. And given the amount of earth being moved, it will be several seconds until he's done.

Eddie tenses and then looks again. "You, scorpion. Who do you think she is?" he demands, pointing at the angel. He waits for an answer and then turns to the Angel. "And who stole your form and power? I want a -name-. Not just 'a demon'," he keeps going. "She's related to my boyfriend," he answers John quickly. There's another pause and he nods as Primal does what he was about to ask.

The moral advantage that Kalindi has against Terry's illusory words is that she never claimed to be any kind of a hero at all. Most people here would consider her something much worse than that. But that's neither here nor there. She lowers the disc a little ways to sit down on it and wait for an opportunity or motivation to strike.

As the Scropion starts to escape the bubble, or get drawn out by the trees which ever it is, Wave curses. "Applo's testicles, teach me to be nice and leave air holes." The teen holds out both his hands, purely for psychological reasins, as he tichtens the barriers making them impermiable to all but light its self while ensuring they are large enough for at leaset several minutes worth of air to be inside of them. Inside his head he lets his attention waiver for a while picosecond as he hopes to heck that Dante is going to be ok.

The barrier Eddie put up for Silent Image wasn't in time and the Young Avenger lies there unconscious at the moment.

John stares at the two creatures and then looks back at Eddie, "One of these thing are related to your boyfriend?", he lets the flames completly engulf his body, he now looks similar to the Human torch except his hair and uniform outlined aswell as just his body.

Mikhail looks from the battle to Eddie, "What Mikhail do?", he asks wanting to help but not sure what he should do, as Eddie appers to be in charge he looks to him for orders.

July blinks, "What? She's related to him? How come?" she asks, eyes wide as she turns to look at Eddie, and then she shakes her head, "Ah, never mind!!" she says as she jumps away from the shielded angelic woman, but still being within distance to quickly attack the woman should she break free from the bubble. Some questions can be asked later. "Geez, what the hell are those two…?" she frowns, as she looks at the other being as it attempts to escape its bonds.

With the scorpion absorbed by the tree… who knows what's happened to it.

The Angel, however, slides herself out of the barrier and looks around. She waves a wing over Dante's form, awakening him from his unconscious state. "Thank you all, so much. When she took my form, I was placed in a temporary ascended form by the zodiac spirits." She explains, giving a bright smile. "I am not able to attack, simply defend, avoid, and bless. It's not much, but I can do it." She lowers herself near Eddie. "As I said before, my name is Opal Peery. I am the grandmother of Eddie's boyfriend, Ricky. But, since you all assisted me, would any of you like a blessing?" She asks, smiling brightly again. Her wings fold gently to her sides.

The angel waves a wing over Dante's form, awakening him from his unconscious state.

Ethan sighs and shakes his head. "I /really/ need to work on my combat tactics a bit. Do you do blessings that increase one's acumen?" He clears his throat and straightens his cloak as the angel speaks and says, "Forgive me for asking such a mundane question, but how does a mortal end up as an angelic being with some degree of power? Contrary to what certain debased forms of folk-belief would suggest, there is theological basis for such a transmutation in the mythos you appear to represent."

Eddie frowns. "Why aren't you changing back then?" he asks. He's also wondering why she's being so nice to him given that he was pretty sure she didn't like him at all. "Where'd 'she' go and who was she?" he's full of questions and he's had a strong headache building since he arrived. Dropping his boosting and mimicking of Wave, Faith lets out a little noise. "Can you bless an object instead of a person? And how do we get your normal form back?"

Dante lifts himself up from the ground in a world of hurt, just in time to hear what's going on. /Wave…everyone all right?/ He asks his teammate as he listens trying to absorb what he might have missed. /A blessing?/

Blessings? Kali doesn't see herself as having any reason to receive any kind of blessings, but she is amiable to the idea. It's free stuff. She loves free stuff. "If blessing me is something that you have no problem with doing, then I would like such a thing," says Kalindi, "though I apologize that I may have had difficulty determining who to help and hinder today." She shrugs her shoulders lightly and continues to sit on her disc.

Jordan shrugs. "Sure, whatever you want, lady. I didn't do much, but hey." After all, he's not exactly religious. So, just someone saying they bless him isn't going to actually affect him either way. It's all just words.

