Xane "Soul Man"
Xane Stoutheart
Portrayed By Timothy Olyphant
Gender Male
Date of Birth 2/29/1979
Age 30
Zodiac Sign Pices
Aliases Soul Man
Place of Birth ???
Current Location New York City
Occupation Executive Chef
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance Original Character

The name's Xane. No, not X-ane. It's like a 'z'. Z-ay-ne. Xane!


Born in the eighties to a pair of successful investment bankers,
growing up Xane was almost never denied what he wanted. His fiscal
fate determined at a young age when his father had invested half of
Xane's college fund into the Apple Computer Corporation.

Going through elementary and middle school, Xane would feel things
about people, like if some wimpy kid was going to get beaten up by
Phillip McGinnes, the school bully. He always would feel these things,
though with the seclusion of a calm and relatively sheltered life, he
was able to deal with the stresses of feeling people's intentions. He
had learned that sometimes, it's not alright to act on what he felt
from other people.

While his parents were not in the house often in his older kids years,
Sam had to learn to fend for himself, both in the kitchen and in the
mind. He learned very soon that the food he prepared was quite good.
The first thing he learned to make was a grilled cheese sandwich. When
tried by his own father, he was overstruck by a feeling of being a kid
again, his mother preparing a grilled cheese just like this one. Fond
memories, and to those who didn't have a memory of such, one was
provided, such as his aunt Jenny. As the boy grew up, his culinary
talents grew with skill, trying newer, harder dishes. And not just one
memory, many different emotions.

The budding chef started to set his sights on Culinary School,
several schools wanted him, many were let down hen he decided to
attend the Culinary Institute of America. Where he learned a variety
of dishes to create. From cold appetizers and amuse bouche, to hot
entrees. The master weaved his emotions into every dish he had, his
mentor Chef Gerard, had said of his salmon: 'The salmon was as fresh
as can be, you could taste the waters it came from. But as the first
bites danced around my mouth, I felt a certain amount of peace and
serenity that some zen masters can only dream of attaining.' During
this time, he had felt the auras of the people in the school
restaurant grow happier. He also saw the happy aura grow around those
patrons. Though no one else could see

Xane graduated from the CIA with flying colors, and the assurances
from his teachers that he would go far in the culinary world, wherever
he wanted to go. And so he did, though he never spent time in
five-star restaurants working, he was invited by many chefs who wanted
to meet the men that was praised so highly by the Institute. He would
however moonlight at some smaller restaurants, creating sensual food
with passion and desire. He didn't know how he was so talented, but
knew it was working for him. Not making a whole lot of money, but
creating wonderful experiences for people. He never was in it for the
money, even if his parents wanted him to be.

When he was traveling through Europe Xane had stopped into the kitchen
of one of his professors at the CIA. Chef Gerard had invited him to
his kitchen in Versailles. When the meal Xane cooked was presented to
Gerard's family, Chef Gerard told Xane that 'If you'd settle down and
open a restaurant, you would certainly be nominated for the Beard
award. Xane only had one thing to say to this. "While it's an honor,
I don't think that I would go into a restaurant that I was not sure
would absolutely fit me." The wanderer left soon after the meal.
Moving back on to New York.

He has started on his journey, to bring his food to the people. First
stop is Manhattan Island.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


  • Xane has two different colored eyes, his right eye is green, and his left eye is blue.
  • Xane himself is rated by Guide Michelin as a three star chef.
  • Xane will NEVER use a catchphrase when cooking.
  • He despises Emeril Lagasse and Rachel Ray, viewing them as sellouts in the profession.
  • Though not as popular as Emeril and Ray, he is quite fond of Chef Anthony Bourdain, viewing him as a chef that refused to sell out.
  • Xane is rarely without his razor sharp Wusthof knives and honing steel. He gets these knives sharpened precisely by a small knife-maker in Little Italy.
  • Xane does not wear those goofy hats, ever.
  • Xane enjoys watching Saturday Morning Cartoons, even at his age. He is also a fan of Chowder on Cartoon Network.
  • Although he does have a last name, only the government knows it. Xane views himself as a child of the world, and surnames are archaic in his eyes.
  • Xane is pronounced Zay-ne.


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