2010-03-04: Working It Out


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Summary: James, Mikhail, and Zack work out some past differences.

Date: March 4, 2010

Log Title Working It Out

Rating: PG-13.

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

It's evening at the school, and per-usual James is in the kitchen cooking food. It's probably gone mostly unnoticed, but James has never once visited the cafeteria for the purpose of eating. Instead, anything he eats he cooks himself. And tonight is no different. Poking around the back of the room as he checks out what's still lying around post-lockdown, the hyena hunts for his meal. Ears sideways, he holds up a boxes of instant mashed potatoes, "Man…slim pickings…"

Mikhail is hungry and is fighting the impulse to hunt so has come to kitchen in the hope of avoiding other students, hes wearing red sneakers, dark blue jeans, a red a purple hoodie and his now dirty blond hair is diseveled, when he enters the kitchen and spots James he fights the impulse to growl, he doesn't mean anything against him, its just a reaction to the fact that he looks like a threat and he's had some unexplained anger resently, fighting his more unpleasant responces he says "hey", then goes to the cupboard.

While nothing is said by Mikhail, James picks up on a scent in the air. His head darts over to figure out who hates him today. Oh, it's Mikhail. Which isn't completely unwarranted given their past. His eyes narrow a bit, but he brushes off his own inner beast trying to provoke a response, "Hey." He puts the box of flakes away and moves onto another shelf, "If I ask you a question will you give me an honest response if I promise it won't end in a fight?" His ears tune in towards the other male.

Mikhail turns when James speaks to him puting his hand in his pocket and gripping his already very damaged cell phone, "Yes, you can ask me a question and i will give an honest reasponce, might not be nice but it will be honest".

James nods, looking at a box of yellow cake mix as if that itself would be enough to tide him over, "Good." He hmmms, reconsidering his ban on letting other cook for him, "When you walked in, what were you thinking?" He directs an eye over towards Mikhail, "I'm trying to place the 'vibe' I was getting."

Mikhail steps back and leans against the cupboards, "I was thinking i was hungry and that i wanted to hunt something and tear it apart, i was considering smashing the kitchen up and attacking you, then i thought "Whoa, where the hell did that come from", then back to hungry, why do you ask?"

James turns his head towards you, eyes slightly dilated—if it can be seen behind those big black orbs of his. He shakes it off and shrugs, he 'did' promise. He puts the cake box away and shrugs, "There are moods that give off scents. Like fear. I'm just trying to figure out what is what." He shoves his fits into his hips and gives the cabinets a look like they've become some sort of insurmountable object. "Professor Logan," the hyena responds, using 'professor' very loosely, "Says I need to learn the difference."

Mikhail does notice the momentairy change in James, he is pretty good at figuring out scents, "Hmm, i know, i can get a solid reading on some, i get fear, attraction, embarassment and a few others but im figuring them out", he lets go of his phone as he feels his hand begin to bleed, "Was your interpretation of my scent correct?"

"Nope," James admits, not feeling the need to answer with anything but honesty, "I'm not really good with anything but fear. Probably because I get that the most." It takes a moment for the new scent to reach him, but eventually the predator narrows his eyes a little once again, "Though I can smell blood from a mile away. And something's telling me it's a lot closer." His hackles almost raise, the back of his neck filling out a little. He leaves it at that, knowing that, really, Mikhail and him are hardly on terms to treat one another's wounds.

Mikhail nods, "Fear is easily the easiest to notice", when James mentions that he can smell his blood he pulls his hand out of his pocket to check how much he's bleeding, the cut isn't to bad and it is aready healing shut, another couple of seconds and its gone, "I don't bleed for long, but that doesn't stop people from treating me like a delicate little child".

James hmphs, "Yeah…I know. The teachers around here…" He leaves it at that, "You dealin' with the lock down?" He gives the room behind him a quick scan, responding a little quieter with, "They keep me caged up much longer I'm gonna go crazy."