Wave would blink at the woman walking through his tighter barrier as if it is not there, but he does not actually blink. "Balls." He says softly to himself as he instead shakes his head. The fight obviously over he quickly runs over to Dante to check him out. "Yeah dude, you are the only one hurt." To the woman he says, "Yeah, it would really be nice to get an explination, and maybe a full healing for Silent Image here." After making sure that Dante is not going to die on him Wave does add, "Although if you could put in a good word with Apollo for me that would be rad."

John shakes his head as the angel offers a blessing, "Bollocks luv, you ain't no angel, what are you?", he forms a fireball behind his back just in case.

Mikhail just stares in confusion as he dosent know if they one or not.

July looks at the angelic woman that says she's the real grandmother, but Elastica isn't sure. There is something nagging her as she frowns lightly. "Thank you, but… I'll pass." she says, shaking her head softly. 'It ended way too quickly…' the rubber super hero thinks, keeping a safe distance from the woman. 'Something's fishy here… Something… not right.' She then looks around, her eyes finally settling on the trees where the other being disappeared to, and she approaches the trees, but not too close, to inspect them with her eyes.

"Gods are simply beings with massive amounts of power. They choose how their powers work. I had the Zodiac spirits powers. But when they were ripped from me, they pooled together and gave me this transcended form. It's not theological. It's mysticism at it's finest. You ask a theological question in a world where gods walk the earth on occasion. Thor? Hercules? Ask Eddie later. He knows that the Zodiac Spirits' power can be transferred. Willingly or unwillingly." The angel explains with a chuckle. Looking to Eddie, she shakes her head. "All is as the Zodiac wills. If they want me to return, I shall. And no, I can only bless people. Objects have nothing on the inside to affect."

Chuckling at Kalindi, the angel winks. "You are especially deserving of my blessings. And yes, Dante. A blessing. It may grant you help when you really need it. Or, it could give you a special gift. I'm really quite unsure how it affects. Like the Zodiac, it varies from day to day. Unfortunately, Apollo is not Zodiac. I do not know him." She says. She looks between Jordan, Terry, and Kalindi, and places a kiss on the forehead of each. They'll each feel a warm radiance within. "Anyone else, before I go? I simply must make sure the portal is secured."

Ethan frowns faintly and says, "Oh." He scowls and tries to come up with a wordy refutation that doesn't boil down to 'Oh yea?!' After a moment he shrugs and says, "I'll take all the help I can get. And if you have any pull with the patron saint of lost objects, I'd like that coat back. It was a Marc Jacobs."

Eddie bites his lip, watching the woman carefully. "Alright…I'll take a blessing…but can you please come back as soon as you check the portal?" he asks. "I want to know more about what's going on and I'm sure Ricky would wanna see you," he shifts slightly. "Or could I come help make sure the portal is fine and track down that thing?"

Dante didn't project the telepathic conversation at the Angelic woman so she's suprised she knows about the thought, and his name too. Okay she must be something fairly powerful and knowing. /Well the help is nice, if you really want to bless me, that's fine but I'm a Young Avenger, we don't require payment for good deeds./

Kalindi seems genuinely baffled by the angel's words but, at the feeling she receives, she's pretty sure the blessing is a boon. "Thank you," is all she says, touching the spot where she received the kiss lightly.

Jordan steps away with a chuckle. "That makes me feel all warm." He laughs. "And I'm an atheist. I'm not supposed to feel things like that."

John laughs at the situation, "I'd like to see this portal myself i you dont mind", he still doesnt put out his flames, when it comes to the mystical hes highly sceptic.

July watches as the 'angel' gives her 'blessings'. She still doesn't trust the woman. Elastica turns to look at the trees that apparently absorbed the other being, and jerks a thumb toward them. "What about the other guy here? Or, at least, the one that WAS here? Who, or what, is him? Her? It?"

The angel leans out to place a kiss on the foreheads of Ethan, Eddie, and Dante. "No, I'm sorry. Too many people in the area would disrupt the energies. That's what happened to let her out in the first place." She sighs. With that, she rises, sliding into the air before vanishing. "Have a good night, children." It wafts on the wind for a few moments. But… the one in the tree? At the moment, there's nothing to be done there.

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