2012-11-15: You Have A Mole


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Summary: Tabitha brings Rocket to see the Hooligan about his information.

Date: Nov 15, 2012.

Log Title: You Have A Mole

Rating: PG.

NYC - Holy Ghost Church

The Holy Ghost Church is small chapel located on the West Side of New York City. It looks like the church was sort of squashed between the buildings. Lines of pews sit in front of a small alter, cardboard collection boxes for clothing and food sit at the back of the church. This church is obviously graced by the lower class of Manhattan, but the priest cares for those that step foot in here.

A little after 3am and the lights in the church are still on, the house of whorship open at all hours to help those that may need it. A single heaviset woman in a Nun's Habit walking about changing out a few candles that had burned down.

Into the church come two people; at least one of whom is a girl clad in a baggy pair of cargos and a hoodie, drawn up over her head. Upon entering, she waits for the door to close, before pulling the hood down, and revealing her very rodent-like features. "I was told to come here," Tabitha murmurs to her companion, before approaching the heavyset woman. "Excuse me, are you sister Rose?" She pauses, and once the woman confirms that she is, the rat girl produces a large coin with a picture of a masked man on it. "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" she murmurs, and waits.

Tabitha's companion pauses upon entering the church, pausing to glance around the main chamber. "Ah, one of your temples, eh? I'm guessing these are typically used during the day?" Rocket moves up alongside Tabitha, swishing his tail idly. The Raccoon is wearing a black outfit with splotches of camoflauge in varying shades of deep grey. He is not wearing a hood to disguise his features, but with his fur color and the outfit he seems to blend into the shadows nonetheless.

The woman pauses at the sight of the pair, stopping to consider them both before nodding to Tabitha's question. "Ah, you two must be here for the bible study group." She motions to a doorway on the far wall "Through the door, down the stairs and take the first door on your right. Have a seat and he'll be with you shortly." She then turns and leaves the room, if watched closely she's taking a cell phone from one pocket as she leaves the main room.

Tabitha nods quickly. "Right," she replies. She turns to make her way down the through the door and down the stairs. "This guy says he's got solid intel on the base the Purifiers were using to beat the shit— err," she pauses, glancing about her hallowed surroundings, "Err, beat the stuffing out of those four boys, like I was telling you. He *also* says SHIELD is compromised. Since you're the one person in SHIELD that I trust more than anyone else, I figured you'd better hear it." She stops moving once she gets into the room, and sighs softly. "So yeah."

Rocket stops at the top of the stairs and sighs. "You know…Tactically speaking? Going underground in a large stone building to meet someone who says he has intel…This kind of smells like a trap." The Raccoon flips down an ocular lense over his eye and does a quick sweep of the area before apparently deciding it is safe enough to follow his student down the stairs. "If SHIELD's compromised…Well it would explain why we haven't made a direct unified assault on those Sentinels around Mutant Town yet…I just assumed something was in the works."

The room is simple with a few chairs around a desk, a meeting room or classroom from the looks of it. After about twenty minutes a small rug in the corner is pushed up as a trapdoor under it is lifted and the armored form of the Hooligan climbs up into the room. He stops a moment as he sees Rocket but nods to Tabitha, his voice being altered and modulated by the mask into an almost sinister tone. "Good to see you again Tabitha, I take it is this is the help I asked you to get." He takes a seat on the desk. "I'll get to the point. The Church of humanity has manipulated the government, the media, and law enforcement to pass the mutant registration act. I have information that proves it, but unfortunatly I don't have the resources or the influence to act on this information myself."

Maxwell says, "For at least the past five years the church has had access to a piece of SHIELD tech called a "Life Model Decoy", so unless Nick Fury is selling these damn things wholesale then SHIELD is comprimised and leaking tech to the church. They have been kidnapping politicians, media personalities and likely also military and law enforcement officials and replacing them with these LMDs to push their agenda. This is how they forced the registration act through the government so fast and were able to implement it so quickly. Also how they're keeping most of their activities under wraps from the media or the cops.""

"Yeah, I know," Tabitha acknowledges to Rocket, "But I copied a teleporter so if it all goes tits up we can vamoose." She waits patiently for the arrival of the Hooligan, and once he appears, listens intently to his explaination. She leans back against a wall, and folds her arms across her chest; once mention of the LMD is made she glances sideways at Rocket, waiting for her superior's reaction to that. "That sounds like… well, we're screwed," she mumbles.

Rocket seems a little more at ease when he hears the girl can port them out if they need to, but he doesn't let his guard down completely. "You're assuming you'll be able to use your powers. The Church of Humanity has a few ways to stop you from doing that." Rocket is silent as they wait for their contact, listening and only twitching an ear slightly at the mention of LMDs. He remains silent for several seconds after Hooligan stops talking. "Well shit. We'd have to EMP the whole place to flush out those things. That or X-Ray everyone in the compound. And that's assuming they've infiltraited with the machines, they'd have to get a hold of the technology in the first place somehow. Not impossible, but certainly difficult for most humans."

