2010-04-21: You Don't Suck As Much As I Thought


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Summary: Lucas and Robyn have a chat, it gets heated for a bit.

Date: April 21, 2010

You Don't Suck As Much As I Thought

Rating: PG-23

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Lucas is standing at the pantry, the doors open. He has one of his gloves off, and is using his nuclear powered hand to toast his cinnamon Pop Tart. The box of Pop Tarts is sitting on the counter, covered in "These belong to Lucas. Eat them and I'll kill you" written in black marker.

A while later Robyn walks into the kitchen, after talking with Erik for a bit before putting his stuff down on the table and going to the fridge. Orange juice, glorious orange juice. "I don't know if we still have to do that essay or not Lucas, I kind of told the ethics teacher off, and he realized he was being an idiot." He says going to sit down at the table. "And I really hate being around Theo."

Lucas tilts his head a little, and he gets a slight smirk. "Really?" He blinks, "That's… You didn't have to do that." He pauses, "Pop Tart?"

"No I didn't, but I could tell you had a rough night and you didn't need some teacher saying he's a doctor when he's not a medical or psycological doctor to make you talk." Robyn says as he drinks from his cup. "Also, I know we haven't always seen eye to eye but I do like you as friend Lucas. You're not a bad guy."

Lucas lifts his brow a little, "Okay, well, let's not go jumpin' to any conclusions what maybe aren't true, now." He smiles, "But yeah, last night sucked." He pulls his glove back on and takes a bite out of the Pop Tart. "Ah don't know who he was, Doctor PompousAss, but whatever."

"Is everything okay? I mean, you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to. I know we're not that close or anything." Robyn says as he gets up again and starts looking through the cabinets for that tastey food called cookies. "I think he's the Ethics teacher, Rashmi does a better job at teaching Ethics than that ass does."

Lucas chuckles, "It's true. Rash gets it. Ah hope Ah don't drive her off that keel." He takes another bite of the Pop Tart, nodding at it as he's happy with the taste. "Mmm." He looks at Robyn, "Ya know, Ah don't really know what's wrong. It's Jimmy, not me. Ah was messin' a little with him, and he just sorta clammed up, went to bed, and hid his head under the covers. Ah asked him if we was okay, he said we was, and then he was just… Ah dunnow…" He furrows his brow, "He was so nice, it was clear he was blowin' me off. So… Ah slept down here."

"James…he's just had a lot on his mind that he's trying to deal with. He seemed fine the other night when we were chatting and he seemed determined to look on the bright side even with dealing with the latest news about his mutation." Robyn's sure that James would have told Lucas he just found out that he can't change back. "Maybe he talked to his parents finally? I don't know. He's been dealing with a lot with realizing the last few months were just kind of messed up for him."

Lucas slowly stops chewing. Then he folds his arms over his chest. "Oh." He exhales slowly. Yeah, James didn't tell him. "Huh."

"I really couldn't care what he looks like, I find his pysical appearance neat and I know you, Rashmi, Jono and I don't care what he looks like but it must be hard for him to deal with knowing he can't shift back and right now he's stuck as a Humanoid Hyena." Robyn continues talking like Lucas knows and doesn't quiet get that he doesn't. "You and me, our powers suck. You can't turn it off and I can't go a day without draining someone of their psychic energy but we can pass off as normal."

Lucas slowly swallows. He waits for Robyn to finish. He thinks a moment, and then says, "So he told you, huh?"

"More, I was there when he found out." Robyn says as James didn't directly tell him. "But we talked a bit about it the other day. Mainly cause I was worried about him but he seemed like he was handling it okay. You know it's strange, James and I are so different but so alike at the same time."

Lucas nods, "Well… good… Ah mean, you know, good for you two… becomin' friends an' what all…" He nods again to himself.

Robyn looks at Lucas with concern as he gets down a package of oatmeal raisin cookies. "What's up Lucas? You seem like, like something's bugging you. I don't normally pry into people's business but, you just seem…I dunno…like you're withdrawing into yourself."

Lucas shakes his head, "No no… Ah'm fine…" He picks the Pop Tart back up, taking another bite. "Ah just, you know, figured somethin' wrong, is all." He nods a little, resigned, "It's fine."

Robyn looks at Lucas for quite sometime and shakes his head. "You know, I could threaten to tell Rashmi that you seem off and that something seems like it's bugging ya but I'm not gonna do that. Honestly. But I am gonna invite you to a bad movie night this weekend. Connor came up with the idea, everyone bring a horrible movie and we vote on which ones to watch."

