2010-05-07: Why Is Everyone Picking On Jono?


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Summary: Robyn and Rashmi go to see why Jono's decided to pack his bags and leave.

Date: May 7, 2010

Log Title Why Is Everyone Picking On Jono?

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Jono's Room

A bed, night stand, dresser, and desk all war for space here with a very large music collection. Shelves and boxes leave a clear space in the middle of the room to allow access to closet and bathroom. Even so, the closet has more in way of music cds than clothing. Not that this isn't a neat room. The bed is made, albeit not as neatly as it could be, and there's no sign of clutter. It's just full. The sterio system is a decent one, but not an expensive kind. The speakers for it aren't even connected yet, and a pair of good headphones rest in easy reach. There is a computer on the desk, and neat piles of school work. Someone here helps out with the professors. The bathroom is missing certain amenities, but that's not too much of a surprise, is it?

The door to Jono's room is propped open with a box, and several more are stacked along the wall. All of them are paper boxes, for those are near perfect for his purpose. Namely packing up that wealth of music he has. And speaking of music, it plays softly. Loud enough to enjoy, but not enough to harass anyone passing by. The Brit himself is inside, studiously putting cds into boxes. Otherwise the room is rather in disarray as he decides what to pack first. The bed is covered, as are the computer desk and chair. This will take a while.

It doesn't take long for rumours to spread around Xavier's and when it appears that someone is moving out, almost everyone knows. Rumours spread like wildfire in a school full of teens. So it's no surprise that Robyn heard that Jono is moving out so he's rushed over to his room. "Jono…you're leaving?" He asks with a hint of worry to his voice after all Robyn's quite fond of the older male.

The auburn head lifts and the Brit blinks cluelessly at Robyn a moment. Leaving? Wha… oh. «Yeah, can't stand it anymore. Bugger off.» Of course Jonothon doesn't mean a bit of this and grins as he straightens. Ow. Maybe he should take a break before his back takes one for him. Hand to back, «Kidding! Just moving to a flat. Get a little more privacy is all. I'm not going anywhere.» Assuring as he pays a handful of cds down on the desk. «Moving right next to the Parker-Mayfairs as a matter of fact. You aren't done with me yet, promise.»

For that split second Robyn believes what Jono says until the smile breaks out and he smiles back. "Good, I don't want you gone. And I can understand the privacy thing. You know, especially if you ever meet someone and want some alone time." Robyn teases with a grin. "YOu need any help with anything?"

«The odds of that are slim to none, Mate.» Jonothon rolls his eyes about the bringing someone home. It's been years since he had any kind of real relationship. Unless you could a scary girl down in Mutant Town, and Jono ditched her in fairly short order before they could really get involved. The offer of help has the Brit looking around as he scratches idly at his hair. «…Not sure to be honest. Don't own much beyond the cds and my clothes. Elaine's going insane and buying me furniture, so I'll leave this stuff here. Pull up a box and fill it?» He shrugs, not too concerned.

Robyn does just that, grabs a box and helps Jono pack all his music. "I was worried there for a bit that you were running off or something." Why, Robyn has no idea. "I just like having you around." He can't help but look at all the CD's and see what Jono has as he packs them. "Hey Jono…what would you do if someone told you they had a crush on someone, but you were pretty sure that it is someone who wouldn't feel the same way back?"

Jonothon so doesn't answer about the running off. Nope. «At least someone does.» Like having him around, but he is just kidding again. Doesn't immediately start packing again as he's aching. The crush question has him eyeing Robyn. «Do nothing at all.» Hey, you wanted his honest answer. «Neither my place to talk about it, nor do anything about it. You'll probably regret getting involved, especially if your friend is let down hard. All you should do is let things fall where they will, and do your best to comfort your friend.» He pauses and smirks, «Doubt that's the answer you wanted though.»

"Actually, that's probably the best answer." Robyn says with a smile as he is just going to try to forget it was mentioned to him. He doesn't want that awkwardness between two friends. "Also..I guess there is this new student, Quenton, he's I guess like Theo. Just a jerk. I met him for five minutes and he was just an ass. He's Connor's new roommate. Do you think they'd have a problem with seeing if Connor and I can switch roommates so he doesn't have to deal with him?"

