2011-01-07: Who Is The Real Demon?


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Summary: Hosea picks a fight with Kalindi but it's hard to tell who the real 'bad guy' is.

Date: January 7, 2011

Log Title: Who Is The Real Demon?

Rating: R

NYC - City Hall Park

In front of the large white building with pillars, American Flags, and bell tower on top, is City Hall Park with its extravagant fountain. Four sets of black iron gas lamps sit on the four corners of the fountain, there the only gas lamps left in the city. Four spouts of water shoot in the center tier of the fountain and shower down into the water below. Four smaller pools sit on each side of the fountain where water pours into them from the main part. Benches sit all around the fountain with trees and flowers covering the grass behind.

Kalindi makes her way down the walkway at a somewhat hurried pace, two of her followers seeming to act as bodyguards. Kalindi does not seem to be wearing her backpack today, nor much of the characteristic jewelery she normally does. One of her clients today didn't want any 'voodoo magical mumbo jumbo' floating around, so instead she took two of her better fighters to use as protection. They both wear identical suits, and occasionally make comments to smaller girl between them, such as, 'I was very impressed by your negotiations, mistress' or 'what will be for dinner?'. And Kalindi answers these politely but shortly, before she pauses and turns around in a huff, complaining. "I just want to fly back!"

Hosea is trying really hard to relate to his American students. In response, the large African has decided to go out and around the town tonight and do things that Americans do. There hasn't been too much that interests him personally, so he's left the ideas up to the other two. Since Robyn was going to see his parents, that was the first destination on the list. However, upon seeing the Park, it was something that Hosea wanted to look into again. "I read dat dere used to be houses heah," he explains to the others. "Dey would kill people heah dat refused to follow da king."

Coming out of the subway to City Hall Park is one Robyn Larkin. There's a small little Mexican place in the area that serves some of the best burritos and he's agreed to meet up with his parents there for dinner. So after classes were out he took a train to the city and is now on his way to meet up with his folks. He found out that Cloud and Hosea were also going into the city and tagged along with them for the ride, mainly because it's beats traveling alone. "Um…I dunno, I just know it's the only place in the city that still has gas lamps." He says as he really thinks the park is beautiful.

Cloud felt bad about being kind of cold the other night with Hosea when they were talking and he was trying to avoid awkward subjects, so he said he'd go with him on his night in the city, not that he's gonna be that much help, he'd be more useful in Boston, the only place he's really familiar with here are the ESU dorms, he's dressed in jeans, black sneakers, a white t-shirt, black jacket and a dark grey baseball cap, "They did?, sounds kinda harsh."

"Again with the killing houses!" says Kalindi, turning on her heel back towards Hosea, but she's not very serious about the matter. She just had talked with Hosea on the matter before. "Is that what you were saying, that these houses that were here were for killing, not the houses in Africa? I do not think I understood." She and her men approach the group, since the conversation caught her attention.

Hosea nods. "I did not know dat America had such a bloody history," he admits. Hosea turns around as he hears Kalindi's voice. "Ah, Kali, right?" his deep voice asks. He takes note of the two men with her. That's a little strange. "And dese are your friends? Dis is Robyn and Cloud, dey are friends of mine. I had said dat in Africa, those in powah killed doz who resisted," he explains, both for Cloud and Robyn's sake, and Kalindi's refreshing. "I think it is common dat people who have power want to keep it. So kings and warlords, dey kill people who might threaten dem." He pats the sign. "I am Hosea Ikbuku," he introduces himself to the bodyguards, unfamiliar with them, he tries to be pleasant, holding out his large hand to shake.

Robyn stops and blinks at Hosea. "Really? Did you ever take any American History classes? I mean we killed the Native Americans to be here, the was the whole Revolutionary War to separate from England, the Civil War, Trail of Tears, Salem Witch Hunts…there's been a lot of blood shed on these lands. And also back then it was very common in American, and Europe, to have public displays of killing and such of those who didn't believe in the king." No country is perfect. He looks to Kalindi and then Hosea, "Are you two friends?"

