2009-12-24: Xavier's For The Holidays


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Summary: A couple students are staying at Xavier's for Christmas

Date: December 24, 2009

Log Title: Xavier's For the Holidays

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

It's Christmas Eve and Robyn's made his way up to the Observation Deck. It wasn't an easy process and took a few trips since he brought up the Christmas Gifts he needs to wrap and the stuff to wrap them in. Right now he's trying to wrap a book but with his frog hands he's a bit awkward about it. In the background over a pair of small portable speakers hooked up to his mp3 player is something far from Christmasy, it's some technoish sounding song going on about Cloning Your Lover.

Making his way into the Observation Deck, Kael lets out a heavy sigh at the feeling of warmth around him, and he curls a small cyclone around him of that warm air. Cold aerokinetic is cold! After that little warm up, he makes his way further in and spots Robin. And he just blinks a bit before he just states. "You know. People told me that you looked like a frog. But, damn. …" It's not like he's seen weirder things! "… Need some help with that?"

Robyn looks up and he's a bit larger than a normal frog, he's about two feet high and kind of a cartoonish looking tree frog in a way. "I think I got it, I got Robin's presents wraped it's just a long process, and yeah…I'm a frog." He says with a bit of a frown. "I guess it's becoming the talk of the school, Robyn's a frog?

Kael shakes his head. "Nah, I just haven't seen ya around much. Mostly been outside trying to get the hang of flying down." His hair is rather messy, moreso than it was before he could get airborne. "But, it's getting too cold to fly anyway." He crouches down near Robyn and reaches over to grab the tape to help anyway. "Wrapping gifts is always easier with two sets of hands."

"And bigger hands at that, and five digits." Robyn says with a slight chuckle as he holds up a four digitied hand. "It's just frustrating being a frog." He says as it's something he's finding starting to bother him. "Oh flying, cool. How's that going? I don't think I'm going to be one to ever have to worry about that, getting the hang of flying down."

Kael smiles brightly. "Well, it's a whole new experience for me! I'm starting to get the hang of going a constant speed down." He lets out a laugh, handing Robyn the tape as he holds down a piece of paper. "I can imagine it's frustrating. But, I'm not too surprised by it. Must be the fact I'm at this school." He lets out a bright laugh after that.

Robyn chuckles and nods to Kael at that one. "Yeah I know, I got stuck with Headmaster Summer's eyebeams for a while." He takes the tape and applies to the book about the Fantastic Four that he's getting for Jordan for Christmas. "I told my parents that I have to stay here for the holidays for something and I'll see them after Christmas, I don't want them to see me as a Frog. And I wonder how hard it would be to fly if you were possesing someone with flight…" He muses.

Kael laughs. "Yeah, I'm not too sure how parents'll take seeing their son as a frog." The aerokinetic is doing his best to make sure that no wind to rustle the paper, his hair streaked white as he sits back up. "Who all did ya buy gifts for?" Every kid is curious of what he'd probably get.

"I just got something for Robin and Jordan, that's about it." Robyn says as he really doesn't have much money so he just bought for his boyfriend and one of the people he feels closest too. "And my parents of course, but Jordan's my boyfriend and Robin, her and I have been really getting along well as friends. I think it's because we both went through that MGH thing together, we're both Robyn's and then the thing the other night."

Kael snickers a bit. "Aaah. Honestly, you and Robin are confusing when people mention you. Both sound the same!" He laughs a bit and hms softly. A glance behind him at the outside and he grins a bit. "Least we'll have a white Christmas. Though I wouldn't put it past Bobby to have something to do with it."

"Well I'm the boy Robyn and She's the…we'll we're both boys technicall, but I think of Robin as more of a girl cause of..ya know. You can call me Y Robyn and her I Robin?" Robyn says as him and Kael continute to wrap the presents. "Though we found out whose behind this whole fairy tale thing, I just don't know what to do about it. Neither does Robin."

Kael looks back with a quirk of a brow. "Oh? Who's behind it?" More curious than anything really. The boy just stays silent for a few seconds, listening to the music before he asks, "Who's the band for this? It's rather catchy to be honest."

Looking a bit sheepish, Robyn smiles. "Zeromancer, I was in the mood to listen to it. They're cool." He likes all that Goth/Industrial type of music. "And it's Robin's younger sister, Megan, apparently she's a mutant and is some how doing this, I don't know what or how or why though. I don't think she can control it. She keeps trying to ask for Robin for help."

