2010-05-07: Wild Horses


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Summary: James Proudstar meets Dustin, one of the Hellions he'll be co-training.

Date: May 7, 2010

Log Title Wild Horese

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Its a fine late spring morning around Salem and the Academy. The ground is wet from a early morning shower, but with the sun rising the clouds have been mostly pushed away. Still a few large clouds linger with an occasional sprinkle of rain, their underbellies grey but their bulbous bodies a puffy white. Walking in this area from the direction of the front of the grounds, its as if James Proudstar is curious about this area so close to the students themselves. Hands thrust into pockets, warming against a lingering cooler breeze left from the earlier shower, he strolls along the paths coming to the Quad. His focus is taking everything in, but as well, his eyes glance about for other bodies, with a curiousity to daily routine around the Academy perhaps.

Breakfast has been eaten and now the day starts for Dunstin. He has his back pack on over a blue and white plaid button down shirt over a pair of jeans getting ready to go to his first class, which doesn't start for a bit. He just figured he might go down to the stables and check on the horse he's grown attached to down there before going to class. He stops short when he spots the large figure that's James Proudstar and nods. "G'morning Sir." He says politely.

"Hello," begins James, turning on a heel, shuffling names in his mind a moment … "Dunstin right?" Despite his towering character, the interpersonal interactions are something he still has to work on. Where it might of been a casual hello, walk along before, he now makes that effort. "Isn't class that way," he asks, removing a hand from pocket and thumbing in the direction of the Academy proper. Brows are furrowed with curiousity though a smile present on his face.

"Uh yes sir, Dunstin VonThurston." He replies, no need to tack on 'the fourth' there. He knows it sounds kind of presumptous, and with being at Xavier's, there's no need to show of status. And Dunstin likes that. "I don't have class till a little later so I was going to go to the stable…can I ask how you know who I am?" He asks as he was told that there was a new Hellions leader but not really much besides a name.

Giving a good show of standing tall and firm, not hard at his size, James looks down at the teen boy. "There's a file on you Dunstin," as if it were a criminal record. Holding up his hands, he indicates about a foot of length, "This thick. I don't even know if you know what's all in there." Then a grin, and a firm pat on the shoulder to wash away his attempt at humor, "Squad Leader privileges - I make the effort to know who's on the team." Looking around, as if not sure where the stables are just yet, he ponders, "Can I join you?"

Dunstin shakes his head. "No Sir, I don't know, and I'm not surprised by the file…well there being one but that long? The painting I broke was an accident and I paid to have it repaired." Bad dice roll. Then Dunstin realizes it's said in good fun and he smiles. "Oh so you must be Mr. Proudstar…are you related to the guy the Boy's Wing is named after?" He was curious about that when he got the notice. Dunstin could have found out by doing research but he had other things, like his video games, to occupy his time. "Sure, they have a few horses here, all well tempered." Dunstin says as he starts to walk towards the gardens and from there, the stables.

Grinning after the boy catches on all the same, he listens to the question about his brother's name, certainly he knew about it. Being in contact with Charles while living abroad, he is the only kin to contact for stuff like that. Yet, being this close makes it different. Covering his distant gaze, he nods, "Yes, the wing is named after my borther John. He was once an X-man as well." As if that explains everything. Though happy to hear the boy talk about the horses as they start to walk in that direction. James hesitates enough, not knowing the way, to let the younger lead without appearing to follow. "By well tempered, do you mean tamed and proper? It sounds as if you prefer this to the wild freedom of untrained horses."

Dunstin nods at the confirmation that the Proudstar wing is named after his brother, he doesn't say much more. He doesn't really know what to say to that 'sorry your brother died all those years back?' or 'well it's good that his memory is still alive in the school?' neither really seem appropriate. "Yeah, tampe and proper so you can ride them. And I've never dealt with a wild untrained horse. We always went the to the stables and I have a horse back home but the stable is taking care of him."

Thrusting hands into pockets once more, James is indeed more glad to discuss horses. "You've been raised raised around the concept of the tamed horse. I can appreciate the sensibility of this being a comfort for you." Looking more at the younger man than the path they're traveling, he's certain he can find his way back to the biggest building on the grounds fairly easy enough, he grins to himself a moment. "The question then would be, if you had an opportunity to be near a wild horse, would you take the opportunity or do you prefer what you know as comfortable?"

Dunstin ponders that question for a bit and eventually he comes out with a kind of offbeat answer. "I think it would all depend on how well I rolled the dice." If James read his file then he would have a good idea of what that meant. "Seriously though, I think I would try it." Most of Dunstin's life has been kind of hand-outs, easy ways. Having money will do that, so the challenge and being able to see a wild horse, would by scary and kind of cool. "And after coming here I don't think there is a choice in prefering what you know as comfortable." He says with a big grin.

