2009-06-02: Wild Wild Squeak


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Summary: The Adventure through Time continues. This time Daisuke and Jared end up in the Wild West and find some allies.

Date: June 2, 2009

Log Title: Wild Wild Squeak

Rating: R

Outside Tombstone, Arizona - 1800's

Once more, the feeling of time travel will overtake both Daisuke and Jared as they make their jumps from their respective time periods. Though, instead of their intended destination, each will feel a sudden…impact as if colliding with a wall. And with a flash of light, Daisuke and Jared are send tumbling onto the dusty desert ground. Daisuke in his ninja get up and Jared still dressed in that strange british number, they're alone. No signs of Jordan or Julian and still no Eddie. Skeets, after giving a bit of static groans. "That could have gone better."

Jared moans a little, first from what ever the heck it was he hit in flight through time and then from landing with a large rock in the middle of his back. "Let me guess, you ran a red light in the time stream and t-boned a TARDIS? Really need to work on those landings." Jared takes a moment to let himself heal the bruises from his landing before sitting up, or even trying to find anyone with his powers. "Julien, you ok?" He calls out before holding up his talking bling, "You got a fix on the signal of who ever it is here we came for?"

Daisuke has gotten better this time, before he lands there's a thrum of sound and he flys for a second before floating down a bit wobbly. "At least I didn't fall this time Jordan…Jordan?" Daisuke says with a bit of panic in his voice as he looks around, though the panic does go away quickly as spots and hears Jared. He rushes over to Jared and tackles him in a hug, wearing his full ninja gear. "Jared!" He says with a bit smile on his face. He's too happy to see his boyfriend at the moment to care about the snary Skeets.

"We did not hit a fictional and quite frankly absurd item from a campy British television program," Skeets replies, annoyed. The AI goes silent as Jared and Daisuke reconnect. "If this biological love-fest is over, there is a signal approaching from the west. I am still unable to determine if it is another of my units or the control unity," Skeets chimes. And sure enough, something is coming!

Jared has that moment of fear as Julina does not respond, reaching out with his powers to look for him when he feels someone else that he knows a lot better. Jared turns and yells, "DAI!" just as he is tackle glomped by a ninja. He does not even try to keep himself from being nocked over as he pulls Daisuke in for a greeting kiss. Once the prerequisit joy and biological love fest make out session is over Jared holds up the arm with the bling on it to speak again, "One, there is nothing absurd about a TARDIS. The science your based on is bound to be able to bend time and space the way one would need to in order to make a ship that is bigger inside than outside, it would just have to be far mroe advanced than you. Two, watch the new series. They may take a certian glee in some of the funnier parts of the older series but there is nothing campy about it." Jared takes his SciFi seriously, especially when it comes with guys like David Trenent and John Barrowman. "Right, so we have incoming. How far away?" Jared reaches out with his powers as far as he can to see if he can find who is coming for them and to see if he can tell who it is.

Daisuke ignores Skeets and just enjoys being with him again for a bit. Once Jared starts speaking he looks inbetween the armpiece and Jared a few times before smiling. "I hope we find the others soon." He manages to get out before he hears the warning that someone's coming. He stands up and gets prepaired, not sure if it's friend or foe. "Oh by the way, Skeets, where are we now? Since I doubt we're still in Japan or Germany. All we need to do is hit Italy and I've been to all the Axis countries." He coments off handedly.

It's a mutant coming towards them, just on the fringes of Jared's awareness and gaining quickly. It'll take a few moments to recognize but it'll be more good news for Jared! Coming on on the back of a horse. Dressed like a cowboy in blue and white, matching white hat and mask on his face, a pair of six-shooters (fake) at each side…well. "Woah!" the horse comes to a stop in typical rearing back fashion. Once the horse settles…it can be seen that it's Eddie on that saddle.

"We're in the United States. Near Tombstone, Arizona. I'm having difficulty pinpointing when exactly though," Skeets answers Daisuke.

