2011-07-02: X Babies Assault

Players: Instinct, Wildcard, and Xorn

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Summary: Nigel and Mikhail have a Danger Room session.

Date: July 2, 2001

Log Title: X-Babies Assault

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

In the Control Room, Shen Xorn in his usual garb of the white robe turned X-Man costume with metallic mask sits at the controls and begins to enter a program for one of the new students. Once it is set, he nods, “This should work.” His voice echoes in the hollow chamber as he leaves the Control Booth and literally floats down into the Danger Room. Hovering a few feet off the ground and taking a somewhat meditative pose, he telepathically summons students to the Danger Room, <Please come in your squad uniforms.>

Mikhail is not too pleased, due to his tendancy to absorb anything and everything he watches on Tv Mikhail only allows himself three hours of Tv time a week and Xorn has called him three minutes into his third hour, the boy is dressed in his own squad uniform which is modified to basically consist of a pair of shorts, he enters the room not paying too much attention to the other student in the room.

His disembodied voice filling the chamber, Xorn bows his head as the two students enter, “Thank you both for coming. Nigel, this is the Danger Room. This is the training facility for the students to use their powers without concern as safety measures are in place. The room is a sort of holographic virtual reality in which an environment can be created. Once you are assigned a squad and squad leader you will work with them on powers training in this room. However, I thought it best for you to have a session to try it out. You’ve met Mikhail already. So I thought it would be interesting for the two of you to work together in a scenario. As you have not been assigned a uniform yet, I have found one of the old X-Men uniforms that you can wear.” He points to the lockerroom area. “You can change in there.”

Nigel listens and shakes his head "Thanks but it's not necessary.. when I change anything I'm wearing is going to disappear until I turn back. Designed for mutants or not. Trust me it will become more than apparently once I get going. Though I'm not sure how my powers are going to work in here with everything being VR. Guess we'll find out together." Nigel looks to Mikhail with a thin smile. "Umm heya. Nice to be training with you, and I apologise ahead of time for anything that might happen. It's going to get really weird in here in a minute."

Mikhail is rarely in a bad mood but he's missing his show and isn't sure when it will be repeated again, plus he can't watch it next week because next week is cartoons, still he shugs and doesn't mention it to Xorn, to Nigel he smiles a fanged smile, "No problem, it can't get weirder than than a hobbit, a sofa and a digger", he calls out to Xorn, "Copper boom!"

Nodding to both, Xorn continues, “I will be monitoring from the Control Booth, but also maintaining a telepathic link with both of you as well as scanning your emotional levels. Are there any questions before we begin?” Xorn begins to literally walk on air as he levitates up towards Control Booth.
Nigel shakes his head "Ummm nope, just hope your insurance is paid up. Give me the word and I'll get rolling." He's definately nervous about this, he hasn't used his abilities much. He knows what's going to happen and really isn't sure how it's going to be received.

Mikhail knows the drill he has been here for a while after all, so he just wanders round the room while Xorn explains the room to Nigel, when asked if he has any questions he just calls back "Copper Boom!" again, he does consider how weird what the other student can do if it can be called weird even here.

<Nigel, trust me. If this room can handle my abilities then your should be fine as well.> Xorn assures Nigel telepathically. The room goes completely black and then lights come alive and Nigel and Mikhail find themselves in some sort of television cartoon like world. They are in an alien stadium with large rotund fat creatures in the stands cheering and applauding. Where the Control Booth would typically be, it is replaced by a box seats where Mojo and Spiral stand looking down at the two mutants. “Welcome to Mojoword, where millions shall watch on the televisions and you two shall garner me MAJOR RATINGS!” The crowd goes wild when Mojo mentions ratings and then at the opposite end of the arena floor appear what look like seven little toddlers dressed like various X-Men. The crowd goes wild as Mojo voice rings out, “Welcome the X-Babies!” They stand and look around adorably. The X-Babies line up represent the present X-Men team (Cyclops, Cannonball, Gambit, Grey King, Rogue, and Xorn)

Nigel blinks as the room turns into the Television studio from hell. He takes a breath, swallowing hard before clenching his fists and calling out. "Badda-bing, Badda-Bang, Badda-BOOM!" There's an explosion in his immediate vicinity obscuring his form completely in a cloud of green smoke, maniacal laughter errupts from the haze as it fades revealing an odd figure standing where Nigel once was. The coloring is off, it's too bright, too crisp. It almost looks like a Cartoon character just stepped out of the television. "Ahahahahahahaaaa! It's Showtime!"

