2010-06-01: Will All of You Do Nothing?


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Summary: During a Friends of Humanity rally a bomb would go off, Caleb, Domino and Jakob become involved.

Date: June 1, 2010

Log Title Will All of You Do Nothing?

Rating: R (VL)

NYC - Battery Park

Located at the Southern tip of Manhattan, Battery Park faces New York Harbor. There are various statues along the paved paths of Battery Park. During the day various vendors can be found peddling their wears to the tourists of New York City. At night the park is usually empty, looking across the Harbor to the Hudson River, a beautiful view of The Statue of Liberty can be scene.

Overcast mingled with smog. A muggy 84 degrees out that had sun cast down over Battery Park. Vendors lined the area as usual, scattered here and there, typical tourist trap that was soaking in the cash, Jakob was standing there in a green outer jacket that was lined with a black hooded sweater underneath, his hair falling down around his features while he was glaring down some foreigner in front of him, both of them having been in line for something. Idea of what that could be was as good as any ones from an outside angle, the crowd around the vendor was elbow to elbow.

Through all this following of her ward at least she could say one thing - New York was full of interesting things. It catered to everyone. The rich, the famous, the lowly, the criminals…But it was also a haven to mutants. All this found in less that a week because gun shots call to her and Macnamara had happy feet. He was sitting on a park bench, despite how this area seemed more catering to those "fresh off the boat", and reading a book, at peace in the melee of bodies. One must come to get used to this in New York, it still made her itch. Despite the weather she wore the leather coat that dropped down to her ankles in length, beneath was that black form fitting clothing of black and blue. She was testing the laws of overheating and going toe to toe with the hot weather for "safety." Beneath a tree she at least found some shade, the sun glasses tilted down upon her nose so pale blue gaze could watch with a bit more ease and less hindrance.

After his talk with Bruce the other night, Caleb is spending as little time as he can at Barnes, so is wandering New Yorks a lot, he's dressed in blue denim cargos, a black superman t-shirt, black airwalk trainers and his violet eyes are glowing faintly as is the yellow stone on the silver wristband on his right wrist. He's walking though the park kicking a can along in front of him.

Adjacent to the vendor Jakob was trying to reach seemed to be an area that was almost just as quickly filling, upon a break in the throng around the stand he was headed towards one would be able to see the large Friends of Humanity banner across it with armbands and even a few books. This brief view would patch back up as people filled it again, that crowd would filter past the stand only to begin standing around deeper into the park area, where a man with a bright blue tie was standing a large smile too white smile etched across a red bearded palette. " No need to push my friends my friends of Humanity! I see many of us here of many nationalities, beautiful truly a beautiful thing to see us united in such a away this is what a common enemy a common MONSTER can do, it brings the truly enlightened together! I assume all of you have seen the news, read the headlines or even heard about it from say a neighbor? " Jakob was walking away from the stand to actually stand near the rising voice of the man with the blue tie and beard. " Perhaps you even witnessed it? These terrorist attacks are becoming more frequent, I was there, yes oh yes, yesterday I witnessed with my own eyes a mutant on MEMORIAL DAY, a sacred day, a day of remembering our departed, or loved ones passed on, this abomination to God to the people, to humanity was attacking people, a police officer - yes, our own very own law enforcement officers… " On emphasis he waved to a crowd of cops standing nearby, watching the gathering" Proud men and women protecting our legal rights, safeguarding our lives…. Where? Well, Central park if you haven't heard just yesterday can you believe this? How many of you have children? "

Domino's interest held little in the vendors, what they bellowed out about so-called deals mainly consisted of expensive knock offs. If she ever carried a purse it would not be in the way of a Coach bag, let alone a cheap one. Everyone made a living somehow though, so she couldn't knock the [bad] purse peddler when she did not even know the person she was supposed to protect, nor the why's behind it - he seemed like a normal businessman to her. Boring. At that thought a yawn stretched dark stained lips though her eyes remained vigilant. An off beat noise of the can being kicked drew her gaze away from the milling crowds around another vendor to the one kicking a can. It was not that that kept her gaze there, it was that something did not look right about him, causing her to push from the tree and walk a straight line at the same distance, but following - like a wolf skirting the area of sense to gain a feel for the one it watched before it revealed itself be it in hunt or in curiosity. But what drew her from watching was the rising in voice and tide of people towards another speaker.**" One hand rose to push the glasses back into place, somewhat taking from the black that encircled her left eye, but there was no covering the alabaster complexion. Standing to the side she watched between this Humanity speaker and her own ward who even spared a glance from his book but thought nothing more of it and went back to reading.

