2012-09-21: Whipped Into Shape


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Summary: Another round of questions in regards to Xavier's for Quenton, Nicholas and Warlock.

Date: September 21, 2012

Log Title: Whipped Into Shape

Rating: R

Small Church - Holding Cell

Dim lights hang from the high ceiling giving just enough light to see decently, not that there is much to see in the concrete room. The tall ceiling goes up at least twenty feet and the blinking red lights of cameras in each corner are visible, there is no privacy here. There are no windows and the only door into room seems to be a solid sheet of steel from this side. The sent of stale, musty air, hangs about the room. Bolted against two of the walls, at a height of two feet, are steel benches, which seem to double as the only thing to sleep on as well. A steel toilet, with a sink on the top, is situated in the corner for those who need it.

Quenton hasn't eaten since his incarceration. He's been mostly pacing back and forth, sometimes passing out against a wall. Other times he's punching the wall, hard, but he is much weaker then usual, and he wouldn't even cause a dent, just leaving little bloody imprints of his knuckles. Right now his head is against the wall, and he's pressing his fist to his forehead. "Fuck. Fuck," he has been saying over and over again.

After a few rough days, to say the least, Nicholas is lying on his back on one of the steel benches. Places are sore that he didn't know could get sore, there are bruises on his body and he looks tired. Turning his head, Nicholas looks over at Quenton trying to think of something to say. "Q….sit down for a bit."

Warlock is sitting on the floor resting his back against the wall, he's in a similar condition to Nick and has some dark brusing to the right side of his face, he's exausted but while he's had to give into sleep since he arrived he doesn't like closing his eyes as he's found himself waking up in that other room more than once, "Nick's right, you need to save your energy".

"They might have Shane here. She could be dead," Quenton mutters, leaning his head against his arm and letting out a sob. Yes. A sob. "If I didn't out us this wouldn't have happened. She wouldn't have got hurt. Oh, Christ." He smashes his fist into the wall again. "Without my powers, I can't get us out," he murmurs, more hoarsely. "I don't know what to do."

"I'm worried about Shane too, and it's not your fault Quenton these guys…" Nicholas says pushing himself so he's sitting with his back to the wall, groaning as he clutches his side. "They're the same ones that killed my parents and Bodie, they…I think they were gunning for us….or at least me…they would have known anyway."

"If they have her I think she's probably alive, they've kept us alive so if she here I'd say she's alive", Lock's voice is horse sounding like he's losing it, "It's not your responsibility to get us out, it's tough here but you shouldn't make it worse by pressurising yourself".

"I'm the strong one. I'm the fucking strong one," Quenton growls, though there's no steam that rises from him, no vein throbbing. The only hint he's a mutant left are his crimson eyes, and even they seem a little darker then usual. "If they hurt her…." He doesn't know. He doesn't know what to say. He can't fight them. Not like this.

"You just have to hope they don't have her. Did they take Hilde, Nigel or Sophie when Warlock and I got abduced?" Nicholas asks, he's not sure but he hopes that might give a clue if others are here. "She's gotta be alright.." He looks over at Warlock sympathetically. "Warlock, we're in this together okay? At least we're not alone."

"I don't have any trouble with pickle jars myself, you don't have to always be the strong one, Nick's right, we're in this together", Lock attempts to smile but ows due to the bruses on his face, "We've seen nothing that shows Shane is here, she could've got away when you were out".

"No, but that's because Nigel is immune to the darts when he's Wildcard. We were mounting up a plan to save you," Quenton mutters, miserably. "He saved them," he claims. "Fuck." He exhales, shaking his head. "I doubt they'd care if we tried to fight each other to lure them in, we're probably in the middle of some huge hi tech base and they probably want us to hurt each other."

"I couldn't fight anyone if I wanted to. I just know it's going to get worse to…what?" Nicholas says as he finally catches a part of what's said. "You were mounting up to rescue us? Well…let's just hope he's still going to try." He looks down at his feet almost as if ashamed to say the last part. "Before it's too late."

"So there's a plan to find us, that's something right? I mean they found the girls in Romania", Lock runs a hand though his hair, "Hey, no too late, I'm hoping for a big last minute action movie scene, hopefully with a helicoptor, I've always wanted a go on a helicoptor".

"I just want to get this collar off. If… I don't know." Quenton breathes out. "I've tried to take it off, but it's on there tight. Too tight. It's… I don't like the rage, but I've never felt so fucking helpless before," he mutters, shaking his head.

