Wyatt Williams
Wyatt Wendell Williams
Portrayed By Liam Aiken
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 12, 1991
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases WWW
Place of Birth Salem, Oregon
Current Location NYC
Occupation Biochemist
Known Relatives Father, Mother
Significant Other What's that?
Identity Of what?
Known Abilities I'm smart? Does that count?
First Appearance ???

I'm sorry. Why are you looking at me like that? I didn't mean to be insulting. I was just talking about the biochemical processes of the brain…


Some parents are pushy, but they don't know the half of it. Wyatt Wendell Williams was born to a pair of very active people. His father was a linebacker for a pro football team, and his mother was a reporter. Neither of them understood downtime. If they weren't actively working, they were getting things ready FOR their work, or working out. They forced their son to act the same way they did.

Liam was pushed and pressed to walk and talk at very early ages, and was being read to by caretakers from early on. He wasn't really given the time to develop normal friendships or interpersonal relationships, as he was never kept around other students until school age. Once School began, he was pushed straight through. He was a bright, intelligent kid, and absorbed all the information rapidly. He never made anything less than an A in his career.

School never stopped for Wyatt. Even in the summers he was taking the next set of classes, boosting and pushing him along school much quicker than a standard person. He would attend Private Schools primarily, so that he could move along faster than others, never really having time to get to know people, as his private schools changed every two years or so.

Early on, he showed an affinity for science, so his parents chose to push him in that direction. He followed, not knowing anything else he could do. After all, he didn't have anyone to tell him differently, nor anyone on TV to show him anything different. He knew what they were, because he was allowed to watch educational programs and DVDs, but he had never really had much of a chance to watch what most kids did.

He was a freshman in highschool at ten years old. But still, like always, he was placed in private schools with low class numbers to help him move along quickly. His intelligence shown, and he was the gem of the teachers classes, always knowing the right answer, or able to figure it out on his own. He spent extra time studying ahead as well, so that he would know answers before the rest of the class.

High School went quickly because he was too young to actually participate in things that the others did. But, he began hearing things in his senior year. Sure, he couldn't drive, nor could he do the fun things that his yearmates did, but he heard about some of them. When he asked his parents about it, they simply said it was something for adults. When he was 18, he could choose to do what he wanted, as long as he had a good job. Until then, he had to do what they said.

It wasn't abusive in the classical sense. It was just hard… hard pushing. But… honestly… Wyatt didn't blame them for it. In the summer after her turned 13, he was entering college. Very few colleges took his application seriously, due to his age, but Columbia University did. That brought him to New York in the first place. His parents didn't mind, but he couldn't live on his own, so he had to live on campus under very special restrictions for his age.

Wyatt was the only student with a curfew. But this gave him much more study and practical time. He grew very quickly in the fields of biochemistry and genetics. His major the former, his minor the latter. It was then that he began to learn a lot about how certain chemicals would affect a body, and he began, in his personal time, working with his own personal experiments.

Over the next few years, he continues working to his doctorate. He's graduated now, with a job at a biochemical research firm in New York. In his spare time, (since he only works 3 days a week) he perfects applications of his serums. He's just starting to learn about how people act and about real life, now that he's alone in the real world with no experience.



February 01 Wyatt gets Dallas and starts to do some tests. But… things change partway through. Experimenting
February 04 Wyatt and Dallas get a little closer. Sushi and a Movie
February 05 Wyatt brings a surprise to Rob. I've Got You In My Sight


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