2012-05-26: Xaviers Is Magic

Players: Cale and Sophie

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Summary: Sophie belatedly welcomes Cale to Xaviers.

Date: May 26, 2012

Log Title: Xaviers is Magic

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Cale is curled up in his usual spot on the couch, watching… well, okay, he is watching My Little Pony. On the giant screen. It is, apparently, mainly about Rainbow Dash going very very fast. A soda and veggies with ranch dip sit next to him. He's wearing his usual anime t-shirt (this one is some version of Gundam) and a pair of jeans cut off near the knees. Either he drove everyone else out of the room with his show, or he just found the place empty. The latter seems more likely.

Empty the Recreation Room may be, but for Cale and a giant TV, but it does not long remain so. The soft tapping of a cane is likely lost beneath the sound from the show as Sophie makes her entrance. The blind girl is clad in her usual attire; a simple blouse and skirt, though dangling about her neck is a fairly impressive gold cross on an equally resplendant chain. "Excuse me," she murmurs, as she comes to stand near the back of the seat Cale is occupying. She pauses to straighten her blindfold, and softly clears her throat. "Who is there?"

"Huh, wha?" Cale jumps when he hears someone talk, immediately cranking the volume on the TV down. He turns around to see Sophie, whom he has of course never seen before. "Er, it's just me!" he squeaks out, clearing his throat. "Er, that is, Cale. Is me. Hi!"

Sophie bobs her head once, as her lips quirk upwards at the corner. "I do not think we have met, Senor Cale," she replies, speaking with a noticeable Spanish accent. She feels her way around the couch, and checks to make sure the seat on the other side is vacant before arranging herself in it. "My name is Sophie. It is a pleasure to meet you, si? …May I ask what it is that you are watching?"

"It's, um," Cale says softly, "My Little Pony," he glances at her cane and the way she's moving, "Are you blind? Like Tara?" he wonders - though Tara seems to be able to 'see' in some fashion that Cale really doesn't understand at all. It's almost like she's not even blind. "It's a show… about ponies. Magical ponies. And um. Friendship."

"I have heard of this show," Sophie replies, "But I have never… watched it. Perhaps for obvious reasons." Her expression falls, briefly, but she soon returns the pleasant look to her features, and bobs her hea.d "Si… I am blind. Else, I would not wear the blind fold, nor have need of the cane." She tilts her head, to gaze in Cale's general direction. "You are new to Xavier's, si? You must have come while I was away."

Cale nods, "Yeah, I think. You were one of those that got kidnapped, right? I got here about a month ago. Heard about that whole thing. Nick was pretty broken up about… well, everything having to do with it," he mentions rather hesitantly. "Well, you can listen to it, anyway, right? The voice acting is pretty much the best part."

Sophie nods, "Si," she replies, "I was… kidnapped, by Count Dracula. …I know, it sounds incredible, but…" She pauses, and shakes her head slowly. "I… would rather talk about something else," she murmurs. "Please. Sorry, I am just… not ready, yet." She falls silent, and turns to gaze in the general direction of the TV. "The voice acting is good, then? I could listen, it is true."

Cale turns the TV up a little bit - not loud enough to obstruct conversation, but audible again. "Yeah, it's good, I… you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to. In fact…" he chews on his lip, "I'd rather not. Someone very important to me is still missing, and it just makes me think of them," he shrugs. "Anyway."

"I won't ask you to talk about it," Sophie replies, "But if you would just but tell me the name of the one who is important to you, I will pray for them." She collapses her cane into itself, and tucks it neatly up into her sleeve. She pats the coffee table until she finds a book sitting there, probably right where she left it judging by how swiftly she found it, and opens it up to a marked spot. "How are you liking Xaviers so far, Cale?" her fingers brush over the page as she speaks. "And… please do not mind if I read while we talk. I am very behind in my studies."

"Her name's Amy… she's my sister," Cale rubs the back of his neck, eyeing the cross around Sophie's neck. "Praying? I don't know…" he trails off, sounding somewhat doubtful, "I appreciate it though." He pauses, leaning his head back on the touch and pulling his ponytail around front, out of the way. "I like it a lot. It's /way/ better than my last school. Way better. Everyone here is so nice."