There is a light smirk of a laugh from James at the mention of how the dice are rolled. The larger man listens intently enough to everything the boy offers. His minds is perhaps ticking away, aside from training under Emma Frost, he can list Cable as a mentor, whose training consists of going out into the world and doing it. A more agreeing nod about what is a choice of comfort anymore. "You've picked that up fairly quickly, Dunstin." A grin of his own, "I think we should try it then - do you think the rest of the Hellions would mind a little field trip to see some wild horses?"

"I wouldn't mind a field trip, where too though?" Dunstin's not really sure where there would be wild horses around this area. New York State, hell even the Northeast, isn't known for it's wild horses. "Well when you're roommate is someone who can read minds and your best friend here is someone who can find pretty much -anything- along with being able to influence luck with dice it's kind of hard to define 'what you're comfortable with' anymore."

There's a chuckle from James regarding roommates and what they can do. "Good roommate to have," he responds, "Aside from donations, we won't have to worry about a VonThorston wing." Taking his best guess at the pronunciation of the last name there. A pause then, as if he's turning back to the former question but giving it a moment to sink in. "A field trip to Arizona. There might still be a few horses roaming around - it will have to be an all nighter mind you, hope you enjoy camping too. Plenty to learn as well, aside from seeing the horses. Consider it more of a push with that comfort level stuff, aside from room mates, you'll get to see the world outside the walls of the Academy for a few days - make the other squads jealous or something."

Dunstin lets what James says sink in and nods. "So we'd be sleeping outside and camping and doing stuff just liked the adventurers would do in a DnD campaign." Yes Dunstin is quite the nerd and has always loved fantasy and such so the idea of doing something like this appeals to his fandom and his want to experience it. "I've never been camping but I'd love to try it. I never really got much of a chance to really see nature."

Eh, a shrug and some consideration on his part before James decides how to answer it. "I suppose like adventurers … but don't think we'll bring foam noddles to hit each other with, our training will be more serious than that." A chuckle even, as he never would of made that connection and he thinks on it again, imagining perhaps himself swining said foam noddle weapon thing. "Dunstin, we're going to have to get you out more if you've never really scene nature. It might come at the cost of less - D-n-D," a slower pronunciation of that, "But with the gain of more real world experience."

Dunstin doesn't say it out loud but stuff like camping, hiking and being outdoorsy, that wasn't benefitical to the grooming of the next heir of VT Textiles, though horse back riding, that was cultured and about the closest he got. "My Father's not really a 'woodsy' type. He's more…business suit and tie so…" There's a shrug that says 'so that's what I was raised with.' Nothing good or bad, it just is. "I think I can manage to be away from my laptop for a few days." Dunstng says with a smile. "Real world experience in my family is making buisness deals on the golf course."

Another light chuckle from James regarding the laptop, "That's good Dunstin, we haven't had good wireless in Camp Verde since Prosh took all the good stuff with him." There is distant look again, a touch of a smile perhaps. "Then you're good at golf, or good at loosing for the purpose of business?" Casually, his hands slip from his pockets as they continue towards the stables, slowly but eventually they are at his sides in a normal walking gait.

"Camp Verde? Prosh?" Dunstin asks as neither of those names sound familiar to him. "I don't know if I'm good but I'm okay..I guess. I just went with my father a few times and we didn't really play to keep score. I don't really have an interest in being a good golfer but it's one of those good business skills to have."

"Dunstin, I appreciate your honesty," responds James, "No need to discuss golf then. A business skill is one thing, I think I'm more interesting in hearing what interests you." A shrug though, he is the one who asked the question after all, then he gets to his explanation. "Camp Verde is the reservation I grew up on. Its abandoned now." As if that easily explains the lack of inhabitants, his face at least suggests more to that topic. "Prosh is a little more difficult to explain, part of that comfort issue. He was the AI on Cable's ship, stayed with us a little and then took off on his own to save Cable. Sam and Bobby would probably be the experts on that topic." Then a grin, "That's Mr. Guthrie and DeCosta to you I suppose? Bobby might be more understanding about golfing and business deals to if you ever think that's more interesting than just business."

"I've always been fasinated with Fantasy. I used to play Dunegons and Dragons a lot back in Rhode Island but I haven't had a chance to do much here. Just some stuff with Cam. Mr. Guthrie is actually Cam's squad leader." Dunstin says as the two continue the slow walk until the AI is brought up and Dunstin just stops. "Wait, an AI that controls a ship? This place is weird." Dunstin doesn't mean it in a bad way, but the comment just kind of slips out. "So, Artifical Intelligence? It actually exisits? Like it's not something that someday is maybe going come around? And ship, like a space ship?"

