2009-04-22: Working Out


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Summary: Teddy and Eli have their first wrestling match while Terry has some fun, Vision checks security, and Cody shows off.

Date: April 22, 2009

Log Title: Working Out

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Seaside Warehouse

This warehouse is like any other. It's cold, somewhat damp, there are boxes stacked up about the place and a second floor that only wraps around the inner edge of the building, made to look over the floor below. Only there is something odd about this place, as those boxes and rooms hold the property of the Young Avengers. Training ground and living quarters for the young team.

It's later at night in the Young Justice headquarters, after the training sessions and meals and discussions of earlier. And since patrol for the night is done as well, Teddy Altman's in the gym. In a sleeveless t-shirt and some exercise pants, he's working the special punching bag the team had sent over from the Avengers. Its currently set to withstand his super strength blows as he gives it some punches.

Elijah leans against the wall as he watches Teddy work out. He's in a black T-shirt and bicycle shorts as well as white sneakers. "Looking good, Teddy." He smiles as he stretches. "Good to see you keeping the training up."

Teddy jumps, catching the punching bag, energy field around it crackling at his touch. He blinks a few times before turning a smile Eli's way. "Hey, Eli! Didn't hear ya come in. How's it goin', man?" he asks, nodding in approval as he looks the team leader over.

Elijah shrugs. "Doing all right. How are you doing?" He sits on a nearby stool.

Terry alas missed the training sessions and discussions of earlier, one of the things about having a secret ID is keeping up with it even if it cuts into the training time. Of course missing out on the fun by having to take a dinner meeting in a fancy resteraunt with his agent and a few people she wanted Terry to schmooze has left him feeling a bit on the playful side, which would be why he has gone invisable since he snuck insode the YA hide out. The scene with Teddy working out had his attention till Eli choose to intervine. With a grin no one can see he starts to think of just what he wants to do since he is as yet still invisable…

Teddy takes a deep breath and hits the off switch on the punching bag, energy field fading away as he does. "Doing a lot better than earlier. Just thinking about when we fought Mercurio," he explains. He's not noticed Terry, or atleast not cared if he has.

Elijah chuckles. "That was fun. What a jerk." He grins. "Kept calling us kids and monologuing. I mean, is he some comic book character or something?" He smirks and rolls his eyes.

Teddy chuckles. "Yeah. The Avengers database said he's bad like that. Most of the guys Thor and my dad fought did that a lot," he jokes. "So. YOu still up for that challenge?" he asks with a smirk, reeaching down to pull off his breakaway pants to reveal some bike shorts of his own.

Terry hmmms and thinks to himself as he very quietly moves closer to both Eli and Teddy. Now, if he did not think Wiccan would blast him into a week form next tuesday he might just bend light around Teddy's clothes or something, but if he is going to do something it should at leasr be more interesitng. The photokenetic sighs and can only think of a few things he could do, and most of them just a tad too mean for him…except for changing Eli's clothes as Teddy tears off his pants to look like he is wearing Black Cat's leather cat suit.

Elijah chuckles. "All right then. I thought we'd have an audience, but that's up to you…" He chuckles and grins. "Ready when you are…"

Teddy moves to pull the mats off the roll and press them into the designated space in the work out room. "Well, nothing says we can't always make this a regular thing," he reasons. "Besides, if anyone -really- wants to see the first match they can watch the security tapes and…" he pauses as he looks up. The shapeshifter blinks and blushes very faintly. "Uhh…Eli…" he says, pointing at his teammate.

Terry manages not to laaugh at Teddy's face as he spots Eli, or more to the point the holographic images of Black Cat's clothes on Eli. He could appear right away to enjoy the moment more, but instead stays invisable at least till he can seehow the Super Soldier reacts when he notices his new look. Now all he has to do is wait for it…

Elijah glances down at himself. "What?" He spots the suit and blinks. "GAH! I'm not THAT kind of Black Cat!" He paws at the clothes and watches his hand go through. "OK, haha… very cute…"

The resident android of the Young Avengers walks into the training room. Nothing different about his appearance, just his usual green and red metallic skin. Though his eyes give a strange look as he sees Patriot in a Black Cat costume. "Elijah, that's is not your usual attire." His sensors know there are more than two human beings in this room. But one seems to be invisible. "There is more than us in this room…" He says, looking towards where his sensors detect Terry.

Teddy starts laughing, doubling over and shaking his head. "Oh man…" he trails off. "Alright, c'mon out. Billy? Terry?" he asks, not sure which one it is. "Looks like we got out audience," he chimes. "Hey, Jonas," he greets the synthoid.

Elijah looks over to Jonas and waves. "I see…" He looks around before sitting back on the stool. "I'm not mad, just come out and take credit for it." He chuckles as he stretches.