Mikhail nods his hands balling into fists, "Yes, teachers, kids are going missing and all they do is lock us in, they dont even teach us how to defend ourselves", he sighs "I know what you mean, i need to get out, its driving me mental".

James smiles, cause he knows… "I've been considering asking Logan to run a Danger Room exercise for us Ferals. You want me to tall you when I convince him to do it?" He shrugs, "Wolf Cub is already into the idea." He makes a noise, "Phhhht. What sort of name is that anyways. It's like me calling myself 'Hyena Boy.'"

Mikhail nods a fanged grin spreaing across his face, "I am so in", he shrugs, "I guess he could have put more effort into his name".

"Tooth…" James says with a smile, "Now there's a name you'll remember." He nods at the 'in' comment, "Good. Should be fun. If you know any other hunters, let 'em know. I'll let you know when I nail the Professor down to an exact date."

Mikhail nods, "If i find anyone whos interested i'll let them know, and thanks it sounds cool", he grins, "This time we've actully talked, the last time i was still kinda new and kinda feral, sorry about that".

"Ehhh," James says with a shrug, "No harm no foul." He smiles a little, "I am the bigger animal, after all." He winks, though if he is actually kidding is anyone’s guess, "Falling on top of you when I was jumping the fence wasn't the best way to meet."

Mikhail laughs, "it probably didn't help that i was half-naked and covered in mud and blood huh?", hes gone through some serious changes since then, not all of them positive, "God, i need to get out of here".

"I hear ya, buddy. I hear you," the towering inferno of fuzz states, "Can't go on forever though, right?" He gives it some thought, "Okay, maybe it can since we had a lockdown like, what, last month?" He hmmmmssss, "This sorta thing happens often, doesn't it?"

Mikhail sighs, "It seems to, im considering a breakout, i can probably get out but id get in serious trouble"

"You're not the only one…but I can't help that this time the adults would take is pretty seriously," James says. he shrugs, "Up until recently it was sorta game. 'Oh, there goes James again. Looks like we have someone to clean the erasers this weekend,' they'd say. But…with how 'serious' this Sinister guy is, I think it'd be a really bad idea. And that's 'me' saying it." He smiles—which means he's already testing the bars on the new cage.

Mikhail tightens his fist enough for his nails to cut into his palms at the mention of that Sinister guy, "They say be won't have a chance against him but they won't tell us anything about him, and if i ask Summers just shouts at me, it's annoying".

James frowns, "I'm told that if he doesn't yell at us at least twice a day his face will explode." He crosses his arms, "I'm starting to think that's true." The large beast leans against a counter, "Even I steer clear of him."

Zack has arrived.

Zack is now lookin for a sammich, or prehaps somthing else, hmm, mabey he could fry a sandwhich, but, it's late, and he's looking for some food.

Mikhail runs a hand through his hair, he hasn't noticed that hes bleeding again so there is now blood in his dirty blond hair, "Yeah, im gonna avoid him", he looks to the door when he catches Zack's scent.

James is leaning against a counter talking to the other feral, "Well…if there's anyone in the school I'd take 'seriously' it's him." His gaze leaves Mikhail and follows his nose, eyes on Zack. His lips pull back in a beastly smile, his crossed arms tightening.

Zack hmms, all right, Mikhail, and James…well his object is to get somthing to eat and he lifts a hand, "Yo" he greets. Very neutral, neither good, nor bad, seeing what the reaction will be before adding more. THough he walks over to the stove to look for some cast iron cookware.

Mikhail raises a hand in greeting, while resisting the urge to attack, then reaches into one of his pockets and pulls out the knife Van gave him, he then sits down and begins playing with it to distract himself.

The hyena's eyes never leave his teammate as he grunts a response. He stays there, leaning against a counter, also playing a waiting game of sorts. He asks Mikhail, "You hear Owen ditched? One less for the feral DR session."

Zack nods, all right, well silence is one of those responses that isn't too bad. He finds the fry pan he wants and sets it down. Going to get some butter he is generous with it as he slaps it into the pan and turns on the burner, "Gonna fry some sandwhichs if anyone wants one?"