Caleb hears the man talking a changer course to listen to what this guy is saying, this is the kind of person Bruce was talking about, this guy is sooo full of crap, people like him are more dangerous than any mutant…, wait!, is that Jakob?

" I have children, three girls and a boy on the way. You think I stand up here because I hate? No, I don't hate these… these people for what they are, I believe it was not their choice, I believe something these powers, they're born with twists them. Corrupts them, turns them from humanity to something else devoid of human thought, emotion and feeling…. so do I hate no, I fear for my children, their future, our livelihood, these mutants have degenerated into nothing more than criminals and terrorists, this is not the wild west, this is a civilized age, what does it say about our country, all of our countries when these terrorists run free bringing pain and suffering wherever they show, not abiding by the laws we all follow, laws that keep us safe, what does it say when they can openly assault the peacekeepers of our society? So what is it I feel, it's pity and fear… " The man in the blue tie reached a newspaper pushed into his hand which he held up, " You see this? This was yesterday. The attack I speak of, " A second one is handed to him, " Here is another, do you all remember the lights above Jersey? " a third was shoved over, " And this this here, MUTANT TOWN?! The source, a blight a cancer on our city, shootings, gang violence, fires… a cesspool, it is that right there which shows you what these creatures are capable of. These godless, forsaken, immoral monsters. Our entire world would soon as be as they live, devoid of law, every demon for themselves and who is to suffer under such a situation? We are! Those of us who can not call down storms from the skies, topple mountains onto each other… I don't care what you say, Oh its not a mutant, its a superhero, you are WRONG, these gallivanting superheros are nothing more than enablers, taking the laws into their own hands endangering the rest of us, pushing the bar of the real criminals even higher. "

Jakob stood there near the edges of the gathering mass. Listening but not showing much emotion on his features, he blended nicely, though not wearing the FoH armband many of them were sporting right now or waving a banner he seemed entirely unphased by the nearness of these people. No set to his jaw, no anger, no outrage, actually listening as the spokesman ranted loudly, his booming voice carrying all around the gathered area the police only stood by watching. Jakob doesn't notice Caleb nor Domino, noone at this point sees anything out of the ordinary other than your run of the mill 'hate' rally.

Domino's upper lip drew up and away. Her features were twisted for a moment by disgust. No it was not the crude blue tie, it was what rested above it. The running mouth that spewed bile and burning loathing brought the slow hissing exhale from her lips. Her hands smoothed down the side of her coat, offsetting her desire to bring them beneath the jacket and offer him a new microphone to fell-ate, one that could also give his rotten mouth new fillings. Her own morality of the moment seemed to weaken, falter and then regain footing. Yes there have been rogue mutants causing havoc, she was not ignorant of what was going on in this state, but they were not all to blame. But hate was on the rise on both sides and this had her settle back into a calmer state, now observing for opposition that would not have pause like she did, and this came in the form of her ward standing from his bench, tucking his book beneath his arm and coming closer to the crowd. Macnamara had interest in this sort of thing? Both brows dipped low in the center over the bridge of her nose, the scowl slowly returning.

What the Fuck!, the heroes stop the bad guys, if they just left the police the police would be screwed, he takes an unintenchanal step forward, trying to force himself to remain calm so he doesn't give himself away with the violet glow that tends to start in his palms, "Ignorant son of a bitch", he mutters to himself, he's clenching his fists pretty tightly.

