Shen Xorn
shen Xorn
Portrayed By Jet Li, if his head was a blackhole
Gender M
Date of Birth 11/9/75
Age 35
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Xorn II
Place of Birth Xining, China
Current Location Westchester, NY
Occupation X-Man, Teacher
Known Relatives Kyan-Yi Xorn (brother, deceased)
Significant Other N/A
Identity Unknown
Known Abilities Blackhole Brain, Gravity Manipulation, Energy Detection, Healing, Death Sense, Languages, Survival, Empathy, Telepathy & Telepathic Resistance
First Appearance X-Men Vol 2 #157


Shen And Kyan-Yi were twin brothers raised in the Qinghai province in western China. They lived a simple life in the village outside the capital of Xining. Raised and living an uneventful life, they were raised by hard working Chinese peasants. Living the simple life, he and his brother were very different. While Shen was the weaker and shier brother, Kyan-Yi was more the stronger athletic twin and enjoyed playing sports. There both received minimal education, but for the Xorn brothers, their education was through observing the world.

Upon reaching puberty, both brother's realized their mutancy. Unfortunately the birth of their powers was a devastating effect. Both brothers had stars for brains. The birth of their powers destroyed their family, friends, and their village. They came to the attention of the Chinese communist government who split the brothers up and held them in different facilities and with minimal contact. They were fashioned containment helmets that held their powers in check. Shen was kept in isolation for his teen years and twenties and it was not until a small crack in the containment helmet causes his powers to fluctuate and destroy the military base that he was held at.

However, Cerebro also detects Xorn and a group of X-Men are dispatched to deal with him. Upon arrival they find that area of China having an unusual gravity field, upon investigation they find Xorn. Havok uses his powers to stabilize Xorn, while the others dispatch the Eight Immortals and the Chinese army in search of a new containment helmet for Xorn. Xorn's powers are suddenly stabilized and he is taken to the Xavier Institute where Emma determines that he is not his evil twin brother. Xorn is invited to join the X-Men, when they are attacked by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. To defeat them, Xorn absorbs them into his black hole. Having experience the death of Marilyn, the Institute chef, and Sammy, a mutant student, and forced to absorb the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Shen takes time off from the X-Men to adjust to their lifestyle. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants returned having been teleported to Mojoverse. He returned to China to meditate and has since returned to the Xavier Institute to teach their special students and rejoin the X-Men.


Shen Xorn is a man of peace and meditation. He believes in the ideals of Gautama Buddha. He is a pacifist believing in the best of humanity and enlightenment for oneself and for others. He is a community activist and believes is selfless acts to help his friends and others. Joining the X-Men took time to get used to and after his second mission, he took time off, but has since returned to the group. As both a teacher for the students and to join the X-Men in fulfilling Charles Xavier's dream of peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants.


X-Men: Shen Xorn is an X-Man with access to technology throughout the Institute and the same contacts as the other X-Men.

Containment Helmet: Shen wears a mask which contains the effects of the quantum singularity. Similar to the suit worn by Havok or visor worn by Cyclops. The helmet keeps Shen's powers regulated and in check. Without the mask, Shen's face would appear like a mini black hole star and his full power would be unleashed.


Blackhole Brain:
Shen Xorn possess miniature star in his brain, each having a primary state. Shen's star manifests as a black hole, although Shen is able to more or less physically manifest his outside of his body. Shen's black hole emits an intense gravity field that not even light can escape. Shen Xorn is capable of reversing his star's natural state. He is able to draw people into his star literally like a black hole draws things and does not let them go. Anything drawn into Shen's black hole and shunted into other realms or dimensions. During the Brotherhood of Evil's attack on the Xavier Institute, Shen absorbed the evil team into his black hole and they were shunted into Mojoverse. Shen's black hole works as an apperture into different dimensions, realms, or realities randomly.

Gravity Manipulation:

Shen Xorn can also feel the movement of energy and emotion on many scales. He possesses gravitational senses that allow him to manipulate energy for a variety of purposes, including warping of gravitational fields, sensing when a death has occurred in their vicinity, shaking gravitational particles in the air around him to allow to speak other languages, and to heal others.

Those his power feats are:
Levitation: Shen is able to levitate himself a few feet off the ground. He can merely hover himself and anything he is holding or carrying.

Energy Sensation and Identification: Shen is able to sense the use of different energy signatures that have been actively used or previously used in an area up to a week ago. He can identify the type of energy and if he has been around someone,he may recognize the identity of the energy manipulator.

Healing: Shen is able to heal people, understand the nature of their injuries, and perform mild healing effects. He is not near the level of Elixir. At best, he can heal broken bones, cuts, etc. He is not able to heal diseases, though he can identify the nature of one's disease and make recommendations. He cannot resurrect the dead.

Death Sense: Similar to Dani Moonstar, Shen can sense when a death has occurred in a certain area within a week of the death occurring. He may also be able to identify the person who has passed, if he is familiar with their energy essence.

Languages: Shen can speak other languages bu manipulating the gravitational particles in the air to match speech patterns of the person he is speaking with. Shen will not suddenly start speaking another language, he must hear another speaker speaking the actual and then he may respond as such.

Gravity Manipulation: Shen can warp gravity into a number of effect including but not limited to distorting a person's center of gravity, creating gravity free warps in certain areas, applying gravitational force on people or objects, etc.

Survival without Sustenance or Oxygen: Shen has no need to eat or drink and he does not breathe.

Limited Telepathy: Shen is able to communicate telepathically with people. Shen is able to read any unprotected surface thoughts of any individual within his line of sight. If the person is a telepath, Shen may be able to read some thoughts, but must leave his or her mind quickly for fear of detection, depending on the level of experience said telepath would have. Someone on the level of Emma Frost, Betsy Braddock, or Charles Xavier would know immediately before Shen can glean information. Younger and more inexperienced telepaths would note know Shen was in their minds until he already left. People trained in protecting their minds like the more experienced X-Men, would not know Shen was in their mind, but he would have to exert more effort to glean their surface thoughts to the point of exhaustion of detection.

Empathy: Shen is able to detect how a person is feeling and what emotion they are exuding. He cannot manipulate emotions. He can only sense.

Telepathic Resistance: Due to the nature of his mind, Shen's mind is difficult for a telepath to enter. Emma Frost was able to do it, but admitted to hos difficult the task was. The X-Men's telepaths would be able to enter Shen's mind, but a novice telepath would find it most daunting.

+Skills and Talents:

Buddhism: Shen is a practicing Buddhist and is familiar with the tenets, rules, mantra, etc of the religion. At heart, he is a pacifist, but understands the need to engage in some violence as an X-Man and to further the dream of Charles Xavier.

Fighting skills: Shen is moderately skilled in various Asian martial arts. He has a strong graps, but is nowhere near the level of Wolverine or Shang Chi. He would be equivalent in a mid-level combatant.


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  • Xorn II is not Xorn I.
  • Xorn II is not Magneto.
  • Xorn II is a Buddhist.
  • Xorn II is a pacifist, but he will and can fight!


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