Terry fades into view with a smile on his face as he does his best not to actually laugh. "Your right, you are very cute…but you don't have the body for a plunging neckline like that. Sorry, I could not help myself…and it was that or put Teddy into She Hulks purple bikini." Terry gives the others a small wave as his hologram fades. "Hmm, guesse it will take more than a few stray photons to hide me from you Vision, I will have to remember that."

The doors open just after Jonas makes his way in for a young man dressed in red white and blue. Seems Cody is sporting a new uniform. It's more streety and certainly fits him better. He is idly fasting a crisscross belt that is loaded with clips holding a variety of little rubber bouncy balls. He reaches down to pull his mask out of his pocket. He pauses upon noting Elijah suddenly letting out a loud laugh. "Oh. my . God." He says reaching into his pocket. "Where is my cellphone, i gotta get a picture…."

Jonas does not give notice to Cody. He keeps his attention focused on the others. "Indeed it will, Wave." He says, looking at the setup in the training room. "So, what did I walk in on? Before Elijah's clothes were changed?" He asks the group.

Teddy chuckles, getting back to setting up the wrestling mats. "Sorry but Jen already said she'd throw me to Japan if I shapeshifted into her for anything short of a mission and I'm pretty sure she'd count that," he remarks to Terry. Getting the mats all set up, he blinks when Cody enters. "Hey, Cody. New uniform?" he asks the obvious as he finishes getting the mats up. Stepping out of his shoes, the shapeshifted steps onto the mat and then turns around. "Alright. Let's see what ya got, Eli," he issues the challenge again. "Wrestling match, Jonas. Me vs Eli," he answers with a smile.

Elijah helps with the mats and stretches a little before looking up at the others. "I've taken a few classes, but I'm no expert. This is just for sparring purposes and fun." He smiles. "I really should start formally training soon…"

Terry grins and nods at Jonas, and then laughs as Teddy talks about the She-HUlk. "Really now, and here I would think it would be someone hot like Captain America would be more worried about bieng copied."

Cody yanks out his cellphone quickly, aims and snaps a shot with the skill of a teenager who uses his cellphone constantly. He grins a little as he walks over to a bench to sit and program the image in to appear as Eli's profile picture for when Eli calls. He then looks up and slides it away. "Yeah, got it at Capes N' Cowls…cool place." He offers brightly as he looks over, glancing to Jonas and giving a wave before noting Terry. Jonas referred to him as Wave, so at least there is an identity to go on. "Hey man…I'm Cody."

Jonas looks to Teddy and gives a nod. "Enjoy the sparring session, then. I just came in to tell you that the diagnostics on the warehouse security have come back with no problems." He says, looking to each member present and heading back out of the training room. There's no real reason for being here longer.

Teddy gets down into the proper wrestling position. "I haven't done any in awhile. Was only on the wrestling team for one season…" he trails off. "Um…alright. Thanks, Jonas. Oh yeah…I gathered those reports on all the fights we've been in before ya got back and left it in the computer room for ya," he calls to his friend, slightly concerned at his quick exit. Figuring it's a synthoid thing, Teddy flashes a smile. "I'll be sure to check out Capes and Cowls sometime then…" he trails off. "We all should get back into proper training. I'll let you have the first move," he offers to Eli.

Elijah kneels next to Teddy and puts his hands on his arm and around his waist. "All right…" He pulls Teddy around and attempts to get him on his back for a quick pin.

Cody watches Jonas leave and grunts a little as he leans forward to watch the match. He's on the wrestling team of his school in the off season, when Lacrosse is finished for the year. So, he's interested in technique, but also to see the match purely for spectacle. He is quiet to allow the pair to do their thing.

Teddy is a little surprised by the sudden move but doesn't go down easy. Instead, he reaches over to grab Eli's arm and pulls him into a roll on the mat. This ends up with Teddy half on his side trying to pull Eli off balavce so he can push him onto the mat. He's also making a conscious point to not use shapeshifting or super strength.

Elijah suddenly rolls and twists, bracing his legs to block the momentum. He scrambles to his knees and waits for Teddy to lift himself up. "Nice…"

Cody chuckles a little and watches the match with great interest, his eyes taking in the subtleties of each movement. He nods his head in approval of the match thus far. Both seem to know what they are doing.

Teddy chuckles as he lifts back up onto his knees. "Thanks. You're pretty good too," he replies. "Been awhile since I did this," he chimes before lunging forward. The shapeshifter tries to grab Eli around the middle and take him to the mat.

Elijah grabs Teddy around his midsection as well, trying to lift him up and bring him down on his back. He twists, trying to break out of Teddy's grip.

Cody raises a brow as bites his lip. This will be telling…

"Woah," Teddy lets out as he's lifted, forgetting for a moment that Eli's a lot stronger than he looks too. He ends up thrown. As he scrambles to keep his grip, Teddy accidentally pulls on Eli's shirt. Letting out a little grunt as he hits the mat, he's quick to lift his shoulders so as not to be pinned.

Elijah spins around and hooks a leg, attempting to pull Teddy backwards onto his shoulders for a pin.

