2009-07-09: Whisperings Of Dissention


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Summary: Wyatt pulls Rob off to draw some blood and study him. He also whispers something… interesting.

Date: July 9, 2009

Whisperings of Dissention

Rating: PG

A Secret Lab

Rob grunts as the needle goes in. "Because I can do so much right now…" he mutters. "If you've read my file then mind telling me what they expect to get out of me they didn't get the last time they had me?" he asks. "I recognized that whore from the street," he mutters. There's a pause. "What? You can undo the…this?" he asks, blank space where his eyes should be focusing on Wyatt for now.

As he helps support the man to carry him into the other room, Wyatt is heaving with effort. The people running the place give him no assistance. They give him any items he needs, or any chemicals, but they don't give him any necessary physical effort. "Apologies for the crudity of the movement. And no, I don't believe I can completely undo the damage. But I believe I can give you occasional temporary reprieve." He says, not explaining how. "What they want is your specific powers. Not the ones they gave you. Your natural ones." He says, moving Rob towards the table. He pulls out another syringe. This one completely empty.

Rob mutters something slurred about wheels. "They have those," he manages to say, clearly annoyed at all of it. "They had me -twice-….before," he says, speech sluggish. He's already testing just how much the drug affected him, looking for even a tiny opening.

It's very potent. However, Rob's not losing any clarity of thought, only his physical control. "Once again, I apologize." He states, carefully using the needle to attempt to pull some blood from the arm. "Oh, yes. Sorry." He says, afterwards, reaching up to pull a little of the latex from around Rob's eyes. He looks around and turns on a high powered microscope. It makes a sharp whine.

Rob winces as much as he's able at the moment at the noise. "More…please. Not supposed to keep it on…this long," he mutters. It's a simple latex, just made to make Rob look 'normal' as long as he wears a wig, sunglasses, and clothes. "Don't be sorry…be smart," he goes on. "If you're…such a genius…out think the idiots holding us."

Taking the blood, Wyatt places it into a centrifuge. Turning it on, it emits a very loud sound as it starts to whirl. Moving back to Rob, he starts to remove some of the material from his face, leaning in VERY closely as he does so. His voice is barely an audible whisper. "If you would please keep your voice very quiet, we are being listened to. Every single thing we say can be heard except under the right situations. As for out thinking, what do you think I'm doing? While making their MGH, I'm making something extra. Something that can help us all without them ever realizing it."

Rob winces again at the noise, wondering just how much power this all is drawing from the grid. "What is it?" he asks as quietly as he can.

"I cannot tell you. But I must swear you to secrecy. I will tell each person as I can. And you must promise… if it works… to help me find my family. I'm more talented than these idiots realize." Wyatt whispers, pulling away as the whine of the centrifuge starts to die away.

Rob frowns, trying to flex his fingers. Just a usual nervous tic people who know him'd know about. "I'll do…what I can. Just get…this stuff off…my head…please," he whispers back.

"Alright." And with that, Wyatt goes back to work, removing the latex quickly and efficiently. "This shouldn't take long, then I'll get you back out there. I'll need to draw some more blood." He says simply, moving to do just that, so that he has a little extra. After all, blood cells contain the genetics needed to work with.

"Any time…is too long," Rob grumbles, greatful his head can 'breath' again even if he doesn't say it. An idea occurs to him he'll have to ask about later. "The kids…need food. These asshats…feeding us. Or even you?" he asks.

"They are. It may not be the best food, but they do. They aren't trying to kill you, just get enough of your genetic material to keep a good long supply of MGH." Wyatt says with a nod. "They aren't in the murder business." He says that part simply as he finishes filling the next batch before placing it in the centrifuge as well. "Just please, have the kids and other men understand that I'm not doing this because I want to." He says. After all, as far as he knows, Skyler is a man. Looks like Logan.

Rob gives another scoff. "Bull. Like I said…been here before…murder is…just part of their crimes," he states just as simply.

"Not this time. Why kill the cow when you can get more milk every day?" Wyatt asks, using one of his father's euphemisms. "They've learned what the value of your genetic structure is. You, the kid with the psychic weaponry. The man with the transformational powers. The man with the shapeshifting. The light manipulation. They know it can be extremely useful." He moves over to begin some of his work, after checking the time. He knows about how long he has left on the sedative.

Rob grunts. He offers nothing more, just trying for any bit of movement he can get.

Before he gets too far into his work, Wyatt moves to take Rob back into the other room. "Remember." He says simply…

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