2009-03-29: Yin And Yang


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Summary: Leo meets Owen in the Hedge Maze and starts scritching the fuzzy. They're joined by Leo's boyfriend.

Date: March 29, 2009

Yin and Yang

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Hedge Maze

Within the Hedge Maze, the walls are, as one would expect, green shrubbery. Openings have been cut in the walls to allow for passage through the maze.

Today, Leo's chosen a nice quiet spot in the center of the hedge maze for his yoga. He's sure Nathaniel will be able to find him if he wants to, but other than that, most students avoid this area. Dressed in his compression shorts, Leo spreads out, legs on a lotus position. He slowly pulls his feet back in until they're almost right against his crotch, still managing to keep his knees on the ground the entire time. Peace and calm surrounds him at the moment.

Finally! Free from the medbay! Owen Folger, new student, has decided to spend some time outside today. The hedge maze looked interesting enough so Owen decided to try walking through it. He'd seen the whole thing from atop the school so he could teleport around if need be so he wasn't worried. Ofcourse after about ten minutes, he got lost. This led to some frustration and eventually Owen decided to teleport. An inky cloud of DarkForce appears in the center of the maze not too far from Leo and second later, Owen steps out of it. He's all fuzzy, covered in red-brown fur…and apparently completely naked from the waist down. "Howdy. Didn' think Ah'd see anyone else out…well now…" he trails off, noticing he's exposed. "Pardon me a moment," the fuzzy teen requests, teleporting away. He returns a second later with pants on. "Now as Ah was sayin'…Howdy."

As the inky darkness appears, Leo begins to flare a brighter white at the interruption before realizing it's someone new. At the nudity, he simply stares, giving a grin. But then, the guy goes and comes back. "No need to get dressed on my account. I have no problems with it." He laughs, spreading his legs to the side in a fairly good splits. He tilts his head, looking a little bit closer at the guy. Wow, fur!

Owen laughs. "Me either but Ah already lost one pair of pants yesterday. Ah'd like tah hang ontah these," he says. An eyebrow is quirked at the splits but Owen stuffs his hands into his pockets instead of commenting. "And Ah got told that we're not supposed tah be runnin' 'round in the nude most of the time," he adds. "Ah'm Owen."

"That's what bedrooms or off-campus jaunts are for. Though… I sometimes go out to the cove where it's quiet and do my yoga there, where no one can see if I get rid of the shorts." He laughs softly, extending a glittering hand. "Leo." He offers with a grin. He's getting better at preventing his power from spilling out without his permission.

Owen laughs again. "Ah already spent some naked time in mah room earlier. Whoever mah roommate is, Ah'm glad he was gone for a few hours earlier," he says. "And we can' jaunt off campus yet cause of that there lockdown thing Pallaton told me about," he shrugs. When he looks at Leo's hand, Owen hesitates. Shaking it off, he reaches out to shake the hand. His palm is smooth but the fur on the rest is soft and velvety. Rather suddenly, the fur fades away, Owen's eyes return to their human appearance, and his teeth shrink fdown to normal as well.

Leo eeps at the sudden change before pouting a bit. "Awww, it went away." He bites his lip. "I wanted to pet it a little." Yeah, he's back in flirty mode after Nathaniel accepted his telling of what he's like. "It was so soft." He shakes his head slightly before wrinkling his nose. "Uhm… hey, I wonder. Was that dark stuff that you jumped with Dark Force?" He asks, tilting his head. It's a good possible idea, considering his own abilities do counteract it.

Owen blinks, tilting his head to the side. "Wha? The fur? Yeah, it goes away on its own after awhile…" he trails off. When Leo declares his deside to pet him, Owen chuckles. "Yeah, actually," he replies, slightly surprised again. He lifts his arm and lets some Dark Force creep out and into the sky. As he does this, the fur returns, Owen's eyes go green and glowing, and teeth go fangs. "How'd ya know?"