"It's not that it's on their tight Quenton…there's a device that's attached to us that's -in- us." Nicholas says as to explain exactly why it's so uncomfortable and sore. "I want to fight back, but we're just helpless, it sucks Quenton. I'm angry and terrified and helpless and it sucks. All I want is to go home."

"Nick had a poke round my collar, felt like the thing's jammed into our spines", Lock touches the back of his neck where the collar is attached, "The want us alive, we've just gotta try and keep it together until help comes".

"Why do they want us alive? What fucking use are they? They told me when they grabbed Shane," Quenton mutters, "that they don't need her, they need me. Why? Why do they need us? Did you guys learn anything?" he wonders, turning to face the other two mutants.

"They were asking Warlock and I questions about Xavier's, if we didn't answer…." Nicholas pauses and shudders a bit. "You get hurt. They want information. I don't know Quenton, but they targeted me once and then again, and now they that to you, I don't know why us. I really don't."

Warlock shrugs, "Like Nick said, other than beating us for info they've not really let us in on whats going on. If they specifically wanted us I can't think why, other than the fact we're all mutants, what else connects the three of us?".

"… What did you tell them?" wonders Quenton, furrowing his brow. "Did you tell them where it was?" His head jerks over to where Warlock is. "I don't know. You guys are telekinetics." He wets his lips needlessly. "I don't fucking know."

Nicholas looks at Quenton wide-eyed with surprised. "Of course not. I..I can't let them destroy my home again, I can't. Especially since Shane and everyone else is there, I can't tell them…I can't. I won't let myself give in to them."

Warlock cleches his fist, "Yeah fist chance I got i sold out the school to save my own skin, thanks for the vote of confidance", he gives Quenton a forced smile before turning to look away, the amount of pain him and Nick have been though and Quenton accuses them of talking.

"It was an honest fucking question," Quenton snaps, turning from Warlock and Nick, shaking his head, moving for the door and beginning to grab at it and tug at it in vain, and then beginning to pound on it angrily. "Honest fucking question."

"Guys…we can't fight." Nicholas pleads between them. "We can't turn on each other, other wise we might talk. We really have to make sure that no matter what they do to us we can't say anything." He just doesn't have the energy to fight with either of them or listen to the two of them fight. "It's going to get worse and we just gotta keep our mouth shut." He's just as much, if not more, telling himself that.

Warlock looks over at Nick, "Can't promise to keep my mouth shut but I'm not telling them anything they want to know, I can't fight back but I'm not giving them the satisfaction of breaking me".

Quenton just doesn't speak any longer, instead just struggling with the door and kicking at the edge of it violently with his bare foot, slapping against the wall, his fist then pounding away at it.

Nicholas nods to Warlock as that's pretty much what he meant, keep his mouth shut in regards to Xavier's. He just watches Quenton, hoping that maybe he'll find something they haven't already. "I wish I had better answers."

Warlock has searched the room top to bottom since he woke up here, he knows Quenton won't find anything but leaves him to it to avoid starting another argument, "I don't think I even know the address actually".

If the purifiers know Quenton is behind the door or not doesn't change the fact that it's suddenly forced open, the door swinging inward, and around a half dozen Purifiers stand on the other side, rifles at the ready. "All of you fucking animals get down on the ground." Growls out the one in the front most position. "Now!"

Quenton is already knocked down to the ground himself. He doesn't want to get the others hurt with his stupidity, so he rolls over onto his stomach and lifts his hands up behind his nape, cheek against the ground.

"Q!" Nicholas says as his friend is knocked down but as soon as he sees what's on the other side of the door and hear's the order, he pushes himself off the bench. Following Quenton's lead of putting his hands behind his his neck, Nick just lies on the ground, breathing hard in feared anticipation.

Warlock gestures to himself sitting on the floor before moving onto his knees and putting his hands behind his back, he's shaking a little as he's fairly sure that they're all about to end up to that other room.

Two of the men come into the room, leaving the other four with their rifles trained on them, and one by one they approach each of their prisoners. One purifier steps on the middle of their backs, not exactly being gentle, while the other binds their hands behind their back tightly with rope. Once done, all three are lifted and dragged to the other room.