Teddy pushes back with his legs, trying to flip Eli onto the mat face first again. He lets out another little grunt as he puts the rest of his body into it and supresses the little voice in his head going 'shapeshift!'.

Elijah sails over Teddy since he forgot to brace his legs, landing with a thud. He pops up to his knees and chuckles. "OK, let's see what you got…" He scuttles closer to Teddy on his knees…

Teddy scrambles back up too, licking his bottom lip quickly out of habit. "As you wish," he chuckles, smirking a little as he watches Eli. He waits for the super soldier to get closer before reaching out to try and pull him closer, spin him around, and get on top of him to apply a hold.

Elijah twists again and tries to grab Teddy's wrist, placing his other hand onto his elbow and dragging fim across and onto his back.

As he gets closer to Eli, Teddy lets out a little 'erk' as he realizes something and is distracts his long enough that he's grabbed and lifted. Recovering, he can't escape the move but instead twists and ends up landing on his stomach instead.

Elijah kneels next to him and puts Teddy in an arm bar. Not hard enough to hurt, but enough to immobilize his arm. "You give?"

Teddy wriggles his arm, pressing against all sides of Eli's hold in attempt to escape. When he figures he's not getting out of it without applying more strength, Teddy taps the mat. "I give," he says with a little laugh.

Elijah lets go of the hold with a chuckle. He kneels on the mat and grins. "OK, your turn." He leans forward on his hands.

Cody lets out whistle and applauds with a grin. "That was great…you guys are hardcore…" He says, blinking. Oh! Round two.

Teddy over exaggerates rubbing his arm and shoulder just to joke around. "Glad you liked the show, Cody, but this is decidedly more softcore," he puts out a little joke. He takes just a moment to do some shapeshifting for a certain something after catching sight of Eli's new pose and then moves into position. Putting one arm around Eli's waist and then grabs his arm with the other. The shapeshifter waits a few seconds before trying to pull the same move Eli did at the beginning of round one, trying to flip him onto his back for a quick pin.

Elijah flips back with Teddy and tries to twist and roll through. He attempts to then pop up to his knees and try to grapple Teddy into a lock or throw.

Teddy goes with the twisty-roll, popping up after Eli does. There's a small smirk on his face as he meets the grapple, pushing back against Eli. "You're good for a guy without formal training."

Elijah grins, "So are you…" He slides under Teddy, looking to get him into a fireman's carry and flipping him on his back for a pin.

Teddy lets out another 'erk', reply cut short by the carry. Yet another grunt results from contact with the matt but Teddy's still fighting. He keeps his shoulders up, trying to grab Eli's wrists and flip him onto his back with a counter-pin.

Elijah floats over Teddy as the counterpin sends him onto his back. He lets out an oof, as Teddy pins him.

Teddy lets out a breath and lingers there on top of Eli for a moment before rolling off. He chuckles. "One to one," he says.

Cody claps again, for the match. "Nice." he offers to the pair.

Elijah nods with a chuckle as he gets up to his knees. "This is it…" He says this as he puts a hand on his shoulder and on his elbow. "Here we go…" He attempts to pull Teddy towards him and twisat him onto his back.

Teddy nods as he gets up into the pose as well. Another nod comes from the alien hybrid as they begin. He resists the twisting, trying to grab Eli in a bear-hug and roll them both to the mat. It's not one tight enough to hurt, just restrain as he tries to move them.

Elijah grunts as Teddy's arms wrap around him. He rolls with him as he tries to break free and get Teddy into a hold.

After about two rolls that move them both back to the middle of the mats, Teddy's hold is able to be slipped out of. He's slightly surprised by this but notices perspiration so pays little more mind to it. As he's grabbed into the hold, Teddy presses back against Eli in attempt to break free.

Elijah blinks as Teddy breaks free and leaves himself open for a second…

Teddy is a bit surprised as well, having not expected getting free so quick. Turning as the idea occurs to him, he tries to push Eli over onto his back and straddle-pin him.

Elijah falls back and tries to struggle out of the pin, but to no avail. "Nicely done, Teddy…" He grins and chuckles. "You got me."

Teddy blinks a few times then laughs as well, sitting back on Eli and offering a grin. "Yeah. I got lucky. Thought you had me there," he says. "Nice position we ended up in," he teases, giving a light bounce on the other teen before getting off him and standing. The shapeshifter offers a hand and a grin. "Wanna hit the showers then the X-box?" he asks, jerking a thumb towards the locker room.

Elijah nods with a grin. "Sounds like a good idea…" He takes off his shirt and heads to the shower area.

Teddy watches Eli go, letting out a whistle. The shapeshifter strips off his own shirt and hits the button that retracts the mats back into the wall for cleaning and follows. Part of his mind questions why they have a button to put the mats away but not take them out but he shakes it off. "After rebuilding the locker room twice since we got this place, I really hope it stays in one piece," he remarks, balling his shirt up and tossing it into the laundry bin.

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