2010-02-15: Why Weight?


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Summary: Zack confronts James in the kitchen, James confronts Zack in the weight room, Owen confronts them both at both locations!

Date: February 15, 2010

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Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

It's afternoon in the kitchen, and James is standing over a pot, fishing the remains of his lunch out. Looks like deep-fried something…! After gingerly dropping the bits into a paper towel-lined bowl, he makes his way over to a seat, food in one hand and a drink and a container of unnamed brown spice in the other. He sets it all down on the table, and then sets his butt in the seat and gets ready to enjoy his detention-funded food break.

Zack comes in with sweat clothing on, he just finished off a round of weight lifting, and now he's in looking to carb up and soak in the sauna for a bit, headphones on, hair limp with sweat as it drapes down his back, giving a little bit of a grunt as he pushes open the door and he sees James. Frowning he walks over, "Yo" he calls out and removesh is headphones.

With a rush of DarkForce, the fuzzy form of Owen Folger appears in the seat across from James. He blinks a few times and then lifts a hand. "Howdy," he offers. "Whatcha eatin'?" he asks, dressed pretty casually today.

James looks up; his hand on his fork, ready to take a stab at his food. The 'yenas ears go forward, eyes on his teammate with a questioning look, "Hey Zack." His mind recounts the number of reasons why Zack might be frowning, and with each one the beast's smiles gets bigger, "How's stuff?" His head darts towards Owen and an arm quickly brings the food closer to James, "Mine!"

Zack grunts, "Well I gotta talk to you, one thing first I suppose. Did you walk around saying you were me." he says terse. Prehaps he'll try to foget a lot of previosu things that happened when everythign was crazy , but this is a recent thing, "Want to hear it from you first if you did"

Owen quirks a fuzzy brow. "Ah jus' wanted tah know what it is, sheesh," he sighs. He settles back and goes quiet as Zack speaks, watching the two younger mutants curiously.

James shrugs, looking up at Zack, "I did. To Jade. Just the once and it only lasted maybe 5 minutes before Rashmi came and set things right." That doesn't sound very apologetic, but he offers a, "I'm sorry," as a follow-up. He looks over at Owen, sheepishly, "Chicken bits. I assume they're some form of 'nugget.'" He looks back at Zack, "Dunno why…your name was what came out when I opened my mouth."

Zack frowns a little bit again and he points a finger at him, "All right, you got the right to be an asshole sure, if that's the way you want it, but don't go using my name. I have enough problems without people thinking I'm a giant tool" he growls.

Owen lets out a little whistle. "So impersonatin' a fellow student an' teammate no less," he shakes his head. "Not a nice thin' tah do."

James ear's twitch and slide back at the berating. He watches Zack's body language, the finger, and every sort of sensory-perceptive the beast can pick up from the larger teammate. He leans forward, elbows on the table, pushing his food off to the side. He 's maybe a good 3-feet from the other boy's finger, but he's going to make a point of trying to get Zack to think that's still too close. "Yeah, I know. It was dumb," he says, eyes going down his 'friend's' arm to the tip of his hands, "And I'm paying the price for it." His lips pull back only enough to expose his front pearly fronts, "I got detention—and you know. I got what I deserved." He stares INTENTLY at the fingertip, body tensing up. A single ear tilts towards Owen, but he never addresses the other fuzzy, "What can I do to make it up to you?"

Zack is pissed, what can be said, "ya well you know what, I met Jade, and like I said, be a dick on your own reputation. I don't care if you got punished, this isn't about school, this is about respect, all right, and you know what I'm sick of it. So you do it again and I'm going to knock those teeth in, is that clear enough." he sets both hands on the table and he leans forward, the giant wanting to make sure it's abundantly clear. "Don't care what you think just as long as you know it's not somthing you can have a freebie for"

Owen stays quiet but alert. He'll let the boys argue but if one of them takes a swing, he intends to end the fight quickly.

James smiles and boosts himself up on his arms in a smooth motion. He tries to meet Zack's gaze, part of him is really eating this up, "No, no, you're right. I've been a dick. And the team should be about more, and I know you're mad. But…why wait for a next time?" An eye slides over towards Owen and quickly back to Zack, "Danger Room?" he shakes his head, "Doesn't have to be today. But, I'm sure I can get Jono to let us have a little time to ourselves." His ears swing forward, eyes hopeful.

Zack shakes his head, "I don't care, I really don't, you wanna fight with people don't use my name." he says as he turns to the fridge to grab a large protin shake and he takes a good drink of it, "Just stay away and it'll be fine." he closes the fridge and goes to head back towards the gym.

Owen clears his throat. "Why ya'll itchin' for a fight, James?" he asks seriously, glowing eyes settled on the other fuzzy. "See ya later, Zack," he offers, waiting for an answer.

