2009-06-10: You Have My Powers!


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Summary: Cid finds someone who looks just like how he used to.

Date: June 10, 2009

You Have My Powers!

Rating: PG

NYC - Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is easily identified by the white Washington Square Arch. This park in Greenwich Village has a relaxing fountain in the middle, and benches all around for people to sit and people watch, read, or draw. It is common to find the occasional political protest in this park, as Greenwich Village is one of the more Liberal Area's of New York City.

Tonight Darrell was gonna go meet one of his college buddies at a bar in the area but while enroute, he got a phone call from them cancelling plans which leads the now purple haired mutant by his lonesome in Washington Square Park. He's chilling on one of the benches enjoying a cigarette for the moment just looking at his cellphone debating if he should call Jesse and try to get him to go out to a club with him tonight or if he should just go back home, some a joint and watch some Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

The former purplehaired mutant is sitting around… as usual… writing in a book. He sighs softly, writing in German. Cid's eyes occasionally dart up, especially as DArrell walks past. As he does so, Cid simply stares, wondering beyond all hope, if that might be his.

Purple hair, purple slited eyes, yeah, it's definately Cid's old power but Darrell doesn't know it. He does notice Cid staring at him and gives a smile. He looks vaguely familar but that's because he might have seen him in passing at ESU. He can't help but give Cid a playful wink since he is staring at him.

Cid immediately blushes. After being with Kaji for a while, he's learned about some things like that. He feels it may be a flirt, but he doesn't know. "Pardon me." He says softly, standing. "Might I… ask you a question?" He says, biting his lip as he looks the guy over.

Darrell looks up at Cid and puts his cellphone away, giving hiim a friendly sort of smile. "Sure, ask away." He says shaking his purple hair out of his face. "You can ask me anything you like and I'll try to answer honestly." He teases.

"Can you create tiny beings that change the world around them?" He asks, point blank. Cid may be shy, but he's never learned to stretch the truth or to be anything other than blunt. "Because… that hair… ears… eyes… Mine used to be like that. Until that green thing…"

Darrell just blinks at Cid for a second. "You mean those things are real? I just thought I was sold some really fucked up pot." He says with a chuckle. "Ah so you met that green thing too, wait…" He says putting things together. "This is yours."

"Yes." Cid says, exhaling deeply. So, someone ended up with his powers. He must have someone else's, and he now knows this. It's a subconscious thing. "They will answer your call. I know of only three things, but there may be more." He says, smiling. "Cid." He extends a hand.

Darrell offers a hand. "Darrell, pleasure to meet you since I do have your powers and stuff." He says with a chuckle. "Man, this hair, eye and ears stuff, you're lucky." He does love the change in appearance. "And man, makes me wonder who has mine now."

"Oh, no… I had to hide it for years. I still wear the mystic emblem my mother gave me to hide it." Cid says, tapping the piece on his chest. The amulet. "I'd not be able to go out like that back home." He nods softly. "And I wonder whos I have."

"Man, I'd never want to hide it, gives me, you, sort of an exotic look." Darrell says with a smile but then he's the type that likes to stand out in a crowd. "Why not, bunch of mutant haters back home..and wait? Amulet?" He asks all confused. "And what powers do you have out of curiosity?"

"Not mutant haters. Amish." Cid says with a slight blush. He ponders for a moment and then takes a deep breath. Suddenly, his body becomes something else, seemingly coated in red stone.

"Amish?!" Darrell says sounding surprised. "Damn, that's…wow." He doesn't know what to say without sounding outright rude and he's trying not to be a total dick about it. "Never met an Amish." The Cid changes and Darrell slowly shakes his head. "Nope, doesn't look familar but then I don't know many people with powers. Maybe my roomate would know."

"My… boyfriend didn't know either." Cid says, shaking his head softly as he shrugs. "Ah well. I'm sure it'll eventually be found. Or our own powers will go back to normal over time." He says, hoping. "I miss my little fellows."

"I don't think I'll miss your little fellows when they're gone." Darrell admits but he smiles. "I will miss the hair, eyes and ears though. I think I'll dye it purple though." He muses. "I do miss my threads and I know Jesse misses his sound."

"You know they can do things, right? It took me a bit to figure it out. You can call on the gremlins to gum things up. To hold technology back. Nockers make things work better. And…Changelings change something into another thing." Cid offers, holding out a pencil. "Wish this to be a pen. Really want it to be one."

Darrell looks at Cid kind of confused. "Gremlins? Nockers? Changelings?" He's not sure what any of that is. "Aren't nockers…nevermind." He says shaking his head as Cid brings out the pencil and he starts to concentrate on it. "Become a pen." He says as he thinks about it and while willing it to become a pen one of Darrell's…Cid's…changlings emergers and starts to go to work, making the pencil into a blue ball point pen.

"See." Cid says with a grin. "Very short term, but if it changes, it's permanent. You could turn paper into pizza and eat it. And… it would still give the same nutritional value." Oops. Maybe Cid shouldn't have told Darrell about that one.

"Wait? Pizza to paper? That's great!" Darrell says as he knows he'll ae to tell Jesse about that when he gets home. He won't worry about having to find snacks when he gets the munchies. "Does that mean I can turn water into something like….vodka too?"

"Most likely." Cid says with a nod. He really doesn't know what vodka is, being so solitary and not attending parties. Poor innocent boy.

"Dude you've got some dangers powers." Darrell says as his brain starts going through all the ways he can abuse the powers. "So dude, you look kinda familar, do you go to ESU too?"

"Aye, I do." Cid says with a nod. "And live nearby as well." He offers with a half grin. "I'm still deciding my major, though. Since I know so little of the world outside my birth community…"

"I live a bit aways but yeah, I'm having difficulty deciding my major too but I'm kind of stuck with the one I'm in right now." Darrell says with a shrug. "Well unfortunately Cid, I gotta run, it was nice meeting ya though. I'm sure you'll have these powers back soon." He says kind of feeling bad that he has Cid's awesome powers.

"I like looking like this for a while." Cid says with a chuckle. "And it's not so bad. It shuts down all the electrical things around me, but I don't need them anyway. I'll see you around." He says, going back to his notepad.

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