"Wow… you… really look good like that." Yeah, Leo has weird taste. He looks up at the creeping dark force above him and bites his lip. "Uhm, I kinda guessed, because of my own power." The glimmer on his body increases as he takes an upward leap, two energy balls forming at his hands as he heads into some of the darkness. And… that boy can leap.

Owen is once more surprised. "Ah…Ah do?" he asks. Then there's the bright glowing, Owen stepping back and shielding his eyes. He watches slightly as Leo leaps up and the DarkForce shirnks and twists away, banished by the living light.

"Wow. It does work." Leo says with a chuckle before doing everything he can to pull the power into his body, so it doesn't leak onto Owen right now. He reaches out to see if the fur moves away, or if it remains. "Yeah, I have Living Light. I'm your opposite."

Owen blinks as Leo lands, still letting some DarkForce out. The fur stays, still soft and velvety. "Livin' Light? Mr. Gilpatrick mentioned that stuff…" he trails off. "Reckon ya are," he chuckles.

Leo happily continues to stroke the visible fur if Owen doesn't pull away. "Sorry. I'm bad about this. Ask Pallaton. I get really scritchy and love to pet furry and fuzzy people." He grins before pausing. "Oh, sorry. I'll stop if you want."

Owen is in jeans and a tanktop so his arms, head, and neck are all fuzzy and visible. "Ah thin' Ah'll avoid Pallaton for a bit. Ah mean Ah did almost kill him last night…" he sighs. "It's alright. Ah don' mind."

"Oh, good then." Leo says with a nod before pausing again. "Wait. Almost killed Pallaton? How'd that happen?" He asks, tilting his head as he tries to figure that one out. He goes back to stroking the fuzz on the arm before moving for neck.

Owen moves to sit down so Leo's got better access to his neck. He's got some Dark Force swirling around his legs but doesn't seem to be paying attention to it. "Last night…Ah had an overload or whatever Mr. Gilpatrick called it. Turned intah this huge monster…nearly ate him because he wouldn't leave even after Ah had him bleedin' all over the room…"

"Damn. Well, maybe there's something I can help with about that sometime." Leo says, pondering things. He's read a little about how Cloak and Dagger require each other. And how when Rahne and Roberto were consumed by their abilities, they had to help each other in order to survive. "Who knows?" He asks, moving around behind and stroking in a way that it's becoming a soft massage, with an occasional stroke of the cheek.

Owen blinks. "Ya can help? How?" he asks, slowly arching an eyebrow. "Really…Ah'd not want tah end up tryin' tah eat you too," he says, frowning a little. Closing his eyes, the fuzzy teen seems content to allow the massage. He needs it after yesterday.

"Lemme try something, ok?" Leo asks. "If it hurts, I apologize, but I'll try not to let it. I mean, if you let me try it." He says, continuing the massage, moving into upper neck, just around the normal hairline.

Owen cracks an eye open to look at Leo. The glowing green eye focuses for a moment before Owen nods. "Alright…" he trails off.

Leo stops holding back the natural power flow and lets it go, crossing over into the other person through his hands. Of course, it has it's normal affects, but who knows what will happen to Owen when it's used. He bites his lip softly, hoping to not hurt.

Owen lets out a gasp, eyes opening again. That's new and interesting. He doesn't seem to notice that the Dark Force cloud around his legs has moved back to slowly wrap around Drew's legs with its usual affect on people.

As the tendrils flow around him, Leo giggles, smiling. "Those are neat." He says, continuing to let it flow out naturally again as he moves back into massage mode since it's apparently not hurting Owen. Though, his own light is a little bit dimmer than before, but not by much.

Owen glances over his shoulder, the DarkForce fainter than usual. "Sorry 'bout those. Not completely in control of mah powers…" he trails off. As the massage starts back up, Owen lets out a low 'mmmm'.