Cloud knew the parts about the Native Americans and fighting the English but not much about the specifics, he used to kinda space in History classes, actually he did manage to pay attention to some stuff on the Salem witch trials, "You know these guys Hosea?"

The men both respond in turn to Hosea, "Carl Roth, Protector of the Daughter," and "Matthew Shmidt, Protector of the Daughter," in turn, while Kalindi answers Robyn's question by tilting her head back and forth, "I believe we are on friendly terms, at least, yes. These men are protecting me for the moment. Like, ah, bodyguards of a kind."

Hosea shakes his head. "No," he says, "I have only met her once," he answers, cocking his head to one side. "But she seemed to be nice enough. It is good to meet you, Mr. Schmit, and Mr. Roth," he says. "You are body guards?" He looks around. "You are protecting her? From who?" he asks. It isn't common to see people with body guards around the city. "It is good to see dat you do a nice thing for young girls," he congratulates them, as if it were a good deed they had picked up. His face is a little confused looking, given their formal announcement of who they are.
"I did not grow up heah," the African tells Robyn. "I would not know much about America's history. Dere is so much to learn." The Revolutionary War rings a bell, as does the Civil War, but he has no knowledge of the Salem Witch Trials or the Trail of Tears.

Robyn is even thinking about how America wronged Africans with slavery and how they kidnapped them to force them to work on farms and such but he really doesn't want to bring that up to the Nigerian. He looks to Cloud and mouths the word "The daughter?" With a confused look and gives a futile attempt to brush his hair out of his eyes. "I'm Hosea's classmate Robyn." He says to Kalindi with a kind nod. "Well if you ever need help with American History, I think Daisuke is a good tutor."

Cloud shrugs at Robyn and mouths, "No idea," why would Kalindi need bodyguards this isn't exactly the bad side of town, maybe she's like an Ambassador's daughter or something, maybe she's just rich, rich people can be pretty paranoid.

Having been in the area, David walks out of a Starbucks and immediately recognizes the students and smiles. Dressed for the snow, he has a long white trench coat with jeans and a sweatshirt. "Hey!" He shouts as he approaches the students, and as he walks closer he shakes his head a moment and a momentary chill unnerves him as he recognizes a more demonic skillset from Kalindi, having briefly been near her during a fight against Bookworm. Not liking demonic presences, but not willing to leave the students alone with Kalindi or her bodyguards. He approaches the students but keeps an eye on Kalindi.

Carl seems more interested in speaking than Matthew, though both seem quietly confident. He explains to Hosea, "There are some who would prefer her to be dead than alive. She is the Daughter of Umbalificos, our master who we serve faithfully." They both nod solemnly at this and even seem to smile proudly at bringing it up.
For Kalindi's part, she doesn't really seem keen on listening to what they are saying, and instead kind of just stares off like she's distracted by something, some idle thought that's passed through her mind. To her bodyguards, "Perhaps we should continue."

"Maybe I will do dat," the Nigerian says to Robyn with a solemn nod. "It would be good to know about America's history, since I now live here." Hosea arches his brow as Kalindi's guards tell him of their role a little further. "Master you serve?" he echoes. "Are you slaves?" he asks. "Dat sounds vedy strange, Umbalificos." He shakes his head. "What country is he from?" he asks the guards.

There's a wave to David as he approaches from Robyn. "Hey David." He says before turning to look at Cloud. "Umbilicalificos?" He says not sure at all who that person is. Must be someone important for her to have bodyguards like that. "Who knows Hosea, I mean she could be some foreign princess and by Master they could mean 'one they serve' like a servant or something. Doesn't necessarily mean they're slaves if they call someone a master."

"Hey David", Cloud shrugs to Robyn again, "Cult maybe?", the name does sound kinda satan worshipy, but since when can people in cults afford bodyguards, unless it's a rich cult like that scientology one, "Robyn's right, doupt they're slaves, people do keep slaves anymore".

