2011-03-25: With Great Power Comes Great Learning Opportunities


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Summary: Sophie talks to Jericho about an aspect of her powers that she didn't know about before.

Log Title: With Great Power Comes Great Learning Opportunities

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Classroom One

The classroom is set up for a variety of different classes to be held here at different times. The standard desks sit in rows, with a teachers desk in front and a white board in the front of the class. No particular teacher has a set classroom; they rotate the classrooms as classes are necessary.


Late in the evening, Jeri is sitting in his office, working on some paper work for the school. The extremely large man's hair is currently pulled back in a tail. His body, nor his face, quite look the age of the professor/psychologist. He runs a hand through his hair and reaches, subconsciously for his glasses to put them on his face before forgetting that he no longer needs them, not since Kevin did what he did to Jeri's body. It's been a year, but he's still getting adjusted to some of it.

A soft tapping sound is the first sign of another person present. The sound comes from a white cane, that precedes Sophie into the office as she probes the ground in front of her with it. Her other hand holds the doorframe, as she comes to a stop on the threshhold into the room. "Professor Parker-Mayfair?" murmurs the blind girl. "May I come in?"

His deep voice resounds as he looks up. "Doctor Parker-Mayfair actually." He says, looking up with a smile, offering a wave to the student before he remembers the blindness and stops himself. Oops. "Of course. I always have time for my students." He says, placing his papers down on the desk.

Sophie blushes softly, and bobs her head. "Doctor Parker-Mayfair," she corrects herself, as her lips quirk upwards in a pleasant smile. "Thank you." Her cane resumes sweeping across the ground as she walks across the office floor, until it encounters a chair; her left hand pats at it, examining which way it is oriented. "I spoke to Professor Lensherr a few nights ago, and there is something he said I should discuss with the other teachers here, si?"

Professor Lensherr. Wonderful. But Jeri doesn't say that out loud. "You're welcome to ask me anything, Sophie. I'm extremely open about anything I'm asked. I feel it's the best way to be in a school." He offers, waiting for the question but dreading it inside. One never knows when Magneto is involved. But then, he hasn't had much of an opportunity to chat with Magneto himself. Considering they've spent a bit of time in Genosha.

Sophie finally gets to stepping around the chair and seating herself in it. She collapses her can into itself, and lays it across her lap before smoothing out her skirt. "I… think in my files it will say that my ability is to heal, si?" She nods, and clasps her hands over her lap. "It is just… the other night, I found out that this is not all I can do. I… I am not sure how to describe it? Apparently I… shoot something out of my hands. I'm afraid I cannot describe what it looks like, Doctor."

"Ah, powers. That is one of my specialties, actually. Myself and Mr. Falk." Jeri offers with a chuckle. "Would you mind if I shared your powers, in order to see for myself?" He asks. "That is, if your clothes are loose enough to not be damaged when you grow a little bit from mine…" He offers. "I have a specialized mutation designed for what I do for a living. I share powers with other mutants and I get a deep understanding of them when I do."

The blind girl's eyebrows rise above her blindfold. "I… oh. Well, I am sure my clothes will be fine." She blushes more fiercely than she was already, and gives a nervous laugh. "I… well, alright then? If it will help, I am sure there is no reason not to." She shrugs her shoulders, and leans forwards as she rests her elbows on the armrests of the chair. "Do you need me to do anything?"

Jericho nods and reaches out a hand towards Sophie. He doesn't actually touch her, but the change is immediate in both bodies. Sophie's body will become physical perfection. Her strength will increase to approximately 25 tons. "Be careful with your stick. You may accidentally damage it with your hand." He explains. She'll also grow about two inches in height. He pauses for a moment before nodding. "Ah, it's not too bad. Basically, you absorb light energies and convert them into other uses. You can do several things from heal to energy blasts. It's very similar to the X-Men's ally, Sunspot. Though, you both focus in different ways. His energy turns to solar blasts, flight, and strength."

Sophie sucks in a deep breath with a loud gasp, as she feels her body change and strengthen. She sits up straighter, and her cane rolls off her lap and onto the floor. Immediately her attention turns to the sound of it rolling, though as she hears Jericho's caution she doesn't reach for it. She tilts her gaze forwards once more, and forces her hands to relax on the armrest as she breathes out, slowly. "You can tell all this… even though I cannot? That is quite the amazing talent, Doctor Parker-Mayfair," she murmurs, at last regaining her composure. "I… do you know why it is that my chest glows, sometimes? …I have never seen in; it began after I lost my sight. But I have been told of it."

"Oh, that's easy enough." Jericho offers as he moves to lift the cane and prop it next to the chair Sophie is sitting on. "Your body can only hold so much light. When it reaches capacity, you glow. My husband and you would work well together. You absorb light, he creates light. He's a photokinetic. I don't know if you've met him yet. He's the home ec teacher at the school. Christopher Parker-Mayfair."

Sophie shakes her head slowly. "No, I have not met him yet," she murmurs. "Well, not personally I mean; I have attended some of his classes." She smiles softly, and shrugs her shoulders. "So… someone who produces light or radiation could… recharge me? I suppose is how you would say it?" She holds her hands up in front of her, as if she would be looking at them if she could see. "When I heal someone it becomes exhausting, eventually. I can imagine that would be quite the boon."

