2010-01-04: With Great Power


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Summary: Jeremy and Maxwell meet for the first time, Maxwell drags a few things out of Jer.

Date: January 4, 2010

Log Title PG

Rating: Log Rating.

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

Maxwell has that look of broad, youthful tourist all over him, smiling and looking out around the park smiling and looking around. Camera in hand in a fresh suit still he keeps smiling and walking down the park streets.

Dressed for the cold, Jeremy is in a hand-me-down leather jacket with a scarf around his neck and a knit hat. He makes sure the gloves on his hands are pulled down tight as he looks around for a potential victim. It's not that he likes stealing it's more that he has an expensive hobby. Looking around he spots a woman talking away on her cellphone with her purse drapped over her arm and doesn't seem to notice what is going on around her. Jeremy bites his lower lip and heads in her direction, eventually bumping in to her on 'accident'. After a few exchanged words of annoyance, Jeremy is now walking away with her wallet, the skilled pickpocket he's become.

Maxwell might make an easy mark, looking around he doesn't see anything to take a picture of, so he slides his camera into his suit jacket and buttons up the jacket. He looks around once more, walking and finally coming to a bench to sit down upon. The smiling teen is taking the oppertunity to people watch, not minding the flow and ebb of a crowed, just watching the organic animal of Manhattan with an outsiders awe.

Jeremy walks quickly away from the woman over to where Maxwell is sitting, and sits down not to far from him. He'll wait another few mintues before looking to see if he finds anything worth keeping. He eventually looks over at Maxwell, as if he's sizing him up. Camera, happy expression, people watching, there's a chance he'd be a tourist, and those are usually easy to steal from.

Maxwell does appear to be that sort of happy tourist, watching, in fact, since you're close enough to actually talk to he'll even do so! Turning his face to look at you, the blonde teen bobs his head, "Ah, good morning." speaking in a pleasent anomolous European accent. "Quite the morning isn't it. The parks in this city are lovely. Very well planned I should say." he just looks tourist like the only thing odd about him that is showing is the golden medallion at his chest. peeking out of the suit jacket.

Jeremy nods a bit and looks around the park. He never really thought much about how well planned they are. "I don't know, I never really looked at how well planned they are, just which areas tend to be dryer than others." He's usually not that great at starting a conversation, being on his own for so long. "So..um…are you…um…here on vacation?

Maxwell bobs his head, "I had heard that Manhattan evolved on a grid pattern, very good, most of the cities in europe are natural kind of growing things, not planned at all." he turns to look back over to you, "Oh no, not on vacation, I'm here to learn, not quite a student though I will probably need to finish some sort of academic thing I would image. Right now I'm just…exploring and watching"

Jeremy nods slowly. "I don't really know much history of New York but yeah, the grid makes the city easy to get around. Also the numbered steets." It allowed Jeremy to learn New York pretty fast. "So you're going to college here soon? I miss going to school actually."

Maxwell shakes his head, "no not a unviersity, I have not even finished my primary education, no no…I am…think it would be more like study abroad right?" he asks, he looks at your coat at at the dyed hair. Quite interesting, "I am Maxwell, Von Ryan, nice to meet you" he offers a hand.

Jeremy's hair actually isn't dyed, it's turned that colour from his mutation but he'll let people think it's dyed. "I'm Jeremy." He says taking Maxwell's hand with his gloved one. "I've never traveled outside of the United States actually, just New York and Ohio. Primary Education?"

Maxwell nods, "Ja, mein…ah…" he thinks, "High school? Yes I am 16 so I have not finished yet." he smiles again at the new person he's met "Jermey, nice to meet you." the cold doesnt' seem to bother him, wether it's from the fact that he's used to it, or is merely trying to live with it isn't eradily apparent.

The cold obviously bothers Jeremy as he's shivering a bit but he doesn't seem to care. "I'm seventeen myself, but I never got past my sophmore year of high school. I'm hoping to start back up next year and finish everything up. So are you going to be finish school here in New York? Why did you come here?"

Maxwell hesitates, he's not sure what to say to that so he takes a breath, "I am looking really to find and explore some areas of magic and magical study." he admits "I find I am in need of some learnings in it, and frankly, I havn't a clue" he laughs. Akward at needing to admit it, but this is a world of strange things.

Jeremy blinks at Maxwell, surprised at the answer. "Wait..you're serious? You're looking for stuff on magic and magical study…people do that?" Sure he's a mutant but that doesn't mean he's had much contact with the super hero world. "Yeah…I don't really have a clue either. I don't know anything about magic."