Sophie ahhs, "Just wait until you fall behind in your studies," she replies in a teasing tone of voice. "Do not mind my teasing; I am certain you will not fall behind. You speak well, si? I imagine you will do well. Have you decided what classes you wish to take?" The blond girl pauses in her reading, and composes herself briefly. "Prayer always helps," she adds. "And even if you do not believe that it helps… it certainly can do no harm, si?"

"I've always done well in school," Cale smiles, "It's kind of the one thing that I'm actually good at, I guess," the lizard boy nods, tugging on his ponytail a little. "Yeah, it can't hurt. To pray, that is. I just…" he shrugs. "I dunno. Pray for Amy. She needs all the help she can get, I think." On the other hand, Cale could be wrong and she could be relaxing and getting at tan by the side of their uncle's pool. He somehow doubts that, however.

"I will." Sophie resumes the motion of her fingertips across the pages of her book, and mmms softly. "Only good at one thing? You are very modest," she adds. "I am willing to say, I expect you are very good at a great many things." She giggles softly, "If you are good at school, then you must be. Math, science, english, art, music… all are many different things that you can learn at school, si?"

"Well, yeah… but… doing good in school just comes down to having good study habits and doing the work that you're assigned," Cale pauses, "I mean, you don't have to actually know the material, except for tests, but even then, I guess after you've gone over it…" he shrugs, blushing slightly. "Maybe you are right. I dunno."

Sophie perks an eyebrow upwards. "There is a point where you become too modest," she replies. "You have just said that you have good study habits, si? You understand the game of learning, and that will take you places far greater than any level of talent, I am sure. If you do not know how to do something, then you can learn how to do it. I am certain that there is no greater or more important skill than the ability to learn."

Cale smiles, "Yeah, I guess. I never really… I don't know, I just felt like crap before coming here, pretty much. I guess it takes time to undo old habits," he relents with the modesty. "That's not the only way to learn, though. That's the school way. Lots of people learn via doing, or just trial and error! Though… I guess that doesn't really work for college…" he giggles.

Sophie shrugs her shoulders lightly. "It doesn't matter, I think," she replies. "There will be opportunity enough for all sorts of learning. …I have heard many people say that when they are not learning something, they are bored, si?" She smiles, and flips the page in her book. "So you mean to go to college? What would you like to study there?"

"Oh, of course I'm going to go to college eventually! I'll study computer science, probably. Or become a professional chef! That'd be pretty cool too," Cale nods, seeming a bit more animated. "I mean, people will always need to eat. So I think that's a good backup plan! Besides, I really like cooking," he nods. "What about you?"

Sophie ahhs, "Computer science is a popular thing to study I hear, and the graduates are very much in demand," she replies. "You could certainly do well with that. And with being a chef, too, si? You are right, people will always need to eat." She pauses, and scratches the back of her head lightly. "I will go to college," she admits, "But I am not sure what I will study. Mathematics, perhaps? It has always interested me; or maybe music. I have not made up my mind. It is not yet necessary to do so anyway, si?"

"Well, no! I guess, depending on how old you are… I'm not going to college for at least another couple years. I just already know what I wanna do, I think," Cale nods, "It's the one thing I AM sure of… everything is kinda… hazy. I mean. Everything."

Sophie bobs her head, "I have another year of school before I go to college also. Si, there is time to decide." She tilts her head, and listens to Cale's complaing of confusion. "I understand. It was the same for me, when I first came here; everything new, nothing familiar, si? Not to mention, suddenly learning that you are a mutant, and can do all sorts of things that you don't fully understand, I am guessing?"

Cale props up his chin on his elbow, staring at the TV for a moment. "I guess, yeah, that's part of it…" he ponders, glancing over at the blind girl. "Have you ever felt like you were supposed to be someone else, other than you were born as? And then people tell you that's wrong, neh? Or that you like something you're not supposed to like? It's like that. Being a mutant is weird, sure. But I can deal with it."

"I… am not sure how to answer that," Sophie admits. "I have never felt that I am meant to be someone else; I am quite comfortable with being Sophie DeCosta, as God has made me. But I can certainly understand the frustration of other people telling you what you should or should not like." She bookmarks her page, and sets her book aside for the moment, as she arranges herself to sit facing more directly towards Cale. "But, nobody can tell you what to think, Cale. Or what to want, or what to love. And you are still you, inside; being a mutant hasn't changed that."