"Tell you what Dunstin, we find you a wild horse in Arizona and you give it your best, without powers … and I'll give your fantasy stuff a try," a little barter perhaps, James leaves it on the table so to speak. Then he runs some fingers through his hair, its a comfort level he has found having been through it so to speak, but explaining it to someone who hasen't - he's not had many interactions on this level perhaps. "Yes, artifical intelligence … it doesn't exist now. It exists in the 24th Century though, that I know of … but it might be more than that, that's only speculation. Cable brought it with him on his ship. Its like a space ship I guess, it orbited the earth, but it was more, he used it to travel through time. That's how Cable came here. And I'm not even going to start on who Cable is - it confuses me too."

"Maybe I'll have to read about this Cable guy to understand him. Like in some of the X-Archives they let us students access." Dunstin says but there probably won't be a whole ton available to him. "Okay so I'll try to get a wild horse to…listen to me? without my powers or any dice." Though Dunstin doesn't know he can use his powers without the dice, it's a mental dependance to work them. "I try not to use them that often anyway cause it's random if it's good or bad. And when it's bad….it's bad."

"Good luck with that," intones James regarding finding information in the databases regarding Cable, then he lets it lie. Lisetening instead to the plan of attack for dealing with horses. "They're just horses, they may listen, they may not, its not so much a matter of commanding as building a relationship with them. You just have to be confident and understanging, you can gain their trust that way. As for the dice, I thought you said your roommate can help influence the role - or do you still experience bad results when you try this?"

"My roommate, Topher, he can read minds. He's a telepath." Though Dunstin and Topher, even though they share a room, don't talk much. Topher's kind of a bitter type. "I haven't tried influncing the roll, I did try with loaded dice and nothing happened." It's that his mind knows they're loaded and thus it's not a random chance. Since Dunstin believes it's random chance via dice, his powers work that was, for now. "So have you gotten wild horses to trust you?"

James listens about the boy's roommate and perhaps has his own ideas for seeing the boys powers at work, but it seems like even the lad is unsure of trying. Though, as part of the squad, its going to come down probably at some point training will involve understand of powers. That's for down the road, perhaps. As for the latter, there is a warm laugh from Proudstar, "I would like to think I have gained that trust, but then again, its not like I give them much choice in the matter. There is a horse or two that I've befriended enough. They recognize me and will come up but I don't know if they're still around." Looking down at the young boy, he confides, "That's the other thing with freedom, they can go where they like - including off the reservation. Its been fenced time and again, but that doesn't stop them from wandering away or being picked up by ranchers in the area."

"I'd like that, to have a wild animal, a wild horse, have my trust. There's just something kind of…I don't know how to word it but kind of speical sounding about it." Dunstin says as he pushes his glasses up. "But trying it with out the dice would be best. If I rolled a 1 who knows what would happen, I could get myself or someone else seriously hurt. I've never had a one kill anyone, but I tried it before a fencing match and…well…I ended up needing stitches." Dunstin says sheepishly.

A gentle, and large, hand falls on the young man's shoulders. James grins, "Certainly, without dice would be best. I'll be there to stop the horse from injuring anyone if it comes to that. I don't think it will, I think you know more about horses even if you've only been around those broken for such purposes." Perhaps hoping to work on a confidence boost with the exercise, in the least. "As for the dice though, we're going to have to work with what you have. We can run some training in the Danger Room, but even then, these bad rolls can probably have bad results. Jericho or I will be with you, but we're going to have to see your powers under situations with real consequences."

"I know how to care for them." Dunstin says and he knows how to ride them but he's never had to tame one but who knows, he might just be able to do it. He should, and will, try. "I'm willing to get a better hold on my powers though I think it's pretty simple. I roll the dice and good, or bad, stuff happens depending on what I roll. The better the number the better the results."

That hand on the shoulder gives a little squeeze as James listens to the boy. "Sounds simple I suppose Dunstin, the understanding is there but … I'm more impressed that you're willing to continue practicing, so to speak." Recollections of a run in with another on the campus so worried about what might happen, she's practically clothed from head to toe. "It speaks of confidence and integrity to who you are. I admire this more so than what you may be capable of - honest and hard work pays off."

"I know sir, just cause my family has a lot of money doesn't mean we don't work for it." Dunstin does say but his work may not be phyiscal labor but making sure that he's ready to run a company when the time comes. He knows that's his future and what he's been raised to do his whole life. "Why wouldn't I be willing to practice? Sure bad stuff can happen with my powers so can good.