Mikhail raises an eyebrow as the room turns into a bizzaro version of a Tv show, is this Xorn's idea of a joke?, either way Mik is amused and his bad mood is starting to lessen. When Nigel transforms he has to agree with him, that is pretty weird, "Man, cartoons aren't supposed to be until next week", he looks over at the X-babies and starts trying to think of non-fatal ways to deal with them, he's never fought kids before.

It does not take a lot to shock Xorn, but Nigel’s new form does indeed shock him. But he is more shocked to have momentarily lost the mental link with him. Concentrating and exerting more effort than usual, Xorn re-establishes the link and is shocked to see the world the way Nigel’s new form done. “Oh my” he whispers as he moves through the images to establish a stronger link. The sensors in the room alert Xorn to the upsurge in energy around Nigel and he presses buttons to accommodate for it.
These little kids while adorable pack quite a lot of power. Cyclops points and orders, “Ok X-babies! Beat up the bullies!” He points and lets out an optic blast at Nigel and Gambit unfurls a Pokemon card, charging it up and throwing it and tossing it at Mikhail. The other X-babies take to the air.

Nigel grins as the blast hits him dead-on and seems to blow a hole clean through him, he looks down at the gaping hole. "Wow, somone's been a naughty boy. I normally wouldn't hit a guy with glasses but you're an acception." He holds his breath a moment and with an audible *boing* the hole pops closed. At the same time his gloves hands change into boxing gloves and he throws a punch, the glove firing off on a spring attached to his arm and rocketing towards the Baby-Cyk. "Yo Adrian!"

Mikhail leaps into the air to avoid the pokemon card coming his way, somersulting though the air he runs full pelt towards the Baby Cyclops counting on the fact that Nigel's incoming attack will distract the the kid, his aim being to come at him from the side not attacking but taking away the visor.

As the boxing glove on a spring springs towards Baby Cyke shoots another blast to block the glove before striking him, but the force of it and the glove striking it and him cause him to go flying back. As he falls over holding his stomach, Mikhail is able to steal the visor. Baby Cyke cries out, “Daddy X! Daddy X!” Grey King and Xorn look to each other and then stick their tongues out at Nigel and Mikhail. They hold their temples uniting on a telepathic attack centering on them while Rogue and Cannonball team up Mikhail literally attempting to divebomb him kamikaze style one from each side and Gambit resumes throwing nearly ten cards successively at Nigel. The crowd goes wild with cheers as Xorn monitors the readings of Nigel’s power.

Nigel grits his teeth and squints a moment as the mental assault impacts his already scrambled mind. "Nnggghh! Hey you're not the usual voices in my head.. you gotta pay rent just like the other guys!" He reachs into his sleeve and pulls out what looks like a piece of black rubber. Tossing it into the air it splits into over a dozen black circles the size of a manhole cover and land at various spots around the arena. As the cards fly at him he steps backwards and drops into one of the holes vanishing from sight. He springs up out another hole near the two psychics with a large cartoon mallet in his hands and swings at the Mini-Xorn. "FORE!"

Xorn continues to make adjustments as spikes in energy continue to pop up on the monitor as Nigel uses his powers. As Nigel disappears and reappear, The cards strike the wall of the arena causing little explosions but no damage to the Mojonium walls. When Nigel reappears, his mallet strikes Xorn whose head ricochets like a pinball causing him to bump his head into Grey King’s. The two drop out of the sky and land in a thud as cartoon stars appear around their dazed heads. Just as Mikhail throws himself to the floor as Cannonball and Rogue collide into each other and fall to the ground. Similar stars appear around their baby heads. The only X-baby remaining is baby Gambit. With more cards in one hand, he spins a baby-sized bo staff in his other hand prepared to take on the two teens by himself when…
Baby Cyclops with his eyes closed feels around the ground to find his visor broken and he begins to cry.