Jared blinks and then blinks again as he starts to feel what is comming his way. "Mutant, on horse back…its… EDDIE!" Big grin plastered on his face Jared takes off running while at least still holding onto Dai's hand to drag him along as he heads for his bro. "Jared does look back at Dai a moment and grins before saying, "Try Britain in the sixties, best fried fish I have ever had."

Daisuke is dragged along but is grinning all the same as he's reunited with his best friend. "I had some amazing food and sake in Japan in the 1600's, this stuff is authentic Jared." He says chuckling in regards to what he snagged. He'll tell the story later but for now, it's time to reunite with Eddie. "Eddie, where did you learn to ride a horse?!" He
asks sounding surprised.

Eddie seems to be in a hurry to get off his horse, falling off with an oof. This earns what one might swear is a snort of laughter from the horse. Eddie's up quickly and moving to tackle-hug Jared and Daisuke. "Dai! Jared!" he's laughing and grinning. "I got a quick crash course on it from a friend. And Dust seems to like me so it's been easy," he says, gesturing at the horse. "I'm so glad to see you guys. Why are you dressed like that? Where are the others? Are you all okay?"

Jared gleefully hugs both his brother and his boyfriend for a moment. "A crash course? No wait, forget I asked. Julien and I got tossed into the 60's in Britain, we got to meet the current, at least our current, Captain Britain before he became Captain Britain. It was me and Julien, but smething happened when we jumped here and…well I landed next to Dai but there was no Julien."

Daisuke returns the hug, hugging both Jared and Eddie. "Yeah Jordan and I ended up in 17th Century Japan. It was interesting and..yeah long story." Daisuke chuckles before looking around. "I just hope the other two are okay and that they're not going to kill eachother." He's realized both Jordan and Julian have a bit of a strong personality.

Eddie releases the others from the hug and pulls his hat back onto his head. "You met Captain Britain? Oh man, that's so lucky!" he says, grinning to Jared. "And you went to Japan? Man…oh yeah! We should get back to town. Not safe back out here and the guys will be wondering where I went…" he trails off.

Jared nods and grins at Eddie, "But it was before he became Captain Britain. We kinda saved him from going off the side of a cliff while being chased by guys with guns, then the bling went psycho with alarms and stuff saying we messed up the time line and pulled Captain Britain out of time. Julien was deaing with the guys with guns and he seemed kinda paniced, took of running, and slipped off the cliff. Then the guy totally disapeared and the bling said things were put right again." Jared is a little too excited about having someone to fan boy over meeting Captain Britain with for all of what Eddie said to sink in. "Others? Heh, you bro have the most amazing talent for making friends you know that? Ok, so we head back to town…where are we exactly Eddie?"

"I guess Jordan and I didn't upset the time line as this thing (Daisuke holds up his wrist) didn't go crazy." Daisuke says sharing his story. "Someone named Lady Ikarai and her escort Tetsu no Gokai, we helped them out of trouble and then got to have dinner with them." It's not as exciting sounding but he did enjoy it. "Friends? How long have you been here Eddie?"

Eddie stares at Jared, jaw a bit agape. "Jared…dude…you got to see Captain BRitain's origin?!" he asks, faboying full force. He looks up thoughtfully at the description of where Dai and Jordan were and then smiles. "That must've been fun," he says. The next round of questions has the power-booster blinking. "We're in Arizona during the 1800's. And I've been here for about two days," he says. Meanwhile, Jared will be able to detect someone else approaching. A human and a horse.

Jared blinks and stares at Eddie. "Two days? Dude, we only spent like 7 hours in the sixties…" Jared trails off as he senses the on coming rider. "Um, yo Skeets you got anything more fitting to wear? Not sure Brit-punk wear is gonna be taken well by the guy on a horse that is on his way here." Jared shoots Eddie a small look, "When you said dangerous…you talking about snakes and spiders dangeorus or Im gonna have to beat someone's head in after he shoots me kinda dangerous?"

