2009-07-01: ZOMG ALIENS


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Summary: Daisuke learns… truth.

Date: July 1, 2009


Rating: PG

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

With morning being in full turn, Jesse has left the shop in the hands of one of his two trusted workers. They may not be able to do Super-Costumes, but they can at least get information for him and sell play-costumes. Jesse himself has found his way to the park in Mutant Town, carrying a small crystal with himself. He's actually reshaped the one left by his parents, added a hole to it, and taken to wearing it around with him on his neck. After all, the size is based on what the user wants it to be. Mutant Town always seems to sound the most interesting to him… all the unique songs.

Even though Daisuke isn't usually out and about this early in the morning, he just felt the urge to relax in the city by himself for the day. Sometimes there are days where you just need to be alone and for Dai, lost ina crowd of strangers is a good for for that to happen. He sits on one of the benches in Mutant Town with a sketch pad in in hand. Dai looks up at a random person and is just drawing what he sees. It isn't really so much to get an actual drawing but for practice.

Certain things twinge in the ears of those that are musically touched. Even though he can't play a note without his powers, Jesse has an ear for music. Something… familiar. He walks slowly in the direction of a bench, hearing some interesting depth of song from a young man there. He doesn't know who he is or anything about him, but hey. There's something there that he can't place, and he wants to figure it out.

Daisuke is completely unaware of the song that he creates so he just continues to draw. He looks up again after finsihing one quick sketch, flips the page, and looks at Jesse. The other sonics user becomes his next target of interest to sketch. He starts to move his pencil quickly just trying to get the basic shapes of his body drawn. He's not trying for any speicifics like face or clothing, just general anatomy.

That song… it's just too strong. And too familiar, but Jesse can't place it. As far as anatomical drawings go, Jesse's always willing to be drawn, and has a defined anatomy for it. "Sorry to bother you, but you…" Hmm. He can't say SOUND… well, the old standby "look really familiar." He says, extending a hand to the young man. "I'm Jesse Hartley." He offers. "I run the costume shop over there." He points vaguely in the direction of where the shop would be.

Daisuke shuts his sketch book and looks up at Jesse, pushing some of his hair out of his face. "I'm sorry, I don't think I know you." Daisuke says always a bit nervous around strangers. He looks at the costume shop and then shakes his head. "I'm not really the costume type, I mean you could have seen someone who looks like me in Chinatown?" Don't all Asian's look alike?

"No… no. It's not like that. It's… actual facial structure. I've seen you somewhere before. Or maybe a family member." Jesse says, turning back to look ahead. "I could have sworn… but it was an old picture. Like our families knew each other or something. If I can just remember that name…" He says, thinking as he reaches up to brush a finger over the vibrating crystal around his neck. "And no, I know you've never been in my shop. I never forget someone I've met there."

As family is mentioned, Daisuke just sighs and shakes his head. "Probaby not, unless you went to school in Queens. My family….they're not around anymore." He says not sure where Jesse would see an old picture of his families. "My father wasn't that social." Dai says shifting nervously, Jesse's really making him nervous.

A snap of the fingers as Jesse remembers the name from the crystal. "Sakuragi. That's it." He says happily. "Sorry, you just really remind me of someone in an old family photo." Or… a memory crystal. "Sorry if that was kinda weird and freaky. I'll shut up now. I just get going about something and keep going."

Daisuke looks up at Jesse with a hint of fear. "How do you know who I am? I've never seen you before in my life." Anytime someones seem to know him that he doesn't know it's been to less than pleasant circumstances. "What do you mean by old family photo? And you're right about weird and freaky." He says sounding a bit irritated.

"Apparently our families knew each other. That's all. A special group of people." Jesse explains with a shrug. "I just found out, myself. About two months ago… when my parents… well, my parents are no longer around. And they left me something that told me everything about that group." He doesn't look back at Dai. He knows if he uses the crystal that everything Dai knows about himself will change. Does he have that right?