"What are you all up to this evening?" David asks absentmindedly as his thoughts are elsewhere. Many thoughts run through David's mind as he stands with the student near Kalindi. He has only ever met a demon once, but it was hell for him. However, he saw Kalindi as a hero taking down Bookworm and has heard of Magik as a good demoness, so for the moment, it appears nothing is wrong, but at the same time. He looks between the students and when Robyn says hi, he says in in basic German to him, <Be careful.> The talk of cults suddenly unnerves him more and turning to Hosea, he says in a fluent African language, <Be careful.>

Carl answers by shaking his head, "No, we serve willingly and happily. For he imparts us with blessings in return." He smiles at Hosea and answers, "But he is not from this world, he is from another realm, and Kali is our channel between worlds." The cult encourages openness in its followers, so Carl just follows in suit with that.
Kalindi just nods once at the words, since she agrees with their statement. "What are you saying?" she asks of David, tilting her head slightly. "It is rude to use other languages like that, is it not?"

Hosea listens carefully to the unanimous claims that they are not slaves, but is more concerned with what they claim is the case. "Another realm," he says, his face darkening. "Like, da devil?" he asks. Very few people have seen the look that crosses Hosea's face. His very presence seems to exude hostility. Robyn's seen the look. It's the same one he gave to Lucas a few months back. Only Lucas backed down, which was wise. Hosea's muscles tighten, his stance becomes slightly rigid. Not fearful. No, more aggressive.

Robyn actually puts his hand to his forehead and sighs. "Just cause it's another realm doesn't mean it's the Devil. We learned in class there are tons of over realms." Though most of the ones Robyn's dealt with haven't been good. He responds to David in German. <Beware, of who, her or him?> And as he says 'him' his head tilts to Hosea. "I'm sorry Ma'am, just sometimes it's more of a comfort speaking in German." Total lie. He reaches out a hand and puts it on Hosea's shoulder. "Hosea…lets go wander around the city a bit more, Battery parks not far from here." And the total opposite direction from where he needs to be.

Cloud's only experience with other worlds is Tegu-Haaz, so right now he's partly frak but kinda happy he was right, "Yeah, calm down Hosea, don't automatically jump to devil, plus if they think they're in with the devil does it really matter?"

Looking at Kalindi, David apologizes, "In most cases it is rude. And I apologize for my rudeness. They are my students and I was imparting a private message to them and do so from time to time when necessary." When he notices Hosea getting tense he responds in German to Robyn, <Well, her, but from the look of Hosea Maybe him too.> and he continues in an African language, <Hosea, there is no need to be tense at the moment. Stand down.> It is said with some authority and concern.

Kalindi and her guards both sense the hostility coming from Hosea, and the bodyguards shift position to put them between Hosea and Kalindi, but the girl herself responds: "The devil? You are crazy. I think the devil is not real." She waves her hand dismissively at that. "Umbalificos is my adopted father. Some would say, ehhh, demon? But I think this is a word which brings up unfair ideas. He is just a different sort of thing." Her explanation may leave something to be desired.

Hosea seems highly unimpressed. He doesn't respond to any of the pleas for him to calm down. He fully immersed in the conversation with Kalindi and her guards. "Da devil is real," he says to her. "And if you fatha is a devil, den you know dat too!" He will have no explanations that claim a demon is anything less than something to be destroyed.
The time for words is done. In all of his time since he left Africa, he has only once truly attacked another person with the intent to harm, and that day was during the Mutant town attack. Today will be the second. Hosea's left fist comes out like a round from a gun, fast enough that Carl didn't even see what hit him. The guard stumbles back, and Matt is quick to respond. He throws his own left cross at Hosea, but no dice for him either. The African's right hand comes up to deflect the punch and then wrap his arm around Matt's. His left hand comes back and strikes the second guard at the collarbone with a great deal of force. An audible CRACK rings out. Whatever just broke, it really broke. Matt lets out a cry of pain.
Hosea, however, wastes no time. Like a machine, he presses forward. As he passes by Carl, the slightly stunned first guard takes another swing, which actually lands square across the Nigerian's face, but is ignored. He catches Carl's shoulder, and with a side kick of his leg, the knee breaks, putting them both out of commission. Now he's making a bee line for Kalindi. It happened so fast.

