2009-04-27: Wild Wind


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Summary: Armed robbers ruin a nice and peaceful day.

Date: April 27, 2009

Log Title: Wild Wind

Rating: PG-13

New York City

A nice, pleasant evening in New York City. The weather may be oddly warm but people are still out and about. On the very edges of City Hall Park, Keith Flinn sits on a bench watching cars go by. The white haired man is in cargo shorts and a tank-top, sunglasses covering his eyes as he enjoys the drink he's sipping. At the moment, he smells a bit like cinnimon due to a small breakfast-relatted incident but he doesn't seem to mind. There's some shouting coming from the small shop across the street but it doesn't seem like any trouble so people are just going about their day.

Pallaton seems to be just wandering, lost more than anything. He really is hopeless, but he's on a mission. To get to Central Park and try to track Owen to wherever he is. He's got the nose to do it, buuut… well, he's never smelled cinnamon before. The scent distracts him as he stares over at the boy, but then he shakes his head and heads on. Keith may know this particular kid if he;s spoken to Kaden. After all, he did beat down on him a few months back…

Keith lets his gaze wander, lingering on Pallaton for a few moments. The older man frowns slightly, staring at the mutant as he get strange feelings from winds. Just as he lowers his sunglasses and stand, there's the sound of gunshots and breaking glass across the streeth. A woman screams and anyone looking will see two men in ski masks coming out of that little shop.

"Where the hell's the getaway car?" one in a red coat demands, holding up a handgun and looking back and forth quickly. "How the hell should I know?" the one in green seems to be trying to stuff his gun back into his pocket.

Pallaton looks over, then sighs, shaking his head. Another distraction, but he can't just let this one go. He ducks into a hidden spot, peeking around the corner a few times to keep an eye on them, waiting for them to make the move.

The gun men look around in a panicked state for a moment as people start to move away from them. "Who care, book it!" red-coat suggests. He gets one step away before a very heavy wind knocks him clear off his feet. "What the hell?" green-coat's shocked.

"And I was having such a nice day too," Keith mutters to himself as he makes his way across the street. He's got his hands in his pockets and sunglasses still over his eyes but is watching the gunmen carefully. "And where did that kid go?" he grumbles, wondering where Pallaton went.

Pallaton is only temporarily hiding, before he comes charging out. Only without the disguise. He's jumping up onto a nearby wall, balancing his bulk there while he lifts a paw to shoot a few pebbles at the gunmen, trying to keep them stunned, or at least annoyed, so that the other boy can take them down. He's trying to keep some distance, though, so he doesn't get hurt again. After all, there are still a few band-aids on his fur, but only one or two.

"Gentlemen…and I do use this term lightly…you'd best just give up," Keith can be heard saying as he approaches the gunmen. Red shirt gets up in time to yell a curse as the big wolfman comes bounding into view. Both men lift their weapons and start shooting, only hitting the wall. Both seem rather annoyed by the sudden rain of pebbles. "Seems that the winds of destiny have changed," he says with a little chuckle. "And a bit more," he adds, what seems to be a miniature tornado lifting both men off the ground and juggling them in the air. "Hey, fuzzy. Do me a favor and open up that dumpster over there?" the white haired man requests of Pallaton.

Pallaton jumps down from the wall, lifting said dumpster open. "The name's Talli, not fuzzy." He shouts, holding it open. Once the two have been blown in, he smals it shut and sits on the dumpster. Though he at least gives them some air-holes, using his claws to punch through the metal. After all, it must stink in there. Either way, he figures the public exposure of him helping turn in the bad guys would at least win some trust with the locals…

Keith doesn't even take his hands out of his pockets, just watching the swirling winds carry the men over to the dumpster and then drop them in rather uncerimoniously. When Pallaton sits on the dumpster, Keith smirks. "Fuzzy's cuter though," he teases, walking over. "You and me need to talk," he says simply. Just as the air-spirit is about to say something else, some people clapping and police sirens can be heard.

Pallaton looks over to Keith, but seems lost in the moment. He seems dead-set to wait and give a statement to police first. For a mutant, he isn't one to shy away from things like that. He simply looks around to the bystanders. "Is anyone hurt?" he asks. After all, there were gunshots not too long ago. He seems more concerned for the public, at the moment.

Frightened shop owners come from within a ransacked store, rattled but not hurt. None of the bystanders seem hurt either. Some are afraid, others take pictures of Pallaton. One child is even demanding that his mother 'get him one!'. Keith meanwhile just rolls his eyes and stands back. He's not going to make a show right yet. It's not long before cops arrive and a few startled and confused officers are looking for statements.

Pallaton doesn't seem to relish the publicity, more that he feels he's gaining trust step-by-step. Once the police arrive, he's warning them of the armed two inside before helping out again and giving his statement. Afterwards, he's watching police take the two away and just calming himself down after the unintended exposure, but it all turned out okay… probably. He then turns to Keith. "Sorry, you wanted to talk?"

Keith just watches this all happen with a bored expression on his face, glancing around. He looks Pallaton over a few times, letting his mind wander and a smirk appear on his face. When the mutant finally speaks to him, Keith smirks again and nods. "Yeah. We gotta talk…but not here. Up," he says, pointing to a rooftop. "Need a lift or can you get there on your own, Fuzzy?"

Pallaton looks up, then back to Keith. He shifts a bit, then shakes his head. "Just make it quick…" Seems like he needs the lift.