Kael blinks. "Wow. Her little sister is doing this?" He lets out a small laugh. "And here I was thinking that this was being done by some evil mastermind that just has some weird fetish for having people turn into fantasy story characters." He snickers a bit before he says, "I'll look 'em up on Youtube or somethin' when I can get back to my room. Might go play around in the snow a bit more."

Robyn chuckles. "I never got to play much in the snow as a kid, I went sleding though quite a bit. It's just hard when you don't have a yard." Robyn says lying back on the ground now that his presents are wrapped. "At least as a frog I can run around naked and not worry about anyone seeing my junk and stuff." He says with a chuckle.

Kael laughs brightly at that last part. "This is true. Just don't get any ideas when you're back to normal. I don't think the girls of the school would want to see that." Though, they've probably seen it on TV or something. Kael plops down, letting the wind go back to it's normal light motion. "I wonder how Christmas is here at the school… seems to be a really big thing."

"I think I'd be too shy to do that around the school anyway. I was more trying to be funny than serious. Besides I don't know how many people really wanna see my skinny ass." Robyn chuckles. "I don't know, I think it is. I mean a lot of kids are staying for the holidays. What about you, are you sticking around?"

Kael nods softly, hugging a knee close to himself as he says, "I don't think I can go back home to be honest. After what happened when I was at home before I came here. I don't think I can face my parents." He rests his chin on his knee as he grins a bit. "I couldn't do it either. But when our powers were swapped. I had a good few interesting moments with some girls."

Robyn looks over at Kael and raises his eyebrow. "What were you powers that you got stuck with, and what were the interesting moments with some girls?" He asks curiously. "I'm sorry Kael, I wasn't sure if my Mom was going to come to terms with me being a mutant but it didn't take long and I know I'm lucky."

Kael laughs a bit. "I got Jericho's. So I was basically ripped to the teeth with muscle. And you know how some girls like musclebound men." Then he slides back into a slightly detached mood as he says, "I know my mother still loves me. It's just my father." He tightens his grip on his pants leg. "He… wasn't the greatest dad around."

Robyn looks up at Kael with a concerned expression. "I'm sorry Kael. It was easier with my father actually but…my parents aren't my real parents but they always treated me like their reall son." Robyn says though he really does think of himself as their real son. "Yeah, I know, I remember my girlfriends at High School talking about that kind of stuff, and girls as in friends not girlfriend girlfriends."

A very slight grin forms on his lips as Kael says, "Thanks, but you don't need to be sorry about it. Honestly, it's like I've found a new father here actually. Though, it's more like a good number of people here." He laughs a bit. "One big family. And I couldn't ask for more."

"Whose your new father here?" Robyn asks sitting back up, he doesn't move like a frog, it's definately cartoony in his movements. "The only thing I found here is a first boyfriend and a lot of good friends. I never really had many friends before coming here. I'm glad you're happy here Kael."

John walks in wearing black shorts covvered in yellow smiley faces, a black t-shirt with one big smilely face on the chest, he hasn't bothered with shoes today and is wearing one yellow and one black shagband intertwined on his wrist. He stretches, walking over to Kael and Robyn, "Afternoon boys"

Kael hms a bit. "Well, to be honest, Owen's kind of like the big brother I've never had." He grins a bit. "But my kind-of-father isn't really at the school. He's the one who's been helping me with my powers." He looks over at John as he comes in and he gives a wave from where he's sitting. "Sup, John."

"I guess that's like me and Robin, she's kind of like the sibling I never had." Robyn says nodding and as John walks in the room, he waves. "Hey John, how you doing? You're going to be another person staying here for Christmas aren't you?" He says looking back at Kael. "Addison is the one whose really helping me with my powers and it's because of him I'm not draining psychic energy off of everyone.

John waves back "Im good, how are you guys?" he shrugs "Yea, im stayin' here over Christmas", he grins "This father figure that you're talking about wouldn't be Keith by any chance, would it?"

Kael quirks a brow at John. "Yeah, how'd ya know about him?" He looks back over at Robyn with a smile as he says, "Well, having a Air Spirit as my tutor helps a lot in learning how to control the wind. Even got me to fly!" By pushing him off of a cliff.

Robyn chuckles. "Yeah, mine are all mental based, I just wish I could figure out this psychic weapon thing, that'd be awesome." He gets out a pen and pulls over a card to his lap and starts to write out a bit on it. "Keith whose Keith, and Air Spirit?" He's confused by all of this.