Maxwell nods his head, "Yes, I know, I was surprised myself, but there is part of that world out there. I suppose if I can't find it in Manhattan I wuoldn't be able to find it anywhere, the pulse of people here is quite extraordinary." he looks back at you, "And I would hope people do that. Unless what I've read about is an eloborate trick."

Jeremy shrugs. "I really don't know, I'm just…I'm just a guy. There's nothing really that special about me and I don't know anything about magic stuff." It's kind of a hurried answer as he doesn't want to talk to about abilities that much, especially to a stranger. "I guess New York does have a lot."

Maxwell appears no more comfortable, but you havn't walked up and walked away yet either, "Certinally does sound strange when you ahvet o put a voice to it. So much of our selves are kept inside. THough I suppose if you're going to learn anything you need to start asking people. Or else you might as well live in the cave." he leans back, the amulet he's wearing gives a glimmer…though the sun doesn't touch it.

"Yeah but…what if you ask the wrong people?" Jeremy asks sounding unsure. "There's too much…weirdness in the world especially in the city that you never know what's really behind something. What if you ask someone whose looking to hurt people who are different? I don't know, it's too much of a risk I guess."
Maxwell sits there and thinks about it, "True, but that is true of everything, you must learn, otherwise…what will you do. Will you sit and fumble through it. What if you hurt someone, what if you damage somthing. Somthing out of ignorance..if you ahve somthing special…you should do somthing with it"

"What if that somethign hurts you or damages you, instead of something, or someone?" Jeremy says as he's afraid to take risks, especially in regards to his powers. "Out ot ignorance we trust people blindly and it can be your downfall. Yeah, you can learn that you have to be weary of people."

Maxwell offers a smile and a shrug, "Well then, I suppose you could chose to trust no one, but it seems as if that life would end up not being worth living. You could live with what god has given you. Talent, power, ability, whatever it is…and never use it. But then…wouldn't you remain unfufilled? Ah…I suppose it's phiolosphical. But I seek knoweldge to help."

Jeremy takes a deep breath and doesn't say anything. According his parents, god frowns on those with powers, mutants, it's not a blessing it's a curse. "I can't even help myself, how can I help others? Not everyone is as confident with what they have or what they can do. It's good that you want to help and do something what what you have, not everyone can though."

Maxwell laughs, "Confidant? Confidant? I am so out of the loop I must ask strangers if they've even heard of magic, I'm a total novice." he laughs again. "It's not about confidance, it's about a sense of yourself." he stands and moves to walk over to you and sit right down next to you. "If you cannot help yourself, then ask another. "Help me, and I shall do good things…that is the way we start to build each other Ja?" he looks around, "And you sound as if you NEED powers to do good. There are perfectly Ordinary heros amoung us. That man on the corner. He is selling. I do not know, pencils. Yet in the hour or so I have been here, he has helped every woman across the street who needs it." he points. "He needs help, and gives as much in return, without being any more capable then me. Everyone should help in accordance with what they can give. I can give more. so I msut"

"That man selling pencils, I be that it's a scam and he's got a mercedes in a car garage somewhere." Jeremy says as he knows too much about the street life of New York City and perhaps has become jaded.

"That man selling pencils, I be that it's a scam and he's got a mercedes in a car garage somewhere." Jeremy says as he knows too much about the street life of New York City and perhaps has become jaded. "You can just ask people for help…well…I can't. You might be able to, and you have confidence that allows you to be able to. Me..and it's not about needing powers to do good, it's about having them and doing good." It's pretty much obvious by now that Jeremy is hiding something…a lot of things, about himself. "And with people, you don't know who to ask. Someone might try to kill you for the problem you need help with."

Maxwell nods his head a small bit, "Well, if he's running a scam…he's still helping people across the street." he leans forwad again, "What has happened to you which has taken so much ah? You need to have it built back up…but are you saying you can give nothing? THat you do not see somthing, which you have the power to help? You do not have to fix everything, nein…just help some things." he purses his lips, "Come, if anything I can buy you lunch and a beer."

Jeremy looks at Maxwell and sighs. He won't refuse a free lunch, he's lived too long on the streets to do that but, the beer…. "Wait, we're not old enough to drink, how are you going to buy beer for us?" He doesn't drink often but he does smoke enough. "I've seen people hate other people for what they are, and resolve to violence over helping. It's too easy to trust people and walk into your death."