Mikhail nods, "Yea, i heard, it was quick, i saw him a couple of days before that, i may have poisoned him", he shakes his head at Zack.

James raises his nose into the air a little, "I cook my own food." And it's true. He's almost never seen eating anywhere else. "We're not done yet, Zack," the hyena says in a tone he tries to keep as neutrally unaggressive as possible, "Rashmi and Lucas are driving me ape shit with this whole 'OMFG You need to give each other big wet sloppy kisses. The team neeeeeeds it' BS stuff." He looks back at Mikhail, "Oh yeah?"

Zack siiiiiighs, "Fine, whatever you want man…" he tells to james as he goes back to the fridge, from the ingediants it looks like he's mixing a monte cristo and a cubano…well it'll be big, and sloppy and probably pretty good. Just leaving his back to the pair as he silently makes his sandwhich, bread slices going in to batter and then going in to get fried.

Mikhail shrugs, "We were wrestling and i accedently scratched him and he got poisoned, so i might be poisonous", he doesn't comment on the tension between the other two boys.

James shrugs at Zack, "Fine. Have it your way. But even your roommate thinks you're an ass. If you can live with that…well, I know I can." He looks back over at Mikhail, "Oh yeah??" There's an eyebrow raise as the hyena considers that, "This a nail thing? Or you gonna have like fangs and stuff?" Sounds kinda cool to him.

Zack grunts hard again, "You know, I said hi, I offered a sandwhich, so stop fucking trying to start shit…" he flips it again and tries to make sure it doesn't burn.

Mikhail shrugs again, "I'm not sure really, im gonna go to Dr McCoy for tests, but i already have fangs", he opens his mouth to show James.

James looks over at Zack, "And I offered to work things out." And, in his patented screwed-up, weird, abnormal way that no one understands but him, he did. "That's twice now. It won't happen again." He 'oh yeahs?' at Mikhail and looks, "That's kinda cool." He points at his adult thumb-sized fangs, "Mine are normal. Venom, though…thats pretty awesome."

Zack double takes, "What? What the hell are you…" he shakes his head and he removes his sandwhich from the heat and turns around. "All right…fine, let's try this again. you're right, Rashmi and Lucas have been bothering me and said you wanted to try and start over. So, lets try and start over, you want that?" he asks. "To start talking to each other peacable, and try and work together for all that teammate stuff?"

James 'phhhhts,' at Zack, "I want to go 15 minutes with out Rashmi pulling that 'teammate' crap on me." He gives Zack a look, "I never said that." He hmms, 'cause he doesn't remember doing so unless he was trying to get everyone to leave him alone, "I don't care if you like me or not. But I think she has enough to worry about and doesn't need to worry about me kicking your butt." Yep…nuff said.

Zack was for a moment going to be open and honest. He raises his brows and waits to hear what James has to say, and once more he blinks, "All right…so I guess the answer to wanting to "Start over" is no." his lips twitch a tiny bit. "Fine, you want to kick my butt…all right. So that answers that." he turns his back again and flips his sandwhich onto his plate. Going to take his sandwhich and leave

Mikhail watches the argument, fliping the knife in the air and catching it repeatedly.

James gives Mikhail a look like, 'waddIdo?' He hoots a look back at Zack, "I never said I wanted to kick your ass. I said I wanted Rashmi to not have to worry about it." he throws up his hands, "Yeesh!" He rubs his fingers into his eyes, "Gah…!" He tries again, choosing his words very carefully and probably over-enunciating to compensate, "No Zack. I Do Not Expect For Things To Be The Same. But It Sure Would Be Nice Not To Have To Feel Like We Are Going To Kill One Another." Maybe that works!

