2010-10-13: Who Is Robyn


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Summary: Robyn is looking for something and can't explain what it is.

Date: October 13, 2010

Log Title: Who is Robyn?

Rating: PG

Tegu-Haaz - The Lake

The black waters are fairly clam except for the occasional ripple in the water that laps up to shore. The reflection of trees and the sky shine on the surface of the waters. There are a few rocks and sand along the shoreline but it's mostly grass and weeds. A small dock extends into the lake with a rowboat tied to the end. Both oars are there but half the rowboat is submerged underwater because of a hole in the middle of the boat. The trees around the lake are either coloured in reds, golds and oranges or are bare and broken. A few logs lie in the shallower waters, half submerged and half on land.

Now that Heather has confirmed, with the note in Chloe's coffin, that this is most likely some kind of deadly game that simply needs solving, she is keeping her digging tools with her. The pickaxe and shovel she used to dig up her own grave are still strapped to her as best as possible, and in one of her hands she carries her wooden wax case. Fortunately, she decided to leave her skeleton behind, bound up outside of the farmhouse so that anyone with medical skills can determine if it's actually hers or not. At the moment, she is just exploring this cool and creepy morning, visiting places that she has not necessarily yet seen. It could all be part of the puzzle.

There is something Robyn needs to find, he's lot it somewhere and he's been looking for it. Having been seen less and less at the Farmhouse it's been unsure where he's been most the time. His attire is even a bit different as he's barefoot in a pair of loose fitting cotton pants and matching shirt which almost look like old pajamas. He doesn't have his axe with him today, he couldn't carry it. He moves through the trees around the lake, literally, and looks under bits of shrubs for something.

Her arm bandaged from the run in with that zombie, Star has armed herself better than she had been before with a couple of knives and an axe. She's been restless for a while, and even almost being eaten by something that came out of a grave that may or may not have been hers can't get her to stay in one place where there are so many scared, upset people crowded together. She makes her way down toward the lake, the axe held in one hand and a cloud of wariness trailing after her. She pauses for a moment when she sees Robyn and presses her lips together before making her way over in his direction, "What're you looking for?" Seems she hasn't spotted Heather yet.

Heather is usually pretty good at spotting people, so that's what she does. It takes her a few more moments of searching for anything bizarre before she actually goes to greet the newcomers, though. She zips on over and opens her wax case, pulling out a knife. -May I assist you?- she writes in small script, presenting it to Star and Robyn. She eyes the two and then Star for a moment, before seeming to make an internal decision, nodding once to herself.

Looking up Robyn looks at Star and Heather for a bit and takes a hesitant step back. He then answers Star sounding unsure. "I'm looking for something I lost. It's been lost for a while now." He says as he doesn't seem to effect anything he touches he just goes right through it and his body even even a bit non-coporeal. "What are you doing out here?"

And that's just about clear as mud from Star's expression. She jumps a little when Heather appears and takes a deep breath to calm her nerves, trying her best to think calming thoughts, "Oh… Well, what did you lose? Maybe if you tell me what it is I can help you find it." She shrugs, reading what Heather's written, "I don't know. I was just offering to help, too." The empath wrinkles her nose, "I just needed to get away from everyone for a little while. Everyone's so freaked out and stuff…" She sighs and shrugs again, "Just wanted to get a little fresh air."

-Are they? We need to find a way to improve morale,- writes out Heather, scratching a thin line through the last thing written and tapping that a couple of times. She seems to become lost in thought for a few moments as she contemplates what she has just written and shrugs, -I'm already searching, so will keep an eye.-

"I'll know it when I find it." Robyn says in a kind of airy way as he continues to walk barefoot over the leaves which don't crunch under his step. "Of course they're freaked out, some of them don't belong here." He says as he watches Star and Heather for a bit as if they interest him. "Why would you want to improve morale?"

"Mostly it's the younger kids." Star looks at the trees and then glances at Robyn and away again before grimacing faintly, "This place is like all the worst horror movies ever made all wrapped up into one." She shudders, "I don't like it…" When her teammate comments on people being freaked out, the empath shoots a sharp look at him, "None of us belong here, Robyn." She shakes her head and runs her free hand through her hair, "I think I'm going to go freaking crazy if we don't get back to the school soon."

Discrepancies in expected sounds are something that Heather certainly notices. She looks down to the ground and then back up at Robyn, eyes slightly narrowed. -Are you okay?- she writes on the wax slate, showing it to only him before sliding her knife across that to put a line through it. She looks towards them both and jots down, answering the question, -Morale needs to be kept to improve task efficiency of the group. Fear and weariness lower resourcefulness.-

Robyn looks up at Heather and nods. "Yeah…I am okay. Thank you for asking?" He says unsurely as who knows what 'okay' means anymore. "School? YOu mean the Asylum?" He asks as if he hasn't heard of a school. "Robyn…that sounds familar…" He says as he tries to figure it out before something causes him to snap out of whatever state he's in and his body goes coporeal once again.