Maxwell reachs into a belt pouch and removes a folded piece of paper and tossing it on the desk. "This is a map showing the location of a church base. A small stone church five hours north of the city. The outside is covered in hidden cameras making sneaking in difficult. This is where they kept their mutant hostages. There's a hidden button behind the alter that activates a door leading to the underground base under the church. In that base are the holding cells, a full armory, a surveillence room and a meeting room for some of the church leadership. It's defended by a few dozen purifiers at all times. But it may have the information on who has been replaced and where the real politicians are. If you can get that information and then find the captives you can blow the lid off the whole fucking thing. I don't have anywhere near the ability or the firepower to take the place myself and can't rish the church turning it's attention towards me since it puts my intel gathering efforts at risk. But you might have better luck.""

Tabitha looks back and forth between Maxwell and Rocket, before finally focusing on Rocket. "If SHIELD is compromised then we're on our on on this," she points out. "At least, I'd figure we are. *I* certainly can't go back to Barnes, if a mole in SHIELD decided to act I'd be screwed. But I know a guy named Cable who'll be down for some action, and I know my girl would be up for it. …Think the four of us could take the Church?"

Rocket walks over and picks up the paper, opening it up and looking it over for several minutes. "I'd bet anything they've got intel-wise is incrypted. I might be able to…Ahem…Borrow something from Stark industries that'll let me interface any system they have directly." He continues to study the paper. "The purifiers outside shouldn't be a problem. Even the cameras can be worked around. And if we can free up some of those mutants they might help us. I'm guessing the reason they're down there and not in the city is they figure those fences won't hold them."

Maxwell nods and turns to head back towards the trapdoor "Do whatever you can do. I'll be in touch if I have any other information. If you need to get in touch with me you know how. Happy hunting." Without another word he's back down the trapdoor, closing it behind him.

"Well, as long as we go while I can still teleport, the camera's *really* shouldn't be a problem," Tabitha points out. "We'll just have to discuss how we're gonna do it… rules of engagement, that sort of thing. Like, do we use lethal force, or try to just knock them out?" She pauses, and rubs her chin. "As far as I'm concerned, you're the boss on this one. I don't expect my girl would complain about that, but Cable might. He's a very… in charge kind of guy."

Rocket folds up the paper and places it in a chest pocket. "Sooner would probably be better. I think the people in Mutant Town would enjoy being able to leave as soon as possible." He turns away from Maxwell as he departs, offering a slight wave. "You might want to avoid Barnes, like you said. I'll need to get some supplies from my office before we can do this. Lucky us making a humanoid robot is probably a lot easier than making something that looks like us." He begins toward the stairs, but doesn't go up yet. "You have a place to stay? And do you have an easy way to get a message past the fence? Win or lose there's a chance an attack on their base could send the Sentinels in Mutant Town into attack mode. Who knows what their contingency plan is."

Tabitha nods quickly. "Yeah, I've been staying with my girl ever since things started going sour." Tabitha thrusts her hands in her pockets, and glances in the direction Hooligan went. "I don't have a way to get stuff over the wall, but he does. Says he found a 20 minute hole in their patrols. He didn't want to say where or when, and I don't blame him for that; if we give him a message he can send it." She pauses, and takes on a decidedly… unhappy look. "Can I ask you something? Kind of related, but not really."

Rocket nods and glances back to the trap door. "Yeah, we'll need to get the right info to the right people. I think there are a few former students trapped in there, maybe get word to the embassy. we can't have everyone in there suddenly looking like they're ready for a battle, could raise suspicions." He unclips a gun from his thigh and glances back to Tabitha. "You lost your gun after the execution thing, right?" He offers the weapon to the girl. "Just for emergencies, don't go off being a hero. I'll see if I can get you something heavier for the assault if you want…Or go hang out with Magneto for a while, copy his powers." About the question, "Question? Sure. What's up?"

Tabitha waves off the gun, and instead lifts her hoodie, to show the pair of glocks hanging under each arm. "They didn't take my weapons," she replies. "Go figure. …Don't worry, I don't plan on being a hero." She drops the hoodie, and shakes her head. "Before I go asking for what guns I want… I have to know. All the instructors say that… well, the first time is the hardest. And I just had my first time at the Stadium… and at the time, it wasn't all that hard, it's just been really damn tough on me afterwards." She pauses, and thrusts her hands deep into her pockets. "I'm not, like, becoming a bad person, am I?"

The Raccoon lets out a laugh. "Well, look at that. I guess you're pretty well prepared for anything that might pop up." And then for the question…"I'm assuming by "First Time" you don't meen first real battle…" He knows the girl's been in some tough fights before that.
"First kill?" A slight pause…"Well…Obviously taking a life should be your last resort. If you have to take a life in order to save lives, then that is what needs to be done. Once you can rationalize that in your mind, then things will become…" He searches for the right way to put it. "I don't want to say easier, it should never be an easy choice. It should be a CLEAR choice and a CLEAR action. You do it because it is the right choice, not because it is the easy one. If you can protect others without killing your opponent, that is the best choice. Killing just because it's faster or easier…Well people like that have a kind of skewed perspective. People like Magneto and Dingo."

