2010-02-10 Work and Children


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Summary: Jono and Kenta talk about stuff.

Date: 2-10-2010

Log Title Work and Children

Rating: pg-13


Legs sprawled out to block the hall, Jonothon is here hiding from some of the kids. They are all out doing whatever it is they do after class, and he's working on writing out another reply on his phone. Who ever he's writing gets long replies, and since he types out full words it takes a while. The man is dressed as per normal, which means the chamber is covered and he's all in black. Today a little better than usual. Slacks, a long sleeved turtle neck shirt, and of course that silver and gold comm of his.

Coming inside from just having a cigarette is Kenta. He brushes some snow off of hiimself and out of his hair. He's only wearing a sleeveless shirt and jeans so obviously the cold doesn't affect him. He's on his way to the kitchen when he spots Jono blocking the hallway way he raises an eyebrow. "Mother may I go to the kitchen?" He asks in a half teasing manor.

Dark eyes look up through hair, and thumbs pause over buttons, and the man eyes you a moment. If he feels anything about your appearance, Jonothon doesn't share it. «What's the magic word?» Asked back in a similarly teasing manner. Nope, doesn't seem to be bothered at the teasing. In fact he types out another word after he asks what the magic word is. Not that his legs are any trouble to step over.

Knowing Jono is British, Kenta just grins. "Is it…Bollocks?" He smiles and brushes more of his hair back. "It's gross outside dude. So what are you up to? Hogging the whole hallway. Get in trouble and Mr. Summers made you hall monitor?"

«Close, luv, but no. Want to try again?» Teasingly calling you luv as a part of the joke. Jonothon continues to type since you didn't get the word right. «What does it look like I'm doing? I'm writing out an email.» Maybe he's writing his girlfriend. Not that he actually is, but hey. «Maybe I just like being troublesome.» About blocking the hall. His tone says he's giving you a hard time merely because it's funny. Nudge and he will move.

Kenta winks at the luv part and smiles. "Well it can't be as easy as 'please' can it?" When in the right mood, he loves being a pain in the ass. When he was a teenager it was worse. "I dunno, I thought it was more a novel you were writing, maybe something about…the tributes and trials of living with the X-Men or something equally as catching. Though that would make for such a teen drama fest it might be a best seller."

Please gets him to move. Really. Jonothon sits up, pulling long legs out of the way. «It's always please.» That's what he was taught anyway. Not minding you being an ass today, he actually looks to you properly. A certain someone didn't comb his hair today, and it's everywhere. «Maybe I'm telling the tabloids about all the bollocks you do.» Teasing! More seriously, he motions with the phone. «Writing my sister is all. Haven't talked to her in more than ten years now. You have any idea how hard it is to explain what you do when you're an X-man?» A bit of dismay there.

Kenta nods at that one. "Yeah, I know. I don't have any siblings but trying to tell my parents what goes on all day here? They're already wierded out enough by the fact that I'm ten years older than I should be." That was a crazy adventure he went on. "At least my son isn't old enough to start wondering things yet." And kind of like Jono, but to a lesser extent, Kenta has a mutation he can't exactly hide as the dark force is visible up and down his arms in strange markings.

He said it because he knew you'd understand. Otherwise he wouldn't have. Jonothon nods about them being weirded out. His parents have been too. «Haven't tried to contact my parents. Not being able to use the phone helps.» At least in avoiding that. «I didn't know you have a son though.» The auburn head tilts as he asks. Since you two are talking he closes the phone, the message will keep, and tucks the thing into a pocket. «Here at the school?»

"He's with my parents right now." Kenta says putting up a hand as he shakes his head. "He's too young for here, he's only five. Sometimes he's here with me when I work late or my parents can't watch him. I don't want him overly exposed to this. I want Armande to live as normal of a life as possible." If that makes any sense, he hopes it does.

As normal a life as possible? Jonothon decides not to say what he thinks on that and merely nods. Not his boy to say what happens. «He's sure to be old enough before you know it. What do you plan on telling him?» Curious and not disapproving. Especially curious since Jono's not even sure he can have children, much less find someone to have them with. Resting back against the wall, hands to either side, he watches you through his hair.

"Oh he knows his father and mother aren't normal and that we have superpowers. He knows about the whole thing, well as much as a five year old can. It's hard to hide it form him when it's this obvious your different." Kenta says with a chuckle. "The hardest part was explaining the death of his mother. It's a long story what we've been through and will probably bored you to death, but he's been through more than most kids. Ever the life of one at Xavier's right?"

«It's our curse, yeah.» Jonothon knows it only too well. It burns at his right shoulder blade right now. «How'd she die?» Knowing absolutely nothing about her, and very little of you, he adds, «I hope I'm not asking too many personal questions. You don't have to answer.» He holds so many things close he won't begrudge you that.

"I honestly don't know the details. I just got a letter saying she died on a mission." Kenta says and there is a look of sadness in his face. "It was stupid, of me. We were together for twelve years, during ten of those years we ended up going to some other dimension and lived through hell. That's where we had Armande, and when we came back here, only a month had passed. It was just so different, we had trouble adjusting, our relationship fell apart. I left her and then she ran off with SHIELD and I got some dumb letter."

