2011-09-29: Who Is This Bozo

Players: Nigel and Kieran

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Summary: Nigel and Kieran talk school among other things.

Date: September 29, 2011

Log Title: Who is this Bozo?

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

//What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself. //

Evening at the Xavier's Institute and Nigel is still awake. Having tried to sleep as little as possible after his last Wildcard episode. He currently stands in front of the Rec Room's large TV with a plastic guitar controller in his hands as he blunders through yet another attempt at finishing 'through the fire and flames' on Guitar Hero 3. "Gah… come on.. ah Sonuva.." The screen flashes the game over sign and he resists the urge to throw down the controller "Rotten miserable little…. I swear I'll finish that song if it kills me."

"Those games are useless." Kieran says approaching,"The way you play them doesn't even come close to how the real instrument is played." He says casually as he stands there with his hands in the pocket of his sweater jacket. He glances towards the screen. Course he plays the real thing so that might account for why doesn't think much of it. The blonde teen says,"Best to relax a bit though. That's what I do when playing a speed song."

Nigel looks over when he realizes he has company and shrugs "Eh I have the musical talent of a bag of Broccoli so this is about as close as I'm going to get. I can shut this down if you wanted to watch TV or something, didn't know anyone else was up and around."

"Nah. It's all good. Musical talent is something that people can develop though. Not everyone can be a virtuoso. The other thing is whether or not you enjoy it. Who cares if you're bad if you enjoy playing?" Kieran says shrugging absently,"Course my perception might be tainted by my family but ah well."

Nigel nods "True enough, I have my art so I don't feel too bad about not being that good at music." He shuts the system down and flips in the news, turning and offer Kieran a hand "Don't think we've met before, I'm Nigel from Alpha Squad."

"I'm Kieran from the Paragons." Kieran says pausing for a moment before he does shake hands, a small bit of electricity like a strong static shock coming from his hand when he does so,"We haven't met. I've not gotten much training with Alpha Squad members." He says casually moving to slide his hand back into the pocket of his jacket.

Nigel nods and jumps a little at the electric spark, bu he's gotten used to strange things around here. He turns and moves to take a seat. "Well there's hasn't been a whole lot of training just yet, mostly just classes. Though I'm sure we'll get the chance soon enough." He glances at the TV as it shows the story of the fight on the docks and shakes his head. "Whole world's going nuts.. who is this Dingo Bozo anyway?"

"No idea." Kieran says shrugging a bit,"I'm from Cincinnati. Only ever real heard about the big names like Magneto." He says before moving to sit down lotus style,"Whole world's been nuts for awhile I think, especially when you have such a high concentration of mutants in such a small area in this society." He points out casually,"I mean when you got people who can rip up skyscrapers and what have you, living with people who are normal and resenting it, has to breed some sort of crazy, no?"

Nigel chuckles "Actually met Magneto, well not really met we didn't chat or anything but he ran a danger room session I was part of a few weeks back. But yeah I'm not familiar with the locals yet either but this guy sounds like a real jagoff." He grins a little at the Cincinnati statement "From Pittsburgh myself, guess we shouldn't talk football eh?"

"Never really got into football, besides, even in Cincinnati the Bengals are often called the Bungles." Kieran says laughing at the bit about football,"I play soccer, not football. Give me a great soccer match and I'm good." He pauses for a moment,"Never gotten to meet Magneto. He could probably teach me a lot about one aspect of my powers." He says seriously,"The other one I am thinking about taking up Tai Chi to see if it helps. I think people get rather sick of being shocked when they touch my skin."

Nigel nods "Yeah I wasn't gonna say anything but that was a bit unexpected. Of course when it comes to having a lack of control over powers I pretty much wrote the book on that. My Codename isn't Wildcard for nothing. As for Magneto I'd watch what you learned from that guy, stick with the powers training and try to shy away from things like personal philosophy. From what I've read he's got a few issues."

"Oh. I have my own ideals. I doubt he's going to be swaying me." Kieran says smiling a little bit,"And yeah. It's cool. I know how people get around me shocking them. Least it's only a small jolt and nothing more dangerous. Anyway, I /can/ control it sometimes. However, electricity's kind of volatile really. Likes to go where it will and I'm not so good yet at redirecting it from my skin." He says grinning a bit,"And that's cool. I've known a few people that have major issues with control before."

Nigel nods "Yeah well i think I got a new twist on things. I turn into unstable molecules. I basically become a living cartoon and all sense of self-control goes out the window. Kinda like the Hulk if he were played by Jim Carey. Something about your brain turning into unstable atomic matter that loosens a few screws.."