"It's fine. They're not doing anything to me, so It's no problem." Leo says, grinning as he moves his hands around to massage the front of Owen's chest… while he kneels behind. Yeah, he's being flirty again. "So, you're not getting like… really high on energy? Or overcharged?"

Owen's got a pretty strong chest, defininition felt even through the shirt and fur. Leaning back against Leo, Owen shakes his head. "No…jus' a tingle all over and this…pull towards ya," he murmurs, DarkForce rising around then more.

"I understand. I have the same feeling." Leo chuckles softly. "It's not like with… uhm… my guy." He says, sheepishly. He doesn't even know if he and Nathaniel are going to use any labels like that. "Just like there's a need to be close." He wonders, in the recesses of his mind, if that's what Cloak and Dagger feel.

Owen tenses for a moment. "Oh…your man's not gonna get antsy with ya all over another guy, is he?" he asks idly. "Yeah…it feels good…"

"Nonono. He's fine with it. He knows I'm flirty and playful and… other stuff." Leo says with a quick chuckle. He continues massaging and scooting closer. "It's really ok."

Owen chuckles quietly. "That's good tah know," he says. "Ah rather not be gettin' intah an argument or a fight when Ah've only been here for three days," he remarks. He leans back against Leo some more as he gets closer.

Leo changes positions, letting his legs go to the ground and around Owen's as he leans forward. "He knows I'm cuddly, and he accepts it. He's a good guy." He chuckles, whispering something more into Owen's ear. "He also knows I'm more than cuddly." He adds a quick giggle.

Owen pauses, cracking an eye open. "Sounds tah me like you're after a bit more than a cuddle with the fuzzy dude," he says, smirking a bit.

"Nah. Just lettin' ya know." Leo laughs. "I really do like just making people happy." He grins, breathing deeply. "And I enjoy touching and feeling people. Anything else is just gravy."

Owen laughs. "Well…touch and feel away then," he says. "Ah don' mind. And Ah put effort intah makin' sure mah body is enjoyable tah look at and feel," he explains.

Chuckling, Leo's hands continue stroking softly across the stomach, one going a little lower, to lift the shirt a little to feel the fuzzy under it. But then, it continues going down for a second before coming back up. "Alright. I don't mind a bit, then."

Owen's shirt is pretty tight against him but the fuzzy teen doesn't put up any resistance. When the hand goes lower, he shivers and laughs a little. "Mischievious little guy ain' ya," he chuckles. Pausing a moment, he peels the tanktop off and tosses it aside. "There ya go."

"Nah, I'm just friendly is all." Leo says, almost purring as he sits there. "Too bad Nathaniel's not here. I'm sure he'd love to be sitting behind me right now." He whispers, dreamily as he chuckles, scritching softly through the fuzz.

Owen lets out a little purring noise of his own. "So your Nathan guy's a topper?" he asks idly. "Ya really like all this fuz?"

"I… I don't know. We've never… gone that far yet. Not supposed to here." Leo says, chuckling. "But I'll do anything he wants me to. That's for sure." He grins, nodding. "Yeah, it's… really sexy." He laughs.

Owen arches an eyebrow, pushing back against Leo a bit. "Ah can tell," he teases. "Well, Ah hope you and Nathan enjoy yourselves when ya finally do it."

"I think we will. I'm just… waiting for the right time. It sounds so strange, as we've only known each other for a little bit." Leo says bashfully. "But hey, it works weird around here.

Owen shrugs. "Ah suppose Ah can understand where you're comin' from there," he says. "Weird…eh, who's tah say what's weird and what's not?"

"True." Leo nods, squeezing his legs slightly. "How are things going, other than the Pallaton attack issue, though?" He asks, softly.

Owen shrugs again. "Goin' okay, Ah guess. Workin' out, haven' met mah room mate yet…" he sighs. "Been enjoyin' the place so far even if Ah did have tah spend last night in the creepy infirmary."

"Dr. Reyes… yeah. Sometimes she's a little overbearing." Leo snickers softly, shaking his head. "I have to work with her sometimes, cause of my healing abilities."

