2010-04-27: Wings And Extra Practice


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Summary: James asks Kenta about X-Force level practice, Jade is curious about Six's wings.

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Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Near one of the windows is Six, a chair, and a book. His wings are draped awkwardly to either side, for the wings and chairs don't do well together. Wing elbows over the arms of the chairs and hands resting on said arms, he manages to take up a lot of space to either side. Any wonder that he pulled this comfy seat away from the others? Still, the teen doesn't look too bothered as he reads. It's a school book, so pretty obvious that he's doing his homework.

Already settled down on one of the many couches in the room, James looks somewhat asleep, bulky form taking up the entire space. Stirring slightly, he opens his eyes wide enough to see Six. Next, he stretches and makes a noise before waving a little greeting, "Hey." Dressed per usual, the hyena is obviously enjoying some post-class relaxation that went a little far. He sits up and gives his body a moment to adjust to a vertical position, remaining quiet and motionless otherwise.

Coming in from outside is Kenta, along with the smell of cigarette smoke for those with heightened sense of smell. He's wearing his usual clothing of a sleeveless black t-shirt over jeans, not really afraid to cover the dark force markings on his body. He just doesn't care around the school. Spotting Six and James, the music teacher gives a wave. "What's up?" he says as he doesn't notice James is just waking up.

Jade comes in through the door with her cane tapping and ipod blaring in her ears…. and stops. Cigarettes, people… hyena. Her hair flares in a rippling slithering wave, and she pauses in her step, hugging the walls of the room, just to be safe. "Hey," she calls out, tooth pressing a lip and hand reaching up to push at her glasses.

Looking up as more than one person speaks, Six smiles. He's not the most handsome of people, but he sure smiles nice. "Hi." The book is closed gently, a fairly large volume, and he simply has to pause at Jade. Her appearance is enough to make wings lift and rustle. It's not a big gesture by any means, but there none the less. And it's not because he's scared. Just that finding another obvious mutant is nice, and he already knows James a little. "You sure sleep heavy." Said to James after a moment. Then to Jade. "Hi, I'm Six." Kenta he knows, if from having heard of him. Teacher!

James waves to Kenta, doesn't bother with Jade as she can't see the remark anyways, "Nada. Nap before my shift. I'm learning how to use the cameras and stuff tonight." By now, Kenta is sure to have heard? If not, James will happily brag about it. Spotty looks over at Jade, flatly responding with, "Hi." Not negativity, per-say. Not really much of anything, to be truthful. He smirks at Six, "Sorry. I guess I just need to sleep during my classes more!" At that Kenta gets a look, a smile, and not much else.

Kenta walks over and flops down on the couch. "Hello Six, I'm Kenta. No Mr anything, just Kenta." He looks over at Jade and gives a wave. "Yo." He says to her in a greeting as he's never met Jade. "Eh, just as long as you don't sleep during my class James, we don't have a problem. And I hear you're not like JROTC of X-Force. Congrats."

"Six, like the number?" Jade asks, hearing the voice aimed in her direction. There's a sound, something she doesn't recognize and her tendrils of hair rise and fall in a reflection of her emotions. The fang presses against her lower lip. "Hi, I'm uh… Jade…" She 'eyes' the hyena as much as she is able, positioning herself with her back guarded by the wall. Trust is not flowing here. Someone has given him access to cameras?!? "Hello, Mr. Kenta."

Six grins back at James. "As if they'd let you get away with sleeping in class." At least none of the ones he's been in allow that. And people try. "Kenta, got it. You're the music teacher, right?" Hears lots of gossip, but he's been so busy catching up on school work that he hasn't had time to get into trouble. "Oh yes, like the number." Is the cheerful reply to the lady with the snake-tail hair. "Hi, Jade!" Doesn't seem put off by her if voice says anything. Wings lift again, and he uses them to lift himself off his seat. One was falling asleep anyway. So there's more leathery rustling as he stretches that one a bit.

James' smile says it all as Kenta mentions the news. Ya know…he's just not getting tired of hearing how awesome he is yet. But the smiles fades with a sniff at the snake girl, "I can smell that concern from over here, Jade. Chill." It'll come to no shock to his Squad Leader that the Gnoll can pick up more than just fear nowadays. Surprising what actually attending classes will do for you. "Sides," James says at the girl, "I'm not risking my standing over you. I think we've both had enough, 'ight?" Six gets a smile for his troubles, whatever they might be!

"Yup, I'm the music teacher here. And Jade, pleasure to meet you but there's no Mister in my name, it's just Kenta. I have being called Mr. anything." Is Kenta denying that he's old, maybe a bit. "Eh, I just think that if a student manages to fall asleep in my class, I'd applaud the gusto and the 'how the hell did you fall asleep with a tuba in your mouth' question would lead me to just let them sleep." Kenta says with a smirk.

