2011-06-17: Wicked Date


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Summary: After much planning, then waiting, and more waiting…Tyler and Kieran finally reach the end of the school year and head to Broadway to watch Wicked like they planned.

Date: June 17, 2011

Log Title: Wicked Date

Rating: PG

NYC - Gershwin Theater

Currently playing at the Gershwin Theater is the famous musical, Wicked. In the lobby t-shirts, posters, books, and other souvenirs of the play and Broadway can be found for sale. In the upstairs lobby the Gershwin hall of fame is displayed on the walls, listing famous actors and actress who have donated to the theater. The list is large and spans across many years. Once inside the actual theater there's not a bad seat in the house.

It's Friday night and school is officially out for the summer break. Many students are already in the process of going back home, others are hanging around for a few days, and a good chunk will be staying at the school as they've got nowhere else to go. In all the shuffling about of persons, baggage, and celebration Tyler has been in his dorm room going through his closet for the better part of an hour trying to find what he wants to wear for his date.
After many combinations of shirts and ties he finally settles on a royal blue dress shirt, a slightly darker blue for the tie, and a pair of black trousers. His feet are sneaker clad, a black jacket is folded over an arm and this is how he appears knocking on the door to Kieran's room.

Opening the door dressed in a light blue dress shirt, with his bright silver tie, black sports coat, dress slacks and even having put on a pair of fairly shiny black shoes. Kieran's apparently pulled out the stops on getting dressed today. "So do I pass?" He asks smiling a little bit as he adjusts his tie a little bit. "I think this will be a lot of fun." He says casually standing there up straight, his blonde hair a bit messy.

With an approving gaze that rakes Kieran from foot up to his eyes Tyler smirks, "You're certainly very handsome. What do you think?" Arms are outstretched wide as he spins about so his boyfriend can take in the whole package. "I think so too. We've got to book it to the courtyard or the taxi might decide to drive off without us." The coat that has been resting over Ty's forearm is shaken out and slipped on then a hand is offered to Ki.

"Alright! Let's get a move on!" Kieran says taking the man's hand and smiling a little bit at Tyler,"You're looking hot tonight." He says laughing a bit, as he walking with Tyler towards the courtyard,"It's a shame the Maisonette closed or when we get back to Cincy we could eat there. Maybe we'll eat in the revolving restaurant over in Covington." He says casually towards Tyler as they walk.

"Why thank you, Ki." Tyler beams happily as they leave the dorms to walk over to the courtyard. "The Maisonette closing was a huge loss but the revolving riverside places is pretty neat. If you'd really like to go there I'm sure I could talk my Dad into driving us over there." It would appear that the taxi hasn't arrived yet as they've got a few minutes to kill and the taxi company had Tyler's cell number in case something was delaying them. "Do you really like seafood? I know the Riverview has other things but I've heard the seafood was the best."

"Actually I do like seafood." Kieran says nodding his head a little bit,"And yeah. Did you ever get to try eating the food at the Maisonette before it closed? The mousse was fucking amazing." He says laughing a little bit,"Where did you want to eat when we do the dinner with my parents? Trust me. You are better off not having my mom's cooking…" He says a little bit nervously.

Tyler smiles as he can see the cab coming down the drive to where they are standing. "I did get a chance to eat there but I don't really remember it all that well. It's not something we went to a lot so poof out of sight out of mind sort of thing." The cab pulls up before Ty can answer the more important question and he opens the door for KI instead of the cabbie. Once seated in the back there's a bit of chatting with the driver about the destination and then they're off! "Your mom's cooking must be on par with my Dad's. My father can cook some but my Dad is utterly hopeless. We're eating here in New York right? Or are we going to wait till we're all back?"

"Well it's not absolutely hideous, but it's fairly bland." Kieran says shrugging a little bit, and sliding into the the cab and waiting for Tyler to slide in next to him,"I mean she can make simple stuff but anything really good is not awesome." He says laughing a little bit,"Oh! She does make decent cookies. Not like Kevin's dadtwo but still really quite yummy when they're fresh." He says grinning a bit.