"No, that doesn't make sense." Daisuke starts to say. "My mother was only over here for about five years before she died and my Father…he didn't really do much besides work after that." He's trying to let it all sink in but it's not easy. "That group? What do you mean by that group..my parents weren't part of anything, my Mother never spoke English even." He says trying to prove to Jesse he has the wrong family.

"There are other languages." Jesse says, taking the necklace off of his neck. He holds it in his hands and sings something in a musical tone. He passes it towards Daisuke. "If… if you want to know the truth. If you're choosing, of your own free will… to learn who our families are, I will loan you this. Just… say your last name while you hold it in your hand. You'll know everything. I know, it sounds weird. It's what I thought when I got it from my parents. But… it's true." He still hasn't turned to look back at Dai. He knows. He knows exactly what the kid is, now. With all of this, there's no mistaking.

Daisuke assumes that when when Jesse says there are other languages, he means outside of the two he speaks. "I really don't understand." He says as it seems like there is no moment of rest for the young mutant. "Why should I even trust you." He says as Jesse holds out the crystal, maybe he's just become too cautious over time.

"Maybe you shouldn't. Maybe I'm just making shit up because I'm some kind of crazed loony. Or maybe you should. Maybe I'm someone who's lost everything, only to find out something amazing, saddening, horrible, but wonderful, and I've finally found one of the very few people on this planet that I can share it with, because he's very much like I am, and just doesn't know it. Maybe you shouldn't, because you like your life and world the way it is. Maybe you should… because you want to change everything. You want to broaden your horizons to see that there's more out there than we knew of." Jesse says, cryptically. After all, he's arguing with himself for doing it. He still holds out the crystal.

Daisuke's main thought process is, what if he grabs it and gets trapped inside some stupid crystal and ending up in the clutches of another evil genius or something. He's not exactly had the best of luck with strangers. "I don't know okay. I'm…just not brave enough to see if you're telling the truth." He admits to Jesse. He is curious though, that last line about broadening his horizons is what makes him want to grab it, to see if he's really telling the truth. After all, Dai is a bit of nerd and loves to learn.

Jesse nods softly, starting to pull the crystal away before he comes to one final question. And it's a silly question to ask, when earth already knows they're out there. "Do you believe in alien races that have hidden themselves from humans and others for so long that most of them have forgotten what they really are?" Maybe that will intrigue him enough. He won't go into more detail. Slowly, he starts to pull the crystal away, unless Dai stops him.

"It's possible, anything's possible in this world." Daisuke says, and after all he's learned at Xavier's, he's learned that the impossible is possible. "You're serious, you're not going to kill me or anything?" Daisuke says as he stands up and takes a few steps closer and puts out his hand. "Okay, fine, I'll trust you." He finally says hoping that he doesn't end up killing himself.

Jesse simply places the crystal in Dai's hand. "Just say your last name. Everything will be revealed…" No need for putting on anything more.

Daisuke takes the crystal and closes his hand around it, letting out a sigh of relief that nothing bad happens. He closes his eyes and says his last name, barely above a whisper. "Sakuragi."

A sound intones in the air, and a bubble of sound fills the area around the bench, keeping everything locked within. A song begins to play, telling a story. Jesse's heard it before. It's Dai's first time. The story of their people, the Kahn'Tah'Te. Their brutal destruction by the Kree. Their escape to various worlds, including the ones that landed on earth. A few family names are mentioned. Hartley. Javits. St. John. Sakuragi. Destin. Faces are flashed through as well, familial faces. Though they each seem to differentiate racially, they still seem to be related. In fact, the song even links Sakuragi and Hartley. Then, it begins detailing exactly who and what the race truly are.

Once the story is over and Daisuke as taken it all in, he just sits down on the bench and holds his head in his hands. He understands but he doesn't understand. He doesn't know what to make of it but he knows it's the truth. "How? I…" He just shakes his head as he looks up at Jesse. "We're…." He just lets out a deep breath. He's a alien…in a sense. "I'm sorry."

There's a soft nod from Jesse. "Yeah. No need. It's strange." Jesse says as he listens to the songs around him. He grins slightly. "Now… it's a whole new world. But, we hide. Apparently, from the Kree." And that's a name that most of them actually know of, considering Kree Skrull wars. "But… yeah. I wasn't sure if I should say anything, but you looked like him."