John sits down against the wall, "I met Kaden and Drew the other day, and they metioned that you spent a lot of time with him"

Kael lets out a laugh. "Yeah. I try to spend every weekend I can with him. So I can learn as much as I can." He looks over at Robyn and grins. "Well. Keith is the Air Spirit. Basically… the embodiment of the element of wind. It's… kinda cool."

Robyn blinks in surprise. "Really there's someone out there that is the embodiment of the element of wind…that…I dunno. I never thought something like that could exsist." Robyn is still surprised by things even though he lives at Xavier's. He had a rather mundane, but good, life before coming here.

John nods "Yea, theres also Fire, Water and Earth spirits, but i only met the fire and water guys"

Kael laughs a bit. "Yup, there's one for every element." He glances over John and says. "I think there's one more, but I dunno." He gets up with a grunt before he says, "I gotta get back to the school, gotta check my email and stuff." He gives a wave before he heads back out into the chilly realm of the outside.

"That's just crazy, not in a bad way but just..I dunno." Robyn is more surprised that it all actually exsits. "Take care Kael and see ya tomorrow!" He'll inflict Nightmare Before Christmas on half the school in honor of the holiday. "Are you a Tim Burton fan?" He randomly asks John.

John waves as Kael leaves the room "Later Kael", he shrugs "the only Tim Burton movie i've seen all the way through is the Nightmare Before Christmas, which was probably my favorite movie as a kid, why?"

"I was thinking about trying to get a bunch of us together to watch that film tomorrow." Robyn says with a chuckle. "He's my favourite movie maker and I want to get into sculpting for movies like the stuff he does." Robyn does fanboy over him. His Goth/Industrial music continues to play in the background, apparently the same dozen songs on repeat.

John scratches his head "i thought you were going how for Christmas" he smiles at Robyn as he tells him what he wants to be "I'll keep an eye out for your name in the credits of movie when we leave here"

"I'm too chicken to go home looking like this." Robyn admits. "I really think my Mom would throw a fit if she found out I was a frog and go on about how superheroes and mutants are good for nothing, I don't want to ruin her holiday. I'll come over once it's all resolved."

John goes over and puts his arm around Robyn's froggy sholders "Sorry man, thats gotta suck, do you know when your gonna turn back?"

Robyn shakes his head. "No I don't. At least my family is only over in Brooklyn so it's not too far. I could probably tell my Dad about it, he's more calm about the mutant thing. My Mom didn't talk to me for about a month at first." He looks up and smiles at John. "Don't worry, thing's will be okay."

John grins "Glad your not getting too down" he jokes "Do ya wanna pop to the city and see if we can find a princess?"

Robyn shakes his head slowly. "Nah I think I'm gonna stay here. It's too crowded in the city and I'm a frog and I might freak people out or get steped on. And squished frog would not be fun. I just wish I could get some cello practice or some sculpting done.

John says, "You can posess me for 5 minutes if you want to practice"

Robyn shakes his head. "Nah, I feel really bad about possessing people, I mean it's weird, I'm basically invading your mind and stealing your body. I could posses your body, make you do something really crazy, and you'd never remember it." Robyn says as he just relaxes there in his frog form next to a few Christmas Presents he has wrapped.

John shrugs "Fair enough, i dont mind though, i've managed to embarass myself enough on my own"

Robyn laughs. "No no, I wouldn't actually do that to anyone though, I just feel like I'm invading someones personal space when I do that. And I don't think I've really embarassed myself here yet…wait, I put a hole in the ceiling of my room."

John grins shaking his head, "Thats nothing, last week out on the quad, i got sorta excited and burned outta my clothing, i had to make it back to my room naked, in the middle of the day", he adds "And thats not the first time thats happened".

"Don't you have one of those suits you can wear under it so you don't end up naked..the ones made out of the…the…" Robyn snaps his fingers a bit trying to remember what it's called. "Molecule suits….unstable molecule!"

John nods "Yea i do, i have my squad uniform, but i dont like wearing it, im not a fan of tight clothing, plus i really dont look good in bright yellow"

Robyn nods. "Well you can always ask if you can get a uniform that's all black just to wear under your stuff, and it's not that bad. My uniform is green and white and when I'm wearing it, it's not like wearing spandex at all, it's oddly comfortable."

John smiles "Thats actully a good idea, nice one mate", he gets up and stretches, "I might head down to the weight room in a little while"

Robyn nods and flops back down. "I think I'm going to hang up here for a bit, maybe take a nap or something." He likes to relax up here, it's got a great view of the grounds and fairly quiet. "I'll probably see ya later tonight or something. Take care John!"

John waves and walks out the door, "See ya Robyn!"

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