"I'm not using you're name to fight with people and I'm also 'Very Much Not' going to stay away," James calls out after him, "I'm on your team and you're going to have to put up with me at least 3 times a week—probably more." He watches Zack head for the door. He looks over at Owen, "Think I should go after him? I dunno. It's kinda like, one of those 'Jerry Maguire' moments." He frowns a little at Owen's question, "Because I spent three weeks recovering from injuries. I got these injuries because I took on something that tore our team apart. The rest of the team? They came and looked in on me. Zack—probably hid under his bed or something and never once visited or acknowledged me."

Zack walks into the Hallway.
Zack has left.

Owen sighs and leans back. "Probably not a good idea right now," he replies. "Let the big guy cool off first," he advises. "Who's Jerry Maguire? He like that Springer fella?" the southern mutant does miss pop culture stuff sometimes still. "So ya're mad he didn' visit?" he asks. "That's it?"

James looks down at his food, which he's now practically leaning on, "Damnit…cold." He growls as Zack leaves the room, "Oh, this is 'not' finished." He shoots an eye at Owen, "Don't worry about it. I'll explain it later." He frowns at the door, picks up his food to throw away, and makes it generally has the appearance that he's about to go after Zack.

Owen frowns and stands. "Ah'll wait for an explanation but if ya'll thin' Ah'm gonna let ya go off an' get intah a brawl with Zack…" he trails off. He may sometimes advocate a good fist fight or wrestle to help work out differences but not on Campus.

Xavier Mansion - Weight Room

All the weight machines are powered by hydraulics, you set the weight you want and your bench-pressing that many pounds, or even tons in some super strong students' cases. Punching bags, stair machines, bicycles, treadmills, weights, and anything found in your standard gym can be found here.

James comes tearing into the room, Owen hot on his heel, the hyena ignoring the other fuzzy, He looks at Zack, and with his hackles up, he points at the bigger student, "Oh, you going to run off again and bury yourself in this room, again?" He growls, "There's a place that exists outside this room you know! You want to bitch at me for playing my stupid games, fine. But I took a big risk to make things right again, all so you could hide under all these weights."

Zack is setting up the weights and working to start praticing again when james comes barging in, the teen stares a small bit at the heyna, and his face turns angry. But he tries to keep calm, removing his ipod, his headphones, and he takes of his shirt. "You know what. Fine, you want to kick ass, let's just do it. You get possessed, all right, shit might nto be your fault but I don't have to like it, or accept what you did. You wanna talk to me about being a bitch, you were the weakwilled son of a…" he stops, "Fine, come on I'll kick your ass" he grabs a weight bar to use as a weapon. No spar, this is gonna be a street fight to him.

Owen does indeed appear soon after James, DarkForce making it so he's there quick. And he looks mad. "James for the love of all thin's," he starts. Seeing the fight start escalating, he grits his teeth. "That's enough!" he yells, a wall of DarkForce shooting out to separate the two large mutants. "Zack! Put the bar down! James, back off! NOW!" he calls in his 'X-Force!' voice.

James continues his tirade, "You want to not like me. Fine. But we're on the same team. So, if you want me to treat you like i…" At the mention of 'weak willed' he freezes, pupils becoming very small points in their sockets. His hands tense, the sound from his lips more animal than human. Bar be damned, Zack is his. His head snaps towards Owen, eyes defending his stance in unspoken volumes only another beast can understand.

Zack grunts hard and wall or no wall he's gonna test it, lifting it up he simply strikes at it and tries to break through the darkforce barrier, with no idea of how strng it is, just goig to see if he could beat through it.
Owen understands why James is so angry but he still isn't about to let two students tear one another apart. He curses when Zack takes a swing though. The wall's not solid so the bar goes right through it. "ZACK!" he yells, glaring at the mutant.

James watches the bar pass through the wall, mind working out how he can do the same. His toe claws dig into the floor for purchase, body tensing and ready to go. The hyena's sole purpose becomes the person on the other side of the wall. His ears pin behind his head and he waits, because if nothing else, he's patient.

Zack was expecting…a solid wall,so he overswings since he expected solid contact grunting as he's off balance for a moment, and he will stumble through it if he can trying to regain footing, ok, so that was a trick that worked, focus back again at balance.

Wall isn't solid but it is cold to the touch. Owen meanwhile grits his teeth and stalks forward as he can see through it perfectly. He shoots James a look and then reaches out to take the bar from Zack. He'll teleport it away if he needs to. "Both of ya! Sit down and calm it!" he demands.