"That's kind of scary. Although the Hulk is rather scary ANYWAY." Kieran says shivering just a little bit,"There are some pretty dangerous people around here. People who blow up, zap, freeze things just by their mere presence, and then there are just the assholes."

Nigel grins "Ah let me guess, you've met Quenton. As for me, the first time I changed I went nuts, tongue-kissed the prom Queen, melvened the King, then pulled a bazooka out of my pants and blew up the refreshments table. But I have to voluntarily change for that stuff to happen.. most of the time."

"Well yes. However, I think Quenton's just being defensive. He's trying to protect himself from something by not letting anyone get close to him. Best way he can do that in his eyes is to be a jerk to everyone and then they'll leave him be." Kieran says shrugging a bit,"There's more than just him really."

Nigel nods "Well I've heard we've got a few jerks around here. Just only met the one so far really. Any others I should be on the lookout for?" He reachs for the bottle of mountain dew on the end table and takes a swallow.

"Look out for Theo." Kieran says seriously,"He's a bit… well let's just say that he has his views on things and anything or anyone who differs from that is grounds for him being a total ass to you." He says shrugging a bit,"He's the worst I've met so far. Though Jem's a bit of a bitch, and dresses like a street walker."

Nigel nods "Sounds like a wonderful bunch.. makes me think if I wasn't here by court order I'd be running back for the burgh right about now." He sighs "But I guess given the amount of normal humans that are absolute asses there had to be a few mutants that shared that trait."

"Yeah. There are a lot of folks that are nice. Sage is a nice guy to a fault. Total pacifist to the point that there are times I want to smack him. Chloe's a little odd but overall she's decent. There's Max, and my boy Tyler, and a few others here and there. Nice folks. I'd say there are more nice people than asses and the ones that are nice definitely outweigh the bad. If you were a girl I'd warn you about Mason. Nice guy but a shameless flirt." Kieran says laughing a bit,"Until I can control my powers, I think going back to school where people can bump into me would be a universally BAD idea."

Nigel nods "Yeah I think the Amish would look at Sage and just go "Damn..". Had two danger Room sessions with him and both of them scared him senseless. Honestly I think Wildcard scares the hell out of him. I've met Tyler before but havn't seen him recently, never met Chloe. Mason is my room mate." He nods again "Yeah the indiscriminate shocking thing would be bad.. I'll make sure I never have my laptop around you." He grins a little.

"It's safe the level of power I emit isn't generally enough to fry a laptop. Now I've fried electric guitars when I've been playing but that's because of constant direct contact with something that is conductive. Laptop keyboards aren't generally made of conductive materials where the fingers go." Kieran says laughing softly when he finishes,"My powers are technically electromagnetic in origin, but I generally need to think about it to use the magnetic portion."

Nigel nods "Well with my luck you'd touch that one spot that would cause the Hard-drive to melt down.. nothing against you I just have some really bad Karma sometimes."

"It really is safe. Both Theo and a girl named Kisha that got transferred kept thinking I was going to wipe their stuff out." Kieran says grimacing a little bit, a bit sick of being accused to damaging electronics apparently.

Nigel shakes his head "Easy man I'm making a joke. I guess I'd be a little touchy about it too. Like I said nothing personal. Besides I'd think routinely terrifying Theo would be a plus given what you said earlier."

"Oh trust me… Considering he's rooming with Tyler, he's kind of got reason to be afraid…" Kieran says grimacing a bit. "Anyway, It's just something that I get a /lot/ of because people don't understand my powers and how they relate."

Nigel looks over curiously "Why would he be spooked about Tyler? Not sure what his powers are it's never come up. He dangerous or something?"

"Ummm… Not sure what you know about Tyler to be able to answer that question." Kieran says looking at Nigel seriously,"Somethings, I let others say for themselves."

Nigel shrugs "Eh I'll find out eventually I guess. Seemed like a nice enough guy. So what do you think of the staff? I've met kenta once before and he seemed nice enough. Xorn gives me the creeps a little but is a stand-up guy. Havn't met the headmistress except in that school-wide mental broadcast she did at the top of the school year. I swear between her and Xorn I'm hearing enough voices in my head to keep a therapist busy for a year."

"Oh! Tyler's a very good guy." Kieran says grinning broadly at Nigel,"I haven't met the Headmistress either and I don't want to really. Usually if you meet with the Headmistress you've done something majorly wrong."

Nigel nods and manages to stifle a yawn "Aw crap.. doubt I'm gonna be able to stay awake much longer like it or not." He stands and grabs the soda bottle. "Was nice to meet you Kieran but I gotta crash before they find me passed out in the hall or something."

"Good luck." Kieran says nodding his head towards Nigel,"Get some nice sleep." He says casually. "It was nice meeting you Nigel." He says casually.

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