Star's eyes narrow, slate gray with worry for her friend, as he speaks and just shakes her head, "No. I mean school. Not that freaky asylum with the graveyard." She wrinkles her nose, "You know… Home?" Not that the school is home for her, or anything, but it might be for some of the other kids. A hint of fear enters the air when Robyn comments on his name and she tightens her hands into fists, her knuckles going white on the axe handle, "It should! It's your name, after all." As usual, when she gets scared, she gets angry… She looks at what Heather's written and nods, "She's right, though. When people are scared, they aren't as able to do what needs to be done."

-Robyn, do you need a nametag?- Heather cuts into the wax, probably a little bit facetiously. She quickly jots more words into the wax, -There's something wrong with you, Robyn. This place is affecting you somehow. Even I remember the school, and this is a setting change, something I take as normal.- She furrows her brows in thought, contemplating what the link between Robyn and the note might be. They are both pieces, but are they fitting together?

Robyn flops down to a sitting position on the ground, his bare feet muddy and now his pants are too. "Sometimes, it doesn't feel like my name. I don't think you guys understand. There's something…" He doesn't know how to put it but he feels like he doesn't belong, not here not with his Xavier's friends. "This isn't normal but it's slowly feeling normal in an weird way. And I know I have to find something and I have to find it soon."

Heather listens intently. Not that she can listen any other way these days, but she can pick up the sonar signals of most students who don't have -extremely- deep voices even without her machine. She kneels next to Robyn and writes, for his benefit, -You are becoming used to it. The environment could be changing you to fit in somehow. You may be important, here, to this setting. Do you have different memories?- She frowns as she only has half space on the wax slate. Without a heat source here, it's hard to reset it.

Robyn thinks on Heather's question for a bit and then shakes his head. "No…no different memories." He looks down at his clothes and hands and looks around. "This isn't the right place though." He says off handedly. "The memories are the same that they've always been." He then looks at Heather and pushes himself up. "Just…don't go into the basement of the Asylum."

Star kneels with the other mutants and just shakes her head slightly as she listens to Robyn and reads what Heather has to say, "She might be right… This place is weird enough that it might be able to do anything." She frowns a little and stands when Robyn does, "Why? What's in the basement?" Telling her not to go somewhere is a good way to get her to go there.

-Perhaps a better question should be asked. What memories do you have in this world?- writes Heather, nodding as she decides that this is clearly a superior question. She frowns at being told not to do something. That always elicits her curiosity. -If there is something terrible in the basement, it may too be important. If not me, someone will need to check it.- She pauses for a few moments and tilts her head back, evaluating resources.

Robyn stands up and looks around. "Bad things happened down there." And that's all says. He stays quiet for a bit, looking up at the sky. "Memories in this world…." He shrugs as if either not able to answer or not answering. It's a hard question for the teen. He puts out his hand towards one of the girls. "Do one of you mind giving me your hand? I'm starting to feel weak."

"Bad things happen everywhere here…" That's Star's take on this world, anyway. She nods in agreement with Heather's opinion about needing to check out the asylum basement, "Maybe we can get a bunch of us together and go check it out." There're safety in numbers after all, right? The request for a hand has the empath shrugging and automatically holding out hers to him, "Sure. We've all got to do what we can to help each other, right?" And she's doesn't feel like she's really been doing her part yet.

Heather doesn't reach to take Robyn's hand, especially since Star's already reached, but partially because she's somewhat suspicious of Robyn at the moment. -If you remember anything and want to talk,- she scratches into slate, -feel free to come to me.- Not because she actually cares terribly much about Robyn's well-being: she does care about him, as well as her other fellow students, but at the moment her goal is not to make people necessarily feel good about themselves and more to understand what is happening. -Maybe use the puppet to explore,- she suggests, thinking back to students in the farmhouse.

Heather gestures in return to David, while using semi-understandable fast-speak, now that someone can at least clarify for her if people show misunderstanding, <I'm here to explore. I'm sorry that I cannot be always confined, and I'm sure staff will punish me when we get home. For now, what is important is solution seeking.> She falls silent as she continues signing for David's eyes only. <I am worried about Robyn. I think he's becoming entangled in this world.>

David catches Heather's gesturing and nods in agreement and gestures back, <So am I. I thought I was the only one to notice. What is making you suspicious?> He is able to gesture without looking at her as he is synched to her skillset noticing that Robyn has gained some needed energy from Star. Once the gesturing is done, he approaches Star and looks at the arm, though there is not much he can do, "I heard about the attack and wanted to ask you about it." He then quickly glances to Robyn, "How're you holding up? When was the last time you outright possessed anybody?"