The audience goes silent as Baby Cyke begins to weep uncontrolably. Gambit even stops spinning the staff and looks to Mikhail and Nigel, “Ohhhhhhh! Now you are in trouble!” He sticks his tongue out. Baby Cyke lets out an ear-piercing scream, “DADDY X! THEY BROKE MY GLASSES! DADDY X!” Suddenly two giant sized doors open at the opposite edge of the field and out comes a large plume of smoke. Emerging from behind the smoke is a giant-sized robotic version of Professor X, complete with hoverchair, “YOU BROKE BABY CYCLOP’S GLASSES!” He snarls as his eyes go completely white and he unleashes the hell of all telepathic attacks on the two.

Nigel turns to look at the new arrival, his jaw literally drops and hits the floor as his eyes bulge out of his skull with an *awoooooooooga* sound. He snaps back to default as the telepathic blast hits and sends him reeling as he holds his head. "Angggghh… bad touch, BAD TOUCH!" His head begins to spin around fast enough to cause it to blurr. "Owowowowowowowowowowowowowowow"

Mikhail actually feels kinda bad when Baby Cyclops starts crying, as those who were around when Mik first discovered television know, he has some issuse with fact and fiction. "Sorry i ha… arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!", he lets out a roar of pain as robo-Xavier launches his telepathic attack, he clutches his head tightly, tightly enough that he starts bleeding as his nails cut into him.

As the two teens literally reel back from the psychic assault. Little Gambit sticks his tongue at the two and then the scenario ends. The crowd chants, “DADDY X! DADDY X!” After a few millseconds of the chant go on. The room goes black and the lights out. After a moment the lights pop back pop back up and the Danger Room appears like a empty metallic chamber. Where the giant robot Daddy X, now Xorn appears “Well done, Instinct and Wildcard.”

Nigel blinks when the attack stops, his spinning head coming to a halt with the sound of screeching tires as he reachs into one pocket and in a physic's destroying display pulls out.. a bazooka. "Alright baldy suck some ballistic Boom-Boom!" He pauses as it finally dawns on him the simulation has ended. "Well darn, almost had him too." He tosses the Bazooka behind him, where an unseen cat yowls. The weapon vanishing as it hits the ground.

As the telepathic attack stops Mikhail removes his hands from his head the cuts closing before the spilt blood even reaches his cheek, he doesn't need to look around as he can tell the simulation has ended due to the shift in the rooms scent, "Ouch, that really hurt", he pushes himself up onto his feet.

“Well Nigel, you survived your first Danger Room session. That is always good. This was primarily a test to see your powers in action. The Danger Room acclimated to your powers so there should be no unexpected issues with them. How do you both feel that it went?” Xorn’s voice echoes throughout the chamber.

Mikhail pretty much enjoyed the workout enough to forget about missing his Tv show, still…, "That hurt my head", he starts wandering around the Danger Room again as Xorn and Nigel begin discussing his powers, listening in as he's interested in the new student's strange powers.

Nodding his head as Nigel speaks, “You are a literal cartoon in that form, able to accomplish just about anything.” Xorn ponders a thought as he looks to Mikhail walk about, “Well, with regard to the telepathic assault. We do teach Telepathic Resistance. That is a standard class for all students that you will take before you graduate.” Looking up to the Control Booth, “Again. That was a very good first session, Nigel. Whoever is chosen as your faculty advisor will review it and be alerted about your powers.” Xorn bows his head, “And Wildcard, you displayed adaptability in taking out your opponents and Instinct showed good strategy in removing Cyclops’ visor essentially removing him from the scenario.”

Nigel manages a smile "Adaptable, unpredictable, borderline insane.. it all kinda runs together once I get rolling and things start getting strange. Thankfully what I can do in that form can't kill anyone."

“Well we should all be grateful for that then.” Xorn bows to Nigel and Mikhail, “Good job, gentlemen. But now I must go deal with some other issues. Again, good work” Xorn levitates up to the Control Booth and dismisses the two students.

Nigel still seems a little unsteady, but he wanders out the door.

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