Lucas shakes his head rather quickly, "Whoah, okay, no, Huh uh." He unfolds his arms, "You kids have fun, Ah'll pass on that one."

"Are you sure? I'm gonna be finding a copy of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter to bring?" Robyn says with a grin as he just watches Lucas carefully. Lucas is just a hard guy to really talk to as he's so withdrawn. "It gives us a chance to /finally/ do something normal around here."

Lucas sighs, "That's fine, Ah just ain't hangin' with Connor. He's a fucktard, an' Ah just assume spend my time with folks what Ah like better." He smiles sarcastically, "Like me."

"What's wrong with Connor? I've met him twice and he doesn't seem like a bad guy. Not like Theo." Robyn grumbles and touches his nose. "Ya know I really wanna punch Theo for being such a prick, I really do but I know it won't solve anything." Robyn just vents without being able to help it. "I know I was an idiot for saying what I did but it didn't mean he had to attack me and then Mike."

Lucas sighs, "Okay, that's weird." He smirks, "Theo doesn't bother me. Heh, you know, Ah actually convinced Theo to ignore his homophobia the other night." He shrugs, "He's still gonna hate, but he's gonna keep it to himself. It's a start." He wads up the Pop Tart wrapper, and tosses it into the trash. "You know, if you don't make friends with all these guys, you don't get disappointed, Robear."

"Eh, it's not as much that I care about being friends with him, it's that he just rubbed me the wrong way and just doesn't care. He's…it's like he wants people to hate him. I dunno, I made a dumb comment, which was my fault, and he threw a pot in my face." Robyn says with a shrug as he munches on his cookies. "Over all the friends I've made here are enough for me. More than I had back home."

Lucas sighs, and walks over to the fridge. "Ah think we're total opposites." He opens the door and pulls out the carton of milk, opening it. He closes the door. "This might be hard to swallow," he says, "But Ah was actually pretty popular back at my old high school." He takes a drink, straight from the carton. Then, the delayed reaction happens, and he scowls, shaking his head, "Why the fuck wouldn't Jimmy tell me?" he says, a little loudly.

"I think so too Lucas, but it's not a bad thing. It's just who you are." Robyn says not caring if him and Lucas are a like at all, doesn't mean they can't be friends. "Lucas….he's too scared to even tell his parents, and…I honestly don't know. He didn't outright tell me, I was just there when he got the news. You shouldn't have found out from me, it wasn't my news to tell, I just figured he'd tell you since he always says you're his best friend."

Lucas scowls, shaking his head and rolling his eyes, "What the hell kind of a best friend blows me off an' doesn't tell me prolly the most important thing he's done found out in the last few years?" He sits the milk down, pacing, "Christ, Ah've told him shit Ah done ain't told nobody, Rob. Ah don't have any friends like him left no mores, an' he pulls this?" He shakes his head, "What kind of bullshit game is… he…" He stops pacing, and looks at Robyn. "Wait. He actually says that?"

Robyn stands up and walks over to put a hand on Lucas's shoulder. "Give him time, I'm sure he's not blowing you off. Seriously Lucas, think about James for a moment. He's the type of guy that will listen to your problems but doesn't usually talk about his." Though Robyn and James have had quite a few occasions when they've just laid it all on the table. "And yes, he does say that Lucas. If you know James as well as I think you do, do you really think he didn't tell you as an insult to you or so you wouldn't worry?"

Lucas doesn't pull away, perhaps a first. His voice is still annoyed, "He was blowin' me off. And he DOES talk about his problems. He and Ah do. He's the only one what really understands the demon thing. We get each other." He shakes his head, "Of COURSE Ah worry. It's what Ah do! But he didn't tell me to keep me from worryin'. You wanna know what it is?" His tone is not more bitter, which is the angry Lucas version of what others might display as jealousy. "It's that he's got his fuckin' Jono back. So he just… fuckin'… can cut me loose now… Damnit!"

Robyn doesn't vocalize his thought but he thinks that Lucas is jealous, jealous of Jono. "Lucas, Jono…he's just easy to talk to. He's the one whose been through the shit we've been through and is easy to talk to. But maybe instead of getting mad you should just talk to James and find out why. And you know what Lucas, I might not fully understand the demon thing you went through but I like to think I understand it enough after what happened. Just…James is your friend here Lucas and I'm probably going to sound too much like your girlfriend right now but, friendship is the only thing we got here. I am pretty damn posisitive that James would fall apart if it wasn't for us. And I'm say /us/ you're one of the us James."