Tyler pokes Kieran in the arm playfully, "You didn't tell me where this dinner is going to be. Are we finding someplace to take them here in New York or are we going someplace back in the Natti?" He's thinking the former is what he should have remembered. The trick would be finding a good place to take them even though that one steakhouse in the Salem Center area was really good. "Maybe we should watch the Food Network and become amazing at cooking or get into Mr. Parker-Mayfair's culinary class. He seemed pretty cool for an old guy. Oh, we have to swing by the kitchen later to see if any of the cupcakes are left. You should have seen how many he was making and they smelt a-maz-ing!"

"Well if you want to get it over with, we can try and find a place here. I was thinking maybe somewhere over in Cincy." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"And I have heard about the class and it sounded really neat. I was considering seeing if I can get into it next term. Learning to cook is a pretty useful skill." He says laughing a little bit more. "Anyway, I think he's supposed to be pretty awesome in general, although I've never met him before."

Tyler ponders as he drapes an arm around Kieran. "Back home would be easier considering we all know the places around there. It wouldn't have to be anything fancy. What about Campanello's italian place? I might try to get into the class too. At least one person in my house should be able to cook something awesome." The drive takes awhile due to the distance between Westchester and Broadway. At least the cab is nice and not crusty and old. It's also a good thing Tyler's saved up his money for some time to be able to afford the date. "He seemed pretty cool. He's …oh! I forgot to mention. I'm thinking of changing my hair color and Mr. Parker-Mayfair might do it this weekend. I might put it off though because I don't think I want to meet the 'rents with dark blue hair."

"I don't think I've ever been to Campanello's." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"If you want to do just casual then we could hit LaRosa's, always a good place for the eating. There's also a few places in downtown and then Norwood. Norwood's got PF Chang's, Bucca DiBeppo's, and so forth." Kieran says shrugging, and then considering his boyfriend's face,"That might look really neat. Should I perhaps dye mine do you think?"

"Truth? I don't think I have but I've heard of it. Suppose to be a good Italian place. I wouldn't mind LaRosa's or any of the other places. Brian might have an opinion though we should consult. As long as what he wants isn't something like White Castle we'll be alright." Tyler can just imagine Brian wanting to go to White Castle or Skyline when they all want to go to a nice sit down place. Leaning his head back onto the seat he turns his head to be able to see Kieran. "I think it might look pretty cool. I'll have to show you pictures of what I'm thinking about. Do you really want to dye your hair? This wouldn't be something that washed out though I'm not sure how it'll actually be. I could find out some info though."

"He hates White Castle, and trust me. He'll want nice food. You'd be surprised. His tastes are more expensive than mine." Kieran says laughing a little bit at Tyler,"I don't know. I've thought about dying it silver for a little while at least. Not permanent but I think silver hair might work nicely." He says sounding a little bit amused at the whole thing,"Why not see about a temporary dye job of a similar colour to see if you like it. That way you can see how it looks first."

Tyler doesn't think that having Brian's tastes being more expensive is a good thing for anyone's pocketbooks. "Oh, I'm fine with my hair color choice. I was just worried about you getting something that you wouldn't like. Maybe we can tinker around with Photoshop and I could mock something up for you in various colors. I've got computer art skills too." He smiles softly and leans over a bit to kiss Ki's cheek. As the lights of the city twinkle about them they grow closer to Broadway which is packed with people going to see the first shows of the evening. Their destination is of course the Gershwin. The taxi pulls up in front of the famous theater and after paying the driver handsomely Tyler slips out of the cab.

"That might work." Kieran says sliding out of the cab after Tyler. "That's cool then. As long as you're happy with the colour you choose." He says kissing the boy's cheek softly and sliding his hand into Tyler's, he looks at the Gershwin,"Wow… I can't believe we're doing this." He says laughing a little bit as he moves along with Tyler,"We can try the computer program. I don't have any sort of skill with photoshopping, but then it requires art skills."

"Well, I wanted to run the dye job by you in case you didn't like it. Hate for you to wander around with me and feel weird because of my hair." Tyler smiles when a kiss is pressed to his cheek and he takes his boyfriends hand as they move to wait in the line to go into the theater. He has the tickets he bought off the internet so at least they were set to get in without a problem. "Photoshop is fun. Maybe I can teach you a few things over the break. And yeah, this is pretty amazing. We're going to see Wicked on Broadway. Never thought I'd ever see a show like this and the best part is I get to share that experience with you which is totally the best part."