"Yeah, Ninja gear might not be the greatest choice either." Daisuke says with a chuckle. "Yeah, Jordan and I only spent like tweleve hours ourselves too. It wasn't that long." Daisuke says mulling a few things over. "I wonder how long we've really been gone." If time for all of that seems to be a bit different. Daisuke looks up at whoever is approching and gets ready to attack if need be.

Eddie blinks. "Yeah…two days," he says. "There are many variables involved in the random jumps we've been making," Skeets chimes in. Eddie just shrugs and peers around for the guy Jared mentions. Squinting, he smiles. "Oh, don't worry, he's seen weirder…" Eddie trails off. Skeets meanwhile sighs and performs a scan. Seconds later, there's a flash of light. When it clears, both Jared and Daisuke are in cowboy gear similar to Eddie's. They've even got their own revolvers. "That should do," Skeets seems proud of himself.

Meanwhile, the approaching man stops his horse near Eddie's and hops down off. With a smile, he approaches Eddie. "Well, here's where ya'll ran off tah, Lili' Partner," he chuckles. The man's all in blue save for the white hair, his red hair standung out under it. "What got ya runnin' out here so fast and who're these guys?"

Eddie looks a little embarassed but offers a greeting to the man. "Johnny…this is my best friend and my brother," the power-booster gestures to both. "Guys…meet the Rawhide Kid."

Jared eyes Eddie, "He's seen weirder?" Jared is not sure of who exactly could be weirder than the time travlers that someone in the current time period could have seen. As the clothing changes Jared checks himself out, "Loose the guns Skeets. I don't care if they are fake, or if they are part of the costume, I won't wear them." He is rather firm on the decision, he won't make a decision like that for the others, but Jared will not have anything to do with guns personally. The teen healer gives the new commer when he makes it to them a smile and a nod, "Hello…Rawhide Kid…where do I know that name from?"

"Yeah lose them on me too." Daisuke says as he's glad Jared said something first as guns don't exactly make him comfortable. "Nice to meet you Rawhid Kid." Daisuke doesn't know the name and goes it not his 'this is a new person that I don't know know' shy mode. He tugs a bit on his cowboy clothes as they are weird to him but other than the guns, he's fine with it, just as long as he can get the stuff he took from Japan later on, he'll be be happy.

Eddie nods quickly. "Yeah. The others have too," he chimes.

Skeets just sighs and mutters something about organics. With a small flicker of light, the guns vanish from the holsters, back to wherever they came from.

Rawhide Kid meanwhile smiles and places a hand on Eddie's shoulder. "These the time travelin' buddied you mentioned?" he asks. Eddie just nods. "Well, nice tah meet ya," he says with a grin. "People tend tah call me 'Rawhide Kid' but ya'll can call me Johnny."

Jared nods at The Rawhide Kid and gives him a friendly smile. "Well its nice to meet you Johnny, especially if you have helped take care of my brother while he has been stuck here. You can call me Jared." The teen does keep an eye on the cowboy, not sure how the guy is taking the idea of time travlers quite so easy, but he is so there is no reason to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Nice to meet you Johnny, I'm Daisuke." Dai says offering him his hand. If Eddie trusts the guy he figures he's okay. "Okay, so now that at least three of us are here I have to ask. Are we just hopping around until we hopefully get back home or are we going to try to find a way back to our time?" Since he's not really sure what's going on.
Johnny laughs a bit, tilting his hat back and shaking the offered hand. "C'mon. Let's head back tah town. Meet up with the others before it's time," he says, gesturing towards the horses.

Eddie shakes his head. "We gotta get the master control unit from Dr. Sting before we can get home," he says, tapping the 'talking bling' on his wrist. "Says we can jump to when he is so we can try and get it from him. Says what Jared took is half of it. He was here before but got away. He left something though…" Eddie trails off, walking towards his horse.