Small Church - Interrogation Room

The very first thing anyone will seen entering this room is that someone spraypainted on the wall 'DEATH TO MUTIES' and then someone else tried to clean it off, but it's clung to the concrete. This place looks like what it was meant to be. A torture chamber. Wooden chairs are bolted to the floor with leather restraint straps visible. Tables holding various implements are on rollers to be moved around at will, some looking like they came out of the medieval period. A sickly sanitary smell does little to cover the scent of blood, sweat and more. There are stains on the floor… some recent, some old, all with a coppery brown color to them…

After being dragged, hit with the butt of their rifles, the three would find themselves with their hands tied above their heads, shirts off so their torso is exposed and stretched a bit, it's not designed to be comfortable but quite uncomfortable. Four of the Purifiers leave the room and one of the remaining to walks up to Warlock, leaning close to his face. "So, are you ready to answer our questions today or shall we have some fun instead?"

Quenton speaks, after a moment, quietly.
"I know where the school is."
His eyes lift up to the Purifiers, and he repeats himself. "I know where the school is. I can tell you. Will you let the others go if I do?" he wonders, with a groan.

Warlock winces as the brusing on his torso is stretched and feeling the blood dripping from where his lip hit the floor on the way here, trying and failing to twist himself into a less painfull position he finally looks the Purifier in the eye, "Are you coming onto me?, flattered but bondage ain't my thing", again the joking deminor is weakened by him tencing up in preperation for the punishment now coming his way, though his attention is suddenly caught by Quenton's statement, "Don't!"
"No!" Nicholas says at the same time as Warlock says 'Don't'. "What about -her-, she's there, and the rest of them!" He hopes Quenton has something up his sleeve and isn't about to do something Nick thinks is stupid. He struggles against the ropes, trying to get free, but finds the rope only digs deeper. "You can't.."

For his wise cracking, Warlock gets backhanded across the face, like he's trying to give him a matching bruise on the other cheek. "Oh so you're going to talk." He says with amusement walking over to Quenton. "I'll let them go back to your room for the night depending on if we think what you tell us is helpful. But that's about as much as I'll bargain with a mutant."

Quenton was bluffing. Trying to see if he could buy the others time to get to safety and probably get help. When he hears they'll just be brought to the room, he mutters, quietly, just hanging his head, "It's in Salem Center. Underground. How do you think you were able to find us around that area? You have to go to the sewers, and lower," he claims, panting. To Nick, he just shrugs. "It's her or me. I pick me."

Warlock lets out a grunt of pain as he's backhanded, still it's preferable to being hit on the brused side of his face, before realising Quenton is bluffing he tries to pull himself up and attempt a kick at one of the captors to get attention on him.

Nicholas isn't an actor, far from it, but he tries to play along with Quenton, he's not sure how well they buy it since there's a few moments after Q talks before he does. "You…you asshole! Are you really that selfish Q?!" He struggles even harder against the ropes. "I'm gonna kill you!" He really hopes they buy his over acting.

There's a loud snap and then a sharp pain that erupts on Quenton's back. The Purifer that was hanging back lashed him with a whip. "We know it's not underground and we know it's not in Salem Center. We do know it's in the area, so don't try to fool us." He says between clenched teeth. Walking over to Nicholas he backshands him across the face. "And that's for you going along with his lie." Casually, the Purifier walks over to a metal tray and starts to look closely at a scalpel.

Quenton lets out a loud cry, and then his body curls a little, before he pants, shaking his head. "You guys can't hold us here forever," he says hoarsely. "Someone pretends to care about us. Someone more dangerous then you guys. They're gonna be pissed you're fucking up their own little social experiment." He coughs, then mutters, "I hope they kill you. All of you."

"They're gonna keep us here as long as they can, they're afraid of us, of all mutants, that's why they're picking on teenagers, if they're scared now they should see what a fully grown mutant can do", Lock is talking to Quenton but it's clear he's making a threat, he's seen some of the things his dad is capable of and he's not had any of the training the Xavier staff have had, the X-Men have a rep for a reason. Why is Lock suddenly making threats? he's not sure, just taking a shot in the dark like Quenton did with the locale.

Nicholas grunts at the hit to the face listens to Quenton and Warlock before joining in with the threats. "They're both right you know, there are people much stronger than us who are going to come looking for us. I can't wait to see you taken down." He then spits at them since it's about all he can do.

There's another loud snap and Warlock would feel the pain of the whip striking him across the back. "We're not afraid of Animals." He's about to strike again when the Purifier who seems to be in charge, puts his hand up to stop the other one. "Just one second, let them have their meaningless threats." He walks over to Nicholas, holding the scalpel right against his face, under his eye, drawing a tiny bit of blood. "Now you." He says motioning towards Quenton. "Let's make a deal, you tell me anything about Xavier's, where it is, what kind of security, whose in charge, what their powers are, anything, and your friend won't get cut."