"Nah. I don't mind you getting a dye job." Kieran says laughing at the thought he'd worry so much about it. "I am glad that we get to do this." He says smiling and squeezing Tyler's hand gently,"I love the music in Wicked and my mom, Brian and I went up to the Ohio last year to see it performed on my birthday." He says cheerfully, his eyes glittering with humour. "The production level will probably be a lot higher."

Tyler pulls a shocked expression, "Aww, no fair. You've already seen it." At the door finally Tyler pulls out the printed off tickets from his pocket and the doormen check it then offer a playbill for them both. They pass into the lobby and take in all the majesty. "We've got pretty good seats too. Right in the middle too. It should be all sorts of spectacular."

"Hey! I never said that I hadn't! Plus this is Broadway. They have higher caliber performers than touring groups." Kieran says grinning and moving to steal a kiss from Tyler's lips,"It will be awesome." He says softly.

Tyler flails about you having seen even a cheap version of the show though he's not all that seriously miffed about it. "It's Broadway," Tyler replies in a similar fashion before being kissed quiet. "Come, let us find these seats before the curtain call goes up or whatever it's called. The flashing of the lights thing in the lobby when everyone rushes to their seats because the show is about to start." Laughing he puts his hands behind his back for Ki to take as they make their way into the theater proper and seek to find their seats.

Taking his boy's hands Kieran grins a little bit. The kissing technique really is a nice trick for stopping an argument with his boy. "Let's hurry because I think it's about to begin." He says softly as they walk along to their seats to enjoy a spectacular show.

"Yes, I don't want to be tripping down the carpet in the dark," Tyler manages to find the right row and the seats easily enough and they can remove their jackets to drape on the chairs. There's quite a crowd for the show as the guests settle into their comfortable seats. There's an air of excitement building in the audience which has Tyler grinning like an idiot as he offers his hand to Kieran. The orchestra is moving into place at the moment so the show should start soon enough.

Once they're settled in, Kieran slides his hand into the offered seat, and leans in to steal a kiss from his boy before the show can start. He's really sort of excited as well. This is the first time he's ever seen a play on Broadway. "This is so cool." He says, channeling his secret inner theater geek.

Tyler whispers as the lights dim and there is sound in the pit. "I know right?!?! The music is going to be awesome, and the sets and pretty much everything." Kieran is clearly not alone in the first theater experience geek spazz. It's nice that they can truly appreciate something like this together on top of the other obviously awesome thing. First boyfriend, first uber date, first Broadway play…it's first everything! The music begins and the curtain lifts beginning the musical.

Relaxing in the chair next to his boy, Kieran's relaxing as the curtains lift. He doesn't have anything else to say right now. There's nothing quite like the experience of seeing a play live and then you add in Broadway and it's pretty incredible.

There are funny moments, the sad and the surprising, and of course the spectacle. The story is really good and it's kind of neat to see the actresses that ended up on Glee's first season on stage. The music and dancing is of course what Tyler expected it would be. By the time defying gravity is being sung Tyler's blown away by how it sounds live and gives Kieran's hand a squeeze.

Returning the squeeze, Kieran's pretty much blown away by the spectacle unfolding and the caliber of performance. He can only sit there stunned until the intermission begins and the lights come on,"Wow… This is just…. awesome."

Tyler is still gazing at the stage for a moment before he snaps out of his trance. "This is incredible," he eeks out. The show is definitely worth the ticket price and then some. Turning about in his chair he sees that Kieran has the same expression he must have. "Want to run out to the lobby and see if there's anything we could pick up to take back with us?" The shop had to have something cool that they could take back with them to commemorate the evening, other than the playbill.

"Sure. Let's go." Kieran says standing up and keeping his hand locked in Tyler's,"I will buy you something." He says laughing softly,"Let's hurry before we run out of time." He adds more seriously trying to lead Tyler out to one of the little stores that sells the souvenirs. Truth is that he also has to get something for Brian. He did sort of promise the kid a t-shirt.

Tyler is dragged out to the gift shop that is full of all sorts of things. While Kieran is looking at t-shirts Tyler spots something that's incredibly cute and comes up behind his boyfriend dancing something behind his shoulder then slides his arm around till the little plush flying monkey is in front of Kieran's face so he can see it. "Everyone loves the flying monkies." Draws it away to rest it up on his shoulder as he looks at the t-shirts with Ki.