"I've heard of the Kree, at school." Daisuke says pushing his hair out of his face. "I just don't know what to make of it all. So wait, are we related or something?" He asks just finding it weird that there is this whole life of his that he never knew before.

"Apparently. I… don't really know. Maybe distantly in the past, but not so much that it would really matter. I'm… really confused about some of it. They were so detailed about so much, but some just didn't seem to matter to them." Jesse says, with a half-grin as he shifts to his sonic body. "And, now… even our race is beginning to mutate. I'm an alien AND a mutant amongst them, so… go figure."

"So..were both my parents this…alien race?" Daisuke says trying to sort through it all in his head. "It's going to take a while to process all this." He then looks at Jesse and smiles. "A mutant and an alien? I guess I'm the same since, I have sonic powers too but I can't quite do that, turn myself into sound." He says as he easily recognises what Jesse's made of.

Jesse grins. "Yes you can." He chuckles. "That's not mutant. That's what we are. We ARE sound." He laughs. "No, mutation wise, I create objects out of solid sound. Objects that are like myself." He shrugs a bit, humming and creating a long staff. "But racially, we become sound, we create crystals… hear the songs of other people… imbue memories into sound… and basically hold people together until help can arrive."

Daisuke is confused since he's never turned himself into sound before. "But I can only project sound with my voice, I can't do any of that other stuff." Daisuke is still confused about it all. "At least it's easy for one of us to understand." He says as Dai knows there are no text books that will help him out here.

"Listen to your memories. The ones the crystal showed you. You'll figure it out. Sound is what we are. You'll learn it all over time." Jesse says with a grin. "If you ever need someone to talk to about it, Capes and Cowls. I own it." He says with a bit of a laugh. "I'm just glad I found another of us."

"Yeah…I'll more than likely be stopping by." Daisuke says as he doesn't know who else he can talk to about it. Sure he can mention it to Eddie but he doesn't think Eddie will be able to help him sort it out in his mind. He more afraid Eddie would just get excite, or worried about it. "Sorry, I'm just really overwhelmed right now."

"I know. I was like that when it happened to me. Fortunately my roommate was with me when it happened. The discovery. So, he understands some of it, but he couldn't absorb it all. His mind wasn't geared to sound like ours is." Jesse says with a nod.

"Jesse right? I'm Daisuke." He says finally introducing himself. "Sorry, I just tend to run into a lot of bad luck so I really didn't trust you at first but now…it's weird. I just wish I had my Mother to talk to about this…wait, I wonder if my Grandmother knows." Daisuke says more to himself than Jesse.

"No idea. you'd have to ask her. Just ask her if she knows the meaning of Kahn'Tah'Te and that should be enough to see if she does. If so, who knows. I know that… in my family… they don't tell us until we're adults. They just never got to it with me until they left." Jesse explains.

"My mother died when I was four and my father died when I was sixteen and it's not like he would have told me anyway if he knew." Daisuke says with a shrug. "I'll ask her, and I'll let you know if she tells me anything. But my Grandmother's last name isn't Sakuragi, so it might just be his side."

"Ah. I only knew the Sakuragi name. Amongst those listed, you looked like the man in the vision. It could have been further back than either of us knew." Jesse says with a soft nod. After all, it showed my great great grandfather, I think." He ponders for a moment.

"Sorry I have so many questions." Daisuke says, it's just he likes to learn about things and right now Jesse is the only link he has. "Do you think you can teach me how to do some of the things I'm suppose to know how to do, like our…this is so weird, our racial abilities?"

"I can try… It should come naturally, but right now, I need to head back to my shop." Jesse says with a bit of a sigh as he shifts back to normal. "But if you can hear the songs, it should come easier, when we do start." He offers with a firm nod.

Daisuke nods. "Okay, well, it was interesting meeting you. I'll probably stop by sometime." He says as he just sits there obviously starting to reflect on things. "I'm just going to stay out here for a bit, thanks.." He says just weired out about the history of his.

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