There's an amused shrug as Robyn agrees. «That whole line is like asking to be lead to disaster.» For all Jonothon is smiling. He begins filling his box again, back having stopped aching for now. Now the room mate issue he's been told about. «Didn't know his name, but yeah, I've heard about it. I was going to ask. Connor probably needs a private room due to his troubles. Don't know if Scott will go for it, but that poor kid will probably go insane. We'll see.» Jono's been talking to Connor clearly. «Nothing I can do about an arse though, sorry.» A smirk for that one.

"Well I told Connor, if Scott would allow it, I'll room with him. I'm not really a neat freak but I know enough about him to know I can deal with his problems." Robyn says, even the whispers when he teleports with Connor he can deal with, even though it's creepy. "I thought maybe it was just Quention being a jerk cause he was getting used to it here but when Chloe apologized to Connor about his roommate situation, I knew he must be bad."

Jonothon grimaces there. Yeah, if word is getting around like that. «I can't promise anything, Robyn, but I did say I would talk to Scott.» Nothing he can do beyond that. «I haven't seen Quention at all.» Lid is placed on box and he carries it to the hall with the others. «Connor never said his name, but that could be a way of dealing with it. Wish we had a telepath around who was trained.» He shakes his head over that. The door to Jono's room is open and there are boxes lining the walls of the hallway. Robyn and the Brit are inside, packing as they talk.

Robyn has a handful of CD's that he's putting a box of Jono's, but he's also looking at each CD as he puts it in, obviously looking at Jono's collection. "Yeah, I'm gonna see if maybe Connor, Mr. Summers and I can talk cause I honestly don't mind rooming with him but then I dunno about Zack." Robyn's not sure if he wants to put Zack in that kind of situation. "Connor and I get along well with our like of weird stuff."

«I'm more worried about his obsessive-compulsive disorder than whether or not Connor needs a roommate who likes weird.» Jonothon has been inside Connor's head. He's worried. «You aren't going to make a mess just to be an arse though.» The Brit really does agree that it's a good idea. «Zack will be okay. He's pretty laid back from what little I've seen.» Not that Jono has spent a lot of time with Zack. «Go ahead and talk to Summers. I'll ask too.» In as much as he too is looking at the collection before packing, it's to have things in a certain order. He already knows what he has here, and it's a wide spread variety. Clearly he enjoys rock, punk, and alternative more than others, but there's a little bit of everything among the CDs.

A knock of the doorframe, Rashmi's head poking in through the door with an annoyed huff. "Hi… there's this crazy rumor flying around that you're ditching us, Jono," she says, eyes sweeping over the boxes littering the room. "How come nobody's doing anything to get the *truth* out for a change?"

Robyn looks up and grins at Rashmi, oddly cheerful looking for someone whose good friend is moving out of the mansion. "Hey Rashmi, and what truth?" He asks sounding a bit confused as he already got an answer from Jono as to why he's moving out to satisfy him. "Zack is laid back until something pisses him off. I dunno why but he seems to /haaate/ James and how Zack talks about him…he's like the forbidden subject in our room." Robyn says as he looks at one CD with a confused expression. "I've never heard of this band."

Looking over at the knock, a smirk pulls at lips as Rashmi comes in and claims that he's ditching everyone. Jonothon doesn't speak what his first thought is. «Robyn said the same thing. I totally had him for a bit there too, claiming I had too much of the school and everyone in it.» Rashmi already knows where he's moving and why. «And hullo, Rashmi.» Since she came all the way here. «Do I really need to inform everyone in the school that I'm moving to town?» Sorry, doesn't think so. As for Zack, he eyes Robyn oddly. «I almost said I didn't know that, but I think I did. Weeks ago he said something weird that had me wondering. Can't remember what it was though.» A shrug and he fits his handful into a paper box. «Want me to copy it for you?» The CD Robyn has.

"Hi, Jono, need another hand?" Rashmi says with a sigh, making her way to another empty box and beginning to help Robyn sort of Jono's things, not waiting for an answer. "I just figure it's better people know the *truth* rather than make up some stupid lie, is all. Especially when the lie could hurt some people, you know?"

"Sure, I'll check 'em out even though I have no clue who they are." Robyn says smiling as he goes to grab the next fist full CD's. He's doing more nosing through music then packing. "So are we going to have to throw you a house warming party at your new place Jono? Do a movie night over there instead of here?" He jokes as he doesn't want to crowd Jono at his new place since he probably feels crowded here.