"Precisely. Here, let me return your powers to you." Jericho says, regaining his own height and letting Sophie shrink back to herself. "What my powers do is allow me to share my abilities with another person. Half and half. And I get half of theirs, but I get a genetic insight into how theirs work. Sometimes, it means I manifest abilities in a way they have yet to learn. Dallas took that hard when he was here." He shakes his head softly.

Sophie breathes out as she returns to her proper size. She pauses for a moment, and reaches down beside her chair the retrieve her cane. "Thank you for rescuing this," she murmurs. "I am… well, I am not entirely lost without it, but it certainly makes things more difficult, si?" She smiles softly, as she lays the cane back across her lap once more. "I am sorry for Senor Dallas; it was difficult enough for me a few days ago, even when Professor Lensherr was close by to help me." The blind girl taps her lips lightly, and bows her head. "It would seem that now I must learn how to aim… without seeing."

"Your best bet would be to learn to rely on your friends and teammates." Jericho offers. "There are other worlds than these. In one of them, my husband was blind. His aim came from myself. I saw that during an interdimensional invasion a few years ago. It wasn't… pleasant." He says. "But such is the way of things at times." He offers before shrugging. "And it's no problem. Trust me, I know what it's like to be differently abled. People look at great strength as a gift. Try not being able to pick anything up without crushing it, until you learn to deal with it. My brother always hated me for having physical gifts."

"I have come to learn the truth of the saying, 'People fear what they do not understand', Doctor Parker-Mayfair." Sophie nods slowly, as she fiddles with the top of her collapsed cane. "Perhaps even more so, when they perceive that what they do not understand is changing someone they love, or taking them away, si? I am sorry to hear that your brother was so troubled by your gifts… I pray that you and he were able to solve your differences."

"Never happened." Jericho says with a smirk. "And you should have seen the look on his face the day he realized that he bought a house across the street from mine." He laughs. "I didn't see it, but neighbors told me. No, he has mental abilities that he uses to his best to drive me absolutely batty. It doesn't work though. He once hired a genetic manipulator and turned Christopher and myself into ten year olds."

The blind girl leans back in her chair, taken aback by the revelation. "That… sounds an irresponsible use of his power, with all due respect Doctor," she murmurs. "Our gifts should never be used to so whimsically toy with other people; I am sure they must have been given to us with a much better purpose in mind." She nods her head slowly. "So… in the next danger room session for the Hellions… I should practice aiming with my teammates' assistance, si?"

"Yes. That would work well. Perhaps use clock directions. It might be the easiest way." Jericho nods, before laughing. "Oh, Jordan's intelligent, but an idiot at the same time. I'm just glad he can't get into MY head. Siblings often have immunity to one another's powers. We're no exception." He chuckles. "Though, he may be an annoying guy, but he's not heartless. He tried to assist a family in stopping our forced adoption of their son, but after he saw what they treated him like, he actually stepped aside, knowing Eddie would have a better life with us than with his family."

Sophie smiles pleasantly. "Clock positioning, I shall remember," she murmurs. "Do you know… why it is that I cannot heal myself? I have long been curious about that." She pauses, and brushes her fingertips through her golden hair. "I am glad to hear that Eddie is having a better life than he would have otherwise. It was decided by the authorities in Spain that my sister and I ought not be raised by our Mother; I love my mother, but I am sure we were both better off, si? I am sure it must be the same for Eddie; at least that he is better off, anyway."

"Oh, he is. He's off at college now. It's because your powers have an outward usage. They don't work internally. It's common for many mutants. Most seem immune to their own powers. Even if you created light, you could not absorb your own to repower yourself. It's just the weird ways they work." Jeri explains.

Sophie smiles warmly. "I wish him all the best success," she murmurs. "And I suppose I shall simply have to be careful. …People sometimes ask me why it is that I have never healed myself, to relieve my blindness." She laughs softly, and shakes her head. "Well, certainly I did try," she continues. "I was very dismayed at first, when it did not work. But, que sera sera." She bobs her head in a quick nod. "Tahnk you for helping me, Doctor."

"Not a problem." Jericho says with a chuckle. "Unfortunately… for you, I suppose, I have to get home. Dinner will be in about three minutes, so I'll have to run. But then, my run speed is faster than a car." He laughs. "And I'm definitely looking forward to dinner. My husband is an amazing chef. You should come to the school proper for dinner on Sundays. That's when he cooks for everyone. In the main kitchen and dining room, not in the dorm ones. You'll see." He laughs.

An eyebrow perks, as Sophie snaps her cane out to its full length and stands up. She steps clear of the chair, and sweeps the tip of her cane about herself in a circle. "You husband can cook things with his power, si?" She giggles softly. "I recall you saying he was a photo…" She pauses. "Photokinetic? …Pardon me; English is not my first language."

"No, he cooks on a stove." Jeri laughs. "But his calling is cooking and hair. He's a stylist by day." He grins. "Anyway, I'll see you at the next training session?" He asks, raising an eyebrow as he locks the drawer to his desk.

Sophie nods her head quickly. "Si," she replies emphatically. "Unless if you decide to turn out the lights, so that nobody can see. Then you will only hear me… and as I am used to such a thing, I will have the advantage over everyone else." She laughs, and probes the ground with her cane as she walks towards the door. "To think of people fumbling about when suddenly they cannot see… I know it is wicked of me, but it always seems funny to me."

~ Fin ~

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