2009-04-19: Within Moments


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Summary: Addison called for Scott on this one. Scott comes down immediately to meet Vladimir.

Date: April 19, 2009

Within Moments

Rating: PG

The door knocks, after Addison left, he sent the entire thing to Scott. He's obviously concerned, but rules have to be followed. "Vladimir." He calls out, his voice recognizable. "I'm coming in." He says, entering the room, and closing the door. "Addison sent me the whole thing." He says, looking to the young mutant. His red glasses can be seen reflecting light from any source in the room.

Vladimir does not say anything and does not turn around but keeps folding and packing clothes. It is a long silence, "You want me to change who I am to fit in here. The rules I broke did not harm anyone in fact the sex seems to enjoyable to all who took part. I know expelling is one of the thing you can do so I am saving you the trouble. Before it gets harder to leave this play and the people in it."

Scott's face doesn't show his anger. "Okay, for one thing, you're SIXTEEN years old. You don't need to be having sex at your age. Second, it's called self control. If sex is what you are, you have a skewed vision of the world and of what people are. Third, no one is forcing you to stay here, but when you got here, you agreed to follow the rules." He takes a moment to sit on Jared's bed, looking to Vladimir. "What you did to Addison was not right, Vlad. You threatened him, for something he did not do. You were in the wrong there. Nor would you have been able to 'break his nose', he's a telekinetic." Scott continues to look at Vladimir. "So, you can leave the mansion and the school if you choose. Or you can agree to the rules, and continue your power training and education and be here with the people you say it would be hard to leave." He want's Vlad to think it over, but at the first sign of aggression, Scott's not going to be happy.

Vladimir He still not looking at you but has stop packing, "I know he could not control it and I am not mad at that I did tell him if he tried to do it I would of break his nose or try to. I am not not of sex even thought I had sex most of my life since I was 11. What I want is a relationship someone I can holds and trust with my heart. How I understand it sex is part of that. Self control I never done anything that was not wanted all my lovers did not fight or ask me to stop in fact more are the ones who taken me all but one but he is still a virgin." He finally turns around still wearing his blue sunglasses tear streaking his face, "I don't want to leave but I scared I take down my friends and the people I love with me. I nothing more then a hot headed thug. I'm to weak to keep my world on violence or protect those I am with. Just look at what happen in Central Park."

Scott looks to the technopath as he stops. "Sex is part of it, but it's not the first thing you dive into." He feels wrong to give this advise, but who else is going to talk to him? Certainly not his father or mother. "By living at this school, the faculty and staff take responsibility for you and your safety. And self-control means you control yourself, not others. If you want a relationship, go out on a date, go to a movie, take whoever you want to Coney Island one day or something." He looks at the boy now turning around to him, a tear on his face. Not knowing what to say there. "If you don't want to leave, don't But if you're going to stay here, you are going to have to abide by the rules. That's how it's going to be, no conditions."

Vladimir wipes the tears and sniffles some, "I can't take the risk I get others in trouble. I might still want to go to school here but I think it best for both of use shades if I find a play outside the school before I lose the ability to return. I will find a place near by and commute to the school. " he turns around and starts to pack again, "Thank you for the advice I will try that with Antonio." He stops, "You didn't hear that. I don't him prejudge as a fag."

"That's not how it works Vladimir. ANd don't call me shades, please. If you're a student here, you can live with guardians, Like Eddie, or you stay at the school. No one is going to… Antonio." t stops to think, and then he gives a very strange look to Vladimir. "Okay, for one, Vladimir, we don't judge here. We're MUTANTS, we get enough of that out in the world. And homosexuals do not like to be called 'fags'." Scott says, watching to see what Vladmimir does next.

Vladimir snorts, "So I can leave the school even if I no guardians but I can't live off campus and come to the school. You know dumb that sounds? Also I do not need one I use my powers long time ago to make it so I legally my own guardian. You should know that or do you have a habit of taken underage kids with out talking to his family?" He keeps packing, "If you refuse this then I guess I have no choose to cut my ties with the school." He sniffles some more. He trying to hold more tears back.

"Eddie's guardians work at this school, and they live closeby. You on the other hand, are sixteen, and you don't have a job. If you did use your powers to change the databases, then great for you. You emancipated yourself." Scott says, his tone still flat and even. Not very much emotion coming off of this man. "But regardless of that, there are other rules for apartment complexes, or anywhere else you would live. In the eyes of the law, you are an emancipated minor, NOT a legal adult. There are liability issues that go with that. And at this school, or any boarding school for that matter, the administration acts as guardians of any under-eighteen year old. You aren't the only emancipated minor we've had at the school, Vlad. We're in the right here. Why are you wanting to leave the school so badly that you're willing to cut your ties that quickly? You said you have friends here." Scott rises from his seated position, and moves over to look at the boy. "And it's obvious that you do not want to leave."

Vladimir turns the look at scott and shakes his head, "I don't want to leave but this is who I am and I will not let anyone bully me other wise." She puts some more clothes in his bag not even folding them, "you say I need to be 18 to live on my own? Well I can use my powers to change that all I have to do is change the database with my birth records are in and bump my self up a couple of years. I understand there are rules and in the long run understand they are there to protect me and the others but if every time I get in trouble I face expulsion I rather leave before I get more attached. Oh and money I have money" He looks around and then smiles softly, "A few years back I set up worms in banks all around the country and they take the fractions of cent that banks discard from transfers and put them in a bank account."