«I'd never turn that away, Gel.» More help, especially from Rashmi. Jonothon does have to eye her in puzzlement though about it hurting people. «You really think it'd be that bad?» Nope, doesn't know everything that the kids say. How could he when he's not told. «I thought they'd be cheering in the aisles.» Rolls his eyes over that. Attention shifts to Robyn.. «Oy. This isn't a library. More packing, less browsing.» Said with a smile though. «I'm not sure I'm doing moving night. I told Connor I wouldn't.»

"I don't think it'll be *bad,* but, you know. High school rumor mill, it'll take a little work to squish. Don't worry, though, I'll handle it." Rashmi looks up from the box, arching an eyebrow and smiling. "You *do* have friends who'd like to know you're just getting yourself a little breathing space, remember."

Robyn looks between Rashmi and Jono with a confused look. "I feel like I've completely missed something." He's not sure what exactly is going on between them as he stops packing for a bit. "Oh, well just cause you told Connor you couldn't doesn't mean I can't change your mind?" Robyn says in regards to movie night. He doesn't know about he drama in the Paragons so anything in regards to that, is lost on him.

There's an amused smile. «But I already told you about it.» Told Rashmi that is. «Truth be told though I think the only friends who are going to be all that concerned about it are here.» For he knows Kenta won't be troubled by Jonothon getting an apartment in town. «James hasn't spoken to me since our 'talk'.» Even does Rashmi style quotes. Be proud, Rashmi, it's spreading. And Robyn's idea has him motioning a sigh. «That's entirely why I'm not sure it's a good idea, Robyn. Been having some trouble with James. Kenta claims it's all worked out, but I haven't seen him since we last talked.» Not angry, just resigned at this stage. «I don't want to ruin your movie night by showing up and have others leave. You all are great for inviting me, but I'm the old guy, and not one of the true group. I can't be, if only for age.»

Rashmi sniffs. "Still. Better the happy truth than a horrible lie," she says with finality, turning back to add some more CDs to the box. "Jono, we talked about this, anyway. I'm not going to argue, but, I *do* think maybe you could stand to be a little easier on yourself, Jono…"

Robyn gets really quite as Rashmi sniffs and doesn't say much, he just watches the two of them for a bit. "I've always thought that Jono could be easier on himself." Robyn admits. "But I dunno, I try not to tell Jono my opinion of things, we tend to argue." He says with a smile as he's content with that, he's not going to try to change Jono to open up to him. "I dunno though, James hasn't mentioned anything being wrong and he seemed fine the last time we talked." Which was a few days ago.

Jonothon is his own worst enemy to be sure, and Rashmi hit it straight on. «You said you'd take care of the lie.» Is all he says before giving you both the stinky-eye. «You said you'd help pack.» Not giving him a hard time. The Brit decides not to add anything to that topic, for he'd just be kicking the dead horse. Does enough of that in his own head, thanks. And look, he's packing. Things go inside boxes… «Nor am I hearing any attempt at talking me into having movie night at my place. Just why should I?»

"Well," she says as an audible aside to Robyn, "it's a good thing I *like* to argue, isn't it?" Patting Robyn's shoulder, she looks up at Jono, matching his stinkeye with a brilliant smile. "Who's to say whenther or not you *should,* Jono? The question is… Will anything change, if you don't do anything to build off of?"

Robyn sticks his tongue out at Jono in an oh so childish manner. "I'm not getting paid to help you, I can take all the time I want. And I'm you're friend, I'm allowed to be a pain in your ass." He says grinning at Rashmi at the fact that she likes to argue. "I just wanna say this Jono, I think you're selling yourself short is all. And let me ask you instead of why should you, here's this. Why shouldn't you?"

"'And so it begins.'" It would seem, Rashmi has added bad imitation to her repertoire of vocal dissatisfaction, with a roll of the eyes to accentuate. "Robyn, let me know when we find his Cure collection? Or Depeche Mode, or… You know, all that music he probably listens to when he's taking a sledgehammer to his ego? We'll probably need two or three boxes for it all." It's interesting, how a simple light inflection and a broad grin can turn a statement like that into a light joke.

Robyn points to a box over to the right. "I think that's it, there's also some Smiths and when Morrissey went solo then some of his embarrassing emo stuff that he doesn't want to admit he listens to, like My Chemical Romance." He says joining in on the teasing of the Jono. Robyn says as he holds up a CD. "Oh look here, we have Depeche Mode's Black Celebration." He chuckles and continues to pack. "Well right now Jono, Rashmi's not saying anything that deserves arguing with."