Keith chuckles quietly, looking up. A rather strong wind picks up, lifting both the mutant and the wind-spirt up into the air. After a few moments, they're deposited on a rooftop not too far from the crowd that's dispersing. Once they land, Keith lets out a breath. "I was wondering how you were affecting the air like that before. What were you using to hide this form?" he asks.

Pallaton noticeably keeps his eyes closed during the 'flight', but opens them as soon as he feels his feet-paws on solid ground. Or roof. He then shakes off his fur, looking over to Keith. "An Image Inducer." He openly admits. "I'm not exactly friendly-looking to the humans, so I need to hide myself."

"I dunno, I rather like how you look. Bit wild…got a sorta sexy, untamed feeling," Keith comments idly. "Image inducer…one of those gizmos from Stark?" he asks, scowl forming as he says the word 'Stark'. "Anyway. A few months back…you attacked someone I care about. I heard his story, now I want yours. Why did you attack Kaden? Red hair, angry, made fire…"

Pallaton would be blushing if it wasn't for the fur, but once he hears Kaden's name, he sighs, shaking his head. "He hurt someone I care about. That's all I'm saying on it." Sure enough, he crosses his arms, looking a bit annoyed. "Did he send you to come after me, after all this time?"

Keith laughs a bit. "Hey, cute-stuff, if I were coming after you to hurt you, I would have just tossed you across the city or cut you into little wolf bits," he says. "I'm not much the revenge type. Just like I talked him out of coming after you right after, I have no interest in hurting you unless you had intent to come after him again," he muses. "This was just a random encounter and I figured I'd get some info."

Pallaton raises an eyebrow. "Info for what, exactly?" He doesn't seem to have taken kindly to the passing mention of flinging him across the city or chopping him up, by the looks of things.

Keith lifts his sunglasses up and smiles at Pallaton. "Well, I wanted to know why you hurt Kaden and you told me so, I got the info I wanted," he says. "So…your name's Talli?"

Pallaton nods slowly, still wary of the other. "Yeah… You could say that."

Keith grins. "Nice. I guess it's one of those codenames you hero types use, right?" he asks. "Or are you just a…concerned citizen risking your tail to save the day?" he asks. "Anyway, name's Keith," he offers, walking over to offer his hand.

Pallaton looks at the hand, before caving and shaking it. "No, my name's Pallaton." There's strength in that grip, and a lot of it. But it seems a bit accidental more than anything. It's not enough to crush, but it's noticeable at least.

Keith's eyebrows arch as he feels the strength of the grip. "Strong grip ya got there…" he muses. "The rest of you just as strong or just the hands?" he smirks and leans back as he says this. "So what brings a sexy beast like you out on the town tonight?"

Pallaton scraches his neck, nervous by the comments made. "Um, n-no, I'm just that strong… I-I'm looking for a friend. Went missing at a concert last night…"

Keith lets out a thoughtful noise. "Concert last night? You mean that thing in the park about the penguins that was in the news?" he asks. "Friend? What's he look like? Maybe I can get some people on it…"

Pallaton looks over. "Was that what it was? They said it was a concert…" He then sighs, shaking his head. "I know he lost control again and took off. Looks like a giant bat, right now…"

Keith shrugs. "I don't know. These environmentalists types started talking to me about something so I gave them money to go away and then there was the news report. Wasn't paying too much attention," he waves it off. "A…giant bat?" he almost sounds like he doesn't believe it. "Well, why not? Let's see…"

Pallaton shakes his head. "Don't bother, really. I can sniff him out myself, so I'll get some of my friends to help me out." He taps his muzzle with a claw. "This form isn't just for show."

Keith smirks. "It for play too?" he asks, looking Pallaton over again. "But I could just send word out to a few people that work for me…no trouble at all really."

Pallaton blinks, then shakes his head with a sigh, walking away. "No, really, don't." He doesn't say much more as he heads over to a drainpipe or something to slide down. Or maybe a fire escape.

Keith follows slowly. "Oh, don't sound so worried. It's not like I'd try to have him killed," he says, shrugging. "I figure you and this bat-friend are from that school Kaden used to go to, right?" he asks. "To tell the truth, I've been feeling like I owe you guys a little something…"

Pallaton stops, turning back. "It's not you killing him that worries me. And you owe them something? What would that be?"

Keith quirks an eyebrow. "They what -are- you worried about?" he asks simply. "Well, since the guy in charge at that school let me bring Kaden to be with the rest of us and hasn't caused any trouble…I don't know really. I just feel …grateful towards them for letting my little family be complete."

Pallaton shrugs. "And how should I, with no real ties to whatever it is you're talking about, care?" He seems to be just wanting away from the area, it seems. Or is it more away from Keith?

Keith chuckles a bit. "Don't play dumb, it's my act," he says. "Really, I'm not a bad guy. So if you and your school need help finding this giant bat of yours…or you want something else," he smirks a moment. "Gimme a call," he offers, holding out a card with a number to reach him on on it.

Pallaton shakes his head again, continuing to head off. "No, we'll take care of it ourselves, thanks." He's jumping down onto a fire escape, making his way down as quickly as he can. By the time he's reached street level, he'd blended in with the crowd. That Image Inducer is handy…

Keith shakes his head a bit and stuffs the card back into his pocket. "Well. Such a shame…I was hoping he'd ome back with me…" he mutters, mildly amused. The air-spirit lingers for a moment before taking off into the air.

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