"You faced expulsion because you threatened a man who found out what you were doing and was going to advise you otherwise. Not even going to tell me since no one else saw." Scott's brow raises and he's quite literally shocked, twice, once because someone actually tried to do the Superman III thing, and another that he actually committed Grand Larceny. "You do realize that that is Grand Larceny, right? No matter if it's a fraction of a cent, or however many." Now he's getting angry. "Did you ever pay attention in ethics class? It's things like what you've confessed to me of you doing that makes my job as an X-Man and mutants in whole hard. Stealing because you can, you think that will help people like Senator Kelley or any other law-maker in this country more accepting of us as mutants? No, that kind of stuff will likely get the Registration Act talks back up." He's not happy right now, even more so now that what they teach here never stuck. "We came to you, because we try to help mutants out, give them a give them a place to stay where they don't have to be frightened…" He's at a loss for words after that.

Vladimir sighs, "what are you talking about I am a hacker I have no powers I did it all with skill. Anyone with out a computer that locates mutants would be hard press to prove I am a mutant. Listen I found my self outside with no place to go no money and on chance of serval I thought you would know how that feels since what happen to you after you mother and father died. maybe my moral corpus points south instead of north but that does not make me a bad person. I did what I needed to do to live."

Scott looks to Vladimir. "If you aren't a mutant, then why did we come to you and ask that you live here? All it takes is a blood sample to know you're a mutant." This student really is not making any sense to the Headmaster. "You don't understand, when I was your age, my family was Professor Xavier, and the rest of the First Class. But wherever you go you have to follow the rules, that was a stipulation of you're coming here. And you were supposed to have understood that before you even came. It's not something we sprang on you all of a sudden." Scott is not willing to give up on someone who has nowhere else to go, but he's got to accept the rules he said he would follow. Just like anywhere else.

Vladimir slaps him self in the forehead, "I am a mutant but if I act dumb it that much harder for them to prove it. All the blood test shows is I have the gene they can't prove I have powers. My mother was a not a mutants and I sure my father wasn't one but here I am so it must be that some people have the gene but does not gain powers." He nods, "yes but before you came here you lived in a orphanage and then you ran away from it. In truth our childhoods are not the different. I know there are rules and I should follow them. It just hard to get use to such a restrictive place. Well with out bars and large man walking around with nightsticks and paper spray. Besides it seems like the school has no interest in me other then a body in a class seat and a filled bed."

"How the hell do you know that?" He asks a bit angrily, knowing that only four people in the mansion currently know all of his history, and none of them would tell a student outright. "And it's never about a filled bed, or a seat in the class. It's about helping mutants. This school runs off of donations, not tuition. And we don't receive money from the state either. I care about every student in this school, I care about my teammates, I care about mutant kids living in the streets who fight New York City rats just to eat to stay alive. So don't you say all I care about is the filled beds and seats. You don't know anything about me." Scott is extremely offended by Vladimir's words. "So if you want to leave, go right ahead I won't stop you, but don't you DARE say I don't care."

Vladimir shrugs, "I been practicing powers I need a target and a goal. Your files seem like a good one to try first. I have looked at all the teachers files and some of the students. It just an excise not like I really going use the information." He then frowns seeing how upset you got at his comment, "I see well maybe I am wrong about that." He sits down on the bed, "I take any punishment you want to dish out but I will not have expulsion held over my head. I also don't like the thought of people I can for being trouble over something I talked them into. I do not leave but if those things are what I can expect then I should leave. That X-force guy did that. I did lose my cool with him when he told me he got the info from someone's mind that like rape but he then explained how he can't help it and I understand that."

"I never said he was going to get in trouble. But you have to think, with telepaths, they hear people's minds, and quieting the mind is not something people do naturally, unless trained to do. That's why most have to work on keeping other's thoughts out." Scott continues to look at Vladimir. "And expulsion only came up when you had threatened someone who was just doing his job. As I said before, he wasn't going to come to me about it. But you got violent with him. Rape is also a
very different thing, Vlad. Completely different, but that's another story. Thing is, if someone does something that is worthy of expulsion, it can happen. I'm not going to say that you are never going to be up for expulsion, but you have to work with us on that." THe actual rate of expulsion is very low from this school. It only happens when something real bad happens.

Vladimir nods and sighs, "I have a problem with anger I been wanting to see the shrink you know Jared and Eddie's father but he seem to never be around so I have not talked to him yet. The guy did say to me that if it happen again that you might expel me even before I threaten him. He also did not tell me until after that fact that he was not going to you and unlike him I can't read minds. I really like it here people are nice and they don't try to beat or rape me like at the place I escape from. Also my understanding of rape is to force your self into a unwilling person most privet parts. Now the mind is not the most likely target but I think of it as the most privet part of my body I rather be held down and have my ass entered by force then my mind entered. He did not do it on peruse and I understand not controlling powers fully so I can forgive him but I might have to try that training to silent the mind. Also that spandex outfit you gave me I can't wear it. It going sound vain but I don't wear anything that's not black."

"I think he was simply reacting to being threatened by you. But regardless. I'm glad you decided to stay." Scott says, moving closer to the door. "Un;ess you can convince your squad leader to change the colors, you're out of luck on that front. Money's not an issue, it's a team-building thing. There's a reason it's called a UNIform. One form. One team." That's just one thing that Vlad will have to get used to. "And it's not spandex. It's called Unstable Molecule fabric, your new training goal is to look it up, what it is, and what it does. You might find it interesting." He says, opening the door now. "I'll mention to Dr. Parker-Mayfair that you want to talk with him." He says, starting to close the door. "Night, Vladimir." The headmaster is tired after the long conversation, and still has stuff to finish for the school.

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