"Hosea!" Robyn exclaims in that parent scolding a child tone. He's not sure what exactly prompted the fight but he doesn't think it's good nor does he think Hosea's right in starting it. He runs after Hosea and tries to grab the larger man and hold him back. "Hosea! Knock this off of you're be waking up in the fountain!" He threatens as he tries to use every ounce of strength he has to hold Hosea back from attacking Kalindi if he dose manage to grab a hold of him.

Cloud raises an eyebrow, "Hosea calm… whoa!", it's one hell of a shock to see te quiet man suddenly go into a frenzy and start attacking, running over he doesn't try to grab him (Robyn's got that covered), "Dude stop!"

As soon as Hosea starts his attack, David gleans everyone's skillset. He shouts, "Cloud, Robyn, Hosea has to be stopped!! Even if it means draining or absorbing his energy!" He then shouts to Hosea in African, <"Jesus said… all who live by the sword will die by the sword.'> hoping to see a Biblical quote may seep into his head. David, for his part, remains by the two bodyguard, one to see if they are ok and two keep them from interfering.

"No!" Kalindi shouts, stepping back when both Carl and Matthew fall. "Stay down," she tells her men, and she seems to step back into a ready fighting position. Sure, Hosea might be bigger than her, but her teacher taught her to roll with whatever the world throws her way. Her eyes flash black as she concentrates, as if she is taking hold of her power, but instead she concentrates on her own body and what she's learned. If Hosea manages to make his way towards her, she attempts to redirect his approach and throw him off balance, turning and thrusting her palm towards the much larger man's side, aiming for weak points in the body as she makes her quick reply. "Stand down."

Hosea doesn't quite make it to Kalindi as Robyn reaches out to grab him. Robyn might have been wiser to simply use his powers against him, because Hosea is not interested in allies at the moment, nor in reason. There is a threat and it needs to be neutralized. The usually gentle and cheerful giant is a killing machine going somewhere to happen. Robyn has just made himself part of the problem, both through his threat and through his movements. As soon as Robyn touches the African, he twists at the waist, his right hand snapping out to grab for the other teen's throat. If he manages it, he shoves downward to take Robyn to the ground with one strong arm. Concrete isn't kind to the back of a person's head, as a general rule.
He doesn't pay heed to David's use of the Holy Bible, or Cloud's plea for a desist. He most certainly doesn't have an interest in listening to anything more that Kali might say.

Robyn isn't expecting for Hosea to throw him to the ground, so the next thing he knows he's gone from standing to seeing starts with the back of his head hurting from the impact. There's a slight bit of dizziness as he tries to push Hosea off of him. "Hosea..I..don't want to do this.." He barely manages to say as he brings a hand up to try to press on Hosea's face so if skin contact is made he drains the tinest bit of mental energy.

Cloud isn't comfortable with the instruction to drain Hosea, he goes to school with this guy it doesn't feel right using your powers against another Xavier student, but when Robyn is slamed onto the pavement he makes a move, he runs straight at Hosea aiming for a full on tackle.

Well the Bible didn't work, so much for that. David shouts to Kalindi in Hindi,<Stand down, we will take him down!> David has seen Kalindi in action and while the Xavier students will show some restraint to take down their friend. She may actually kill him.To take down Hosea, David will have to think like Hosea. Focusing on the Nigerian's skillset. David mentally formulates a plan of attack that Hosea would use.

"Betray your friends?" mocks Kalindi, "Even I care for the well-being of my own men." The glow from her eyes becomes more prominent after she speaks, seeming to draw light out of the air towards her. Instead of staying on the defensive, she moves onto the offensive, dashing towards the distracted Hosea to attempt to deliver her palm to his kidneys. <He hurts my men, and I should stand down? He has a killer's look, I must do what I must.> The best defense is a good offense, after all.