"Its not that you wouldn't be willing to practice. Just considering last time you had bad … luck, you needed stitches. Not everyone is willing to step back up to the plate on something like that, taking a risk from their own powers." James is slow, putting his words together in a manner he things would be understandable. "I mean, stitches sounds close to fatal in some cases. If we're in the field we won't always have quick access to a medic. I'm sure I could get you to one quick enough, but still, there is a risk involved … and you're willing to take. I'm sure its the same with a business risk, but this one has more direct consequences perhaps."

"I think destroying the portriat of Charles Xavier on my first day here was worse." Dunstin says as he didn't really do anythign execept roll poorly. "And it was only stitches, yeah it hurt but now I know what it's like to really be stabed in a fencing fight? But at the same time good things have happened like my father's business deal going through when I was showing him my powers or my father calling me to let me know he was given tickets to see a Broadway show, just it's a mix of bad and good. You gotta take risks right?"

Something catches his attention in all that, stopping James a moment in consideration. He continues walking, but is silent a moment. Then, "When your father called you about tickets … what was the 'roll' then, and where was your father that he had to call you?" Luck and probabilities he has been around a little, but its been more up clsoe and personal.

Dunstin stops to think about it. "Well my father was in Rhode Island when he called to tell me he go the tickets and would give the pair to me to take a friend…I think I rolled a six, on a six sided die." Dunstin says as the size of the dice doesn't matter just the proability of the roll. "Cam and I were in the kitchen I think when I did it?"

Considering some and not wholly familiar with the surroundings, James nods. "Still, we're talking at least 50 miles away here, if not a hundred plus depending on what part of Rhode island - right?" Smile growing a little on his side, "I have to admit, that's sort of impressive. I don't want to think too hard on it, considering fate and probability, but still … have you had any good or bad luck and any greater distances?"

"Providence, so I think it's over a hundred miles. It was like a two hour drive here?" Dunstin says trying to fully remember it. But then driving it's always a straight route with the highways. "Not that I remember, usually it just effects me or the general area. Like that night I was showing Cam how my powers work and then we got lucky with getting the tickets cause my Father couldn't use them."

Pondering a moment, then a chuckle, James looks up at the sky as he listens more. "That's more interesting then … do you know why your father couldn't attend. Did some good luck come his way that prevented him from going, or perhaps bad luck?" This really seems intriguing to him as he listens to the younger speak of this.

Dunstin tries to remember again, it was a while ago and he's just trying to figure it out. "He had plans for that night, I don't remember what it was. Nothing good or bad but like a meeting or something. I'm not sure. I can ask him again if you want, I just really don't remember. He could have been out of town on business." Dunstin's trying to remember when his father took that trip to Chicago a while back. "So what are your powers Mr. Proudstar? I figure they're similar to Dr. Parker-Mayfair's since I think the two of you are both the same size." HOLY CRAP HUGE.

James gives a quick shake of his head, no need to call again to figure out the distance. If they practice more as a team, he may see this more first hand in time. In relation to the second question, he offers, "I'm not familiar with all of Dr. Parker-Mayfair's abilities. I have heightened abilities and senses. Strength, speed, reflexes, stamnia, durability, sight, hearing … and, Peter Wisdom discovered I'm capable of flight as well, that's newer, I could still stand more training with that. Is that close to Dr. Parker-Mayfair?" James has an idea for certain, but he hasn't snooped around in datafiles since a long time ago and is more keen to take people at face value for this sort of thign.

"Dr. Parker-Mayfair has strength, durability and speed and I think he's your height." Once you cross the 7' mark, the two inches of difference makes it hard to tell. At least for Dunstin. "And he can share powers with people. And Wow you can do a lot." It sounds like a lot ot him. "Dr. Parker-Mayfair can't fly, unless he shares with someone who can."

A pursing of lips and a nonchalant shake of the head from James, semi agreement with it beig a lot perhaps. "It only sounds like a lot, just think - I can't read minds or affect probability at any distance. None of my powers work external to me. It requires that I get up to someone and then, its not to help. Its all about context Dunstin. There is so much I can't do … any of us, its why teamwork is one of the areas we train in. Its why we have squads. You can go it alone, but there's probably things you can't do and you need help with, we all need help at times."

"Oh I know, each of us are different and we can't do anything. I mean, I roll dice and effect luck." Dunstin says with a grin as he knows he's not a front line fighter, he's like the guy who buffs and debuffs. At least that's how he'd think of it in his mind since he plays all those games. "I can't read minds either, so that makes two of us." He says in good humour. "Well I gotta get to class now, I don't wanna be late for Mutant Ethics."

Chuckling a little, James nods his head, "Sounds exciting Dunstain, thanks for walking with me." That said, he offers no more but to let the other make his way to class and himself to enjoy the stable perhaps.

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