Owen blinks. "Doctor? Ah didn't meet any doctor. Mr. Gambit carried mah naked behind down tah the med bay and left me with some robot thin'," he says. "Then Ah woke up and tried tah escape and Mr. Summers stopped me," he chuckles.

"Oh. Dr. Reyes is normally down there. She's… interesting. No bedside manner, but quite good at her job." Leo says, nuzzling his nose into the fuzzy neck. He breathes in gently.

Owen smells pretty 'natural', like he's been sweating but not too much. "Well it was pretty late. Ah'm guessin' she was asleep and seein' as how no body was hurt too bad by the time Ah got down there…" he shrugs. "Probably checked me out while Ah was passed out."

"Yeah, you're lucky there. She woulda probably bitched you out." Leo snickers, breathing deeper. "But things like that happen all the time."

Owen frowns. "Well, Ah don' think it would've been a good discussion. Ah was mostly out of it after transformin' back," he says. "Probablty would've passed out on mah own if that empath guy didn' knock me out," he chuckles.

"Empath guy? Oh! That was my guy!" Leo grins brightly. "Nathaniel." He glows a little brighter for a second as he beams. "He knocked you out?"

Owen cringes at the brightness, darkness shrinking back a bit. "It was?" he pauses to think. "Yeah, he did mention his name was Nathan. Seemed pretty close tah Pallaton…" he trails off. "Yeah…he gave me this…jolt or whatever. Let me get tah sleep."

Leo bashfully tones himself down again. "Sorry… didn't mean to do that. And yeah, he's… kinda close to Pallaton." He snickers, under his breath. "Yeah, that'd be the right way to phrase it."

Owen arches an eyebrow. "So your guy's sleepin' with the big wolf man on the side?" he asks.

"Nah, he's not sleeping with. He just helped him out once, or something. I don't know all the details." Leo chuckles, turning to the side. "Well, I DO know all the details, but…"

Owen blinks. "Ya know the details? Ah'm curious now…" he chuckles. "Can ya tell me about these details?"

"Not right now. Maybe later." Leo laughs softly, nuzzling in again, because it's just so gosh darn comfortable.

"Aww…" Owen trails off. "No fun teasin' a guy like that," he says, laughing a little. "Enjoyin' yourself back there?"

"Completely. I love things like this. But… ya know… I hope you are as well. I don't want to like… take up all your time." Leo says, grinning softly as he nuzzles in closer again.

Owen laughs. "Yeah, cause Ah've got so much tah do when Ah jus' got here and there are no classes goin' on," he says. "Ah don' mind. Ya feel nice back there and you're enjoyin' yourself so Ah'm happy."

"Good." Leo nods softly. "Classes will probably start back at the end of next week or the beginning of the week after. They… called for everyone to come forth and help for that last fight. Tuesday." He says, sighing softly as he squeezes his arms lightly.

Owen nods, leans back against Leo happily. "Ah know. Ah sleapt through the first message but Addison replayed it for me," he chuckles. "Ah dunno if Ah'll be goin' though…not much a fighter…"

Leo is currently seated on his yoga mat with Owen sitting in front of him. He's giving a light massage to the fuzzy body as he nods softly. "I'm going. I need to do my part to save my world." They're nice and close, but Leo's also giving him a gentle massage as he sits there.

Owen doesn't seem to be doing much more than sitting with the glowing teen, inky darkness swirling around their lower halves. His shirt's off and on the grass nearby. "Good luck out there. Ah guess Ah'll stay back and keep the homefront watched," he says. "No tellin' what'd happen if Ah turned intah that thin' in the middle of a fight…"

A maze doesn't mean much to someone who can find who they're looking for. Nathaniel steps into view not far from Owen and Leo, his lean frame looking thinner for the long tanktop and fitting jeans he's wearing, less buckle-and-strap prone than his usual fare. He lifts a hand in greeting to both of them as he meanders over, free hand tucked into his back pocket. He looks freshly showered, his hair damp and messily brushed back off his forehead; the satchel he's always carrying looks just as heavy as ever, though, so who knows what he's up to. Either way, once he's within comfortable earshot, he offers a greeting in his usual quiet baritone, "Hey, guys. You two look like a commercial for Yin and Yang." He grins at the thought, dropping his hand to slip his thumb into his hip pocket, "Talking about the whole… battle ahead thing?"