"Yeah, I know, it's not the 'normal' thing, but," Cale shrugs a little, "Anyway, I'm glad to hear that from you. A lot of people, I dunno, they're just. Jerks about it. It tends to be really religious people too! So, I was just a little worried there… But… it IS Xavier's…" he pauses, "So I shouldn't have."

Sophie shakes herh ead slowly. "You should never haveto worry," she replies. "What other people think of you is not what truely matters, is it? …What about what you know yourself to be, in your heart? I am sure that there are many words that you would use to describe yourself, and I am equally certain that 'mutant' or…" she pauses, and giggles softly, "Or, 'weirdo' aren't among them." She shrugs lightly. "Take hold of a few in yourmind that you like, and hang on to them. What other people haveto say hardly matters."

"Well, I am pretty weird! But I don't think it's a bad thing," Cale giggles, "But I think you're right. It doesn't matter," the boy nods. "I dunno what words I'd use to describe myself! I guess I'm pretty smart. Taylor says I'm pretty. I like that a lot," he snerks.

"Well, pretty and smart, that is a good start," Sophie replies. "I would suggest you think, from time to time, about what it is that you like about yourself, si? There is no arrogance in doing such. Hold on to the things that you like, and work to rid yourself of the things you do not like, si?" The blind girl brushes her fingers through her hair, though failing to tame an unruly lock that had fallen in front of her face. "Have you been to the Danger Room, yet?"

"Yeah, I was in there once! I think we did pretty well. It was Miss Hilde running it," he rubs he shoulder, however. "It did kinda hurt a lot to get hit, though," Cale laughs. "What about you? Have you tried it? I wouldn't think… I dunno, that you'd really be into that sorta thing!"

Sophie perks an eyebrow upwards. "Why would you think that?" she replies, in a bemused tone of voice. "I have been in there, many times. It is required learning, afterall." She pauses briefly. "I feel more confident about myself, actually, having been in the Danger Room and having found out that I am more capable than I realized. …I am sure you will find the same soon enough."

"Wow," Cale appears impressed, "Well, I don't know. I guess not being able to see, I would just think… that'd make it really hard to fight properly, you know? I mean, fighting is really hard to begin with," he trails off. "I don't really like doing it, even so. My sister always did that sorta thing."

"I do not like fighting either," Sophie admits. "But unfortunately, as Professer Lenscherr once pointed out to me, that is no excuse for being unprepared, should someone else pick a fight with me. …Or with you." She pauses, and drops her gaze, focusing sightlessly on a spot on the couch between her and Cale. "I hope you never have to endure such a thing. But you might; so it is good to know that you will be able to handle it."

"Yeah, actually… she had me do a danger room session because we've been getting in a lot of fights lately… well, we've been getting /attacked/ I should say…" Cale sighs, shrugging a little. "Taylor even got shot! But they're okay."

"What?!" Sophie sits bolt upright, and her eyebrows shoot upwards. "Taylor was shot? Dios!" She looks thoroughly taken aback for a long moment. "That is terrible. I am glad to hear they're alright. …But, si. You see the need to practice, then?"

"Yeah, but, it's okay! Tay's healing up fine," Cale nods, "We were down in Mutant Town and there was sort of a riot… It was just before you guys got back. You might've seen it on the news or something…" he murmurs, "We kind of got attacked by a huge mob. It was pretty scary. And before that, that crazy Envy lady… I dunno. It's like, I attract trouble or something. I see the need to practice, it's just… not…" he sighs, shaking his head and pulling his legs up onto the couch with him. "It's terrifying. I just wanna freeze up."

"And that is why you must practice," Sophie replies, as she extends her cane to full length. "Freezing up doesn't help you, or your friends… being clear-headed enough to act, is the most important skill. Or so I am taught." The blind girl rises from her seat, and sweeps her cane around herself. "Please, excuse me… I did promise someone that I would meet them for lunch, si? I should go, to make sure I will not be late." She smiles pleasantly, and bobs her head. "Welcome to Xaviers, Cale. It is good to have you here."

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