Tabitha shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Magneto never encouraged me to kill anyone, in fairness," she murmurs. "But… well, that guy in the Stadium, I didn't kill him because I was clear on anything, I killed him because he put a knife in my back, it hurt like hell, and I was just… frightened and angry, and I reacted." She fidgets where she stands, and shakes her head. "I don't wan that to ever happen again, I'm just… well… worried about what *I* might do. But if you trust me, then I guess I can trust myself."

Rocket shakes his head, "Don't worry about feeling those ways in battle. He stuck a knife in you, you shot him. Did you kill that man to protect someone's life? Yes. You did it to protect your life. Sometimes things are too chaotic to make decisions, we act on instinct and…Well you're alive today. And because you're alive you were able to get the right people together to potentially end this whole Church of Humanity disaster.

Tabitha sucks in a deep breath, and nods her head. "Right," she replies. "Well… in that case, if you're going to hit the armory, mind if I put in a request or two?" She pulls her hands out of her pockets at last, and brushes her fingertips through her hair. "There's things I figure I might want, but I haven't worked out how to get my hands on them. I think Cable has some of it, if not all, but he's not sharing. At least not yet."

The Raccoon nods, "Yeah. Actually if that place is compromised I think I'm going to move all of my stock to a secure location. Taking a few extra things out of the armory can't be too bad an idea either. If they're in our hands, they won't be used against us."

The rat girl bobs her head. "Well," she replies, "If you can get my some proper armor, that'd be awesome. I'm also looking for a G36 and some drum magazines, a Barret Light .50, and a rocket launcher… of some variety that can be reloaded, and preferably some HEAT ammunition." She pauses, and scratches the back of her head. "I plan to modify the Barret… mostly by sawing off the barrel. I know that's totally unorthodox, but I figure I need something with some major punch at close range in case I have to deal with a Sentinel all by myself."

Rocket looks the girl up and down and nods. "I can probably get you something generic for now. Won't be perfectly fitted, but I can't exactly take you in to have anything custom made right now. I can get you the guns easy…But…" He seems a bit heasitant about that launcher. "I don't think we need a launcher for this mission. I'll scope out the area beforehand and see if there's any Sentinel activity, I'll make a decision on that then. Launchers are heavy. And life isn't a video game. They take time to load, to position, they slow you down. If you're not sure to need it…Well those things can be more a hindrance than a help."

Tabitha shakes her head. "I wasn't planning on bringing it on this mission," she replies. "I was planning on leaving it at my girl's place, so that if I needed it later when you might no longer have access to the armory, it'll be there." She pauses, and flashes a quick grin. "And before you worry about Kali's place getting raided, that's not a problem. It's in Romania; and she's agreed that we can hide people there if necessary. There's a portal in her house, and it's not reccomended to anyone who isn't… authorized." She pauses, and shrugs her shoulders. "But anway. For anything you can get to help me kit myself out, I'll be very grateful."

Rocket raises a brow, "Romania, eh? I'll see what I can get you. I may have something smaller than a launcher that packs just as much kick you can borrow. Nothing Earth-made, so maybe it'll be more effective against the Sentinals." He begins moving toward the stairs again, "And I have an extrea eye lense you could borrow. But…Well I'm probably going to take a bit of heat after this is all said and done. I can't have anything big going missing and then showing up later on during peace-time. Once things are back to normal I'll need the major stuff returned, understand?"

"Once this is over, I'll return everything," Tabitha affirms. "I've no intention of stealing SHIELD equipment, just… borrowing it for a worthy cause." She shrugs her shoulders as she makes her way up the stairs behind Rocket. "I like your advice though, about copying Magneto. I might chance teleporting into Mutant Town and paying a visit to the embassy just for that… I'll think about it. Maybe after the Church Mission." She scratches the back of her head lightly. "Thank you for coming," she murmurs. "It's really good to know someone's got your back."

Rocket chuckles, "Can't believe I'm saying this, but I kind of wish Magneto was around. An army of metal robots would be quick work for him. But it's probably for the best. He'd use this as an excuse to justify keeping humans in camps or something." He reaches the top of the stairs and continues toward the exit. "Thanks for having your back? How about 'Thanks for letting me know my coworkers might be evil cyborgs bent on world domination'. I'll contact you tomorrow, we can decide where to trade off those supplies you needed."

Tabitha nods quickly. "Right," she replies. "You've got my cell number, I believe. It's a Barnes phone though, so it's probably tapped or something by now. Just sayin'." She flips the hood of her sweater back up into position upon reaching the top of the stairs. "I'll see you tomorrow, then? …Want a ride anywhere?"

Rocket steps outside and nods to the girl. "I'll just text you, and it'll be something ambiguous. I don't need a ride, it'll be less suspicious if I fly home than if you teleport me in and then vanish. Have a good night and be safe." He offers a quick wave to the girl and clicks his heels together, causing his boots to give off a soft blue flame as he rises into the sky.

"Fair enough." Tabitha offers a salute, and quirks her lips upwards as Rocket takes off. She waits for a moment, until the raccoon is well on his way; and then, from where she is standing, the rat girl just… gazes upwards for a time, at the sky. Presently, she simply vanishes; a soft 'pop' marks her disappearance, and then she's gone.

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