Robyn doesn't understand David or Heather's speak so he just nods to Star. "I need it the same way you need food or fresh air." He replies in regards to having to psyically feed. "I haven't possessed anyone in a long time. This is the first time there has really been minds around to possess. Most things here don't have the right mind for me." He says as is body slowly starts to fade a bit, going non-coporial.

Heather just gestures back at David, <Off behaviour. Forgot his name for a moment. Thinks the asylum when the school is mentioned. And… when he was walking, he wasn't making sounds earlier, wasn't crushing leaves. Is that part of his abilities? I do not know specifics.> She steps back and glances around, now using her fast-speak and gesturing in tandem, so that everyone can hear her, <I'm moving on. I'm sorry, nemesis, but there are still things I must do.> She scrapes into her wax case, -Goodbye-, before closing it and clasping it shut, zipping off to whatever her next destination.

He turns to catch what Heather gestured and watches her buzz off, "Be careful!" He yells and then sighs still look at Star's arm and then back to Robyn as he goes non-corporal. "It's happening again? How many times has it happened since the bird attack?" He stands up and goes to touch Robyn.

As David goes to touch Robyn, he'd find his hand moving right trough the teen as if he was phased. "At lot has happened since the crows, I don't keep track of it all." He says as things are starting to blend and he's not remembering a lot, but he doesn't act like it's unusual. "The crows here don't like us being here. There are many things that don't seem to belong here."

Star's injured arm is offered when David asks to see it, bound in cloth bandages that at least keep most of the dirt off of the wounds. If he unwraps it, he'll find that the wounds are still a little raw, but don't look too terrible. Especially for ones given by a creature that was rotting and full of maggots. She stays silent for the moment, just listening to what everyone else has to say about what's happening to Robyn.

Sighing, David nods, "I wish McCoy was here. Or Xavier. Hell even, Dani." He hmphs, "When you say many things don't seem to belong here? What do you mean specifically? I mean other than us." As his hand goes through Robyn he shrugs, "Not much I can do for now at least until Emma or Scott can see this. Do me a favor, Robyn, when you feel yourself starting to disappear completely or just fade away. I want you to reach out and if I am near possess me. Maybe it'll give you an anchor or something. Or a body to use." David offers himself without regard and then goes back to looking at Star's wound, "Have you felt any different? Any cravings for flesh or brains?" He jokes.

"I mean just way I say, things aren't right here." Robyn says as if it's not obvious but he's starting to slip and he takes a few steps away from Star and David as his feet don't make any noise over the leaves as he walks. "I must go, I have something I have to look for." He says again and starts to wander off away from the lake seeming like what he needs to find is of the utmost importance.

Star makes a face, "Ew! No. That's… ugh!" So she doesn't want flash or brains, then, apparently. She shakes her head, looking faintly green, "Every time I think about that… that thing, I lose my appetite. It was just gross!" She shudders at the memory and glances at Robyn, concern for her teammate evident both in her eyes and in the air around her, "Be careful, Robyn… Come back to the farmhouse soon and rest up, alright?" She doesn't move to stop him, though. Not like she could since they can't even touch him right now.

Turning to see Robyn go off, David makes no move to stop him, "Alright, be careful and be back at the farmhouse soon, or we'll have to search for you!" He turns to Star, "I can sympathize with not wanting to eat right now, but you should try to eat something soon, if you have not already."

"I ate a potato at the tavern." Star wrinkles her nose, "I don't think I'm going to want to even look at a potato when we get back, though… Almost seems like that's all there is to eat here." It's an exaggeration, probably, but that's the way it seems to her, at least. She watches the direction Robyn went for several long minutes before she sighs and sort of slumps a little, "There's something really wrong with him…" And she has no clue what it is or how to fix it, and that's bothering her to no end.

David nods as he listens to Star and pulls an apple out of his pocket, "Here. This has more nutritional value and should be ok. I picked some apples the other day and eat them when I am tired of rabbit stew." He sighs as Robyn goes off, "Yeah, I know. That's what Heather and I were signing about. These attacks seem to happen when Robyn is around, but I haven't hear anything when he is not present. You have to wonder if he is the reason we are here."

"Thanks." Star takes the apple and blushes faintly, "I should probably go check up on Mike. He said he was going to be hanging out at that train station and I want to make sure he's alright." She hefts the axe gripped in her other hand and takes off at a steady trot in the direction of the train station, "Stay safe." The call over her shoulder is faint before she's gone.

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