2009-04-02: Wind and Flame


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Summary: Keith and Kaden chat while cuddling.

Date: April 2, 2009

Log Title Wind and Flame

Rating: PG-13

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

A yawn comes from a burst of steam as a white haired young man exits this bathroom. Keith Flinn, spirit of the wind, strolls out into the living area of his penthouse clad in little more than a towel. He's a bit damp from the shower he took but doesn't seem to mind. Flopping onto the couch and scratching at a freshly trimmed chest, the spirit begins to check the few water-proof bandages he's got on bullet wounds. "Freakin' immortal but we don't get a healing factor?" he murmurs to himself, poking at the wounds from the battle.

Running into the living room from the kitchen is a little orange critter, the kitten Kaden's adopted. Following after is Kaden, from the kitchen, as he runs after the kitten with no-name. He's in a good mood, and if Keith saw the video tape from last night, Keith would know why. He's only wearing his boxers and stocks which is why when the kitten stops to make sure Kaden's chasing him, and Kaden stops, he slides on the floor and lands right on his rear with a nice *thud*.

Keith did indeed watch the video, enjoying the pleasant surprise. But today, he just arches an eyebrow when he sees the kitten. The wind spirit chuckles when Kaden falls and offers a wave. "You alright over there, K-man?" he asks.

Kaden looks up with a smile and nods. "Yeah, I'm fine." He says pushing himself up to go over and join Keith. "I'm actually good, really good. You okay?" He asks looking at the wounds on Keith as he goes to gently touch the area around one.

Keith winces when the wound is touched. "Hey, careful there…we're immortal, not invulnerable," he says, ruffling Kaden's hair. "I'll be fine. Just can't believe a freakin' talking raccoon was shooting at me…"

Kaden pulls his hand back. "Sorry Keith, and I know. Sorry I forgot at first and went crazy when Drew died." He feels back that he just let his anger control him like that. He didn't know that the guy he burned up could regenerate. "I didn't really get hurt at all…"

Keith waves a hand. "Don't apologize to me. I got out of the way before ya toasted me too," he laughs, pulling the fire spirit close. "And don't worry about it. If you didn't crisp the guy I was gonna put a hand through his head…"

Kaden cuddles up against the air spirit as he's become a bit more affectionate in the past few months. "I just got so pissed when I saw Drew die like that and I just lost it. And if I toasted you too I would have felt awful. And a talking raccoon…that's just fucking crazy."

Keith laughs a little. "Really? I would've figured you'd laugh at a toasted me," he jokes. Stretching, the older-spirit slips an arm around Kaden. "Eh. Not like we won't be seeing crazier at some point," he muses. Looking around the penthouse, Keith lets out a little puff of breath. "Figure out a name for your kitten?"

Kaden looks up at Keith and shakes his head. "Nope, I love you too much Fancy Pants to want to hurt you." He says as he stays cuddled next to Keith. "And no, I can't think of a name, Xane's just suggested this weird food shit I can't even pronounce and I'm not about to name my cat after some fancy pants food dish."

Keith grins, leaning down to place a quick kiss on Kaden's head. "Love you too, K-man," he says. The air-spirit pauses a moment to consider it all before shaking his head. "Well…there's a book of name ideas for babies so I'm sure we can find one for cats."

"I just don't want a retarded name like Keith." Kaden teases, giving Keith a kiss on the cheek, before turning to watches the cat play. "I'm just not good a picking out names." He looks around the apartment as if trying to get an idea as he moves to hold one of Keith's hands with his own, enjoying the closeness.

Keith gives Kaden's hand a little squeeze and his arm a playful punch. "Hey, watch it there, Kaden," he says, smirking. "Just don't name him something like Paws or Patches…" he trails off, slightly amused.

Kaden winces and glares up at Keith. "Watch it jerk." He says before breaking out into a grin knowing it was all in fun and games. "No Paws or Patches or Stripes or I dunno, I guess I'll figure out something. I'm so happy this war is over, Drew seems to be back to normal."

Keith smirks. "I saw. You two put on quite the show," the air spirit teases. "But it's good. Once I finish the paperwork I have to…I'll be all back to normal too," he chuckles.

Kaden blushes a bit but looks up at Keith with a sly grin. "Well you know, you can always join Drew and I. And last night was…wow…" Kaden says as it was his first time having sex last night and he loved it. "And paperwork, what kind of paperwork do you have to do?"

Keith smirks a bit more. "Oh don't worry. I intend to be joining you both and letting you experience what you were doing with Drew," he says, leaning in to whisper it. "And I have to fill out claim reports, damage summaries…lots of crap that needs to be filled out for paper and filing obsessed weirdoes."

Kaden smiles at Keith and leans in to give him a kiss. "Looking forward to it." Kaden whispers back with a bit of a chuckle. Between Drew and Keith they've really rubbed off on the fire spirit and also that his passion does guide him. He's willing to try anything either of them want him too and if it feels good, he'll do it again. "Damage summaries, what for?"

Keith lets out a low little chuckle and then leans back. "To the Marc. I own parts of it. And since I'm the one that brought all those people in here when the city got sealed and they made a bunch messes…I'm payin' for it all. And another building I sort of own got demolished by the invaders. Nothing big."

Kaden swings his legs, so they're resting over Keith's legs and he leans in to place a light kiss on his chest by where he got shot, careful not to hurt him. "I really don't want to ask how much money you have Fancy Pants." He says with a chuckle.

Keith smiles at the little kiss then reaches down to start massaging Kaden's legs. "Ya know…I'm not entirely sure myself…" he trails off. "Doesn't matter."

Kaden leans into Keith, if he can anymore, as the air-spirit starts massaging his legs. "That's call too much." Kaden teases shaking his head. "I couldn't imagine needing anything more, like Drew says, I pretty much have everything I want right here."

Keith laughs, shaking his head. "Same here, K-man. Same here…" he trails off.

Kaden leans up to kiss Keith and run a hand through the air-spirit's hair. "We should all go out and do something, get away from here for a day or something. Like go to Drew's Island and just all hang around their and have fun for a bit. The fresh air would be nice."

Keith returns the kiss eagerly and holds Kaden close. "Good idea…" he trails off. "You get Drew and Xane and I'll get Dmitri and we'll head over. Give Jon a day of peace and quiet without us too."

"I'll try to get Xane away from work, he's so busy all the time." Kaden says with a bit of a frown as he leans in to give Keith another kiss. "I think that sounds great with the five of us, we don't spend a lot of time together, all of us that is."

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