Jared grins and waggles his eyebrows before he pulls the part of Sting's belt buckle he carried with him through time out of a pocket. "You mean this is part of the master control…so he will eventually come for it. Good, I am looking forwards to a rematch. Julien and I figured best logic when we could jump was to try and jump to one of the two signals out bling picked up that was alone. If it was Sting Julien was the best to take him on, and if it wasn't…well it means one of us that is alone would not be anymore. No idea how he and I got bounced to differnt times though." Jared does nod at Johnny and heads twords the horses and pats one of them on the side knowing the thing will probably act like his rabbit and like the feel of his touch. "Never ridden a horse beffore."

Daisuke joins Jared and walking towards the horses and nods while listening. "Well we have to find Jordan and Julian first. Though I'm sure the two are okay." Daisuke says looking at the horse cautiously. "I've never ridden a horse either, or been this close to a horse." He comments running a hand through his hair. "You found something? And he was here?"

Eddie smiles, patting his horse gently. "Sting was here, tried to fry me but Johnny and the others saved me," he explains, getting up onto the saddle. The power booster offers a hand down to Dai to help him up. "Sting ran off but left one of his cronies back here in this time period and he's causing trouble. Bling won't let me jump till he's dealt with," the booster goes on.

Johnny nods, offering a hand to help Jared up onto the back of his horse. "Right. And our crew's workin' out a plan tah do just that," he says. There's a moment for everyone to hang on and the horses start off towards town.

Jared nods and grabs Johnny's hand and hops on top of the horse behind him gladly. Jared does put his hands around the cowboy's waist, his powers probably causing where he touches him to tingle just slightly, before he speaks. "If he left a friend behind then we might be able to get some informaiton out of him, and if he is causing trouble….well we can show him what real trouble looks like."

Daisuke takes Eddie's hand and struggles up onto the horse, but finally manages to get on. "Jared's right, we might be able to get some information out of him. Also Skeets, do you have any idea where Julian and Jordan are and is there is a way to get the five of us back together?" He asks the snarky AI bling.

Skeets flickers back to life and scans. "Let's see…they aren't in this time period," the AI mutters. "I am detecting a foreign signature that must be who you're reffering to. To get back together, you'd need the completed master control unit or luck," it goes on.

Johhny just offers a smile to Jared at the tingling, chuckling slightlty. After about five minutes of horseback travel, a small town can be seen. The horses turn and head towards a building on the outskirts of tower though. Once they arrive, several other horses can be seen tied outside. Coming up with the others, Eddie hops off his horse and offers to help Dai down as well. "That's what I had in mind but well…" he frowns a little. "Not much by myself…"

Jared nods and spends most of the ride in thought. Once they get to the building Jared extends his senses again to get an idea of how many people are inside, what kids of conditions they are in, and any other info he can get. Instead of waiting for Johnny to get off and offer to help he slips himself off with all the grace and style that goes with his training in gymnastics. "I would not say that bro, I have seen you training, you could probably kick serious ass without any… of the special edges you can pick up."

Daisuke shakes his head. "Eddie, you can copy things and you're pretty darn tough. You're just being hard on yourself." Daisuke says as Eddie's the only one of the group to have survived for two days on his own the rest have only been with one other for eleven hours. "Ijust don't like feeling like playing this waiting game, waiting for luck to bring us back together when we could be trying to do something."

Inside the building there are five others in good condition. No one feels anything special even if one is a bit on the weird side. Eddie blushes, letting his hat hang back instead of being on his head. Just in time to get his hair ruffled by Rawhide. "Don' forget that trick of yours, Kid Lightnin'," he says, heading for the doors of the building. Eddie offers a sheepish smile and gestures to the Goblin Gauntlets on his hands. Heading inside after Rawhide Kid, Eddie gestures around. "Guys, meet the Two-Gun Kid, Phantom Rider, Kid Colt, Ringo Kid, and Outlaw Kid," he gestures to all those assembled. "They're gonna help us get to Sting's goon," he adds, the assembled men offering nods and greetings. Looks like some kind of convention of the heroes of the old west.

