2020-06-30: You Let Who Do What?!


President Kelly, Bolivar Trask, Goverment Agent, Publicist,

Summary: There's a Discussion in Washington over a certain destroyed Sentinel Base.

Date: June 30, 2020

You Let Who Do What?!

Rating: R

Washington DC

Oval Office, White House

Takes place shortly after Exterminate Annihilate Destroy

Government Agent: - "Let me get this straight… five… count them on my fingers… FIVE… mutant… took out two Avengers of over a decade's experience, and three major supervillians like they were chump change… breeze past a Sentinel Armor… take out FOURTY of the new Spider-Drones… and THEN… THEN… cut an Omega Sentinel to pieces before blowing up the main reactor OF THE BUILDING?! Some of our BEST OPERATIVES… Taken down by… A Merc, an Ex-SHIELD Agent, a Former X-Man, a former PRISONER… and an AUTHOR WITH PTSD. PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU STILL HAVE A JOB!"

President Kelly: *You told me you had this under control, Trask.* WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF.

Bolivar Trask: - "You're the idiot who executed Captain America ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! This is all because of that, YOU MORON!"

President Kelly: - Don't you go pinning this failure on me Trask. You told me you had this covered that it was FOOL PROOF. If it was so FOOL POOF then why did it fail?

Bolivar Trask: - You told me Ahab would have the rest covered! 'Oh no, Trask, I know your Sentinels have had their problems, so we'll account for the human element!' You let that *maniac* collect his pet mutants, and where does he go?!

Publicist: - We need to get a press release out stat, President Kelly. You need to go on air and explain to the American People you still have their best interests in mind. Let them know a plan of action and what you are going to do about this. Remember, elections are coming up, you can't afford to lose the lead now.

President Kelly: - "Steve Rogers had to die… they would have rallied behind him. Same went for Tony Stark, the Fantastic Four… and the rest of them. This should have broken their back. What about these damn Harbingers I've been getting files on. And someone for the love of GOD, TELL ME WHERE THEY'RE GETTING ALL THESE GUNS FROM! Look at this. That Hunter Intelligence report tells us a huge shipment of Russian arms was destroyed in the sabotage attack. Not to mention, items linked to a theft in Hong Kong. How the hell are they getting out?!"

Government Agent: - We..We're not sure sir but we do have a positive location on their base. We have all entrances and exits out of Manhattan covered. We still haven't figured out how they got to Flordia and Califorina in the first place. The good news is, my intel tells us we're getting ready for an attack. After we destroy their hiding place and capture as many as possible, I suggest we stop containing them and just execute them.

Bolivar Trask: - Or you can do what I told you to do in the first place, and give them to me for Omega Sentinel Conversion.

President Kelly: - You mean those perfect models that you've already lost *two of?* One falling to *one single mutant?!*

Secretary: - <from under the desk> Mmmf mfff mmmmfff!

Bolivar Trask: - This is why I need mutants for the conversion process. Yes, the survival rate is half of what it is with a normal human being, but the end results will mean we can insert sleeper agents into mutant resistance cells nation wide, and wipe them out. Like that stupid movie with the former governor of California in it. You know… the one who married into the Kennedy family.

President Kelly: - Trask you double the number of Senintels in Manhattan and I want those spiderbots all over the streets of New York City. How long does this process of yours take Trask? You! Agent! Gather a team and use every mutant we have in custody to start running them through the process. I don't give a flying FUCK how many mutants die, I will NOT LET THEM MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A FOOL! We WILL show them that they WILL NOT win this War!

Bolivar Trask: - Where am I supposed to pull them from?! WHOSE FACTORIES WERE THEY GUNNING FOR KELLY?

President Kelly: - Bolivar if you value your job and value you life you WILL find a way or else you'll be the next trator executed on national Television you mark my words. And SOMEBODY tell me where is AHAB and his damn HOUNDS?!

Publicist: - Forgive me interrupting, but the idea is sound… We'll do a PR blitz on it… say that the survivors volunteered… script them some post- indoctination interviews showing how the process has made them better, and understand the threat they've been to humanity. All that apologetic and patriotic bull the people will love. Give them uniforms even, and a nice public spectacle. We have some recent detainees who are unmarked we can release that they can recapture… it'll go over well. Put a 'human' face to things. Like as not, Mister President… the Sentinels scare people.