Hosea can, of course, hear what David is telling Robyn. However, he has to make a choice. He has an incoming tackle from Cloud, and Kalindi, the primary target, is moving in. He phases, not allowing Robyn to get up. He pulls his face back, but Psyche still makes contact. The effect is almost immediate, but it might not be visible. Headaches aren't something that he can bother to worry about right now. Though it may make teleporting more complicated for him, so it's not a complete loss.
Cloud's tackle and Kalindi's strike both pass straight through him as if he weren't there. He releases Robyn's throat, and takes a quick and measure step back through Kalindi, becoming tangible again behind her, returning to his full upright position. His large leg swings out toward her, and probably weighs almost as much as Kalindi does. A bad time for her to be without her gold.

Robyn stays on the ground once released and rolls over rubbing his throat where it was grabbed. Sure his air passage wasn't cut off but it still wasn't pleasant. "Give me a second…I think I know how to cool him off." He says looking over at Kalindi and Hosea and pushing himself up to a sitting position.

Cloud pushes himself back onto his feet slightly dazed due to headbutting the ground when he went straight though Hosea, "You can get him to stop? good, I'd rather not have to go with my back up plan," he heads over and offers Robyn and hand up.

It seems Hosea would just jump in an attack, but without Hosea's physique and powers that would not prove most prudent. An teleporter who can become intangible and is strong. Kalindi can handle herself and David's first priority is to the students. David attempts a different tactic as a direct attack will only get him hurt. Hearing that Robyn has an idea, David offers up another distraction. Gleaning Kalindi's skillset, David's cybershades begins to flicker as he laughs sinisterly and speak in a demonic tongue and accent similar to Kalindi, "I am the true devil here, boy."

The intangibility, Kalindi simply did not expect. She tries to deflect the force of the kick as she turns, and her efforts and reflexes are quite admirable, but there's simply not enough time for her and she, "AUGH!" takes the kick, falling to the ground and tumbling across from the force. She's almost childlike in frame, so it carries her quite a way before she manages to grind to a stop and push herself stand. She clutches her side lightly and furrows her brows, trying to stabilize herself, her winter jacket now torn to ruin. "You fool."
Hosea doesn't smile. There's no grin of satisfaction, no sign that he's enjoying his successful attack. He just keeps going. Just as Kalindi is to her feet, he's upon her again, a heavy arm swinging for her face. Apparently he never heard the rule of not hitting a girl. What he did hear was David, though. While he hasn't yet turned on him, Prodigy has just gained himself the status of Prophet's next target. For the moment, Kalindi still needs to contend with him.

Robyn leans on Cloud as he helps him up and takes a deep breath. "HOSEA!" he shouts. "Knock this the fuck off right now!" He's resorted to swearing. "I'm giving you fifteen seconds Hosea or you're not going to like what's gonna happen next. Cause seriously, you've gotta cool, the fuck, off." That's the warning shot, if Hosea continues to attack, he'll be ready.

Cloud raises an eyebrow at the little display David puts on to bait Hosea which seems pretty dumb even by Cloud's standards, it's probably not the best idea to piss him off more, "Just reassure me here Robyn, if he doesn't stop and instead turns and heads our direction, you got something to back up that threat right?"

David shoots Robyn a look and mutters in German, <Do it already. He is passed the point of calming down.> David is confident he can at least hold his own against Hosea, so time to get directly involved. He rushes into the battle hoping to get Kalindi out of the way and avoid the swinging arm. His throat sore now and still in the demonic tone, "Why waste time on my minion, boy. When I am the one you want?"

