2009-06-02: Workplace Discussions


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Summary: Danny and Nik talk a little bit about love and life while working.

Date: June 2, 2009

Workplace Discussions

Rating: PG


The last few days have been a bit of a physical roller coaster for Danny, between being sick on and off and getting used to his wings. He's been feeling just fine tonight so he's come down to the bar to work if Nik needs him. He's wearing a pair of jeans with a sleevless white shirt with two holes cut out in the back for his wings. He's been doing that with the clothes he doesn't care about as much. He steps into Nowhere and greets Nik with a smile. "Hey Nik, how's it going?

Nik is being even more touchy feely with the patrons than he normally is. "Just fine, really. It's strange. This lack of cold." He laughs, coming behind the bar and sending a few strings out to snag a glass, then a few more to bring him some liquor to add into his glass.

Danny nods and runs a hand through his hair. "Ah know what ya mean, Ah'm still gettin' used tah the added wings." He comments as he heads towards entrance to behind the bar. "Ya need help tah night? Ah feel bad about not being that reliable as of late with bein' sick and all lately but Ah'm actually not feeling bad tah night." He says as he watches Nik with his new power.

"You're more than welcome to take over. You know I don't like spending all my time behind the bar." Nik chuckles, moving over and sliding his hands over the top of Danny's wings with a grin. "Don't worry. I'm not flirting. I'm just… able to feel things."

Danny grins with a bit of a shudder as Nik touches his wings. "Wow, ain't noone's touched them yet but me, wow that felt…nice." Danny admits with a bit of a blush and a chuckle. "And don't worry, Ah didn't think it was ya hittin' on me. Actually Ah'm surprised more people ain't been curious and touched me." He says sliding behind the bar and willing to take over. He's missed this.

"Well, they do feel nice. If I wasn't your boss, handsome, I WOULD flirt with you." Nik says with a laugh, giving another wing-caress, just because he knows Danny likes it. "Remember. SOme of these folks will offer money to feel them." He chuckles, moving back. "I… I DO want to get back to normal soon."

Danny laughs and shurgs. "Well Ah finally got the nerve tah kiss the guy Ah've been fliritn' with for some time now." And Nik would know that when bartending Danny does have a tendancy to be a bit of a flirt with the customers. "Ah they don't need tah pay me tah touch 'em, all they gotta do is ask." He'd feel weird accepting money for that.

"But Ah know what ya mean, Ah want mah old powers back. Ah hate bein' sick all the time."

"Ooooh?" Nik asks with a grin before chuckling. "I've… even gotten that far with Hilary, myself." He says with a bit of a blush. He shrugs. "And it's also weird that my face doesn't turn blue when I'm embarassed."

"Hilary?" Danny's not sure who that is, but he gives smile. "Cole, mah teammate on Freedom Force. Oh man Nik, he's really cute and a bit of a geek like me." Danny admits with one of those 'I like him' smiles. "Ah'll admit, it's weird not seein' ya with the hair."

"Hmm. That's cool, then. Hilary's a regular. He comes in here quite often. Theatre guy. Near my own age." Nik grins sheepishly. "I'm… hoping we'll get a little further. I mean… I have this fear that my old powers are gonna come back, and then I'll be too cold to do anything."

"Ah not sure where things are goin' with the two of us, but he's really cool and we get along well." Danny says as he grins at Nik. "Well Ah hope things work out for ya Nik. You're a good lookin' guy, nice and has a good head on yer shoulders. Ah just hope weird things don't come outta datin' someone ya work with." But then there are several superhero couples on the same team.

"I shouldn't think it would. If you remember the team comes first." Nik says with a shrug. "But I wouldn't know. Before Hil, I haven't really seen anyone steadily in years… much less dated." He goes back to running hands over the wings, because he can.

"Ah've had several one night stands but that's all they were. Working at a bar, ya probably understand." Danny says with a chuckle as that's where he's met most guys. "Ah've never dated anyone but then Ah just turned twenty three so Ah'm still young."

"I don't even get those…" Nik says, looking down. "Pardon my vulgarity, but who wants an ice cold rod up their ass or to wrap their dick in ice?" He says with a shrug. "Anyway. Enough of that. I think you'll be fine, babe."

Danny runs his hand through his hair and nods not really sure what to comment on that so he's grateful that Nik says enough of that. "Thanks Nik. Ah'm just hopin' we find a way to get our powers back soon, Ah liked mah rock form though oddly enough, Ah haven't had tah change mah light bulbs in mah apartment since Ah lost mah powers.

"I miss being able to grab anything I want from anywhere I've been. Not to mention my pocket dimension. Talk about a bag of holding." Nik blinks, "Sorry. I just geeked myself there, didn't I?"

Danny laughs and nod. "Yes ya did Nik but Ah'll admit, Ah played a bit of DnD in high school so Ah can't falt ya since Ah know what it is." Danny says as he fixes a drink for one of the customers.

Nik moves to the other side of the bar. "At least it's not too bad. We could have gotten some of the nastier powers out there. These are decent." He says, shifting subjects.

Since Nik moves to the other side of the bar, Danny smiles and offers to mix him a drink of his choice. "Ah know what ya mean by that. Ah really don't mind the wings, they're mah teamates Ah believe." Since Gabriel used to have the same exact wings. "Ah'm just glad Ah didn't get like something really nasty."

"Well, at least you know someone who can help ya learn'em." Nik says with a nod and a yawn. "No thanks on the drink. I think I'm gonna go get dinner and head home, though."

"Well at least Ah'm giving ya an unexpected night off." Danny says. "Ah'll have the bar covered for the rest of the night Nik." He says as doesn't mind working late especially since he feels fine. "You take care Nik and Ah hope things with ya and Hilary work out good."

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