Jared looks around the groups and nods to each of them as they are introduced. He does let his eyes linger on the one that feels a bit on the weird side. "Eddie, bro, your ability to find a group of heroes no matter where you go never ceasses to amaze. So, who is this greifer that Sting left behind and whats the plan to nail him to the wall?"

Daisuke nods as and waves shyly as he's introduced to everyone in the room. He's fairly quite and stays close to Jared and Eddie. "I'm sure we can figure out what we need to between the th..all of us." He has a lot on his mind at the moment and is just trying to process it all.

Phantom Rider just glares at Jared as the eyes linger on him. Well, he could just be looking back but the mask makes him look like he's glaring. Eddie meanwhile turns red. "Sorry about rushing off but ya see why I did," he offers, sticking near Jared and Daisuke as well. "

Rawhide walks over to lean against a wall as Two-Gun Kid explains the plan. Since Sting's cronie is holed up in a saloon, the plan is simple. Two-Gun and his crew will distract the men outside while Eddie, Dai, and Jared sneak in the back and deal with the guy on their own. "We leave in twenty minutes. Get some rest, check your equipment, and get ready!" Kid Colt speaks up, getting nods from the others.

Eddie turns to Jared and Daisuke and sighs. "Guy's tough so we're gonna have to work together. C'mon, I'll fill you in on what he can do while we get something to eat."

Twenty minutes after the meeting at the run down building on the outskirts of town, Eddie, Daisuke, and Jared headed into town with the Two-Gun Kid's crew. While Eddie and Daisuke were given horses, they only had a donkey for Jared. Rawhide Kid thought it was funny but thankfully the donkey kept up just fine and was rather cooperative.

Currently, in the space bewtween a high wooden fence and the back wall of a saloon, Eddie is crouched down low and creeping along in the shadows. "Alright. When we get the signal, we're going in after the guy. Johnny and the others will keep his minions busy for us," Eddie whispers to his half brother and best friend.

Jared has had to bite his tongue on no les than three occasions since he was given the donkey to ride to keep from making off color jokes, one about his personality and at least one that would probably make Dai blush and Eddie fall off his horse. With powers extended Jared takes a metaphysical peek inside the building to know exactly where everyone inside is. "Right, any powers or super tech we need to be aware of?"

For Daisuke, it's an awkward ride on a horse, he's just not used to it. Lucky for him horses just tend to follow the horse in front of it. Once there he looks at Jared and Eddie. "Well once in I'm going to see what weaknesses I can detect as well, help give us the edge. I'm going to try not to destroy anything important this time."

Eddie nods slowly. "The guy's a cyborg. I broke his gun before but it could be repaired by now. He can extend his arms and legs too," Eddie fills them in. Inside, Jared will be able to detect about thirteen guys on the ground floor, some feeling the affects of alcohol and others not. There's one up stairs and by the strange feel, he's the cyborg.

As Eddie creeps to and opens a window, a gunshot goes off. One man inside is suddenly injured and bleeding and the others are rushing out the front door. "That's our signal," Eddie declares, climbing through the open window and tumbling the ground inside. "Ow," he mutters, heading for the stairs and gesturing for the others to follow.

Jared figures out where everyone is and whinces as he can feel one of the men getting hit by a bullet. He nods as he hears about the cyborg, and can feel him upstairs ready to enter the building as soon as things start. He follows just behind Eddie, managing not to hurt himself at least, while he uses his longer legs to try and get to the stairs before Eddie. Of everyone in the group he can take the hit better if the villian takes a shot at the first person he sees.

Daisuke notices Jared wince but doesn't have time to ask if he's okay before following in last by climbing in the window. There's a thrum as he takes to flying, it's not discret and it's not fast, but at least it gives him a bit of the position from the air. "So we're just aiming for the cyborg right now right? And we're also trying to question him?"