Jonothon is silent as you talk, and towards the end he looks away. No, that's never happened to him, but he still can understand the trouble that would bring. «I'm sorry.» What else can he say? «At least you still have Armanda.» He lifts his head, but doesn't look back immediately. «Must have been difficult to explain to your parents too.» Never mind all the other troubles. Can see why it would break you up. «Was it the kind of letter where they give you no info and claim everything is restricted access for security reasons?»

Kenta has moved on though, he knows he can't dwell on it. "Don't worry about it Jono, I gotta live past the bullshit right? I gotta live to prove that this world is worth it for my Son." He says giving a smile and then a nod at the last question. "Oh god was it. In the name of service Daphne Ovid was killed in action blah blah blah classified blah blah unnamed grave somewhere, ya know, the whole ten yards of BS."

Slowly looking back, he doesn't say anything until after he's wrinkled his nose at you as you describe the letter. Jonothon wonders if she's still alive, but doesn't mention that. «That's bollocks.» Sorry you have to deal with that. «I notice you haven't gone past yet. You going to waste a perfectly good magic word, mate?»

Kenta laughs and shakes his head with amusement. "Yeah, I think I am. Besides, I think I've got a few more magic words up my sleeve, but then I don't know how many are right for the kids ears." He says as he has wondered that many times too, if she's still alive, but he figures he's gotta live for the future, not the past.

«None of the kids here are that naive.» Jonothon should really know better. There are kids here that naive! It brings the man to rise to his feet. «Kitchen?» He can keep you company there. The motion of a hand and he waits for you to lead. «Least I don't think any of them are.» A roll of eyes and he tucks hands into pants pockets. «You live with your parents then, and work here?»

"Oh I know, but I gotta be somewhat of a good role-model for these hellspawns." Kenta says laughing, mainly him as a role-model, he remembers his student days. "I stay here sometimes, Armande stays with my parents sometimes but I have my own place in Greenwich Village, it's…confusing. I can't live here with a five year old. It's too much for me and the school I think. He's got enough craziness around him that I want to implant some sanity."

Rolemodel? Jonothon rolls his eyes at that. «What? You think any of these idiots listen or watch for what we do?» No, he doesn't put much faith in role model, if only because he's had to bludgeon kids for the simplest things here. After that he nods about where you live. «Don't really think any of that situation is normal, mate.» Kind of apologetic that. Damn, didn't mean to say anything. Ah well.

"It was more joking Jono, and really, I'm the last person to look up to. I drink and smoke, swear, I'm not a great influence. I'm good at teaching music which most these kids don't really seem to appreciate." Kenta love music, that's his thing. He's a guitarist and a singer and sometimes piano player. "I try to make it as normal as possible, just, with this place in your life, I'm swimming upstream."

«I'm no better.» Yes, he understands. Jonothon can't smoke or drink, but he certainly would at least drink if he were able. «I don't worry about it too much. Kids don't want to listen to adults most times. They have to make their mistakes on their own.» About the music? «Some love it. Take what you can get.» As for your own son, the man nods about it being upstream. «I'm not a parent, so I know I probably shouldn't say anything, but considering the life that this place brings, don't you think a stable location would be better for him? Constantly shuttling between houses isn't a normal life. I totally understand why you'd want normal for him though. It'd scare me witless having a kid in this setup.»

"Oh man, mistakes on their own, hell do I know about that. I was the live on top of the world, I thought I was gonna be the famous rockstar." Kenta says shaking his head. "It's tough, but I need a job and working here, it brings me money. Who else is gonna hire someone who looks like I do." He doesn't the the 'we do' or 'you do' part of it. Kenta's obviously a mutant once one gets close enough to see that the marks on his arms, aren't tattoos and that his eyes are solid black.

Jonothon would snort if he could. Rock Star, huh? Oh yeah, that sounds familiar. He even dated one briefly once, but let's not go there. «Trust me, I understand.» About getting a job, and fitting in. «It's why I'm here. Where else can people like us go?» Going to use the 'us' since it fits. Besides living as homeless people in NYC. Jono's lucky in that regard. He doesn't need either food, nor shelter, so homeless is merely annoying. «How often you see your kid?»

"Almost every day unless for some reason I can't pick him up from my parents. I try to be as much in his life as possible. Since he doesn't have a mother I try to be responsible." Kenta isn't that responsible over all, just when it comes to his kid. "Armande really is my life. More than music. Hrm…and where else can people like us go? To the circus?" Yeah he's being a dumbass.

Sometimes it's hard to realize just how empty his life is, but Jonothon spares you that. «You realize that there's at least one X-man who came here from the circus?» Asked in wry amusement. He likes to think of Kurt as a friend. «You're lucky to have him.» Glad to see you aren't neglecting the boy. And speaking of family, the Brit lifts a hand. «I'm gonna go finish this email. Unless you need something?»

"And yeah, I remember about Kurt. It was more in jest anyway." Kenta says not meaning to offend anyone with the circus comment. "Nah, I think I'm gonna grab a quick bite and then head home actually. All this talk is making me miss my kid." Kenta says looking at Jono and smiling. "Good luck with that email, I hope it works out well for you."

«It'll work out. This isn't the first email.» Jonothon assures of his sister. «Cheers.» Avoiding the kitchen is something he prefers actually. Easier not to deal with watching others eat that way.

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