"We wouldn't let you lose it, Owen. We'd make sure you come home properly." Leo says with a nod, giving him a quick squeeze. As Nathaniel comes into view, Leo looks up right as he enters. "Hey!" The brightness of his smile is only countered by the glow on his body. "And we are, kinda. Dark Force and Living Light. Our powers are counterbalanced." He grins, reaching an arm out to Nathaniel, motioning him closer.

"No offense there, Leo," Owen begins. "But Pallaton said the same thin' and it didn' do him much good," he says, sighing a bit. The sudden increase in light brings another cringe out of Owen. "Hey…" he trails off. "Howdy, Nathan."

"I bet I could keep you under control," Nathan says with a certain level of mischievious pleasure as he moves closer, kneeling down comfortably next to Leo and leaning over to kiss the side of his neck by way of greeting. He stretches out next to them after that, long legs crossed at the ankles and arms propping him up, "I'll have to get you two to model for a picture so I can make it all artistic and cool." He bumps Leo playfully with his elbow, smiling up at him, then nudges Owen with his knee, "After what happened, are you liking it here?"

"If you're Dark Force, and I'm Living Light… I think I'm the one person other than Dagger who might actually have a chance of keeping you centered, Owen." Leo says with a grin, squeezing the fuzzy mutant. He tones himself down again, chuckling. As Nate kisses his neck, he extends his head in the other direction to give more room to Nathan. "I'd love to model for you, love." He whispers. Did he say that part? Oops.

Owen chuckles. "Careful. Ah turn intah that thin' again, your best bet's runnin' for your life unless ya can knock me out like Mr. Glowin' Chef did," he says, having forgotten Chris' name. "Yeah…last night kinda sucked but thin's are okay here so far. Only been here for three days after all so not much tah go on," he shrugs. The squeak gets a slight chuckle and Owen arches an eyebrow. "Ya boys want me tah high-tail it so ya'll can get it on?"

Nathaniel wags a hand at Owen even as he leans over to Leo's neck again, kissing it idly before he gets in a small bite and flashes a grin at both of them, "You're fine, Owen. So long as it doesn't bother you, anyway… and I don't know about the Dark Force or the Living Light, but I can at least calm people down, which seems to help a lot when powers start going crazy." He shifts back and to the side so that he can snug his shoulder against Leo's own, arm behind his back, and nods to Owen easily enough, "It'll be better when we can go into the city again. Right now… well, things are tense." He says this last with a small cringe of his own, giving the school at large a dirty look. Damn… architecture. Yeah.

Leo nods lightly. "I'm sure it's not that bad for me, anyway. I keep thining about what I heard of Cloak and Dagger." He grins, giving a soft gasp of pleasure at the nibble before he leans in to place a kiss on Nathaniel's cheek. "Uhm, I kinda called you my man a few minutes ago, Nathaniel. Is… is that ok?" He asks bashfully, pulling one of Nathaniel's hands around to his own belly, and as well, against Owen's back. "I shoulda asked before I said it."

Owen shrugs. "Why would two good lookin' teens havin' near-sex bother me?" he asks with a smirk. "Ya know…ya'll are goin' off tah fight on mah birthday," he remarks. "Ah'll try tah make sure there's cake left for ya when ya get back but Ah make no promises," he jokes. "And when Ah turn intah that thin'…no one's home. Ah don' remember what it does so Ah dunno what your powers'd do, Nate," he adds. He pauses when Nathan's hand is added to his back but relaxes quickly, that red-brown fur very soft and velvety.