For some reason Jonothon just stops a moment, like he were counting to ten. It takes a smidge of internal struggle before he admits, «This is making me very uncomfortable. Stop.» And it is. He'd rather go back to being happy, but that's not going to happen with being constantly put on the spot like this. «You're teasing me about the only thing that's kept me sane for eight years. Stop.»

Rashmi pauses in the midst of closing the box, blinking at the hard tone of mental voice Jono broadcasts. "…Okay," she says gently, running a strip of tape over the lid. "I'm sorry, Jono." Getting up, she crosses the room, resting a hand on the Brit's shoulder. "…So. What are you going to do with all that space?"

"Sorry about making fun of your music Jono, just to let you know, Depeche Mode and The Smiths and The Cure are some of my favourite bands." Robyn says with a shrug as he feels bad but he just shrugs. "I dunno, I just like hanging out with you Jono even if you are older you're not that much older." Well almost ten years. "And I'd like you to be at a movie night and hanging out with us but I dunno."

The look he gives Rashmi is apologetic. Jonothon knows nothing was meant by it, but neither did he want it continuing. «I know you were only teasing.» Said for Robyn's apology. «I'm not good at being the center of attention.» That's a good way of putting it. «…Trying to tell you, because you keep saying I don't explain enough, but it's not easy.» Can only shrug and pull away from Rashmi. «I'm ten years older.» So that is a good deal. «I can't share with you the things you want, so it makes people angry. Me at the gathering will change it. I'd rather you had fun.»

Rashmi nods quietly. "Well… That's what'll be good about having her own space, you know? And besides. A lot of that's got to do with adults and students, and, well… *I'm* graduating like really soon, probably going to be moving to New York. So, what's wrong with visiting a friend from school, right?"

"I've still got a year left and then I'm gonna go to art school." Which Robyn remembers that he should start putting together a portfolio so he can apply this fall. "So, just cause you're ten years older doesn't mean I don't wanna hang out with you, but sorry, you are the one moving out so you are kind of the center or attention right now. And the rumours that are spreading around that you're moving out are spreading around, thus why I came running, but anyway. I'm gonna come visit sometime."

«I don't mind visitors.» Jonothon can't think of much else to say, but he can at least give that. «I only told you and Connor, Rashmi, about the move. I've no idea who would be spreading rumors, or why.» Connor, he hopes, wouldn't do that. Doesn't sound like the teen at all. «It's not like I'm leaving.» And he's also sorry for ruining the mood. Drags fingers back through his head and slumps a little. There's also a glance to the closet before the Brit looks back. «Things have been stolen from my room. Like my phone.» Rashmi knew that one. «I'm tired of it. Also need to get away in the evenings.» Before people like Scott and Sam learn who he's been training with. If they don't already.

<OOC> Jonothon says, "oh! I give permission to ambush Jono at awkward moments, and to have movie night at his house. ;)"

"It's a high school, Jono," Rashmi says with a chuckle. "Rumors breed like bacteria, you know? All it takes is someone catching you with an armload of boxes, and on it goes. Don't worry about it. Like I said, I'll handle that bit. You just worry about getting away for your breather." She pauses for a moment, brow furrowing. "…What happens in the evenings? … ….Jono, are you dating already?"

"And the door is open to your room and you're packing, a teacher sees and someone over hears someone talking to someone…dominos Jono." Robyn says with a smile. "You know how things spread like crazy here and thus with rumours why I thought you were leaving for good or something." Robyn says as he actually starts packing without looking. "Do you need anyone to help you unpack?"

Dating!? He gives Rashmi the weirdest look before things process inside of his head. «Christ, no.» Sorry, but he was trying to parse dating Magneto and it just wasn't working. Jonothon shakes his head at her. «Haven't found a woman yet who'd put up with me.» Which is the honest truth. «I found a teacher for my powers.» Robyn is given a look with a wrinkled nose about dominoes. Bah. Why did he come back here again? «And yeah, I suppose. I'll be renting a van tomorrow. Only need to move this stuff. Got movers for the rest. Elaine went crazy and ordered furnishings for the house. She's thrilled.» Rolls his eyes.

Rashmi grins. "Well who can blame her? She gets to help out her brother, and all, right?" Chuckling, she starts shifting lighter boxes around to better place them to pick them up after the heavier ones are loaded up. "…Let me know when you're settled in, okay, Jono? Really, I'm glad for you. And we'll be sure to let you know what college has to say."

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