2009-03-11: Work Out


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Summary: Julian and Eddie work off some steam and get a little deep.

Date: March 11, 2009

Log Title: Work Out

Rating: PG-13

Weight Room, Xavier Mansion Basement

It's night. And since Dai woke up earlier and was in good condition and Leo would be helping him out of the Medbay soon enough, Eddie could stop worrying about that. He still had to worry about Ms. Pryde being all angry …and the invasion going on but still…angry Ms. Pryde is a scary thing! Currently, he's in the weight room. In shorts and a 'Young Avengers Assemble!' t-shirt with pictures of the team on it, he's at a bench press machine. He's not lifting very much, not being all very strong yet, but he's lifting it.

Julian steps into the weight room, wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and gym shorts with athletic shoes, he's got tape around his hands, looking to take some aggression out on a punching bag. "Yo Eddie!" He rings out, before stretching out his arms close to his bench press.

Eddie is mid lift when he's startled. He lets out a squeak and drops the weights but they're thankfully caught by machine safety. Eddie blinks a few times then looks around. "Hey Julian," he greets with a smile.

"You doin' alright?" He asks the other student, grabbing a roll of tape out of his pocket and putting some more on his fingers. "You want to take a few swings at the punching bag?" He asks, thinking it may get some steam out of him.

Eddie starts to get up but stops, eying the weight-bar warily. "Not this time, you…" he points at the bar as he speaks. "Sure. Sounds like it'll be good," he says as he slides out from under the bar and off the bench. "Why're you taping you hands up?" he asks, looking confused.

Julian gives a chuckle to the weight bar. "It's so your fingers and knuckles don't get burned from the bag." The telekinetic gives a nod to Eddie. "Right on, so what I try and to is picture something or someone that really pisses you off. And punch the bag. It's great when your wound up."

Eddie blinks. "The bag can heat up?" he 's surprised now. Sure, he's gone at the bag before but it was always slow and awkward. "That is a good way to get unwound," he says with a nod. Strethcing, he starts to walk over to the bag.

Julian gives a pretty good laugh. "No, it's like a rug-burn, you know?" The telekinetic sends the tape over to Eddie. "Seriously, you'll want to use it." Hellion stands behind the bag to hold it for Eddie. "About the mission the other night, you got really pissed at that other guy. He really got you that worked up?"

Eddie stares for a moment, turning red at the mention of rugburn. When his brain clicks, he jumps and looks a little embarassed. "Oh, a friction burn," he nods. It makes sense now. Surprised at the tape, he gives a quick nod of thanks then starts to tape up like he'd seen Julian do. When asked about the mission, Eddie frowns a little. "Not exactly, he answers. "He was just…the straw that broke the camel's back. Just been so frustrated that I got fooled by that imposter and then seeing someone that looked so much like Dai's brother just insult him like that…I just kinda…ya saw."

"I bet the 'me' from their universe is a pansy." And by pansy, he means 'not as awesome as him'. "I'd say something about not letting your emotions get the best of you blah blah blah, but I do it plenty." He replies. "I'm more surprised that Kitty didn't get pissed off at me, I was the one who almost got skewered."

Eddie blinks. "You think the other you is a flower?" he asks, setting the tape down. Judging by the smile on his face, he's just teasing with that one. Getting into the standard pose, he starts to take a few swings at the bag. He doesn't have a lot behind the punches but he makes 'em quick. "I'm still worried I'm in a lot of trouble…she seemed mad…"

"N..oh." The telekinetic shakes his head. He refrains from talking for the first strikes. "She seemed mad, yeah. But then again, people get mad at me all the time. If she does, just take it, it's not like your world's gonna end." The telekinetic could have just held the bag with TK, but who said he did everything with his powers?

Eddie winces slightly. "I really hope that doesn't mean I'm going to have to spar with her as punishment cause as cool at that'd be, she'd realyl kick my butt and I don't wanna end up all bruised and bandaged…" he trails off, giving a few more trikes. There's several different faces on that bag in Eddie's mind, the teen unable to focus on just one.

"I doubt it." The telekinetic says, nothing the speed that the booster is putting into his punches. "How's Howl?" He asks, never really knowing the kid, he put kinda has a soft spot for the people here, no matter how much he puts up a front that he doesn't care.