"No, it's unacceptable, never do it again," Nathan says with a cocked brow and a distinctly amused expression, tilting his head to bite down on Leo's neck again, just a touch harder now, though it's more playful than malicious. He shakes his head as a lock of wet hair falls over his forehead, laughing quietly, "Of course I'm your man - just don't call me by my full name. It makes me sound like a Quaker going off to start a compound." He tucks his arm tight around Leo's middle and takes to idly scratching at Owen's back without a thought, perhaps due to his experience with Pallaton, "We'll have to bring you back a head or something as a present… and I'm an empath, and a projecting empath. So if it feels all violent and hateful and such, I may be able to get it to behave - it being your less than cheerful alter ego."

"We'll see when the time comes. I feel my own charge getting high again. I HOPE I can wait to explode until I'm there. If I can get thrown right into the middle of them and explode… I'll take a lot of them out of the picture for a few minutes." Leo says, grinning. He reaches one hand over his shoulder to twirl the wet hair, giving a soft gasp of pleasure at the bite. "Babe, you're gonna leave a mark if you keep that up. And that's fine." He laughs.

Owen lets out a little noise. "Mmm…little lower and tah the right, please," he murmurs to the scratching. "And what am Ah gonna do with a head? Some is good from a person with talent but a head's just messy, smelly, and in the way," he nods. "Well…if ya want tah try your hand at the monster…don' say Ah didn' warn ya if ya lose somethin'…" he trails off. He'd been rather content, happy, and mischievious but worry is mixing in. "You explode?" he asks Leo.

Nathaniel shakes his head and lowers his hand accordingly, grinning a touch as he says, brushing his tongue along the curve of Leo's neck, "I won't lose anything. Even if I can't stop you, Leo here'll make sure I keep my limbs and all." He seems encouraged by the mention of making a mark, scraping his canine teeth over Leo's skin idly between sentences, "I don't know how good it'll be for you to get thrown in the middle of a bunch of murderous types, Leo, even if you do explode there. If there's even a couple minutes between getting in there and going off, it could be dangerous." He leaves the explanation of exploding up to the one who does it.

"I get… overpowered sometimes. Like the light is crawling under my skin. Then, I explode and everyone near me either passes out, gets stunned, or gets stuck for a while. Just one of those things. I did it to Eddie and Dai once. To Their Cloak. And now, I'ma use it to my advantage." He chuckles. "I'm fast, sweets. I'll be ok." However, he does separate himself from the pack of three with a sigh. "I need to go get my two hours in, boys." He leans in to give Owen a kiss on the cheek, and Nathan a much better kiss, along with a few whispered words.

Owen nods slowly. "Weird…Ah turn intah a giant bat and you go kaboom…" he trails off thoughtfully. When Leo moves, Owen falls back. "Oof…" he trails off. The kiss to his fuzzy cheek gets a smile and Owen sprawls out. "Aww, cute," he chuckles as he watches Nathan and Leo.

Nathaniel shifts away when Leo seperates himself, propping himself on his hands again and making a face when Leo says he has to go get his two hours in, just tilting his head back expectantly. Whatever it is Leo whispers to him makes the lanky teen blush all over. He also snags a hold on Leo's shirt and tugs him so that he can kiss him again and answer the whisper with one of his own, grinning easily enough, "I'll see you later. Be good." He proceeds to lightly smack Owen with the back of his knuckles, only on the chest since he's supine like that, even if he's still blushing.

Leo smiles brightly. "Yay." He says softly before trotting off, glowing brighter and brighter the further he gets from Owen.

"Ow," Owen exaggerates. "Hey…what was that for?" he asks, rubbing his fuzzy chest. As Leo moves away, Owen stops letting out DarkForce and it fades away. He'll be fuzzy for a nice long while though. "So…how ya doin', Nate?" he asks with a grin, laying back on the grass.