Jade is trying to figure out that sound. It's not like anything she has heard before. The temptation to peek is almost overwhelming and she questions just how much trouble she would be in for zapping everyone. Teacher, though. James' words have her hair rising again in a defensive wave. She opens her mouth to talk back but rapidly shuts it again with a click of her teeth. As if words would make a difference anyways. She smiles though, at the teacher's words. "Do we have a marching band?"

Ooookay. Six is very aware of the tension going on suddenly. Had noticed that Jade had hesitated before, but that could have been her being shy. Now he's clear on who the trouble is. He watches her in worry as wings tuck themselves around himself to try and not take up as much space. Always with that noise. They aren't still those wings. And yet Kenta earns a laugh about sleeping with a tuba. "I'd be inclined to agree." He turns his attention to Jade after that. "Jade? Are you okay?" Doesn't know if they have a band, so he doesn't answer.

James keeps a wary eye on Jade. But with nothing to respond to, he lets the subject of their past performance drop, "You gonna join us or play wallflower all night? Kenta's my squad leader, so you're safe. Sides…Jono is too now, so you're safe girly girl." With that, Kenta gets a flash of teeth, "So..speaking of squads…will you sign off on me asking to train with some X-Force-level DR sessions?" He's tried it with 'mom' so lets try it with 'dad.'

Kenta looks at James for a bit in regards to the question. "I dunno, not yet James, let me talk to Scott about that one. It's just, us on X-Force have had years of training and experience. If you want to try one X-Force level DR session, how about this, just you and me, and you can see what one of our sessions is." Kenta says as he thinks that would be a good idea though he knows James doesn't have the ten plus years under his belt that Kenta has. "No we dont' have a marching band here Jade. Not enough kids, and no real reason to march. Why, do you play an instrument?" He does look between both Jade and James for a bit but doesn't say anything…yet.

"There's just some history that doesn't need a replay," Jade responds to Six. Following his voice, she targets the sound associated with his voice. Interesting. She creeps forward. "How can you have 2 squad leaders?" Is he really that much trouble that it takes 2?? She looks back to the teacher and behind her glasses sorta blinks a little, her hair waving in confusion. "I ah.. can't… march?" She answers, sorta bewildered.

Not knowing much about X-Force and training with them, the winged teen moves from his chair and towards Jade. "I'm fine with that." Not going places that don't need a replay. This pointedly puts him between Jade and James. Maybe that will help. Not that he gets in close to Jade. Instead he perches on the coffee table. Wings spread out somewhat as he gets comfortable, and his book rests on his legs. "What's X-Force and why does James need permission to train with them?" Sorry, new person! More or less.

James clamps his jaw shut. *clack* He gives Kenta an 'aaaaawwww man' look that fades when he hears the 1-on-1 offer, "Sure!" At Kenta's question towards Jade the hyena smiles…a lot. You know he's got something to suggest—probably involving a flute of some sort. But, what kind? He never says. He's 'trying' to be nice. "Yeh, what she said," goes to Six, "Lets just say it was unkind. And uncalled for. But I'm in a better place now." As for the X-Force question? He lets Kenta answer that seeing is how the teacher is a member.

Looking at Jade, Kenta puts his arms up. "Sorry, I just figured since you asked maybe you were in a Marching Band at your old school, thus why you asked. My music class is a less than traditional one." Kenta says pushing some of his dark hair back. "X-Force is kind of the step between student and X-Men? It's kind like a school protection group, like I wanna help out but I don't wanna be an X-Men, especially since I have a son to take care of. James isn't going to be training with X-Force but him and I are gonna go through an X-Force level DR session, so he can see what kind of training we do." Kenta says with a nod. "Nah it's not that James needs two of us to handle him, it's just that I'm a lazy bastard I need someone to help."

Unkind, uncalled for, and generally majorly stinky. Jade's hair reflects the words she doesn't speak in a hot rustle that ripples away from her freckled cheeks like a wind breathed through her rippled strands. "Does this mean James got a promotion?!?" she blurts out, unable to keep her words to herself. She turns her head towards Six. "I'm fine. What is making that leathery rustly sound?"

Six listens about X-Force, saying nothing because he kind of feels dropped in the middle of an old conversation. Two of them. Looking between people, he appears rightfully puzzled. "Thanks." To Kenta for explaining. That makes sense. "And clearly no apologies were made." That's to James before the teen gives his attention to Jade. "My wings." Reaching out with one he seeks to touch her arm. Considering each one is as long as he is tall while partially folded, he's got a good reach. "I'm a physical mutant. No funky powers, just a funky appearance." Says it with a grin though. Clearly not upset at this all. Someone doesn't angst about it.

James nods to Kenta's description, pointing to the comm on his shirt collar, "And Julian let me on the security detail. So, now I'm on call to break up fights and keep people from destroying rooms. I also get to start watching the cameras at some point." Probably as soon as Julian feels he has threatened James enough that the hyena won't use his powers for evil. Jade gets a "Yeah, I guess?" his answers neutral. Then Six earns his ire, "Listen, wing-a-ling. You don't know what happened. And I bet me purposely giving the girl some space is more reassuring than a couple words she won't believe." Not after the last time.