Eddie is easy to get past but he frowns when Dai and Jared pass by him. Upstairs is a bit trashed, all the walls knocked down to make it one big room full or rubble and destroyed furniture. At the far side, peering out a window is a bald man with a trenchcoat. He's tall and the exposed hands and feet seem to be little more than three-clawed metal tendrils.

As the group heads up the stairs, their cowboy gears seems to vanish and they're left in the black and gray with domino masks again, Skeets flicker to life. "Question him if you so desire but he must be removed from this time period before he can cause further harm."

Jared ignores the pouty frown from Eddie, unless Eddie starts to copy his powers he is planning to make sure he is the one more likely to be attacked first. "We take him down first, then question him and get him out of the way of history."

Daisuke may pass his best friend but he's not leaving him behind as he stays close to both of them. He lands as soon as he sees the guy and immedately starts to study him, taking his time so that the cyborgs weaknesses come to him. "Give me a minute." He mutters to Jared and Eddie.

The cyborg's eyes register as a weakness with Daisuke, as well as the connections for something under his coat. He also doesn't register as particularly smart. He turns slowly and a wide grin spreads across his face. "Now I don't have to find ya!" he declares, shrugging off his coat. Underneath he's just got on metal shorts. He's got a Doc-Ock like tendrils replacing each arm and leg and another coming from each of his sides. He grins before sending a tendril whipping forward. Eddie ends up grabbed and tossed across the room and the man turns to Jared and Daisuke. "Who's next?"

Jared raises and eyebrow looking at the cyborg. "Right, so you look like Doc Ock crossed with a a no neck goomba. You have one chance to give up quietly or we can dismantle you peice by peice. What do you say, make it easy for us this once?" Of course then he goes and grabs Eddie and looses any chance at mercy he was going to get from Jared. "NEver mind…" The athletic man says as he takes off to charge the cyborg planning to at least get him to swing a couple of those metal armatures at him while Daisuke can act on what information he can gather form his powers.

"Go for the eyes." Daisuke says quietly to the two as he doesn't know if he can with his sonics. "Don't his my best friend!" Daisuke yells at the cyborg as Eddie's flung across the room and he opens his mouth and lets out a scream directed right at the face of the cyborg hoping to do something.

Eddie hits a far wall and slumps to the ground. "Ow," he groans, starting to get up slowly.

The Octo-Thug gets taller as leg-tendrils extend. The thug swings two tendrils at Jared as he charges, snapping at him and tring to scoop him up off the ground. When the scream hits his face, the thug staggers back and yells in what sounds like german. Tendrils start flailing around, swatting at Dai and Jared.

Jared dodges the first, and second whaps from the tendrels that snapp at him. "COme on, you have to be faster than that to hit me! Obviously Sting does not pick his allies for skills, or brains." Of course in the random flailing after he gets hit by Daisuke Jared does get a tendril to the solar plexis, while he gets the wind nocked out of him he just holds onto the tendril for the moment till he can breath right again.

Daisuke is not the best at dodging out the tendrils so he puts a sonic barrier up to block the first hit but the second hit gets through and Daisuke gets hit and goes flying back too. "Eddie." He breaths out while trying to catch his breath. There's going to be a nice bruise there. "Zap him in the chest." He's hoping he can hit whatever weak point is under that coat.

As Jared holds onto the tendril, it quickly wraps around him and starts to squeeze. "You're gonna die!" the thug growls to Jared. The remaining five tendrils whip forward and shoot at Daisuke, trying to grab him as well. The first two clearly miss, punching holes in the back wall. The other three will need to be dodged.

Eddie yelps and nods. Lifting his hand, he lets loose a blast from the gauntlets and hits a tendril. There's a screeching noise before the metal device connecting the tendril to the man's body sparks. Suddenly, all five of the remaining connections light up as weak points to Daisuke. "Jared!" the power booster yelps when his half-brother is grabbed. Eddie bites his lip and looks to his friend. Scars light up as Eddie boosts his best friend's powers up to triple their normal levels. As he does, his costume morphs to look like a blue and white version of the one Dai's wearing right now.