Nathaniel watches Leo trot off with a slightly distracted smile before he leans back onto his elbows, looking aside at Owen when he asks that only to laugh, "I'm good. How're you? You look better than yesterday." His tone is a little teasing, but it's amiable enough. Nate notices the decline of that shadowy quality around Owen's legs and arches a brow, sitting up and folding his legs beneath him, "What was that? Letting it out a little?" He contemplates for a few seconds before, with another grin, he reaches out and scratches Owen's stomach, "Good boy."

Owen chuckles. "Thanks. Glad ya like it," he says, grinning right back. "Dark Force. Leo wanted me all fuzzy and Ah only go fuzzy when Ah use mah powers. Gonna be like this for a few hours now," he says, looking down at his bare chest. He scratching gets a little rumble out of him. "You gonna be wantin' tah pet and nuzzle me too?" he asks, smile teasing and eyebrow arched.

"Well, I do have a habit for it, I won't lie. He asked you to be fuzzy for him?" Nathan says with some bemusement, though he shifts onto his side as he comfortably continues to scratch along Owen's stomach and lower chest, "Depends on how much you enjoy it, fuzzball." He furrows his brow slightly, then exhales roughly and admits, his eyebrows lifted, "I really don't know much about what you two talk about. Leo's made some references to Cloak and Dagger, but I'll be damned if I know enough about it to really make heads or tails." It's one of those mild concerns, though it doesn't seem specifically for Owen.

Owen grins. "Ah'm enjoyin' it. Wouldn' be lettin' ya do it if Ah didn'," he says simply. The fuzzy mutant puts his arms behind his head as a pillow. "Yeah. Leo wanted tah see me all fuzzy so Ah went fuzzy for him. No big deal for me," he remarks. "Ah don' know much about it either, Dude. Addison told me those Cloak and Dagger people are superhero types with powers like me an' Leo though."

Nathaniel lifts his hand so that he can rake it through his hair, causing it to stick up in amusing ways that he doesn't know about, "Yeah, that's all I've heard about it." He pokes Owen under his armpit, trying to see if he's ticklish at the same time he says, "If you two start partnering up to save the world, I'm going to have to learn to cook or something." He grins, then sighs and flops down next to the other teen, folding his arms under his head in a mirror of Owen's position. It may not be quite the comfy, snuggly, intimate position, but it's comfortable enough, idly studying the sky overhead, "Well. At least it'll be good for you here. Maybe you can learn how to keep the creature from getting out of control. That's what we're here for, I guess."

Owen lets out a laugh as he's tickled, edging slightly away. "Don' worry. Ah'm pretty sure the two of us won' be out there playin' hero," he says. "Ah'll step in if trouble comes up but Ah ain' gonna put on tights and go swing around the city lookin' for it," he yawns. "Yeah…Ah'm hopin' tah learn how tah control it…so Ah don' kill anythin else when Ah turn intah it…"

Nathaniel just has to laugh at the mention of tights, smiling sardonically as he says, "Have you been given a squad yet? You should see what they want us to wear. I've seen looser swim suits." He seems interested in that ticklish response though, reaching out slowly to poke Owen in the same spot, grin playing over his features. Bwahaha. "Kill anything else? What'd you kill before?" Nathan's eyebrows lift; his question is simple and direct, but not pushy. Empaths are hard to lie to, anyway, so it's not as if he's of the nature to try and make people talk about stuff they don't want to.

Owen arches both eyebrows. "Squad? No…" he trails off. He's not even met his roommate yet. "So…buncha hot mutants runnin' 'round in tight suits, eh? Ah'm gonna like this," he laughs. The pokes gets another little laugh. "Hey…" he trails off. When asked about the killing, Owen frowns. His feelings immediately take a dive. "That thin' Ah turned intah…killed a buncha animals, hurt a buncha people, destroyed stuff and one guy died back home after seein' it…" he sighs.