The lift that Kalindi gets from Hosea's punch is impressive. She's still trying to catch her breath and regain normal sight when the punch comes at her, and her face takes the full force of the punch. So she seems to be lifted by the hit off the ground before she falls on her back onto the ground, a tear opening up around her cheekbone and her nose seems to be bleeding profusely. She removes her jacket, and clutches her chest for a moment before trying to rise again. She's about as effective at this as someone who has just had far too much to drink, falling immediately back down into a kneeling position. She spits out some blood and repeats her complaint from earlier, "I just wanted to fly home." Louder, to the others, "Do you have gold jewelery?" At yelling, though, she clutches her chest again and furrows her brow, squinting at Hosea.

With the connection of the second blow, Hosea's attention shifts from Kalindi to David. "You have no place heah!" He roars. "You will get out of my friend, devil," he commands. He challenges David's rush into the fight. All of his weight charging back toward him for a bear hug attack. Not the most tactful maneuver, but when it's performed by someone this big, it isn't something you want to get caught in, either.

Robyn just looks at Hosea and his eyes flash purple and his body goes limp as he possesses Hosea. He stops his charge on David short. "Sorry Hosea." The big guy as Robyn makes Hosea run to the fountain and jump in the cold waters. He lets Hosea get completely submerged before letting his mind go back to his body. He kinda feels bad since that water is freezing cold.

Cloud catches Robyn as he collapses and watches as Hosea stops and walks into the fountain, "What the fuck?", then it hits him, the possession thing, he turns his attention back to the now less floppy Robyn, "Nice move, but give me a heads up next time, i nearly dropped you"

Too slow to save Kalindi, David rolls to the side seeing in his mind the bear hug before it happens and dodges quickly to the side. Hosea's attention focused on him and not attacking the students or Kalindi, David smiles a bit happy to see Robyn take over Hosea and have him dunk himself in the water. "Wow. Nice move, Robyn." David exhales and moves to Kalindi and continuing in the demon tongue and language, <Are you alright?> His throat will be very sore.

Kalindi stares at David as he again imitates her favoured language, still seeming a little disconnected from reality. <How do you know this language? Gech.> She spits out some more blood and frowns, <I hate that metal taste. I think I am broken.> She continues to kneel there in the snow, jacket removed, as she stares blankly forward towards the fountain, like she has to be ready for whatever's next.

Hosea lands straight in the fountain, and shortly bursts back upright, drenched and very cold. He grips his head, shocked out of his rampage, the pain from the headache starts to set in, but is soon overpowered by the freezing water covering his clothes. He plants one hand on the edge of the fountain, and vaults over it and to the pavement, a large slosh of water splashing across the ground as he lands solidly. He takes a few steps forward, trying to maintain his resolve, but this African was not trained to handle cold water. There's not a lot of that type of situation in Africa. "Get away from him, demon," he growls. He's not in a good condition to keep fighting, but he hasn't forgotten what just transpired. He shivers, closing his stance, but still prepared for a fight, however inhibited he might be.

Robyn nods his thanks to Cloud and walks right up to Hosea and stares up at him. "This fight is over Hosea. Stand down or it will get even worse." He doesn't know what that is but he'll think of something…hopefully. "You're soaking wet, it's snowing, let's get you something warm and dry to wear and how about you come to dinner with my parents and I. Let her go on with her evening and you go on with yours before too much of a scene is being made."

Cloud stays back but is ready should Hosea try to pull something while Robyn's trying to talk to him, weird evening, he know Hosea was religious but he didn't know he was THAT religious.

<You will heal. This will end now. Stay out of this for now.> David replies hoarsely as he spots Hosea rising from the water. He smiles, but quickly loses the smile as Hosea still seems intent to fight. Seeing Robyn approach Hosea, David realizes that Hosea will not stop until either he or Kalindi is dead. But he stands between Hosea and Kalindi ready to strike should using Kali's and Hosea's fighting skill should he have to.