"I'll tell you what powers some of them have," Quenton agrees easily, staring at the scalpel a moment, then glancing over at Nick. "One of us can grow, and the more he grows, the stronger he gets. Another one of us can turn into water and manipulate it. And someone else can do a lot more stuff, like teleport, see the future, walk upon the surface of the sun. He's in charge."

Nicholas tenses every muscle in his body as he just stares at the small silver blade. He closes his eyes once Quenton is done speaking and just hopes they accept it as an answer. "Quenton…don't worry about me." The fear in his voice unintentionally betrays his words.

The Purifier put more pressure on the scalpel before removing it, leaving Nick with a small, bleeding, cut. "Make note of those powers as possibilities." He walks over to Quenton and studies his face for a bit, getting uncomfortably close before walking over to Warlock and doing the same. "You know, I'm this will work better with just two of you." He reaches out a hand glad in a black glove and wraps it around Warlock's throat, cutting of his air supply. "And this is for your smart mouth." He growls at Warlock keeping his tight grip there until he loses consciousness. He makes sure the mutant is still alive before walking over to Quenton. "Now, Nicholas, I want names of the mutants Quenton named or I'll do more than just cut him."

"I know, and I'm sorry." Nicholas says before taking a deep breath. He doesn't want his friend to get hurt but he's just trying to keep it together, trying to keep the fear and the guilt over what he's about to choose in check. "I'd rather keep my mouth shut, I'm not a good liar." He says taking a deep breath and looking at the Purifier. "Go, fuck yourself."

Nicholas' response instantly causes the Purifier to act as he drags the scalpel down Quenton's face, digging into flesh, passing the neck and letting it drag down his chest and stomach until he gets to the belt line. When the Purifier takes a step back several lashes strike Quenton across the back. "Now then, where were we." The Purifier says in a pleased sounding tone. "Ah Quenton's turn to be asked a question." He pulls into his pocket and pulls out a coin, flipping it then covering it with his hand. "Now, heads or tails? If you're wrong…" He looks over at Nicholas and smiles. It's obvious he's just messing with them because he can.

The cut jerks Quenton's face away, which perhaps makes it even more jagged or deeper, and then his body jerks when he's sliced into, panting, his muscles jerking. There's a throb of one of his red veins, but the rage in him is too feeble to do anything but make that vein throb. "Why are you doing this? That has nothing to do with the fucking school." He spits to the side, but he plays the man's game. "Tails."

Nicholas starts to breath a bit harder as his fate seems to be relying on a coin toss. "Quenton whatever happens, I don't blame you." He says looking his friend directly in his face. "They're not going to turn me against you." He says, his breath quick and heavy.

The coin goes up, is caught and then revealed to be tails. The purifier lets out a laugh and nothing happens to Nick. "You got lucky this time. And why am I doing this, because I can. Because I want to break you in ways you've never been broken before. As much as I want to destroy that school you love so much, I want to break you more." He turns and walks to a cabinet, though before he opens it he turns and throws the scalpel at Nicholas, the point grazing an arm causing a cut. "I have to work on my aim, I was hoping it would stick." After pulling something out of the cabinet he walks over to Quenton with a brown bottle and a rag, pouring the liquid onto the rag the smell of rubbing alcohol is hard to hide. He starts to dab at the cut on Quenton's chest. "We don't want this getting infected." There's a chuckle in his voice as he says it. "Now, what about those names?"

Quenton lets out a low groan as the alcohol is dabbed onto his chest, and he closes his eyes, panting, before mumbling quietly, weakly, "John. Jacob. Jingle. Heimer. Smith," he lists off weakly, closing his eyes as the alcohol is dabbed onto his chest, his body trembling a little violently. "His name… was my name, too. And whenever…" He can't finish the saying, just breaking down into a series of gasps and groans.

Nicholas takes a few deep breaths and tries to talk to Quenton about anything other than what's going on here. "Quenton, when we get back home, we keep our promise okay? We're going to get out of here and we're going to visit them."

Anything else Nicholas says is cut off by him receiving a few lashes from the second Purifier himself. The main purifier stops what he's doing to Quenton and pats him against the cheek with out the cut. "You both know my questions, I'm just going to wait for one of you to answer. If either of you find something worth while to tell me, we'll stop and let you rest for the night, if not, I have a few hours to kill."

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