James watches part of Zack come through the wall, and that's all the signal he needs. Like a snapped rubber band, the hyena springs into action, running and jumping at the location he just saw the other student. With teeth and claws bared, he's going to do his best to get both onor inhis sudden rival.

Zack manages to get back to his feet, but Owen, if he teleports, can easily take the weight bar from him, though it is a few hundred pounds of special steel. Both feet on teh ground he get's caught by james, taking him full on if he pounces upon him. He'll get a good gripe, the big latino stumbles again, moving to try and smack James off of him with just a fist now! Doesn't look like any talking is going to make this go away.

Owen is a lot stronger than he looks so the bar doesn't bother him. He sets the bar down on the rack and turns in time to see James pounce. Cursing, Owen dispells the wall and moves over quickly. He tries to grab onto James. If he can, he'll teleport him to the other side of the room in effort to break up the fight.

James grabs Zack with all his strength, opens up his mouth, and snaps it down on this teammate's flesh—or MIGHT have, had it not been for suddenly ending up on the other side of the room. He stumbles a bit, still in position to do someone great harm. He shakes off the sudden displacement, picks himself off the floor, and shoots the pair a look. The hyena then growls and drops to all fours, waiting to see what happens next.

Zack isn't unanturally tough or anything, his flesh will still get cut, and torn, giving another low grunt he tries to push james off and smack him with a 7 ton punch or somthing similar.

Owen takes a step away from James once he teleports him and looks to Zack. Once the fuzzy guy is sure Zack isn't going to bleed to death or anything, he puts himself betwwen the two larger mutants to discourage more fighting. "That's enough outta the both of ya!" he barks. "Zack, get yerself tah the infirmary. James, ya'll got detentention tah get back tah. Both or ya steer clear of each other!" he orders. "Ah'll be talkin' tah Northstar 'bout the two of ya," he adds.

James points at Zack and barks (less literally and more figuratively), "He was the one that came through the wall! I have a right to defend myself!" He stands and crosses his arms, "Fine. But if I get detention out of this and he doesn't, I'm going to…." the throws his hands up, "Probably have to serve it anyways 'cause I'm sure I'll get blamed for it allanyways." He shoots his lower jaw out at Zack waits.

Zack isn't really bleeding or anything, so he just stands there, ready for a fight, "What the hell. He wants to chase me, let's just finish this, what, should we go out of the school" he says to Owen, and he just really is pumped up, "Bah, I don't even fucking care, whatever" just shaking his head and he just starts cursing in Spanish.

Owen shoots a look at James. "Ya came down here an' provoked him so you're jus' as much at fault as he is," he says. "Not for me tah decide anyway. An really Ah don' care. Ya're teammates! Ya shoudn' be fightin'," he glances to Zack. "No. Get tah your room then. James won' chase ya again. An' you best not chase him either."

James gives Zack a warning that's less about words and more about eyes and proclaims, "He's not my teammate!!"

Zack shakes his head, "Course he'll come after me, what the hell do you think this is about, thinks he can push me around, thinks I am weak, well I can break every limb of his, and I will next time." he gives a deep breath, "You're right, you're not."

Owen slams a fist into the nearest hard surface, doing some damage. "SHUT IT!" he barks. "He won' be chasin' ya cause if he does Ah'll teleport him outta here. Now GET!" he glares at Zack. "An like Ah said, ya can both expect tah hear from your Squad Leader an probably Mr. Summer or Addison."

"You lay a hand on me and I'm taking off three of your fingers as a warning," James shouts back, "I stuck my neck out for…!" and with that the hyena falls silent as Owen makes his displeasure known. The beastie boy crosses his arms and raises his hackles, "Hmph!" He stands there, not looking at anyone, "Fine…"

Zack clenchs his fist, "you'll never get close…" he says but he sighs, "Fine, great, so he's ruined my workout too…fuck it." he shakes his head at Owen, and he'll go towards the door, "Fine I'll just hang in my room." he shakes his head again, "All you had to do was leave me alone and you couldn't even do that"

Owen lets out a little growl. "Ah'm hearin' too much chatter an' not enough scurryin'," he says. "Fight's done an' over. Get."

"All you had to do was come see me in the infirmary, and you couldn't even do that!" he quips back, "And you owe me lunch!" The look that follows is one of an animal deciding from which part of Zack he's going to take it from. He looks over at Owen, "I need to take the trash out of here anyways." He sighs and finds some busy work until Zack leaves.

Zack has left.

Owen shoots a glare James' way. He's mad judging by the DarkForce coming off him but he stays quiet. He lingers for a moment before walking off to find Jean-Paul and Addison

James begins to straighten up the room—he'd have to anyways as part of his earlier sentence. Replacing the bar, gathering the trash, all while keeping an eye on Owen, "Today was my last friggin' day of this crap too."

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