Government Agent: Hounds Chezlie, Caleb, Kaji, and Eris are accounted for by RF Tracking in the new York Area. Hounds Jeremy and Cameron are overseas at the request of the AFS division trying to locate something per Ahab's orders. The man himself? His track signature dropped off the grid almost three weeks ago, shortly after capturing a mutant by the name of Heather Brown…

Bolivar Trask: - - Yes..we focus on this Omega Sentinel project, the new evolution of Sentinels. Volunteers for their patriotic duty. I like it. Mr. President, I suggest you work this angle. After all you don't need as many…supplies for an Omega Sentinel as you do a regular one. Start replacing Sentinels with Omega Sentinels. Use both Hounds and These Omega Sentinels any Hunters still around will be promoted and be used for Project Omega.


Bolivar Trask: - I have Natasha Rominoff already going through the process, she's…adaptin well. She should be ready for field testing in two days. Pym will start the process tomorrow. Peter Parker is ready to be sent out into the field.

Publicist: - Patriot Sentinels, Mister President. It spins better for the media, and the demographic support in southern states, as well as to conservative religious centers. Make sure they declare 'By God and Country' or something along those lines.

Government Agent: - We also have three more in custody we can use, I'll send down Sam Wilson, Rahne Sinclair and Chance for processing tonight. They were scheduled for execution but I believe they will serve better for this cause.

Publicist: - If I could be provided with the civilian files we have on all the subjects, I'll be able to craft better stories for them. Parker is tailor made for this. Native New Yorker, High School Teacher, husband to a local celebrity. We can make him the 'man of the people' as it were, taking back his home from the mutant infection that's made it rotten to it's core… give him a few tears about the death of his Aunt because of the lack of medical supplies in the area. Everyone will assume his enhancements were from the Omega project, and not because he's Spider-man.

Government Agent: - Natasha Rominoff - Former spy, has been loyal to the US and her loyality still remains true. Isn't afraid to get the job done to protect the American People. Rahne Sinclair - Ran to the Government for help since she was cursed with such a mutation we were able to help her find peace and acceptance with herself and now she does her American duty in the name of God. Sam Wilson - Former teacher - is worried about what the mutant menace will do to the children he's tried to educate and protect over the years. Is now stepping up to make sure America's Youth have a brighter future.

Publicist: - Don't forget with Mister Wilson his war record. He was a decorated soldier before he was turned into the Falcon. That'll be another point. Say… 'Decorated Veteran who was captured behind enemy lines, held for years in detention and tortured without ever breaking.' Or something along those lines. That should wrap up our military nicely as well. I would suggest a team romance as well, but really… with the growing same-sex population from before your election, Mister President, pushing the pro-heterosexual image will only backlash on you.

President Kelly: - Hrm…I like where this is going. What about Pym and Chance, what about those two? Isn't Pym the one behind Ultron, you can't use that story to get behind him and let the people know who've we got working for us.

Publicist: - Oh, Pym is either a landmine, or a gold mine Sir… to be honest, his history of mental instability helps in this case… all that needs to be said is that the Patriot process has done what drugs and therapy for years has been unable to do. Give him a clarity and conscience, and an understanding of that the true damage his unstable genius was causing the world. Game. Set. Match.

Publicist: - As for Chance… Yes, she is a mutant. But, having grown up in a cult, with a mind-controlled family, she avoided the plagues of Xavier's and Magneto's from across the board. Living on the streets for years, she was offered a chance for redemption. After all, the other mutants weren't exactly her friends. She was betrayed by every one of them. So, instead, she chose the right path. The path of regulation and control. And with her power, she will take away the mutants' edge, giving us freedom from their abilities hampering life.

Government Agent: - We'll make Pym a gold mine, there is no ifs ands or buts about that. Also can use the fact that his wife was killed last night and he's not looking for solace in the heart ache of from the mutants slaying his beloved. Women across America will eat that like Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks chick flick.

Publicist: - We'll craft an archive story in the next few days, showing Chance's parents being government employees at the Brooklyn Food Distribution Center that was bombed back in 2019, bloody bodies and the like. Sympathy and Anger played at once, because after all, these were people just trying to live and do the right thing during troubled times, and helping their fellow man. it gives us a nice angry image that the younger generation can look at and connect to. We'll have Chance set up post-conversion with social networking sites.

Government Agent: - Trask, there is a deadline and it will be met, we'll bring those who need processing to The Lab in the next hour, and you'll begin the program then. I suggest we keep this meeting confidental, noone in this room speaks of what is going on until the Patriot Sentinels are unveiled. There have been too many leaks in the past. Set up a press release to be issued tonight in regards to retaliation, then in five days another with the reveal.

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