2009-04-03: White Castle


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Summary: A trip to a very special White Castle

Date: April 3, 2009

Log Title: White Castle

Rating: PG-13

NYC - White Castle

In the classic white building with fake turrets is a White Castle. One can get many small burgers for a small price. Open 24 hours, this little fast food restaurant is popular during late night hours for those just getting out of clubs. Plastic tables and chairs are bolted into the dingy floor and the florescent lights give everything that bright white glow reveling the true grit they try to hide.

It's getting on late in the evening, and there are a few people winding past. The occasional prep-school guy on their way, jogging down the street in small packs. One of which checks his watch as it beeps and then nods a bit and looks around, checking out the area, he grunts at the lack of choices and decides on one of the lesser evils. So, dripping sweat and heading in in his sneakers, shorts and sleevless sweatshirt with hood, he heads into the white castle, moving to stand in line, taking a moment to wipe his face with the back of his arm.

This is a special White Castle, the only one like it in New York. It's got a certain strange little resident. He's been there for a while so there's only a few shocked whispers and camera-phone flashes when a ceiling tile inside slides out of the way and the purple oddity that is Nightshade leaps into the restaurant. Most of the others give pleasant greetings to the strange little creature, tossing french fries and onion rings just to watch him leap up and catch them. The odd thing is that the food just seems to vanish into the strange little thing. Nightshade suddenly pauses after catching a ring. Sniffing the air a few times, he starts to make his way towars the prep-school kid in line.

Cody'feels' movement around him. There is a balance in certain things. However when there is movement above him, it takes him a few moments to notice the fact that something descended. As it stands he is a highly endorphined state and is only here for a bottle of water and a quick salad. However the moment he feels movement from above and moving towards him, he turns quickly and takes a few startled steps back.

Nightshade hops down to the ground, landing in a 'Spider-Man crouch'. He looks up at Cody and snickers in what sounds like two voices. "Hello," a human voice chimes. "Nightshade scared you," a second, alien voice says. Both seem amused as they come from the same purple oddity.

Cody tilts his head to the side and offers. "Well, typically purple guys don't drop from the ceiling to approach me….typically." He offers quietly, looking around the area to see if anyone else is alarmed, or if he is the only one over reacting to the appearance of the creature.

Most people in the place just offer Cody amused expressions or curious looks before going about their day. Apparently this is a common thing for them. Nightshade looks down at himself. "Is purple bad?" the human voice asks. "Nightshade can change colors," the alien one offers.

Cody shakes his head and puts up a hand as the person at the register offers a 'next'. "Did you need somethin' from me, or somethin'?" He asks curiously.

The clerk waits patiently, sending a little wave Nightshade's wave. Meanwhile, the purple oddity tilts its head to the other side. "Nightshade came to get food," the alien voice chimes. "Yeah. We're hungry," the human chimes in.

Cody just raises his brow and gives a dip of his head and then heads to the counter looking back at the thing and then to the clerk. "A Salad shaker and a water for me….and whatever little dude wants."

The clerk, some short college girl, laughs. "Sure thing. Go on and find a place to sit. Someone'll bring it over to ya," she says. There's a pause. "And he will follow you if you leave. Most people just sit and eat with him and he leaves 'em alone," she whispers the last part. Nightshade meanwhile has been distracted by picking up a discarded napkin and tossing it into a trashbin.

Cody gives a dip of his head and just nods a bit as he makes his way over to a find a table, idly watching Nightshade, knowing where he knows the thing from…but unsure how dangerous the thing might be.

Nightshade perks up as Cody moves, leaping up and over to the other side of the table. He peers at Cody curiously. "I'm Nightshade," a third, fused voice speaks up.

Cody gives a nod of his head. "I'da guessed." He offers quietly. "You like that Venom thing that was on the news? You look like him…"

Nightshade tilts his head to the side. "What's a Venom?" the human voice asks. "Nightshade looks like Nightshade," the alien voice mutters.

Cody shakes his head. "Never mind…" He offers as he perks when salad and water are delivered. He tilts his head and looks at you as he downs his water. "What are you?"

"Nightshade is Nightshade," the alien voice responds as if its the most obvious thing in the world. Shortly after Cody's order comes, another employee sets a jumbo order of french fries and a massive chocolate milkshake down in front of Nightshade. "Eat up, little guy," the employee remarks, Nightshade nodding quickly.

Cody scratches his sweaty hair for a moment and then shakes his salad before scarfing it down, trying to think of a conversation that isn't going to end in 'Nightshade'. He reserves pokemon commentary.

Nightshade eating isn't the nicest sight. Strange purple tendrils extend from his 'suit' and plunge into the food. Quickly, the food seems to just get absorbed into the oddity. "What's your name?" the human voice asks suddenly.

Cody raises a brow and watches this, mid bite, leaving him without an appetite. He pushes his salad away and offers. "Cody…."

Nightshade lets out a little noise that could be interpreted as 'happy'. "Hi, Cody-man!" the alien voice sing-songs.

Cody gives a nod of his head. "Hi…Nightshade." He offers in a hesitant and idly confused manner, eyeing the people around him for signals of what is going on.

The people in the White Castle are mostly acting as if nothing is going on. To them, this is completely normal. Nightshade meanwhile finishes off the french fries and focuses on the milkshake.

Cody watches, half curious about what the thing is. "You fought in the Inifinity Gem War, didn't you?" He asks curiously.

Nightshade looks up, tilting its head to the sides. The two voices go into a telepathic conference. "What?" the fused voice askes. "We don't know what that is," the human voice replies.

Cody thinks for a moment or two. "The castle in the sky? Angels that shot acid?"

Nightshade goes quiet, looking up for several moments. Suddenly, it nods quickly. "Yes! Nightshade had fun there!" the alien voice declares.

Cody gives a nod of his head. "Well, there you go." he offers with a chuckle. "That's where I have seen you."

Nightshade stares for a moment before shrugging and returning to eating. Once he finishes the milkshake…he starts to eat the cup.

Cody blinks and tilts his head to the side. "Uhm….I think that might be toxic….but I am guessing it doesn't matter?"

Nightshade glances up. "What?" both voices ask at the same time. What isn't visible is the chewed remains of the cup 'dropping' out of Nightshade's foot. They've been stripped of any trace of the milkshake. Odd, odd little creature…

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