Lucas gets defensive, "Whoah, okay, dude, Jono is NOT easy to talk to. He's a fuckin' arrogant prick what lied to me an' then when he got busted lied again. He can kiss my fuckin' ass for all Ah care, Ah don't need life lessons from him. No thank you." He folds his arms over his chest again, looking over at the stove. "Christ, Rob…" He sighs, shaking his head, and rubbing the bridge of his nose, stressed. "Ah need a cigarette."

"Well maybe for James and I, Jono is easy to talk to. Maybe it's cause we're both an only child that was adopted, and maybe it's cause both of us didn't have a ton of friends before coming here, but for me, Jono is kind of like an older brother. I'm not saying the same has to be for you Lucas." Robyn says putting a hand on Lucas's back with a concerned look. "The only way you're gonna feel better is if you /talk/ to James and let him know. If you keep holding in these feelings, you're going to explode. Wanna go outside?"

Lucas sighs once more, and shakes his head, "Jono talks to us all like he's better'n us. He's got that arrogant condescending tone all the time, an' acts like we're stupid. If that's what you need to feel better about bein' adopted, then whatever, man." He sighs, "No… Ah'm fine." He straightens up a bit, "Forget it, huh?" He shuffles back to the fridge and puts the milk away.

"I know you're lying but I'm gonna drop it cause you asked." Robyn says as he's never felt Jono was arrogant but more withdrawn. Doesn't like to open up to others. "Just try to talk to James before you get mad at him, you guys, I can tell you two need eachother okay?"

Lucas closes the refrigerator. "About Jono? No, Ah'm pretty honest about him bein' an arrogant liarhead," he responds sarcastically, clearly knowing what Robyn meant. He walks back over to Robyn, "Ah don't need him, okay? Look, it was nice havin' a roommate what didn't suck, but whatever." He shrugs, "If he wants to tell me, or be my friend, he will. Ah ain't beggin' his hairy ass." He picks up his Pop Tart box and begins hiding it back in the pantry, way in the back behind stuff.

Robyn walks up and sort of gets in Lucas's face a bit and he looks annoyed. "Lucas, for once in your life cut the crap okay? Don't say whatever, this is something that is bothering you and if you're going to ditch a friend over not knowing something as important as the truth then maybe you're not the friend James thought you were. If you're really someone to write off someone who means that much to you, fine, but you're only buring a bridge there Lucas. Just get over yourself for five seconds and ask yourself what's more important, a friendship or your arrogance?"

Lucas snaps, "Do you have any idea how far out on a limb Ah done already gone for him!?!? Do you!?!? Because maybe if'n you did, y'all might agree with me that maybe it's HIS turn to put five fuckin' seconds into investin' in our friendship!" He scowls, blinks, and then sighs, closing his eyes for just a moment. "…sorry."

Robyn clenches his fists and just looks into Lucas's face for a bit. "It's not me you should be apologzing to Lucas. You're bothered by it, you really are. It's gonna keep eating at you and that's what friends do Lucas, they go out on a limb for eachother over and over and over again. You know how many times I've probaby put more weight on Rashmi's shoulders than she needed, but you know what, she was always there for me. Maybe he doesn't even know he's upset you and how is James gonna know if you don't tell him?" Robyn says his voice softening sympathtically. "Lucas, right now I'm not saying this for James, I'm saying it for you cause it's eatting you up in side."

Lucas sighs, "Everything eats me up inside, Robyn." He shrugs, "It's who Ah am now." He nods once, "Ah gotta get back to my room to get my textbooks for Biology." He turns, moving for the door. "You know," he pauses, looking over his shoulder. "You don't suck nearly as bad as Ah done thought you did when Ah first got here."

"No, I'm not that bad and you're not the asshole I thought you were at first either." Robyn says with a grin before putting a hand on Lucas's shoulder. "Seriously Lucas, if you ever need someone to lean on for even five minutes, I am here. You need friends, and I wanna be one of yours." He says honestly and pats Lucas on the shoulder lightly. "I'll see ya later."

Lucas nods, "Sure." He turns, and heads off.

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