Zack Kon
Zack Kon
Portrayed By Carlos Freire
Gender Male
Date of Birth 01/12/1995
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases ??
Place of Birth New York, New York
Current Location Xavier's
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Mother, Father, two siblings
Significant Other none
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Strength, Growth, mild regeneration
First Appearance ???

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New York City is a great place to grow up and Zack was making the most of it. He was a beautiful kid, handsome, a great singing voice, he was looking to get into a special school for his voice, and sing for the rest of his life. Loving going out, running in the park, seeing the streets and sounds of the city, nothing could be better, and nothing coulda been more fun.
At least until his 14th birthday, it was rough, first his voice finally did crack, meaning everything he was doing with singing had to be changed, working on adjusting he started to grow taller at a rapid pace. At first it was just the normal growth spurts but then it started to get weird. 6 feet tall came outta nowhere and within another month he was 7 and then 8. Obviously it wasn’t normal, fearing something like gigantism his parents went to every doctor and endocrinologist they could think of. But his hormones were normal; there was no tumor on his pituitary. The doctor suggested that he might be “special.”
It didn’t take much, testing for the X-gene was done when your child develops abnormally and soon enough it was confirmed, their little angel voiced cherub was a mutant, and at his rate of growth who knows how he’ll end up! Or as what…that was a stressful time for Zack, obviously the size was abnormal for the high schooler and pretty soon the words of mutie followed him wherever he went in school. Not malicious, but with the cruelness of children that attack an other or something different. Something had to change there was no way he could go to a normal school.
Fortunately an 8-foot tall teenager is not a normal thing, and a representative for “Xavier’s School for the Gifted” was at the door, it wasn’t that far away, just out of the city, and in fact, it catered specifically to “special students” Tuition wasn’t a problem, and he was promised that things would be better. Considering how rotten things were, he had to try something? Perhaps he could sing again, though he doubts it. The boy ending up kissing his parents good by, and heading off for a new school life.


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