"You have *wings*??" Jade breathes with astonishment and wonder. That's when one touches her, and though she jumps with a small hiss, she takes that as an invitation to feel. her fingers reach out to touch the limb. "How _cooooool_….." she huffs. "Can you fly?" Her head turns to James, but while she gives him her attention to let him know that she is listening, she also doesn't rise to any sort of arguement. It's done now and another page is turned. "Do you have feathers like a chicken? Oh wait. Chickens don't really fly."

Kenta looks at Jade with a raised eyebrow at her reaction to James being a on the school security. "I wouldn't say promotion as much as it is like JROTC. He's just like Jr. X-Force like he's still training with the Paragons, I still get to give him a hard time during our training sessions. And yes. Six has wings." Kenta says with a chuckle. "I will admit, there is nothing like flying, it's fun.

Six seems unphased by James' anger, but that's just appearance wise. He's wary now. "No, I don't know what happened." Said totally reasonably. "But your reactions, both of you, tell a lot. "You'd be amazed what those little words can do. Maybe you should try them sometime." A smile and he gives his attention to Jade. "Think bat." With a laugh about a chicken. The young man stands from the table and approaches so that Jade can better touch. "It's okay. I don't mind." A human hand stretched to impossible proportions. Fingers make up the wings, and there is a thick leathery feeling skin between them. Pulse can be felt in that membrane, and they shiver a little for being touched. Ticklish. "Dr McCoy gave me some long dialog about how they are modified human arms, but I'll spare you that." Said with a smile.

James keeps an eye on Six, a look that Kenta has probably seen the Gnoll use several times. But there's no retaliation, no oneupmanship, just a look over at his teacher, "Think I'm gonna take leave. There's bound to be something going on that could use my attention." He stands and stretches, "See you in the DR if not sooner."

"A bat…" she tries to stay out of the fight. It's not her fight this time. Her fingers spread over membrane, tracing pressing fingers down along the leathery sail, dragging fingernails against the skin as she bends her knees to feel the offered flesh. "I wish I had wings," she murmurs in good-natured envy. "Can you fly too, Mr— oh, sorry. Kenta? Do you also have wings?" She listens to James, her dark glasses turned to him, and brows set in a speculative angle.

Kenta stands and up and pats James on the back. "Alright, see ya in the DR and I'll send you a notice when you're special DR session will be." And Kenta's not gonna go easy on James, if he wants to see what X-Force does, he'll show the Hyena. "Sometimes Jade, but I can will them to be visible or not. All my powers are dark force related, you really can't 'feel' them if I create them. It's just really cold energy?"

"I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable." Six apologizes to James, and he means it. Doesn't try and stop the Hyena though. Not when he turns his smile back on Jade. "Oh, and yeah, I can fly." Sneaking that in between Kenta's reply. Shivering somewhat thanks to Jade, the free wing lifting and partially spreading in reaction, Six asks of the teacher, "What's darkforce? I mean, I can guess. It's shadow stuff maybe?" Seen enough movies, and read enough books, to guess, but there's still a lot he doesn't know.

"No," James says to Six, "Just that there's a school full of people that thank they're more right than everyone else, and I've had my fill of it. I need that, I can go anywhere. Meanwhile, you'll do well to learn that sometime things can get so broken a couple of words won't be enough. Don't take my word for it, take Jade's instead." He nods to the squad leader and makes his way for the door, "Will do. Night Kenta."

Jade stops with the touching at the shiver and steps back, her cheeks coloring a little. She is silent and listening. Her mouth sets at an angle and she doesn't feed into this, nor the rumor mill that rides rampant at the school. "Bye, James," she says softly. Then, to the other men. "I um.. should go find a coke. It was nice meeting you Kenta, and um.. Six."

"No, it's now Shadow, it's black energy from another dimension. All the markings over my body, that's the dark force." Kenta says as he stands up and looks between the teens. He's a teacher but this really isn't his place to step in. "I'll see ya at practice James, Six, Jade pleasure meeting you two. I'm gonna head outside and grab a smoke." He says as he heads towards the doors leading out to the basketball court.

Six looks sad at James' reply. "It's not that they fix anything, James, it's that they suggest a willingness to try." Are you willing, James? "So yes, I am sorry this makes you uncomfortable." For he's willing to try. Not that this is sure to get him anywhere. "Good night." In spite of the Hyena's coldness. Looking to Jade he nods, unmindful of her lack of sight. "I'm sorry too, Jade. It was very nice meeting you." His tone quiet. Wings rustle as he pulls them both in. As for Kenta, all the teen can do is look to him and shrug helplessly. With four arms. And suddenly he's left with a book and an emptying room. Lovely. Maybe he needs to relearn a few things.

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