Maxwell hmms, "Vot do you mean, I am 16 and you are the same or older I would hope" he stands up and brushes down his suit. He looks around again, "Hate is a powerful thing, ja, but the only way you do that is to work hard. And do good. Some people will still hate you, some people hate…but those that do not will see you, and slowly you create people who understand." he says as he motions, "Well if you know a place to eat, come on, lead the way I'm looking to try some new food"

"Drinking age is twenty-one over here. I need to find people to buy my cigarettes for me or find the people who don't care." Or people to bumb them off of Jeremy thinks to himself as he shrugs. "I have a few people I can honestly turn to right now but I still don't fully trust them. I don't know though, it sounds so much easier to say than to actually do it." He says looking down at his hands.

Maxwell looks at you as if you had 3 heads, otu of all the things he's heard so far THAT is the most shocking to him, "Ah, bastard really? How backwards." he makes a face, "Ah well. Schise…at least there's lunch, right, so find a place to eat and we'll get lunch." he remains cheerful as he can, a little bit down about the beer thing, but he'll get over that.

Jeremy shurgs. "That's the way it's always been. I dunno, I know in Europe it's younger but not here. I'm good with anywhere for lunch. I'm not picky when it comes to food, really. Especially if you offered to get lunch then it's up to you." He knows a begger can't be choosey. "Do you mind if I smoke quick?"

Maxwell nods, "Of course you can" he awlks the park, good thing about manhattan there's food everywhere. He looks left and loosk right, up and donw the street through he park, "Hm…ah, I did hear that italian in New york is special…" he motions to one of the many ones, and he'll walk with you across the street to the little out of the wya restaurant.

Jeremy takes a crumpled pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and lights one up, taking a long, relaxing drag off of it. It'll hold him over for a bit until the urdge for his next fix overwhelms him. "Yeah, the pizza is pretty good. Better than anything we had back in Ohio. I think Ohio is known for good food, just cows."

Maxwell nods, "Ah, is Ohio far from here? I know where the United States is and that it is quite large, larger then Europe as a whole, but I do not know where things are…" he says as he walks, hands out of his pockets to the crossing walk. He diligently waits for the walk sign to appaer before he crosses the street with you, "Well I am willing to try it." he nods, "So Jermemy, you hang around the park a fair bit?" he says as he gets to the door. He'll wait of course till you finish your smoke before going in.

"It took me about nine hours to get here from where I lived. It's a lot more suburban than here. I doubt I'll ever be going back though." Jeremy says as he walks along as a casual gait. "I kind of wander from park to park, there's not much else for me to do. I know the streets pretty well now. I like Thompson Square Park cause it's kind of haven."

Maxwell nods, "Haven? Sanctuary, ah, from what?" he asks as he opens thedoor for you and walks in. Asking for a table, and gettnig led to one of those cheap plastic booths. He'll look around, small cramped, but smelling all right, filled with food, he looks at the menu board, "Hm, could you order for me? I am not sure about food here, what is what. I don't mind that."

"How about we just get a pizza and split it?" Jeremy suggests as that's an easy way to do it. "Well…that park, it's in mutant town. A lot of the businesses there and people there are mutants or people who don't care. It's a place for u…them to be less scrutinized."

Maxwell nods, "Sure that is agreeable." he says as he elans back and unbuttons his suit jacket as he sits, once more the medallion glimmers in the light, "hm…ah so this is…mutant town you said? I see." he nods once more, "Why are you one?" he asks matter of factly.

Jeremy shrugs. "Yeah, it's mutant town. I might be." He says not really answering right away but it's as close to a yes as Maxwell is going to get. He takes off his jacket, scarf and hat now that they are inside but leaves his gloves on. "Why, what are you feelings on the subject?"

Maxwell shrugs, "About what? Mutants?" he asks, "What's there to talk about, there're a person, as far as I can tell, they do more then I can…or I used to at any rate." he shrugs, "Individuals are judged upon their actions, not their color race or creed."

Jeremy nods at Maxwell's answer and gives a faint smile, probably his first one all day. "Yeah, I am. It's why I was kicked out of my home so sorry if I have trouble trusting you, or anyone, for that matter. I can.." but he never finishes what he's about to say as the waitress comes up and Jeremy orders a pizza for the two of them to share.