Eddie takes a deep breath. "He's physically okay. Still a little shaken up from the whole thing and on an IV," he says. "I'm gonna ask Leo to come down and give him some Living Light though. Dai doesn't like it down in the MedBay so if we can get him outta there faster, I figured its worth it to do it."

"I wouldn't either, remember the horsemen? All three of them had to be tied up in there for the shorter half of a week, and then there's that psycho who's leading it. I mean, McCoy's cool, but I just don't like what's-her-face." Julian rings out. His own opinion ringing out a bit far. "So what's with that Grey King guy?" He's definitely feeling threatened by him in some fashion, not that Addison was aggressive towards him, just Jules likes being the only game in town telekinetically.

Eddie shudders as he remembers the horsemen. "Yeah I remember them…I was there for the attack," he says quietly. "Still don't know where that message came from," he sighs. "Dr. Reyes? What did she do?" he asks. "Grey King…you mean Addison? He's one of the people that was being controlled by the Alternate Shadow King. He joined our side after we freed him."

"I met her once in there, she gave me a creepy vibe." Mainly caus eshe wouldn't put up with him. "And he's some kind of wonderboy telepath and telekinetic?" That one part gets him, he's just a telekinetic, which gives him a disadvantage. He still doesn't know completely about his potential though. "Hurm." Julian says, holding the punching bag into himself.

Eddie gives a few more punches before nodding. "Dunno about wonderboy but he's got telepathy and telekinesis. His telekinesis isn't as strong as yours though. Got way more when I mimicked you."

Julian keeps a firm hold on the bag. "Really?" He asks when Eddie mentions the boosting. "Sweet." He gives a bit of a cool smirk, ego is now assured again. "You know, I had a feeling you had more power than you first showed."

Eddie smiles and nods. "Yeah. Felt a lot stronger when I boosted you," he repeats. Blinking, he blushes slightly. "You did? Why?"

"I dunno, just, when you see enough students come through here, the ones who've gone through shit, are much different from the ones who didn't." Julian's thoughts on it are weird, he cannot really express it though. "I dunno, I can just tell those kinds of things though, like on instinct."

Eddie goes quiet for a few moments. "I think I understand," he says quietly. "You're saying the people that have had to fight and survive and deal with serious things instead of having quiet, 'normal' little lives are stronger…" he trails off. There's a small pause when he smiles. "Alright, I'm ready to switch over. See what you can do," he says, gesturing to the bag.

"Sorta. I mean, take a look at the kids in the boy's wing. Dai and you, I know your story, and Dai's has alot of strife in it too. Okay, take a look at Pryce, kid's royalty, he's pretty cut and dry. There's others too." He doesn't quite mention himself on this. "But you get these little shits who've never had to fight for a meal, or fight for anything. And those are the ones who freeze up when you get to a mission. They don't fight for shit." The telekinetic goes and moves in front of the bag. "And I can guarantee you that those three from the Horsemen, have got more clout than most of the people in this place."

Eddie nods, moving to hold the bag as he'd seen Julian do. Of course, a little tiny voice in the back of his head is going 'bad idea! bad idea!' but he's ignoring it. "Like to see Pryce and Vincent fight with NYC rats for scraps," he mutters. The teen does wince at the 'little shits' but seems not to notice. "I already know Ms. Dane's strong. And there's just…something about Brian that says he's a lot tougher than he seems. Dai can be really strong too…he just needs to realize it."

"Exactly." And like Eddie did, Julian pictures some people on the bag, some past students who didn't cut it, and his own family. The telekinetic winds up and pulls a punch square in the middle of the bag. "There's a kid who had to face up to the Friends of Humanity, he's one of those… cryokinetics. Like Drake." Hey, when you bunk up in a place for almost four years, you get to know alot about who's living with you. "A sneer shows up on Julian's face, whoever he sees in the bag, it's someone he's got alot of anger towards.

Eddie wobbles from the punch but holds onto the bag. "Max?" he wonders. "Wow…didn't think anything like that happened to him," he says. "Only takes two if you pay attention," he murmurs with a little private joke. Shaking it off, he looks at Julian with a concerned expression after noticing the sneer. "Something wrong?"

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