2010-03-21: Who You?


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Summary: Marshall meets his roommate. Both are fairly blunt.

Date: March 21, 2010

Who You?

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Marshall and Mikhail's Room

//Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student. //

Carrying a little box of paper, Marshall opens the door to the room he shares. Of course, he and his roommate have been missing each other for the most part, but Marshall's only been there for two nights after all. He goes over to his bed and sits down, placing the box of paper beside himself with a big grin.

Mikhail has been out again so climes in through the open window, hes dressed a pair of jeans and his hair is wet, he's grinning widly, then picks up Marshall's scent, he jumps from the windowsill to his bed and sits down to watch what his new roomate is doing.

Feeling the sudden breeze as the window opens the rest of the way, Marshall looks up. He starts to move before blinking. "Hi." He says, grinning. "I Marshall." He stands up and moves closer extending a hand as he looks closer. "You cute? Who you?" He asks, grinning as he waits to see if the hand is taken. "I talk odd. Deaf. No hear." He explains. "If say something I don't hear, wave at me. I look up."

Mikhail takes Marshall's hand and shakes it, and looks a little confused at Marshall's compliment, "Thanks?", he knows what the word means, but usually these a build-up, also Marshall talks like he used to, "I'm Mikhail, and who are you?", the whole attraction thing still confuses him, but from what he knows, Marshall fits the definition of cute, "You're deaf?, how did that happen?"

"Marshall. New roommate. Old roommate gone." He explains with a grin. "Deaf? Born deaf. Never been able to hear. Can hear some deep thrum sound. Not much more." He explains. After all, he does have some booming base music that he listens to with headphones. But that's it. He moves back to his bed to sit down and pick up a piece of paper. As he sits there, he begins folding it.

Mikhail hmms, meh, he didn't really know him too well, "Nice to meet you Marshall, so you've never heard noises?", he can't even begin to imagine what thats like, "What are you doing with that paper?"

He's watching Mikhail, so he can understand him. "No. Never anything but boom." He chuckles. "Not so bad. Used to it." Marshall looks at his hand for a moment before looking back up. "Don't know. Watched Origami show. Now know Origami." He takes a moment of folding and sliding before it turns into a little wolf's head. He blinks and offers it to Mikhail.

Mikhail takes the little wolfs head and holds it in his hand, looking at it carefully, "Wow, thats good, Robyn does stuff like this but with mud", as Marshall can't hear, he slips back into his old accent, "Whre are you from?"

"Tennessee." Marshall says. "Jackson." He expands. "Hours and hours south. Boring there." He says, wrinkling his nose as he tilts his head. "Don't know how did that." He laughs. "Just learned today."

Okay, Marshall is confusing the hell out of Mikhail, he's never met anyone who talks like that, other than himself of course, "You talk like i did".

Marshall tilts his head. "Why change? I talk like I talk. For me, it right. Standard Sign speak." He explains, before looking up. "You ok?" He asks, looking over the other teenager as he thinks about things. "Why you come in window?"

Mikhail nods, "Yeah, talk how you want to talk, i wasn't telling you to change, just saying that i used to talk like that", he looks round at the window, "I'm in trouble, so i sneaked in though the window".

"Oh. K!" Marshall grins. "Trouble? What do?" He asks, chuckling. "How get in trouble here?" He says as he lowers the blanket from the top of his bed, prepping for his own sleep. It is a little late at night.

Mikhail sighs, "I may have disappered for two days without telling anyone where i was going, shouted at the headmaster and broke lockdown, apparently thats bad", still he smiles slightly, "You tried?"

"Nah. I good boy. Mostly." Marshall grins, tossing a wink at Mikhail as he tugs his shirt off. "I only be here two night." He says. "Just learning." He moves to his bed and shivers a bit. "Cold window." He grins, but doesn't say anything about closing it as he slides under his blanket.

Mikhail notices the shiver and gets up to close the window, he doesn't want to freeze his new roomate, he sits back down, pulls off his jeans and climes under his covers, "Do you like it here?"

Marshall tugs his own pants off under the covers and brings them out. "So far like." He nods. Robyn nice. Rashmi nice. Daisuke nice. All I met. And you. So far, like you. Talk to me like person. Look good." He says again, obviously teasing this time.

Mikhail smiles, "You are a person, do you expect to be spoken to as not a person?", he runs a hand though his still damp hair, "Yeah Robyn's cool, Rashmi could judge character better and Daisuke smells like Jared", he grins, "You look good too", thats the best the teen can do when it comes to flirting.

"No. But people think Deaf mean stupid. Not stupid. Just different." Marshall blinks. "Smell? I don't know Jared. I no smell Dai." He explains with a shrug. As Mik says that, he smiles quite brightly. "Thank you." He says, pulling covers up close. "We talk more another time? Sleepy time." He says, nodding. "Think I found power. Have to talk tomorrow to doctor."

Mikhail smiles at the other boy again, "Yeah i know what you mean, people thought i was stupid, i'm just different too", he grins showing off his fangs, "Night Marshall, talk to you tomorrow, good luck with the doctor", he then lays down.

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