Jared gets Squeezed, but still manages to try and kick back at the villian. With what little breath he has he says, "Can't kill the immortal, when I get loose I am gonna make you regret this." That said he will try and plant his feet to the ground and pull on the tendril, trying to pull the guy's balance off if he is not too far into the super strong area before the crushing breaks more than a couple of ribs and makes him pass out.

Daisuke can't hit all the tendrils but he just goes for the one that's holding Jared and screams at a point that isn't holding his boyfriend. He tries to dodge what tendrils he can but he's not very good at it. Daisuke's not super agile or anything or really all that athletic.

While Jared's tugging and kicking don't do much to the big guy, Dai's sonic scream does a lot of damage. With a horrified expression from the thug and a nasty noise, the connector just explodes, the tenril going limp as it falls to the floor. Meanwhile, after only one rip starts cracking, Jared's free. "You little bastard!" the thug yells, throwing Dai across the room. Luckily enough, Eddie's there's to catch his friend. Or rather…break his fall should it be needed.

Jared does not scream, he does not yell, he does not even curse at the cyborg. Instead he just growls as he grabs the tendril that used to be around him. With a rather heavy dose of anger on his face he whips the tendril to the side so that most of it is behind him, and then over his head as he moves forwards to try and bring the end of it down on the villian's head.

That's the second tendril hit that Daisuke's taken and it hurts. He's greatful that Eddie's there from stopping him from slamming into a wall. "Ow." He hisses out but luckily Daisuke can still breath enought to let out another scream at the cyborg, aiming at another one of the tendrils. "I'm not letting him take me down."

Eddie makes a very effective landing pad. He lets out a little squeak from under Daisuke, nodding. "Not gonna let him take any of us down," he backs up his friend's words. Dropping his boosting and mimicking of Dai, Eddie starts boosting and mimicking Jared and tries to direct that healing power into Daisuke.

The thug brings up two tendrils to block Jared's clubbing attempt. With another, he sends a hard punch at Jared's midsection with intent to knock him across the room. When Dai's scream hits, the man looses another of his limbs. He's down to four now. Roaring in anger, the man starts tossing some of the wreckage in the room at Daisuke.

Jared was half expecting the block, and more then ready for the attack
as he dives over the tendril, hitting the ground with his hands outstretched and tumbling once as he pushes himself off for another charge. This time he has every intention of making it the the Villian dodging on his way in. If he manages to reach the villian his plan is to lever all of his strength, now boosted thanks to the increase from Eddie, at the weak spot in the middle of his chest that Daisuke had pointed out.

Standing up Daisuke dodges what wreckage he can but he probably can't dodge it all but that doesn't stop Dai from attacking. "Mr. Faith, hit it with the guantlets, any tendril you can." Daisuke says as he screams again so that he can hit another one. He doesn't care how many hits he takes, he'll keep on attacking until all the tendrils are gone.

Eddie stands as well and nods. He ends up having to dodge rubble and debris as well, taking quite a few hits himself. Thankfully, with him mimicking Jared's powers, both Dai and Eddie's injuries aren't too much to worry about.

The strike from Jared produces an interesting result. A panel of fake skin falls off revealing a glowing triangle of red light imbedded in the man's chest. Skeets suddenly flares to life. "Temporal Anchor Detected!" the AI declares. The thug doesn't get much time to respond. Between Dai and Eddie, he's left limbless. Just thrashing around on the floor, he yells curses and threats at the teens.

Jared growls again as he moves so he can hold the now limbless cyborg in a slightly modafied sleeper hold. Modafied so that he can still breath, a little, but without internal oxygen will be having a little trouble breathing too deeply. "Now ass hat, your gonna tell us exactly what Dr Sting is up too or you can what its like to be unable to breath with the benafit of not having to worry about the eventual brain damage."