"Want a flying monkey to keep in your bed?" Kieran asks grinning at Tyler, as he gets Brian a Wicked long sleeved t-shirt with flying monkeys going up the sleeves, and one for himself as well. Long sleeved t-shirts are always cool and useful,"Want one too?" He asks holding up the t-shirt.

Tyler nudges the little plush on his shoulder and quickly has to catch it before it rolls off to land on the floor. "Doesn't fly very well but I think it's adorable." Peering down at the t-shirt Kieran has picked out for Brian he thinks it's a good choice. "Are we to be matching? That's a sure sign of being totally besotted." There's nothing wrong with that in Ty's book so he checks to see what size Ki has the nods that it's the right size for him. "You can buy me the monkey but I'll get the shirt." Trade items and then it's off to the register to pay for everything.
If that all works out fine Tyler holds onto the monkey while standing around just outside of the theater doors. Slowly people are heading back to their seats. "Ready for the second half? I'm totally jazzed about it."

"Ummm… I think the fact I'm besotted with you was pretty much clear to everyone when we've been hanging around together?" Kieran says laughing a little bit as he pays for the items and then they begin heading back to his seat with his boy,"I'm totally up for the watching of the second half. It's even more amazing than I could have imagined so far, just waiting to see how they'll do the second half."

"Oh really?" Tyler pokes fun at Kieran as they walk back down to their seats and settle in. "You know everything is going to go to hell in the second act but I'm looking forward to seeing it. Kinda glad I didn't read the book before we came. I like not knowing what they'll do." People are filling the seats again. Turning sideways in the chair, with monkey in hand resting in his lap, he smiles at Kieran, "I love you."

"The book is really different. I didn't care for it." Kieran says wrinkling his nose, and turning sideways as he slinks after his boy to get to their seat and settling down into his chair and watching the stage rather intently. "I love you too." He says smiling at Tyler and moving to try and kiss Tyler's lips. His eyes glittering with amusement.

Tyler tips his head, "It is? I'll have to read the book over the summer." The lights are starting to go down when he tried out the three important words that have been on the tip of his tongue all evening. What better way to reveal one's feelings than on an amazing date? Hearing those words in turn have him meeting the kiss halfway. Eyes glitter in the darkness, "Good to know." The second act begins though momentarily Tyler's too busy hugging Kieran close and smiling a thousand watt smile.

Returning the smile with one of his own, Kieran pulls back and cuddles his boyfriend as they watch the second half of this play. He doesn't say anything more as the musical goes on. He may have seen it but the play draws him back in again as if it were the first time,"Watch the show." He whispers softly in his boy's ear so no one else would hear them.

There's a soft snicker about watching the play though it's not loud enough to disturb anyone around them. Tyler settles in for the rest of the show though he never removes his arm from around Ki. If the first act had been amazing and funny this act was far more powerful due to the dramatic change. The darker turn draws the teen in and at the end of the musical he joins in applauding the cast in the standing ovation.

Joining in the applauding and even the standing ovation, Kieran saw it live before but this really was worthy of the standing ovation as well. He keeps applauding the performers and the orchestra. He enjoyed this night so much that it's almost impossible to describe just how much he rather enjoyed doing it.

Slowly the applause die down and the people start filing out of the theater to flood Broadway. "Have your bag?" Tyler checks just to make sure as he pulls on his coat and tucks his monkey into his own bag. It's still fairly early in the evening which is a good thing as the teen is on cloud nine with no signs of coming down any time soon. Reaching over he gently takes hold of Kieran's tie and plays with the end. "Do you want to have dinner at the diner again before we head back to the school?" Not really wanting to the evening to end…ever.

"Want to go to the diner or somewhere more upscale?" Kieran asks smiling and standing there holding up the bag after sliding into his coat,"I'm game for whichever one you want to go to." He says smiling and leaning in to kiss his boy in front of everyone. Truth be told he really doesn't care who sees. "So shall we continue this really really lovely evening?" He asks once he's done with the kissing.

"Erm, why not hit the upscale place? It's not like I do anything with my allowance other than let it accumulate and this is definitely one of those times where money doesn't matter." Holding Kieran's hand Tyler meets the kiss and cares not for how long they stand amongst the emptying seats. When the kissing has stopped due in part to a giggle from the taller of the two he smiles toothily and ushers his boyfriend out of the aisle as the theater is nearly empty now. "I think we shall. There should be a nice place somewhere on this street or nearby." It's even amusing to try and navigate through a sea of people with one hand being held and the other brandishing a bag of goodies.

