2010-07-31: Yosemite And Dinosaurs


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Summary: Kenta admits his mistake to James before a Danger Room Session.

Date: July 31, 2010

Log Title: Yosemite And Dinosaurs

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

Even though it's a Saturday night, Kenta has his extra danger room session with James tonight. He figures that this could be a chance to talk to his student and hopefully things won't blow up in his face. Today when James enters into the danger room the scene has already been set to an American Landmark, Yosemite National Park. Giant Sequoia trees seem to tower up and there's a river that leads away from the base of a waterfall that pours from one of the cliffs. It's all fairy serene and peaceful. Kenta sits by the side of the water and is just waiting for his student to arrive.

Mostly on time, James walks through the DR doors clad in his non-Paragons uniform. It was a little something he made awhile back using the school's uniform machine and comes across as probably something he saw one of the supporting characters wearing in a Blade movie. "Hey Kenta," he says, as he tosses his work-out bag towards the Booth's doors, "What's on the agenda tonight?" He pulls at the straps of his vest as he double checks his uniform before taking a moment to admire the Park's natural beauty—even if it is virtual. "Found a cabin up North for rent. I think that's where I'll be going for my trip. I'll show you the ad later."

"Sit with me, or stand, it doesn't matter." Kenta says as he nods to James. "If you would like me to, sure. I do trust you James." He does mean that but then Kenta takes a deep breath and avoids James' gaze. "Listen…I talked to Lucas and..well..he helped me realize a bit and I just want to apologize. I fucked up and pressed you too hard and well, even adults make mistakes just hope you don't hold that against me." He doesn't know how he could have handled the situation better he just knows that he handled it wrong.

James walks over to stand near Kenta, arms crossing, "Lucas has a big mouth and tends to get the details wrong. I wouldn't take anything he said to heart." He looks at the water for a moment before asking, "So, what did leader-boy say? That I need space and that I shouldn't be bugged and that you should give me unrestricted access to the Danger Room?"

Kenta lets out a chuckle. "No, that, well, most the adults here are idiots and I tend to agree. I also asked his opinion on something and he didn't give me an answer and said I should ask you. Other than that, not to much. He did talk about the team and how he's going to go to Scott, I told Lucas it was his responsibility to convince those he wants on the team to follow him. Anyway, back to what I should ask you. You are currently without a roommate. Which, technically means, the next male student to join Xavier's will be your roommate by default. What would you like me to try to do for you to have a comfortable living situation?"

James picks up a rock and tosses it into the river, before spending a minute or two watching the chaos it creates. "Yeah, he asked me about it. Said it was my idea to create it. It wasn't. And I think he sees that now, but I did agree to join it." Another rock, another toss, "Not like it'll get past the planning stages anyways." At the question, he offers a ready answer, "Make it so I don't have to share rooms with anyone." He uproots a bush sending dirt, rocks, and lizards everywhere before he tosses it in as well.

"Well, we're trying to get it past the planning stages and good to hear you did agree." Kenta says as he didn't think the team idea was a bad one. "I…I can try and see if they'll go for it. Do I think they will, no but I will ask for you James. If I'm told no about a solo room, what's your second option?" He will ask just for the sake of asking, what can it hurt? "Also, I just want to know, anytime you wanna talk, I'm here to listen. I won't press it anymore, okay? If I ever seem like I'm pressing you too hard to deal with things and come off too…parenty, just let me know. I know I came off that way." He's a father and sometimes that fatherness comes out with his students if he means it or not.

With his back turned to the teacher, James scans the area for bigger things to throw in the river. A smile crosses his muzzle as he momentarily looks over the form of Kenta's form sitting nearby, "Rename my new roomie 'Blanket' and dangle him out the window until child protective services show up." The rest of the conversation makes him fall silent. As much as he'd like to share what he told Robyn, he won't. Not entirely at least. "I just don't want to be chased. Bad things always happen around here when I am." He looks down at the teacher, "Glad the Paragons changed." He leaves the reasoning behind both statements for the teacher to decide.

There's no comment about the 'blanket' thing but he's thinking that the next male student to come into the school, will be James' roommate. "Okay, I won't chase you again. That'll explain the nice little ass slap you did that day." Kenta says shaking his head. "Why's that, about the Paragons?" He asks curious to hear the answer. He's not going to press an issue tonight but he's not going to stop asking questions either.

James shrugs, temporarily forgetting about tossing the teacher into the water, as he answers the question about the Paragons, "I don't need to say it as much as you think I do." Whatever that means. "So…" he says in an increased volume, "What are they going to do with Selene? I've been watching some of the stuff on Camera, but they were disabled before I could see what her and Emma talked about. Can't say I'll be sad to see her go when she does…"

"Honestly, I don't know. I'm not high enough on the totem pole to really hear that yet. I hope she leaves soon too, we don't need her hanging around here much longer." Not after what she did to the students, Kenta thinks. "So when do you leave on your camping trip? That way I know to ramp up the Danger Room sessions for the Paragons to make up for your absence."

"I dunno…" James says sounding neutral, "Rashmi told Robyn that Ahab wanted to kill him…so I may stay around until he tries. I dunno why. Supposedly Chloe knows, so I gotta ask. Something about a whale statue? Something to do with the future." He eyes Kenta for a moment, "Robyn's around me enough that I might be there when it happens. If so…maybe some of this DR stuff we've been doing since May will pay off?"

"Yeah, I dunno why either." Kenta says with a shrug though he's pretty sure he knows the reason why. It's the same reason he's having this conversation with James, it's cause he's worried about him and wants to look out for his student. "Fuck the future, seriously, and that other Connor is gone I heard so he would have been good to talk to about that. He's lucky that he was only here for a short time." Kenta says as he identified all to well with his situation. "I think it will pay off, especially if you want it to."

James looks at Kenta for a long moment, his gaze souring as he picks up something not quite truthful being said. Though, his attention span wasn't on the teacher enough to know which part, "Yeaaaahhhh." He shrugs it off, adding a "whatever" to the rest of the conversation. "Anyways…that all?"

Kenta nods. "That's all for now." Kenta says in regards to the conversation as he finally stands up and stretches a bit. "If you want to go, we can call the session early but if you want to get on to the actual training part, I do have something planned, so, it's your call James."

James makes a 'phhht' sound, "I showed up here, didn't I? If I wanted to take it easy I'd hang out with Alpha Squad." He stretches, raising up on his toes for a moment, "So, lets get this party started before Lucas and the others start Bogarting my quality time with you, Kenta." He makes a kissey face. "Unless, of course, you want to take it easy because you're getting old?"

Kenta looks at James and gives him a mock hurt face, putting a hand over his heart. "Ouch James, hit me where it hurts, my age." He shakes his head as Kenta is secretly sensitive of his age and does feel like he's an 'old man' at times. Before he can say anything else though there's a tremor in the forest followed by a loud roar sounding like something out of Jurassic Park. Once the roar is finished the tremors become stronger and stronger as something is definitely coming for the two.

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