" They bite the hand that feeds! They believe they are the ones holding the guns, pulling the strings, and who lets them believe this? Who? We do! Thats right, WE ALLOW them to behave this way, to spit upon Memorial Day as this…" He slaps the first newspaper that read across it 'Crysal Mut' cut off as his hand crumpled it, " This abomination, it's horrid, it made my insides twist to hear of this, our newspaper says nothing but filth, riddled across it was nothing of our parades, or recognition of REAL heroes of, of people like my forefathers, your forefathers, the people who fought and died for our country,…. " His head came down looking saddened as the newspaper slapped his thigh and he casts it aside. Looking back up he stared the crowd over, " "The only man who makes no mistake is the man who does nothing." People cheered, some of them yelled of course. It was clear though, even in this pause this man was not done speaking.

" Will all of you do nothing? "

Jakob managed a slight smile his chin lifting up as he watched the figure, the reaction of the crowd and let his eyes sweep over the mob, his eyes stopping on Caleb. That smile rode up even higher.

The hate was not all for what the speaker spewed, the one that had caught her interest before, the one that had those eyes..Was gritting down and choking on his own fair share of loathing in hiccuped words she did not hear fully over the cheering of the crowd. Macnamara was moving in as well, shouldering in and shoving his way deeper. "Tch." Her tongue pressed at the back of grinding teeth. Shoving in that crowd would only make her more visible against those of more "normal" looks. Not far behind Caleb and directly behind where Macnamara was pushing in her feet came to a pause, her chin rising. Watching them both more acutely while watching them all with her own disgust. Jakob had yet to be noted in the sweep of her eyes over anything - potential, she was still working herself out of that equation.

Ok for anyone who might look at the white haired teen for more than a couple of seconds, that tale-tale glow has started in Caleb's palms, he's not even a mutant but these people…, "Pathetic", he hasn't seen so much bullshit in his intire life, and the smile from Jakob is just pissing him off even more.

To anyone who wasn't directly able to access S.H.I.E.L.D. secure files Jakob was simply a human, nowhere was it said or spoken otherwise. Perhaps the only ones outside of that who would know were those of that 'BlackOps' unit that was intent upon making him one of their own until of course finding out he was a mutant. Standing here amidst these people though, this man's presence and the crowds rising energy he wondered if Caleb felt it, he wondered of Caleb knew what his smile meant, it was one of those all too knowing 'I could own you right now bitch' sort of smiles. He pictured in his mind what this mob would do if he pointed at Caleb and screamed, 'there is a mutant right there!' No doubt the younger man would react, defend himself as he had seen him do on less provocation already. Fortunately, for Caleb, Jakob wasn't that much of a weasel, but the idea was there in that smile, that ever so smug flash of whites. Yet unfortunately for Caleb he was… reacting, his glowing palms didn't go un-noticed.

A shrill scream cried out and a woman near him was pointing directly at Caleb's hands. " It's one of them! Oh my god it's one of them! " It seemed like for a heartbeat everything was quiet, people began to turn on by one heads on swivels would rotate until they were gazed in the young man's direction. Jakob's smile faltered while faces turned from cheering on the blue-tie spokesman they were grimaces, masks of hatred, rage, anger… and of course ever present fear. " Mutant! " Rose up from hushed tones, to cries and even roars.

It did not take other's seeing the glow from Caleb for her to have already made note of it. The game of kick the can had her moreso zeroing in on him when it was faint, the build up with his boiling rage only made it more dominant and seemingly spread. The woman that shrieked started it all. The distraction, the shift in bodies, and that calm before the storm as faces warped to their ugliest. "Oh hell…Kid.." She was cursing Caleb and pitying him at the same time. The debate was had and the firm set in her jaw showed the decision made, her eyes unseen behind the screen of darkened sunglasses while she stepped up behind Caleb, shadowing him in her presence but giving him something solid at his back. The distraction was all that was needed for something else to happen in the crowd, Macnamara had dropped his book and within the folds of his own clothing the small explosive with an impending large impact was stuck to the bottom of the pedestal, just beneath the speaker. Shoving from that crowd now he was trying to make a hasty retreat echoing the voices of the crowd. "Mutant! He should not be here!" Domino's hand now clapped down on the shoulder of Caleb if he did not move, attempting to shove him behind her, torn now. Save the kid or the hate-mongers. Had anyone else noticed Macnamara's move?