Maxwell nods and he trusts you to get food, he remains leanining back and the gemran teen never breaks his own smile, "Ah I see, there are still quite the problems with that in the states? It seems a majority of mutants do live here. I can't say I have met many back in Germany, partially why I am her too." he nods a tiny bit again.

"With the magic thing?" Which is a large part of why Jeremy was able to open up to Maxwell, the fact that he mentioned magic earlier. "I haven't met a ton of mutants here, just a few. I don't know much about Germany besides what I learned in history but it seems like a lot of them flock to New York….like me."

Maxwell nods his head, "Ja, the magic thing…institutuationlized occult was outlawed along with any number of things after the war, so there is no real place I could go and study." he says as he keeps leaned back, "Ja? Well, it is a city of 1000 cultures, and certinally enough people so that no one would feel a stranger." he hmms again. "It's a good place"

Jeremy shrugs and runs a hand through his hair. "It's not a bad place. I miss the calm sometimes but like you said, it's easier to not feel a stranger. You can blend in and become lost here and just disappear. It's nice but lonely at the same time." He's not sure why he's opening up to a compelete stranger but Maxwell is just so outgoing.

Maxwell laughs, "Lonely? really? I admit it takes a while for someone to stop and return a hello but." he looks around, "Look at this place, I don't mind the shop but the city, it lives and breaths, All you have to do is find someone to talk to and talk to them, what more could you need to do? Don't sit in the darkforever, you must leave the cave eventually." he smiles as the pizza arrives, "ah, so this is famous New York Pizza…any etiquette on how to eat?"

Jeremy takes a slice and shakes his head. "Not really, I mean some people like to fold it in half but I've only been in the city for about two years. I'm not really a long time resident here." He's still very much the Ohio boy at times. "Yeah but I think I feel safest in my cave." What odd is Jeremy eats with his gloves on and doesn't take them off.

Maxwell nods his head a small bit, "Ah, but then all you are is viewing the reflections on the wall, how can you tell if what you see is really life at all if you stay in the cave huh?" he asks with another smile as he takes his own pizzza, with a knife and fork and cuts it and eats it. Slowly chewing, blinking a small bit at the gloves, "You eat food with gloevd hands, are you so cold?"

Jeremy looks at his gloves and debates taking them off, acting like he didn't realize it, before sighing. "I can see the past of anything I touch. That's what I do. I've seen things that aren't exactly…nice. I may stay in my cave but it might prevent me from seeing to much and seeing the true nature of things."

Maxwell blinks a moment as he chews, and he looks down at his medallion and back at you, "You see…the past of everythign that touchs. How interesting. For good or for worse…" he thinks to himself and swallows, "The past is certinally dense, I understand that. But staying in the cave keeps you blind. The truth is never wrong. It hurts, prehaps, but it can not be wrong"

Jeremy shakes his head. "I'm not really blind, well maybe blind of the future but you're right there. The truth is never wrong, and I see it. I don't want to see it. I've seen things that I can't erase from my mind, that I would have been happier not knowing." But at the same time, it's saved his life. "The cave maybe lonely but at least I know I'm safe there."

Maxwell cuts another bit of pizza and he takes anoter bite of food, and he thinks and leans over and sets his hand upon your shoulder, "Well, I think You'd be able to find me in the city, I'm the crazy German student, though I don't know how many of those there are…" he laughs, "And I can be a man of truth, if you really need someone else to hear it." he smiles.

Jeremy nods and gives that same small smile again. "I'm…at a halfway house in Hell's Kitchen. And hopefully I might be able to run into you again. You're….not a bad guy…I think." He means that in the best way possible. It's just Jeremy knows he can never be sure of what things seem to be. "I hope you can find your stuff on magic. I really don't know anything."

Maxwell nods his head, "I hope so too." he says as he takes a drink of whatever there is to be hand, "I am in a small apartment, mid town I think it is called, paid for, so that is well." he says with another bite of food. "Not a bad guy, haha, suppose there are worse things to be called arn't there." he smiles amusidly.

Jeremy looks down and shrugs. "I'm sorry, it's just, like I said. It's hard to be certain of things. I found out my parents were hiding a pretty big secret from my siblings and me and thus…why I'm here. It's hard to see what people really are."

Maxwell nods, "This is ture I suppose, we all wear armor, we all have our inner side to life. THat's what it is, armor against the outside world, some are nice, some are nasty, some are a strong bulwark, others have been torn nearly asunder." he considers as he eats, "It's an interesting world we life in"

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