2010-07-28: Who's Walking Who


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Summary: Anita is out walking her dogs in the park and comes upon Stark getting dragged by a six month old pup.

Date: July 28, 2010

Log Title: Who's Walking Who

Rating: PG

NYC- Central Park

Out in the common area.

Central Park seemed fairly busy for the middle of the day. The weather was somewhere between comfortable, and bordering on too hot. As it was there were people milling about, others having a picnic or reading beneath the numerous trees. Into this peaceful scene comes Tony Stark getting dragged through the open grassy area by a very excited puppy.

A frisbee goes sailing past Tony and his puppy, followed closely by a pair of huge, mismatched Great Danes. Happy laughter drifts across the grass and a woman of apparent Hispanic descent saunters casually across the grass in the wake of the huge dogs, "Dodger, you got it last time; it's Anna's turn now." The larger dog stops and looks over his shoulder at his mistress and seems to wilt a little before turning to trot back in her direction. Just a few paces behind him, the slightly smaller female catches the toy and turns to race him back to the woman. Dodger, however, has gotten distracted: The fawn Dane has caught sight of the billionaire and his puppy and stands still with his ears perked forward, looking at them intently, "Dodger! Come."
The command has the big male obediently resuming his course to Anita's side as the woman calls a bit of advice to Tony, "You know… If you'd keep her focused on you, she wouldn't pull so much." She calmly takes the frisbee from Anna and offers both dogs an affectionate scratch as they arrange themselves on either side of her.

Tony spins about as the puppy bounces around with excitement at seeing the two massive dogs nearby. He however is amazed by the sheer size of them, and the fact that the woman seemed to have complete control when his six month old fuzzball was bouncing around like it had fallen into a tub of sugar. "She's not focused on me? I feel kind of deflated now," Tony smiles. The only thing he has on him looks like a fuzzy squirrel attached to a rope which Athena is clearly not interested in. "Got any advice for someone who's never had a pet before? I could use all the help I can get."

Anita chuckles, "She's still a baby; she's going to have a hard time focusing on anything for more than a few minutes." The frisbee is tucked under the woman's arm and she makes her way over to the man and his dog, "How old is she, anyway?" Her own dogs, at no apparent command from her, sit in unison and stay where she left them, "I've always found it's easier to get an older dog to listen to you, but pups are easier to train. They're more mailable."

The puppy in question has twisted herself up in the leash so Tony kneels down to thread the leash out from between her tangled up legs. "The breeder I got referred too had several dogs at different ages but this one kinda stuck out for me," affection lacing his voice as he ruffles the bat ears. "She's six months old, and I haven't really had her all that long. This is our first adventure out into the open." Tony glances up at Anita, "Do you work with animals?"

There's another small chuckle from Anita and she nods in response to his obvious liking for his puppy, "That's the best dog to get; the one that tugs at your heartstrings. She extends a hand to the pup to allow her to sniff her, "A shorter leash might help. Give her too much lead and she's just going to try to get away from you." Her own dogs seem to be content where they are, though the male is watching the action intently, "Six months is a good age. She's sill young, but old enough that she can focus for a little longer." The smaller of her two dogs stretches out in the grass with a little groan and she looks back at the pair for a moment before she answers the question with a shake of her head, "Only as a hobby. I work in a club in Manhattan."

Give Stark a complex puzzle to solve, and he'll figure it out in minutes. In this particular situation, with the mini fluffball, he was in over his head. It didn't mean he was going to give up easily but he would have to do a lot of reading in the days to come. "Shorter leash? I'll have to pick one up. I sort of just threw a bunch of things together at the last minute. It might be fun to take her into the pet store and see if she shorts out faster than I do!"

Anita winces faintly, "Just don't get mad at her if she helps herself to some treats or a toy. My two still do that on occasion." She can usually catch them before they actually get into anything, though, fortunately, "Sometimes I do a little training, just to help out animals and their people, mostly. If you want, I can give you my number and you can give me a call sometime." Any other time, her offered number would be given for another reason, but her dogs are watching and he's got a baby with him, too, so… No hunting for the latest conquest right now. This is a genuine offer to help.

Tony shortens up the leash so Athena can't run circles around his legs again. "Oh, I wouldn't mind if she caused a little bit of chaos here and there. At least for now she's not big enough to bowl people over." With a laugh he dangles the squirrel on a rope in front of the puppy who lunges at it with a single minded intent; to rip the stuffing out! "If you could give me your number that would be great. If you can handle your two that well, then I have hope you might be able to train me to train her."

Anita laughs softly and nods as the puppy lunges at he toy, "Puppies are especially good at causing chaos. I promise you that!" She nods, shrugging slightly at the comment on her own dogs, "We have an understanding. I take them out and they mind. If they don't they get left at home." And she gets to ride her bike instead of walking. She pulls a pen and a business card out of a pocket and writes her name and phone number on the back, "This is my home number." She turns it over shamelessly, "And here's where I work. Just ask for Adoria if you need to get a hold of me there." She pauses for a moment and holds the card out to him, "And it really is a pleasure to meet you, Mr Stark. Most people call me Anita." Seems she recognized him from the news and everything.

Tony takes the offered card, and notices the name and design of the club. He's not familiar with it, and finds no need to bring up any information at the moment. As Anita mentions him by name he seems to shift gears in the next breath. Instead of a man being dragged through the park by a six month old German Shepherd mix, he's standing a bit straighter, looking confident and smiling broadly, "Please, call me Tony. Its been a pleasure meeting you Anita, and thank you for the offer to help." The card is tucked away into a pocket of the jeans he's wearing. Whatever he was about to say is cut off when Athena flails about at his feet causing him to laugh, "I better get going before the demon gets any more ideas. Thanks again!"

Anita offers a small, almost sultry smile, unable to resist turning on the charm a little, "I'll do that, Tony." She chuckles again at the puppy's antics, and nods, "Of course." She pauses a moment to just look at the young dog for a moment, "I think you lucked out with her. She seems to really like you." She chuckles again, "Have a good day." With that, she turns and makes her way back to her own little family and holds out the frisbee to the two dogs again, sending it sailing off away from Tony and his new puppy.

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