"Oh crap!", Caleb takes a step backwards and hides his hands behind his back, cursing his temper, "I'm not a mutant!", it's not like he's lying, he isn't a mutant, when he feels the hand clamp down on his sholder he phases though it to the other side, and begins to think about his next step.

Who the hell was this woman? Jakob had been moving, pushing forward to reach Caleb. Maybe to strike him or save him, he hadn't decided yet, the kids powers were enough maybe he could save himself, but imagine what a well placed bottle could do? Who the hell was this woman, this gothic amazon who just shoved herself inbetween Caleb and the crowd, then it happens Caleb before his eyes ruins his own defense. Dropping back he pauses as he sees someone, a man scurrying away from the podium, his hand trailing behind him. Couldn't be, could it? His elbow thrusts out and he knocks a man out of his way getting nearer only to see what he had feared, two other people were staring at it as well, " Run! " He would yell, " RUN! " His hand waving, while he surged forward dashing directly at the man on the podium in a lunge, the collision of bodies was bone clattering as the man in the blue tie was smashed under Jakob's weight.
A bottle in that same instance chucked up and over Domino, followed by another better aimed one. The majority had not seen the placement of the explosive, they were too intent on Caleb and now Domino with him. " Mutie sympathizer! Shes no better! " More things would be thrown, where was the spokesman some would idly wonder, why wasn't he giving them commands, someone would turn curious to see the man sailing through the air tackled by another (Jakob) what was going on? " They're attacking! The mutant are attacking! " Seemed logical right? No, maybe, scream it anyways. One or two of the attackers on Caleb and now Domino would even take swings.

Caleb's thought was voiced by the quick demand from Domino, simple orders and hopefully the boy knew how to follow them considering he was avoid-ant this far of any help in his suddenly 'busted' state. "Leave, now!" It was all hitting so quickly and Macnamara was no longer her priority. She lowered just in time to feel the swift breeze from a tossed bottle scathe over her head but the impact from a fist was taken in its stead, landing swiftly along her jawline, interrupting the words she spoke. "You all must leav—" The blood that came from the corner of her lips was ignored as the incoming barrage of people now seemed to be what she was dodging, parrying with an uncanny ease now that she was forced to alertness. But instead of going away from the mass she was pushing within, not bothering to try and conceal her identity anymore, the glasses having been knocked off and silence a seething rip-tide. "Go!" You morons..! Too blinded by hate..Her eyes rose towards the stage in just enough time to see the speaker taken out by another youth. Was this planned? Another swing landed on her shoulder and this time she swung back, knocking her offender back and pushing up to the stage while now focused on Jakob and the speaker. "Get him out of here." Save the speaker of hate? The pulling and rioting hands were ripping at her, revealing the two weapons holstered beneath the leather coat. She was heading for the bomb.

Now he's being attacked, great, the teen is distracted but see some man put something by the podium, two months ago he wouldn't have noticed but after the training at Barnes he does, he knock to of the closer attackers out of the way then remembers to phase again, he reuns towards the podium, hoping he's wrong about this.

The device everyone was so keyed in on would spark to life in one horrific fire blossom, the podium would expand in the blink of an eye concussive force and flame would follow, heat in a searing tower splinters skyward as the deafening boom thunderclaps across the park, the tremor around it causing trees and vendor shacks to topple, the deafening silence that follows is clouded in smoke and showers of wood, dirt and debris somewhere, someone lies moaning half their body missing, a body slaps concrete not far off slapping there like some lifeless mannequin, people are beginning to stagger to their feet dumbfounded, shell-shocked and covered in soot. A small ravine exists where the podium had been from it a ways were those on it, it was a concentrated blast one that spires almost six meters into the sky and about seven out, ground zero of it the most devastating taking four lives with it, eleven around it injured.
Jakob's ears were ringing his back felt like he had just been trampled by a herd of Rhinos and a groan escaped him, pressing up to his knees he looked around then seen the man in the blue tie next to him face down he began shaking him, checking him for life, limp at first he began to move. Police were starting to run in, dragging at people even a few gawkers who were not in the direct area of effect were moving into help. Soon sirens would be heard (by those who can hear right now) paramedics and fire department being called. Several people with cameras were still moving, getting up quickly to begin rolling again. These and a couple others had been here from the beginning, taking pictures and filming the rally.