"You paid for the tickets and the cab. We go dutch on the dinner." Kieran says smiling and holding on to Tyler's hand like a life line as they navigate the departing crowd and searching out a place for food somewhere in the city that's nice. He keeps his other hand locked on his bag of goodies. "Should we find seafood this time?" He asks curiously as he thinks about places he might have seen in the nearby that they could eat.

Tyler nods in agreement as that's a fair way to go about it. Holding fast to Kieran's hand as not to loose him in the crowd they look about the busy city street searching for a place to slip into that looked decent enough by all appearances. "I think there's a place this way that was on the way in that should be alright." Once they're away from the theater going crowd it's much more comfortable to walk down the sidewalk. "Ahh, see!" Points with the hand holding the bag at the sign surrounded by white Christmas lights just ahead. "What do you think?"

"Why don't we check it out?" Kieran says as they finally get some amount of breathing room that they didn't have when pressed among the throngs of people that were flooding out of the theater,"Wow… That was a lot of people. Can you imagine if I'd lost control back there?" He asks with a weak laugh. Probably would have had a bit less of a crowd moving and more of a crowd laying down taking enforced naps.

Tyler chuckles, "They were so overcome but the sheer awesome of the show that they all collapsed outside trying to recover from it all." There's a person waiting at the door who greets them then there is another who shows them to a small table. Bags can be sat down underneath the table and Tyler playfully traps one of Kieran's feet in between his. "You've done a really good job of not zapping people, and mainly me. I don't think I'd have minded too much."

"Yeah I figured you were glad about me not zapping you." Kieran says laughing a little bit as he settles down and rubs his foot a little against Tyler,"I think if you'd been all zapped by me, it'd be rather unpleasant." He says laughing softly at the whole thing,"So you enjoyed the show tonight too?" He asks curiously, tilting his head a little bit so he regards Tyler intently, his eyes glittering softly.

"That would have interesting had it happened. The little shocks aren't so bad but I hope not to get tased anytime soon." There's laughter from the teen as a server pops over to give them both a glass of water then disappears just as quickly as he had arrived. "I enjoyed the show very much. I knew it would be something but I hadn't quite expected it to be like that." Tyler's smile is warm and his eyes hold an affection for the boy across from him. "We'll have to find another show to see some time during this next school year my junior."

"Well there's always Billy Elliott if it's still playing. Elton John did the music. Haven't seen it yet." Kieran says smiling a bit,"Then we can spend time together my sophomore." He says casually, eyes glittering a little bit as he looks at the boy across from him. "The little shocks aren't bad but yeah. Tasing is really really painful for some people. I mean you could tase me and it'd just make me feel good."

Tyler ponders shows for a moment. "There's that one with Hugh Jackman too if it's still playing. Don't think it is though." There's a rub of a foot against Kieran's. "That just seems wrong, tasing you, even though it would probably only give you more juice. I'm not so sure that's a good idea. Wasn't there some super bad guy that tried to take out an electric plant here. Elect…Eletro something or other?" Shrugs for that and peers at the menu to find something by the time the server returns. Having ordered he lays a hand on the table to play with Kieran's. "At least you're dating a younger man huh?"

"It wouldn't hurt me. A taser's no where near powerful enough to overload me." Kieran says shrugging a little bit as he keeps moving his own foot against Tyler's,"Yeah. You're younger but that also means we won't go to college at the same time. I'll be leaving the school before you do, although I might get to stay on to help with music class or as a tutor or something. I'm pretty good at things." He says smiling a bit at Tyler.

"It wouldn't hurt you but there's the whole issue of taking a weapon and using it upon your boyfriend part. I'll only do it if it's really really necessary." Meaning that unless Kieran is about to die and needs a jump start or he needs the extra juice to take someone down it's not going to happen. Tyler smiles while moving his fingers about in between Kieran's on the table. "That you're a year ahead of me is a depressing thought. Sure, you could stay back to be a teachers aide but I wouldn't want you to stick around because of me. What do you think you want to do when you graduate?" Graduation seems like such a long time away for Tyler even though it is really only three more years. That time will fly by faster than one thinks.

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