Daisuke stops his attacks wondering if it's a good or bad thing to attack the temporal anchor or not. He walks over to Jared and holds his ribcage. He's healing but it's still sore. "I still have my voice so you better answer him or I'm gonna scream." And it's not an empty threat.

Eddie is generally just sore all over but he's healing thnaks to Jared's powers. Coming up next to Dai, he puts an arm around the sonic-teen's shoulder.

The octo-thug growls, struggling. "Boss' back in time killin' heroes before their kids cause trouble for him in our time," he growls. "And he's gonna kill you little twerps too."

As the Octo-Goomba struggles Jared just tightens his hold on the guys neck a little more to make sure he knows there is no way in hell he is getting away. "Your boss is dumb enough to go after one generation of heroes to stop the next one. Right, now you are going to tell us how to find him and out friends or I may be forced to stick my arm up to the elbow into that glowing triangle in your chest."

Daisuke looks at the lackie and frowns. "I'd really listen to Medic if I were you. And also, you're boss isn't going to kill us." Daisuke says as he starts to float up a bit in the air using his sonics to let the guy know all he has to do is scream.

Eddie lets go of Daisuke and frowns down at the goon. He remains quiet though.

The thug just laughs. "Go ahead and do it then, kid," he grunts. "See what happens."

Jared growels into the thugs ear, almost whispering, "I can hear form anything, regrow limbs, and can do the same for other people. Give it time, just holding you like this and your own body will start to reject your cybernetics. Do you really want to fuck with me? Or let me wait till the hook ups for your limbs get rejected form your body and just leave you limp and limbless in a small cell waiting for the judge to sentance you to do the hemp fandango?"

Daisuke just lets Jared do his thing though seeing Jared like this does scare him a little. He doesn't show it but just continues to glare at the lackie. "I don't think I have to do anything, Medic here is doing all the work so I suggest you better start talking." Daisuke says.

The thug just growls. "I don't know how to find the boss. He calls me when he wants me somewhere," he says, gesturing to his coat with his eyes. Eddie blinks a few times and starts looking through the pockets. He frowns at some of the things in them but eventually pulls out a rather futuristic looking cell phone. "Hey! Put that down!" the thug yells.

"If you're done," Skeets speaks up. "Destroy his anchor and send him back where he belongs. Then you can try and find the other biologicals tomorrow morning."

Jared tightens his grip to try and cut off the Thugs ability to speak as Eddie finds the next generation fo iPhone in the jacket. "Anyone else got a question for the limbless goomba, or can we rip out his temporal ancher now and say bye bye to this trash?" Jared has some anger issues, something he has tried to deny to himself and hide from Daisuke and Eddie. Later he will wish Dai did not see him like this, but for now he is going to keep growling and choking the bad guy.

Daisuke doesn't say anything to Jared but he just takes Skeets cue and screams, aiming it right at the Goons chest, figuring that's where the temporal anchor is. He's careful not to hit Jared or kill the guy but he hopes that works since he just wants to lay down for a bit now that this is done with. HIs body hurts even though it's healing quite fast.

The scream shatters the device. The thug can be heard laughing as he vanishes in a flash of light along with his coat and tendrils. Eddie frowns and moves to offer Jared a hand up. "C'mon, Bro. We should get some rest before its time to go after Jordan and Julian…" he trails off quietly.

"Hey! Ya'll alright up here?" Two-Gun Kid can be heard yelling from downstairs as he comes up. "Yeah. We took care of the guy. Time for us to get going," Eddie replies.

Jared growls a little as the guy vanishes and kinda wanted to reach in and yank the device out wiht his bare hands. After a second he takes the offered hand. "Yeah, a little rest would be a good idea."

Daisuke puts an arm around Jared and is quite for the most part. He nods and just walks off. There's not much for him to say at the moment but at least the pain is lessing quite a bit. "Rest sounds good." He says quietly as he's happy that's at least one guy down. He'll ask Eddie about what he dug up later.

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