Zack stops at the door and he turns around, looking down at the sandwhich and hmmms, "Well I'll say the same hting I did to Rashmi, I really don't care about what happened before man, ya know…I don't hate you…I was just gonna leave you alone. So if we both leave each other alone I guess that'll work. I mean, simple thing right?" he lifts the sandwhich up and takes a bite of it. "Just being students here at the school is enough for me, well I guess we will have to work together on the team and that sort of thing. Anyway, no I'm not gonna attack you or anything like that, least not on purpose."

Mikhail laughs at the two boys aguing as neither are making sense.

James shrugs, "I never doubted that." He says about the whole attacking thing. He's not really sure why he'd have to worry about that, but then again, it's his odd logic in action, "I just don't want to like…have to…" And he stop.. Wait it's working! Yes. Saying things louder than they need to be is working! "I Think That Is A Good Idea. Yes? That Will Be Fine," James the Diplomat says, "I Do Not Hate You Either. And I Promise Not To Put My Teeth In Your Tender And Meaty Venerable Areas." Wow…why didn't he think of this before.

Zack sort of blinks, "Ah, well I guess that's your way of saying that…things are cool? Ok…well…" he ums, and tries to think how to keep this going, "Right, ok, well thank you for saying you won't bite…me in somthing…tender…" he thinks again, "though that thing you said about Robyn s gonna fester a bit till I get a chance to talk to him."

Mikhail stops laughing when Robyn is mentioned, "You will not involve Robyn in this fight".

James smiles ear-to-ear. He's so good at this, "That Is Great! Yes. Great." He hmmmmmssss at looks over at Mikhail, and wards him off with a idle hand, "It's cool. I got it. Robyn's good people." He looks back at Zack, "Jordan Was Kidnapped So Robyn Is Sad. I Would Not Worry About It For Now. Because It Might Only Make Things Worse." He nods towards Zack in an overly-exaggerated way, "Everything Will be Fine." He smiles widely?

Zack sighs a little again, "No, I mean you know…it's…" e sighs a little again, "All right, well ya I guess things are good." he says and decides that this is good and he should stop it here before more bad things happen! "All right it's good…so I'm gonna have a good sandwhich and uh…you guys have a good talk too?"

Mikhail nods, "Good, Robyn has anough t deal with right now".

James nods to Zack, "Yes. You Too Have A Good Night. I Will See You At Practice In the Danger Room. Enjoy The Sandwich." The toothful smile never leaves the hyena's face. Oh, Rashmi will be proud—James knows the Secret Way to talk to Zack! From the sound of her luck with the other teammate, even she didn't know that. "Good Night Zack." He looks over at Mikhail and nods, "Yeah….." There's a realllllly long sigh that follows.

Zack is now sort of confused over what he did…confsed, but at least we're ot angry at each other!

Zack has left.

Mikhail puts the knife back down on the table and waves a hand at Zack, then waits for James to stop sighing.

After Zack leaves, and is well out of ear shot James turns to Mikhail, "That poor guy. Now I almost feel bad about the hard time I gave him. Dude totally has a hearing problem. Wonder if it's part of his mutation." He slumps in a chair, "And yeah…damn…poor Robyn." He hmmmmmmmmmmsssss, other thoughts entering his mind, "Mikhail…what would you risk to help someone out?"

Mikhail shrugs, "For a friend?, i'd risk my life to help, for Robyn and Dallas i'd risk even more than that, why?", hes being serious, he will put his life on the line for his friends without thinking.

James nods, "Same here." He makes a noise, "I just wonder, with things going the way they are, who's looking out for us." There's a shrug, "Hoping this all gets over real quick before us students have to take matters into our own hands."

Mikhail runs a hand though his hair, "We should take matters into our own hands as soon as possible, i've already strated prepairing", he has several plans and backup plans in place, though he does realise he has a slim chance of survival.

James nods and stands, "I can't exactly disagree." He gives the other boy a look, "Well…I'll let you know when I get the session nailed down. It'll be fun!" He gives
Mikail a nods and heads to the door, "Night. See ya!"

Mikhail waves as James leaves then gets up to head to the woods.

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