Too late, the people that seemed to not notice the truth, whether it be in the speech or what was going on had hindered everything down to the time she had to reach the bomb and hopefully diffuse one situation. The final tell tale blink, timed, like demon's eyes staring out from the shadows beneath the podium winked their taunt at her and she had milliseconds to move grabbing the nearest bystander and hurtling them from the concussive blast that shot her body with it, out into the masses that were now forcefully stilled. Her body was stiff, but beneath her at least the one she had hurled began groaning, she was pushing up as well to give him space, one staggering few steps to the right as she turned her eyes towards the bulls-eye of the explosion, looking for the boy she swore had just appeared at the last minute as well as the speaker and the other. She reacted quick enough, forgetting the bit of wood lodged in her upper thigh to sift through and stand over Jakob and the speaker. One hand shifted beneath her coat as if holding an injured side when in reality she was preparing but not drawing. Nothng was said yet as she was trying to replace the emotion that had fluxed over her face with apathy, the mask was not fitting and the sirens let her know she had moments to leave…And find Macnamara.

Caleb had just about reached the podium when the blast went off, luckly for him he was phased out of the living dimension at the time so was uneffected, when the smoke clears and he sees the damage he staggers back shocked by the reality of the blast becoming soild again, he checks the nearest person for a pulse, sadly it's not looking good, he rolls the man onto his back and checks another.

Someone was looming over him and the spokesman, the woman in the dark coat, Jakob couldn't hear anything yet but he was straightening up as best he could. He'd not seen her before, no clue she was a mutant nor really caring at this point, he was confident the man in the blue tie was alive and would live, leave him to the paramedics - his concerns were getting out of here. His shoulder would bounce off of the woman's as he tried to get past her, a hoarse sound comes out of him as he points off away from the 'dead zone' towards the sidewalk. Cameras were becoming too numerous around here it seemed they outnumbered those who were trying to help. Caleb could fend for himself, Jakob right now wasn't sparing any thoughts on the other Barnes Academy student. No doubt this SHIELD was about to be or was already here.

Domino's body shifted with the strike of shoulders, lowering down quickly to both serve as a dodge if Jakob meant to strike and as a closer inspection of the speaker. "Hate begets hate and the innocents are what gets hurt." Her tone was flat but none the less showed a sliver of a slipped emotion as she looked from the man to the sea of bodies, some rising, some not - never to again. Pushing back to a stand her hand rested on her thigh, jerking the splinter of wood from her thigh without reaction visible to any pain. Looking to Jakob and his croaked signal of planned departure her eyes narrow with the indecision before nodding, not offering a hand but leading the way out whether he followed or not. Caleb was not forgotten, but not seen, she had further concerns now. Get out of here undiscovered [as possible] and now handle her ward who had suddenly become far more interesting, and a problem.

Ok, good this one is still alive, he rolls the man into the recovery position and moves onto the next person, this is really not good, he spots Jakob making his gettaway, selfish bastard, he pulls off his shirt and rips it to make a make-shift bandage for this guy.

Jakob had made it to the cement unsure what the dark clad woman had said, no sound was really able to be filtered yet. Glad he wasn't toying with his powers when this occurred, his jaw tightened as he straightened up as best he could. The man in the blue tie was turning over pressing himself to his feet he as well had not heard the woman only looking around at the mayhem as two people he recognized ran up to him grabbing his arms making sure he was okay. The smoke clearing they were able to see again and move away from the wreckage left behind.

The amount of cops was growing, even a couple on horseback, two squad cars and a fire engine were present, behind them two ambulances. Police offers were starting to shove the crowd back as one of them would approach Caleb, " You shouldn't be moving! Someone get this kid some help. " A person who was being pushed away by another officer pointed, " Thats the mutant who started this, that kid right there! " His hand out and thrust forward finger pointing at Caleb, " Hes the one! " The cop looked back then at Caleb, " I'm going to have to ask you to come with me, son. " The policeman seeming slightly hesitant despite already moving forward handcuffs in one hand.

