2009-04-13: Wind And Spirit


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Summary: Keith comes home and has a chat with Xane about drinking and new powers

Date: April 13, 2009

Log Title: Wind and Spirit

Rating: R

The Marc - Keith's Penthouse

A gust of wind opens the patio doors this fine evening, someone landing on the balcony outside. A few seconds later and a grumpy looking Keith walks into the penthouse. He's in a suit surprisingly but it's dirty and dischevled, a bit of a blood stain on the shirt. He's got stuble and his hair's messy too as he heads over to the couch and flops down. Well…who knows where he's been for the past two days.

A bottle of absinthe rests next to the couch. Xane's drinking tonight. Some classical nocturnes play on the stereo. "Hey Keith." He says to the air spirit. "How goes?"

Keith looks over at the drink and decides it looks good. Nodding, he flashes a smile to Xane. "Hey, Xane," the air-spirit sighs a bit. "Goin' alright," he says, nodding.

"What happened to ya?" He asks, pointing to the blood on Keith's shirt. Xane takes another drink from his glass. "Get any action?"

Keith looks down, a little confused. "Oh, this isn't mine. Bar Brawl," he says, waving it off. "Depends, what kinda action ya askin' about?" he asks, smirking and waggling his eyebrows.

"Well, unless bloodletting has become a fetish. I mean a fight." And his thoughts are confirmed. "Well, I assume you won." Xane informs.

Keith laughs. "Yeah, I'm not into the blood-letting stuff," he assures the other spirit. "Yeah. I kicked ass but then I had to carry some bleeding guy to a hospital. Such a pain…"

The Spirit looks to Keith. "he try to start some shit he couldn't finish?" He asks, taking another sip. "So, where ya been? Haven't seen ya around here for a little bit."

Keith nods. "I had the decency to make sure he didn't die..and the first thing he does when he wakes up is try to start the fight again," he sighs. "You'd have thought me kicking his ass the first time would have sunk in," he shrugs. "Canada."

"What a fucking dumbass." The glass is lifted to Xane's lips again. But the chef does a bit of a double take as he's told Keith was in Canada. "Canada? What the hell were you doing in Canada?"

Keith smiles slightly. "Work. And then I went out for drinks…then the brawl…then the hospital," he yawns. "Then I ran into a bunch of birds on the way home. Literally…man…that was a pain in the ass too."

"Wait, you actually work? Damn." That concept is foreign to Xane. "Kaden made me promise to take a day off to spend just with you guys. And I found out I can well, control people's emotions."

Keith frowns. "Yes, I actually work. I maintain stocks…and I'm starting my own company…" he trails off. He then smiles a bit. "K-man got ya to do it, eh? Nice of him. We all should spend some…wait…what?"

"I can control people's emotions." Xane says, looking to Keith. "He made me try to do what I do with food, on him." Xane still hasn't tried it with someone else but he's excited.

Keith blinks then smiles. "No foolin'?" he asks. "Do it again? Here…try it on me," he offers, moving closer to Xane.

Xane reaches his hands out to Keith. "Okay…I'll give it a try." He says, closing his eyes, and concentrating on an emotion. This time it's melancholy, like the first time in your life your dog dies. He concentrates and tries to insert that feeling into Keith.

Keith lets Xane touch him then waits. As the emotion starts to wash over him, the air-spirit frowns. Sagging on the couch, he looks quite depressed. "Man…did you have to pick such a sucky emotion…hey it worked…"

The chef chuckles. "Well, if I went with horny, I wouldn't be able to tell if it was you, or me that did it." He says, removing his hands. "Well, it should last for only a little while."

Keith shakes his head, giving Xane a light punch on the arm. "You can make me horny anytime…"

Xane makes sure his drink is on the other hand as he's punched lightly. "Yeah, but I still wouldn't have known if it worked."

Keith leans against Xane, still frowning. "Well…atleast we know you've got a more useful power now."

Xane gives a chuckle. "Yeah. It's about time I got something on the offensive side." The chef looks to Keith. "Maybe now I can get stuff done if and when we get to a battle."

Keith starts to cheer up a but, letting out a laugh. "You seemed to do pretty good against your duplicate," he says, reaching over to give Xane a little tickle to the side. "And now ya know we're definitely going to get into one…"

"Yes, I did manage to beat my double." The chef gives a nod again to Keith. "Yeah. I'll probably be getting into one. Next time." Xane finishes his glass, sighing.

Keith smirks up at Xane. "Then learn how to fight better," he suggests. "Or I'll buy you some weapons until your powers develop further," he offers. After waiting a moment, the air-spirit reaches up to try and pull Xane in for a kiss.

"I wouldn't know what to do with them. Though I use a lo" Xane gets dragged into the kiss. "mMm~" He rings out while he's captured for a kiss. "Stay here for a sec." Afterwards he stands and makes his way back to his room.

Keith licks his lips when he pulls back from the kiss. "Mmm…sure thing," he says. "I'm not planning on going anywhere for awhile," he says, tossing his tie away as he leans back.

Xane enters back into the living room. He's in considerably less clothing, just in his jeans now. He doesn't say anything, but does sit down next to Keith, snagging a kiss.

The grin on Keith's face just gets a bit wider as Xane returns for another kiss. "Mm…" the air spirit trails off, reaching down to tug on Xane's waistband a bit. "Had me wait so you could ditch your shirt?" he asks, climbing onto the chef's lap.

"No, went and got this…" He says, slipping out two condoms from his pocket. He says, tugging at Keith's suit jacket and getting a grin on his face.

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