2009-03-04: Who's Yo Daddy?


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Summary: Erik visits the med bay and meets Addison and a few others.

Date: March 4, 2009

Who's Yo Daddy?

Rating: Log Rating.

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Manhattan is free… but now all the people that were within it from another dimension are free to run amok. Despite all of this, Addison has had to make his way down to the medical bay to check on those he knows. Emma and Jean are wandering around, as is Dante. However, both Elisabeth and Charles are in beds. Elisabeth Braddock… blonde, british, and just cute in general has been riddled with bullets. Charles Xavier has, as well, and has had his legs crushed in last night's ordeal. However, they're alive, and that's what's important. The red-headed mutant who looks much like his mother watches over them softly. "I'm sorry I didn't come sooner. I might have been able to get you out without all of that."

Erik steps in from the outside with his hands folded behind his back as he does. He stops as he sees various people that he knows. "Jean?" Erik says, with his eyes widening further at the sight of a familiar cue-ball. "Charles…" He says stunned, stopping in his track before he looks to Addison. "…person I don't know."

"Jean, yes. Your world's Jean? No." Addison doesn't know Erik, yet. "Same for all of us in here." Charles is sleeping, though Betsy is mildly awake. Jean offers a nod before stepping out with the others. After all, too much crowding in the med bay is not good. "Addison." He offers, after they leave. "Sorry we're taking over your medbay. But we're trying to help, too." They've all just been taken out from under mental control of another, so they know something was being done wrong.

Erik nods, shaking his head. "Yeah…/meta/ not my world's Jean, or Charles." Erik comments, shaking his head. "It is nice to see there is a world in which Jean Grey /doesn't/ die, however." Erik says softly, watching the woman go. "It's a medbay, it's for the wounded, nothing wrong with it being filled with people who need healing."

"Yet." Addison says with a nod as he watches her go. "I may not have grown up with her, but I'd not like to see her die, myself. Though… the others are leaning towards going back when this is over to rebuild… I think Jean may stay behind, to help pay for the things we did under their control." He says with a nod. "I know that I am." He extends a hand. One can most likely see that Addison is somehow related to Jean. It's quite obvious in his appearance… along with the fiery hair.

Erik gives a nod as he hears that. "Watching my world's Jean die…was heart breaking, one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced. For a long time it was the hardest." He says as he reaches out to shake your hand.

"Well, I'm doing what I can to prevent them all from dying. We got Jean and Dante out fairly easily. Someone else… they tried to kill Charles and Elisabeth. Even after they broke Farouk's control." Addison says softly. "They only recognized one. One that Farouk called Kastor." He shakes his head as he steps away from the two. "Have you been out there much?"

Erik shakes his head. "Not in to Manhattan, no, not since it dropped. I've been trying to keep the people here safe, in case we were attacked." Erik explains. He looks over to Charles and coughs, shaking his head and looking away, mildly in pain.

"It's good for that, then." Addison says with a nod. "I know Christopher's been doing a lot of that. But I needed him and his son to help me free Jean. She's too strong with their Enhancer backing them." He says with a soft sigh. "I don't even know why Farouk is doing this, unless it's sheer power hunger."

"If I knew they had Jean fuckmothering Grey on their team I would have been a lot more firghtened than I was. How the hell did the Shadow King manage to take over Jean Grey /and/ Charles Xavier?" Erik asks as he looks back to the sleepy bald man.

"Do… you even know what happened in our home?" Addison asks, wondering if Erik's been told at all. "We were enslaved by an alien race for five years. As soon as that ended, when we were celebrating, the Shadow King snuck in… first to me and Betsy. Then used my power dampening and Betsy's distractions to help us take over the others. But without the six of us under his control… he won't be able to regain any that he loses, because he's stretched too thin, I believe."

Erik shakes his head. "No, I had not heard." Erik says as he pauses to listen, pausing for a moment and shaking his head. "Shit. Well, that is just about as pleasant as my story."

"What can you do?" Addison asks with a shrug, "But try to make the best of it. Especially when you're dead to most forms of torture after years of Farouk trying to taunt you with the fact that you were a genetically created being made by Sinister."

Erik gives a nod. "I…alright, you win. I'm the bastard son of a former geneocidal maniac turned martyred King who watched everyone around him be unmade from reality, but I'm not even competetive."

"Both of my 'fathers' were considered villains and wanted to be kings in their own right. Even WERE in one organization. One was one of the White Kings of the Hellfire Club and the other was a Black King." Addison chuckles with a nod. "Fortunately, I have no desire to take over or rule, despite what he wanted me to be. Sinister that is."

Erik blinks. "You're Shaw's son in your world? Uh…kind of?" He says with a blink and shakes his head a little bit. "Oh good, because I have to admit I do not have much of a crush on the Club." Erik sighs. "But since you seem to be giving me so much information about yourself it seems only fair to give you some back. I'm Erik Magnus Lensherr the second."

"Funny. That's my other father." Addison says with a grin. "My mother is the most obvious of who my parents are. She won in looks, powers, and personality. At least, I'd like to think so." He chuckles. "I give information, because apparently there was a version of me here who was a created being. And I want to be known for who I am. Not that. I won't hide my history, or the fact that I'm sorry for what was done by my body under another's control."

Erik blinks a little bit at that. "You say you got Jean's powers? That is reassuring, unfortunately we already have two magnets on the team so that position is filled." Erik says, stalling for time as he tries to process the son of Magneto, Shaw and Jean Grey. "You are quite the genetic grab bag."

"I know." Addison says with a shrug. "I was intended to try to rule the world with Magneto's drive, Shaw's sheer intelligence, and Jean's powers. My family raised me better than that. I don't want to rule the world. Just keep it safe." He says with a nod. "No, no magnetics here."

Erik shakes his head. "Everyone forgets that Magneto is a genius too." Erik says with a laugh. "He was a scientist, you know." He gives a nod.

"Oh, -I- know. But they've always thought Shaw was smarter. I haven't met either but don't know for sure. And with a double dose of intelligence, how could he go wrong?" Addison quirks a lip in a half-smile. "Not that it matters. I am who I am."

Erik chuckles. "I just feel the need to defend my intellectual heritage in a house of super geniuses." He offers with a grin. "Indeed."

"Now, all that's left… is taking them out of this world. Though that may contain a trip over there to stop Farouk completely." Addison says as he begins pondering things.

"Well, I can add a third universe to my list." Erik responds with a laugh. "Oh, by the way if you talk about me to anyone else, please refer to me as Leif? I, uh, use a fake name."

"Understandable." Addison nods softly. "I don't have to. Since Falk isn't any of their names. That was the couple who raised me." He says with a half grin.

Erik nods. "My mother insisted on me using my father's name, but when we…parted ways I decided it would be more prodent. And what is your name, then? I didn't get a first name."

"You did. You just didn't notice." Addison laughs. "It's Addison." He did tell it earlier, when the others were leaving. But Erik may have been distracted by Jean.

Erik blinks. "Oh, sorry. I haven't seen Charles in a long time, and Jean in a life time, it was somewhat distracting."

"Understandable. Anyway, I'm going to get something to eat and leave these two to Dr. Reyes's… uhm. Tender ministrations?" Addison says, somewhat scared of the doctor's grumbling.

Erik chuckles a little bit and gives a nod. "I like to avoid the medbay as much as possible as well."

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