Domino reached the sidewalk and paused, only to look back with the barest of glances over her shoulder to the wreckage. The crowd of watchers was pressing in and the police were setting up lines that they had to all stay behind so as not to interfere with the investigation. Pale eyes fell back on Jakob in their momentary sweep, debating his involvement in this, as well as…Her eyes rose, Caleb had remained behind and was now in a bad situation personally. This domino effect was falling in a bad direction and the root cause of its ending was someone she was paid to protect. Her head dropped for a moment, several heartbeats and a deep inhale had her pushing past Jakob now and heading into the streets, again shoving against the gawkers to find a place to sit, think, and wait for Macnamara to resurface. Once across the street she slipped down an alley and ascended the fire escape.

Caleb looks up when the policeman approaches him, he about to say "I'm fine" when he's pointed out as the cause, "Wait, what?!, I'm not a mutant, i was just passing by when this happened and i came over to see if could help, anyway if i did this would i be helping people", he stands up and takes a step back, he hands in front of him palms out, "I really just need to head back to school, i'm gonna be in so much trouble if i'm late for class".

" You got this? " Asked one figure of the other, a broader, tan skinned man with a very militant high and tight sporting dark glasses " Yeah, I got Ghost-Boy, you go find the other one. " The two forms parted as Agent Brombach flashed his badge accompanied with a shove at a cop overseeing crowd control weaving his way around a few firemen and paramedics he came up next to Caleb and the officer who was attempting an arrest. " I'll take over from here, officer. " He said loud enough to be heard, some command in his accented voice. The policeman's head turned; " Underwhat jurisdiction? " Brombach annoyed showed his badge a second time as he got closer, the policeman snared up the offered wallet which housed the badge looking it over he shoved it back, " Get him out of here. " Agent Brombach would reach out to grab Caleb's arm and begin a haul back towards the car. " Come on O'Callahan. You're in some deep shit this time. "

Jakob was still mildly disoriented, he trailed after Domino not out of any real course of thought beyond it looked like she knew where she was going until she started up her ascent, wondering if they'd have choppers up by now; maybe she knows a place up there somewhere they could lay low. He wasn't sure what was going on just yet, just needed a few minutes of downtime to sort this. As it stood he hadn't seen her weapons either, just that she seemed to pick an odd place and bad timing to be around. His ascent began after her, following along.

Disorientation is what she would blame for not immediately knowing Jakob was following, but as hearing and senses seemed to settle from being rattled she heard the echo of footsteps not her own up the fire escape and her body pivoted, her back pressed against the wall. One hand dropped and the Browning was pulled free of its shoulder holster to be held at range of head level for average height. When Jakob came around the corner though the breath that was held was released and the safety was clicked back on, the weapon aimed barrel to the sky. Looking up she turned and slipped across the rooftop towards an end covered by a metal overhang where she could be obscured and still watch the chaos below with disdain and something else edging in along the outer corners of her eyes. "You shouldn't follow me." Whether he heard or not was of no concern, but she had been seen by some, now if luck stuck with her this time she would be forgotten. Caleb was still being observed as he changed hands, curiosity driving its hand, but she did not move, simply observed and glanced back to Jakob, nothing being said as suspicion still loomed on him.

When the Agent goes to grab his arm, Caleb phases to avoid it, "I'll go back on my own terms Agent", with that he turns and runs in the opposite direction, not really sure where he's going.

Jakob's hands came up palm flat until she places the gun away and moved to seat herself. He doesn't reply as he slides down to stretch his legs out and gather his bearings, quietly watching her as no response would arise from him, his chest rising and falling. Several reasons he didn't respond, number one being he still couldn't hear. For now though, he'd wait, maybe she could answer some questions…

Domino watched Jakob slump into a seat and her debate was to leave him here or remain…The latter was chosen, he was not the only one that had questions that needed answered. Until he spoke up though she would remain in her vigil, and silent.

" This is Brombach, I got O'Calla… " He cuts off as Caleb bolts, " Correction, I had O'Callahan, he has decided to run. any orders on this? " He questions, remaining on standby as he watches the youths back slowly get smaller in his departure. Agent Brombach of SHIELD would only glare past his glasses while Caleb escaped after bailing him out of police custody. Should have left him, his only thoughts.

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