"I can't get away from him!" replies Kalindi angrily at Hosea, noting to David explaining precisely why, and also answering his request, <I'm too dizzy to stand right now. Call the ambulance for my men.> She wipes her hand across her nose and flicks the specks of blood away onto the snow and begins mumbling some words, putting her hands together as she does so. The words are a spell that she knows, which brings forth her Father himself to protect her. The demonic looking beast has spines on its arms and is about eight feet tall, having some diamond shaped iridescent patches on its joints and on the tip of its long tail, tipped with an axe shape. It leans over Kalindi, and seems to envelop her in its grasp before looking up and turning its head, hair seemingly made of jet black spines, up towards Hosea with eyes that shine black like Kali's. It bares its teeth, and vanishes away in a wisp of darkness, with the girl in its hold.

Hosea barks back at Robyn, "Shut up! You do not know da foolishness you speak of!" he answers, a soggy finger shoving in Robyn's direction. He looks like he would say more, but then the spell is cast. The appearance of the demon may be terrifying to most people, but it was something rather expected to Hosea. He told them that demons were afoot, and this only proves it. He dashes forward, and teleports to the demon's location, but only a moment too late, for he's gone, and Kalindi with her. He punches a nearby plaque which tells the history of the park. the metal ring clanging through the cold air. He glares back at the guards. "You must nevah return to dah wickedness of dat creature," he tells them, his voice shaking with the cold, but hard and deep and stern. "Da rest of you," he points around. "You must not play in matters you do not undastand. Your silly actions could have cost you your lives." In Hosea's mind, he was still the only person acting sensibly in the whole matter. It was everybody else that was acting crazy. The appearance of the demon only reinforces his position.

Robyn looks at Hosea and shakes his head. "Nevermind. I have to be somewhere." He says as he looks at David and Cloud. "Get him home okay if you can? I have to go meet my Mom and Dad now since I'll be late." He gives a wave as he sighs and heads off to the small Mexican place.

Cloud rolls his eyes, "So much for religious tolerance", he walks over to stand with Robyn and David, "Yeah we'll get him back, enjoy the night with your folks, you kicked ass just now", he gives Robyn a wave as he leaves.

When around demons, David becomes overwhelmed with the supernatural unnatural. David's face winces when Kalindi's father arrives. Any sense of self is gone as his mind is overwhelmed and he drops to his knees and grabs his head. David screams, "Get out!" and he falls over when The demon disappears with Kalindi. He coughs a bit and looks as bad as he was during the final battle in Tegu-Haaz. He exhales a bit and stands up and looks drained. The momentary touch of the demon's skills causes him to shiver as he stands up and approaches the students. And while he wasn't touched physically, he is drained. "that really sucked." He ahems, "Let's go home. The demon is gone and my head is clear." He nods to Robyn, "Alright. We'll see you back at the school."

Both of the guards do not actually reply to Hosea, but instead wince a bit defensively and seem to take action to cover their faces in the presence of the Nigerian man. They do nothing else, not even dial for an ambulance themselves, as if taking on the philosophy that not getting attacked is dependent on not moving.

Hosea hmphs at Cloud's comment. "Tolerance? Dat is for people who are too cowardly to stand for what is true," he answers Cloud. Says what he thinks about that. "Did you not see dat beast?" The guards have probably taken a good philosophy, since most of their other options would not be well received right now. He doesn't seem to carry a lot of his normal pity right now, so David's frustrated scream goes with little compassion. The African is shaken, but he shows it differently from most people. "Yes. Let us return, it is vedy cold."

Using his cybershades, David is able to contact the police and a hospital to send an ambulance for the guards, "Man, I really hate demons." He sighs a bit as he ponders what got into Hosea, but it's right now, he just wants to go home. "Cloud, Hosea. Let's go. They're coming for the bodyguards." He scracthes his head unsure of what happened, but glad that it is over.

Cloud shakes his head, "You had no proof that was a demon, for all we could tell it could've been another mutant, I'm assuming you've heard of Nightcrawler, he doesn't look human either," he pulls out his cell to call an ambulance, "I'm not religious, personally i think it's all bull, but i know a big rule is not killing, also you attacked Robyn, what reason is there for that? Hello can i get an ambulance to City Hall Park?"

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