Nathaniel reaches over, but this time, instead of poking Owen, he instead ruffles his hair, turning over onto his stomach and smiling at him quietly, "Hey. It wasn't like it was really you, right? This kind of shit happens to people like us." He rubs Owen's scalp gently for a couple seconds, like he might any fuzzy creature, before propping his hand on his shoulder, "And the people here won't judge you for it. Those folks I drove crazy? They were my parents. They can't even look at me any more. Here? Even if people know, they don't care, because almost every person here remembers what it was like to lose control of their powers." He pauses a beat or two and nods, "And most of them are hot, so work the sympathy card." He grins again, as easily as shifting gears.

Owen listens quietly, watching Nathan. The petting improves his mood slowly, as does the words. Eventually, Nathan gets a laugh out of Owen. "Play the sympathy card? When Ah look like this? Might be overkill."

"Well, you could make puppy eyes?" Nathan suggests, still grinning, as he takes to idly running his fingers through the fuzz over Owen's chest and stomach. Pet the nice kitty/puppy/mammal. He seems pleased that he got Owen to cheer back up, though, tossing his quickly drying hair out of his eyes as it seems intent on falling over his forehead unless he staples it in place.

Owen smirks. "Mah eyes are solid green and glowin' in this form. Ah could pull it off when Ah'm not fuzzy but a nice roguish smile works jus' as well," he points out. He's all fuzzy, but under the soft fur is a strong body. He's quite defined from a lot of working out, those abs and pecs noticable.

Nathaniel laughs again as he shifts up enough to peer at Owen, closing one eye and staring at his, "It's cool, though. I bet, if we get you a blacklight, maybe some glow in the dark spray paint, you'd look pretty freaking awesome." He takes the time to actually feel what's under the fuzz since he now has the chance, absentmindedly feeling the contours of the muscles beneath his palm. He tilts his head to the side, glancing down the length of Owen's body, "You know, I've only ever seen you injured and furry. I really need to catch the matinee some time."

Owen arches an eyebrow. "You wanna spraypaint me?" he asks. "Don' they make a special kinda paint for paintin' people?" he wonders idly. The DarkForce user lets out a noise of content, a general 'GOOD!' feeling coming off of him as his muscles are explored. "Ya wanna see what Ah look like when Ah'm without fur, eh? Well…Ah'm gonna be all fuzzy for a couple hours. Find me in two or three and Ah should be back tah mah usual self."

Nathaniel nods slightly in affirmation, "Yeah, they've got all kinds. I'm an artist, so I know about all kinds of paints…" His grin is a little more mischievious than before, but he lingers over that good feeling as it washes over him, running his fingers over the skin beneath the fuzz with a faint smile. He lifts his attention from Owen's torso to his face when he mentions being back to his usual self in a few hours, green eyes laughing even if he doesn't, "Yeah? I will, then - though it'll have to wait until tomorrow. I have work to do tonight. Homework and some online stuff." He sticks out his tongue in aggravation, then glances skyward and towards the school, "I should probably go do that, actually."

Owen nods slowly. He's definitely enjoying all the contact judging by the feelings coming off him and the fanged grin on his face. "Well, you have fun doin' all that," he says. "Ah'll be around tahmorrow," he says. "Think Ah'll get back and check out the pool…"

Nathaniel makes a face at Owen before he lifts his hand and proceeds to 'scratch' under his arm again, "Jackass. Some of us have to work for a living, you know." He says this last with a faux self-righteousness before he rolls smoothly to his feet, stretching his arms over his head until his back pops, "Maybe I'll see you there tomorrow. Been a while since I've had a good time swimming." He nudges Owen with his foot lightly, "See you later, Owen. Keep out of trouble." A flicker of a grin crosses his face and then the tall youth is heading back towards the school, hands returning to his pockets in the process.

Owen laughs, reaching over to grab his shirt. "See ya later, Nate," he says. The fuzzy teen waits for a moment before vanishing into a cloud of DarkForce. Teleported away.

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